Friday, October 31, 2008

The New Paper

I'm in today's New Paper... page 4.

I'm surprised they managed to dig out a pic of me from 8 years ago... from their archives!

But the piece was about blogging and having been a teacher and my opinions on how the two mash.

I'm just pleased that the writer didn't mangle or manipulate my opnions, hardly any deviation from what i said. That's great.

CLICK HERE for the online version. (Thanks to my anonymous reader who sent in the link)


post note:

The online version of article is no longer available. I should have saved a screenshot, but I didn't. So, here's a scanned copy sent in by reader Nath (thank you!).

Exact article

I kept my blog and job separate

Ex-teacher says students knew of blog but not colleagues
WHEN she started her blog two years ago, former teacher Holly Jean Aroozoo knew Big Brother was watching.

By Liew Hanqing
01 November 2008

WHEN she started her blog two years ago, former teacher Holly Jean Aroozoo knew Big Brother was watching.

In her maiden blog entry in 2006, she mused: 'Why am I blogging? Especially when I am a civil servant (I teach!) under watchful eyes, have to watch what I wear, what I say, how I conduct myself?

'Yes, it's no fun being constrained like that. But I figure, if I stay off politics (which is a damn bore to me anyway) and don't bring much of my work into my blogging (which will be a bore to you anyway)... I'll be ok.'

On her blog, the 28-year-old writes about everything from daily life to sex and dating.
The first thing a visitor to the site sees is a large picture of her posing topless with her back to the camera, revealing a tattoo on her right shoulder blade.

She was determined to separate her work and personal life. But, as a teacher, is that even possible?

'I thought there would not be any problems since the two (my blog and my job) would never cross, they were two separate things,' she told The New Paper.

'But as time went by, I realised that because of my job and position as a 'role model', I had to impose restrictions on my opinions and what I chose to share about my life.'

Miss Aroozoo, who taught at a secondary school for three years, said most of her colleagues didn't know she had a blog.
But many of her students did.

She said: 'Many of my students were avid readers of my blog, even though what I published was targeted at an older audience.

'They enjoyed having a sneak peek into my life, but never really understood the nuances or tongue-in-cheek humour of my writing.'

Despite her sometimes risque choice of blog topics, she said she has never been formally warned about her blogging habits.

'Apart from having to censor myself and pull down a couple of 'inappropriate' posts, I have never been formally warned,' she said.

'The issue (of blogging) does get raised during staff meetings and general caution is given to all staff to watch what they post online as it is a public domain.'

The closest shave she had with the school authorities was earlier this year, after she wrote a post describing her experience as a contestant in FHM's Girl Next Door competition.

She recalled: 'I published an entry about how out of place I felt in the contest because I misunderstood 'girl-next-door' as someone sweet and wholesome, but when I looked at most of the other girls, I felt like they were really looking for a slut-next-door.

'It was a light-hearted humorous post on how some things in life are not how it seems, but still, I had to delete it because the school was afraid of parents' reactions.'

While she was not forced to delete the entry, she decided to do it of her own accord.
She resigned as a teacher in June this year.


She explained: 'Even though I love interacting with teenagers, I just found (the job) stifling and crippling my personal life.
'I am passionate about what I write and want to focus on that.

'My blog was just one example where I felt restricted, and it was not the sole cause of my resignation.'

She added that she feels regulation, such as laws that prohibit the distribution of online pornography, are sufficient to keep the online behaviour of teacher-bloggers in check.

'There is such a thing called the law and it's there for a reason.

'For instance, uploading pornographic pictures is a no-no, but discussing the issue of pornography in society (on a blog) is perfectly fine,' said Miss Aroozoo, who was a New Paper New Face finalist in 2001.

On whether she feels Singaporeans are too prudish when it comes to teachers 'having a life' outside work, she said she felt there was a need for students to develop the ability to form their own opinions.

'Kids are being exposed to taboo issues every day on TV, Internet sites and through their friends. This is the way the world is. We cannot keep the blinkers on them forever.
'They need to learn to develop strength of character and form their own opinions.

'What are we propagating when we restrict and force everyone to conform into one mould?
'Future leaders? No way. Cupcakes, maybe.'

Copyright © 2005 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn. No. 198402868E. All rights reserved.

Kissing A Fool

I am a sucker for a great first kiss. It's romantic, you're at the stage of the relationship (if you can even call it that at this point), where you're hopeful, curious and you're mind is very often doing somersaults.
Quite often though... people's first kisses are not the sort which sets off fireworks. It's not so much what you were doing ... but more so what you were doing wrong!
(If the first kiss together was shit... no worries... these things can be learnt!) Read on...

Holly Jean's Top 10 WORST Things To Do While Kissing

10. Try to eat my face

This is not the time to do your impression of a hippo. Leaving saliva on the cheeks, jawline, nose, chin is not sexy or erotic. It's just not.

9. Nut Cracker Lips

Especially for a first kiss, someone who puts too much pressure makes kissing non-pleasurable. Ok.. I know you're strong, you could probably crack a wallnut with those lips, but you don't have to prove anything here.

8. Be a F*cking Owl

Sometimes a short playful look is great... but someone who opens his eyes throughout and stares is downright freaky.

7. Knock knock?

Teeth knocking says you're an awkward fool.
You do have control over your head and mouth, right? So there's no excuse to knock your teeth into mine. Once is forgivable. But any more than that and I'm out of there. It's not sexy, I promise.

6. Jumping in too fast

Whoah... down boy! I actually relish delayed gratification. Even if you're confident, don't make a move too fast. The key to creating that mind blowing first kiss is to let sexual tension build up. Get into their personal space, touch playfully, look into their eyes, and then look away. Be close enough to kiss, but don't. Leave them craving it for a while. :)

5. Missing the boat

While it is vital to wait and build sexual tension... it is just as vital not to miss the boat altogether. You need to use your own instinct, and read your partner's body language. Don't chicken out at the last minute... and be nothing but a tease.
4. Jab Me

The use of the tongue is supposed to be sensual. Do not jab it in and out of someone's mouth like it's a boxing match.

3. Keep Still

What are you, dead?
Use those hands! I find it especially sensual when someone gently holds my face up to his, or caresses my neck and back. I don't like people putting their hands in my hair, it's long, and when it gets tangled in between clumsy fingers, my hair gets pulled! But girls, you can go ahead and slide your fingers seductively through his hair! And don't forget the ears! mmmm....

2. Chapped Lips

Fancy kissing that?

1. Have Bad Breath.

This is the absolute WORST thing that could happen and for me it's a deal breaker. If it's a medical condition, I feel for you. But get it fixed before you attempt to lock lips with anyone! If it's just cause you ate something stinky or something with a bad after-taste, then you're an idiot.

:) I had such fun creating this post! Especially when picking out the pics.

Coming soon - Worst Things to Do in Bed.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Listen To Your Ex-Girlfriend!

I've always believed that rotten people with rotten intentions give rotten advice.

But unfortunately, life is not so clear cut. We may be able to read people's faces, but we can never read their hearts.

Here's my top 3 people to be wary of when seeking relationship advice.

I'm not saying they're all like that... but just scratch a little deeper, don't take advice blindly, don't be swayed without either contemplating long and hard or seeking another less biased opinion.

3. Your Single (but lonely) male friends

When you're in a relationship, they don't get to monopolise 100% of your time anymore. They've lost their wing man. And most of all... it sucks watching you have someone constant and real there for you while they don't. So they will play up their casual fucks. Make you envy him.Talk about how he got some sweet ass the night before... but poor you.. stuck with your old ball and chain...

So, the more problems he can convince you your relationship is having, the more you will be drawn towards his lifestyle. And then you wake up one day, single and swinging again. (hoorah!)

2. General Female Acquaintances

These lot are dangerous.. simply because they're not your "friends". They will have no problems with telling you what they think you want to hear. Women being women... will want themselves coming out looking better than other women. And they have nothing to lose by pretending to do just that.

Last year, my then boyfriend got me the worst birthday present in the history of my life. It was a pink scrap book. And empty pink scrap book. All the girls in his office gushed at what a thoughtful boyfriend he was. Such a "thoughtful" present ( I repeat, the scrapbook was empty no pictures, no words, nothing).

I was really sore with him because for his last birthday, I took him on a holiday to Bangkok. So a scrapbook really paled in comparison. And I honestly expected a lot more for a 2 year relationship. But those women ended up making me seem like a calculative, selfish girlfriend... because they would have just adored their BFs if they were given such a thoughtful gift. (I think they were all lying, but my Bf at the time believed them).

(look at it! wow!)

When I went to work the next day and whined to my female colleagues that I got a scrapbook for my 27th birthday. (It would have been forgivable if I were 7). One of them made me feel better by saying her fiance once gave her a Parker Pen for Valentine's day. (No prizes if you can guess exactly which people thought it was a fabulous and practical gift for her)

1. The Ex-Girlfriend
She's someone who knows you well. Yet this makes her the most dangerous of all advice givers when it comes to your love life. Do you know why I say this?
Ex-girlfriends will wreck your chances of replacing them with a better (read smarter and/or more attractive) model. Ex-girlfriends will tell you things like, "Maybe you shouldn't date anyone for a while."
Go ahead... find me an ex-girlfriend who wants you to start dating a girl who is much hotter than she is. (yeah, right)
Your exes can't give good advice because their egos are involved.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can You Move Me?

The Site That Makes Moving Simple

I may have already mentioned that I have a friend from San Francisco who's in the midst of moving over to Singapore. And I never knew that moving could be such a stressful experience!

If you're moving from one house to another... it's hard enough. Imagine moving to a whole different country in a whole different part of the world!

He's almost done now. All he needs to do is ship his furniture over and get a suitable place to stay. Meanwhile... his company is putting him up at the Conrad Centennial Hotel for a few months... (what luck!)

It's pretty apt that I've just been asked to do an advertorial for this moving website MoveMe. This site has won the Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People's Choice Award.
I know now how essential proper planning is when it comes to relocating to a different country.. or even if you're moving just down the street.

MoveMe is an online moving service which not only provides you with a free planning service, but also hooks you up with utilities, mortgage quotes, Storage, van hire, moving boxes, removal quotes and even legal advice... everything you could possibly need when moving.

Moving with family? People with special needs? A pet dog? No problem! MoveMe is a lifesaving website for new home buyers, sellers, or even people who rent.

The Move Planner is a detailed and time-saving tool during a move. It will organise and help you manage your move, reminding you to do things as and when necessary and giving you the tools to do them. You can also personalise it to include your own tasks and reminders. The best part of all this... is that it's FREE!

The site earns money through recommending you the appropriate services you can use for you move. From Insurance companies and solicitors right down to furniture moving companies.

Even though you use their planner for Free, you're not obligated to use the services they recommend. Though I think you probably will as they offer the best deals, and give you very competitive quotes, such as free mortgage quotes.
This post is a review for

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sex For Money Vs. Sex For Free

Okay now... the catalyst to this post on paying for sex is this quote I came across a few days ago-

"The Big Difference Between Sex For Money and Sex For Free, is that sex for money usually costs less!" (Irish playwright Brendan Behan)

And you know what? I think it's quite true indeed!

One of my guy friends was telling me about why he stopped seeing this girl he was dating. Apparently, after a couple weeks of dating, he took her on a weekend holiday in Thailand. And she still did not sleep with him. He was expecting that if she accepted the holiday, then sex was on the cards for him.

Later on, when I dated the My Mighty Disappearing Man, we were having a conversation when the topic of sex came up. And I slipped him the question- Have you ever paid for sex?. (This is important because I could never date someone who has ever resorted to prostitution).

And then he surprised me with his answer...- ALL MEN PAY FOR SEX, one way or another. Before you get a girl in bed, you'll have to take her out to dinner etc, and all that costs money.

When I look at my own dating habits... I realise that on the first date, if I like the person and I know that it's going to go further (meaning doesn't end at just one date), I let him foot the bill.

But you know how sometimes you're out on a first date, and you kinda know that this is not the person for you...?? Well, when I get THAT feeling, I always scramble to pay for the meal when the bill comes. I guess subconsciously, I don't want to be indebted, or feel obligated since I know he's not going to get anything from me ........ (I meant a second date!). [Girls.. I cannot stress this enough. Sleeping (or making out) with a man on the first date is just POOR FORM! No matter how attracted you are to him. NO! DON'T !]

So... do you agree? All men pay for sex indirectly? All those men who meet women at the club, on the train, at church (!), online or wherever ... they still end up paying for it.

It's no wonder so many pay go to prostitutes! It's cheaper. And you're guaranted sex after paying for it. Dating on the other hand... is a gamble.

Which brings me now to another question. If paying for the date is paying for sex... Then don't women pay for sex too?

We spend money on nice clothes, pay for brazilian waxes, get sexy underwear, pay for the pill.... all that... I'm pretty sure women out there are not doing these things to make themselves unfuckable.

I am hoping though that the man i end up with isn't splurging on dates because he just wants to get laid... rather he's dating me because he enjoys time spent with me, and wants to develop a meaningful relationship.

Meanwhile though... I'll just keep splurging to keep myself looking fuckably good. ( JOKE !)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Bits of Humour

My Singaporeans... Is your Singtel bill too high? Well... then you can relate to how Hitler feels in this Video:

Who doesn't enjoy Spoofy Logos? Here are a few of my favourites:

And of course- We can't end without a prostitute joke

Three hookers are in a bar.

The first hooker said,"I bet you five pounds that I could put three fingers up my p*ssy."

Then the second hooker said, "I bet I could put my whole fist up my p*ssy I've been f****d that much!"

The third hooker said nothing and just slid down the stool !


I think my next post will be about sex... and the fact that everyone pays for it! (Be patient. You'll see what i mean)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Are You Looking For?

As someone who does most of her shopping online, I am thrilled to find that St701 caters to a wide spectrum of needs that anyone could have!

This website is the e-marketplace for jobs, property, cars, products and services.

Its clear-cut layout ensures that whatever you need to look for is just a click away. On the main page, you will find 4 tabs leading to Jobs, Cars, Property and Shops.

My personal favourite is, of course, the Shops tab. A whole host of retailers providing both off and online shopping. Under the Pets section there are grooming services, pet sitters and pet products. And I'm glad to see that they even have a section for Pet Adoption! Go take a look... see if you can provide a loving home for a cute bunny, cat or doggie. :)

Today however, given our current economic climate, and the fears of retrenchment and the state of singapore recruitment, I'm going to highlight the Jobs section.

At St701 singapore jobs, you can browse the job listings based on Job Catergories (Sales, Finance, HR, Marketing, IT...) or Job Levels (Non-management, Management, Senior Management).

There are so many Jobs in Singapore available to locals and foreigners. This is the site for you if you are currently unemployed, employed but looking for a change or a fresh graduate. The website even has a section for discussion on Salaries, Workplace Politics, etc.
It caters to people looking for part time positions as well. So students on your school holiday break... do check out the various retail, admin, service positions available.

So what are you waiting for?

Click ST701 Logo !

Review of ST701 website. Made possible by .

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm leaving Nuffnang

All my adspace at the moment is managed by Nuffnang [But you'll probably see no ads at this point]. I've been with Nuffnang exclusively for more than a year now.

My blog's hits have increased beyond what I expected over the last few months (I'm very proud of this because my hard work is finally getting results). But it has also seen a significant decrease in ad placement on my site (when I say significant, it's an understatement really... because I've actually got no ads). Ad space would fetch a much higher price now, because traffic is so much greater (and I've managed to sustain the increase). But I don't even get the usual (almost by default) global CPC ( Cost per Click) ads now. I've never got any advertorial opportunities from them, all my paid reviews and advertorials were from people who came to me directly. So i really don't see how i benefit now by sticking to Nuffnang...

I'm not blogging now because I need money, I'm blogging because I'm loving it. I do put alot of thought, intergrity and effort into what I write and I make it a point not to turn my blog into a rant or platform to tell people what I had for breakfast and other mundane stuff.

But I would like to one day be able to be a blogger as a profession. And I do feel as though I'm losing out by sticking exclusively to Nuffnang as my blog advertising company.

It's sad because I'd much prefer to be loyal. [Nuffnang put ads on my page all the way back when my blog was in its infancy and barely had a hundred hits a day!] But realistically, I have to drop my Glitterati status with Nuffnang because it's obviously not bringing me very tangible benefits in terms of $ or in generating hits. It's going to weigh me down and keep me from other opportunities out there.

So, who should I sign up with??? I was thinking about google adsense, or advertlets...

What else is there?
[I will eventually only choose one because I don't want my whole blog page riddled with messy ads all over.]
Update: 20 oct 12.20pm.
A representative from Nuffnang (Cherie) rang me a couple of hours ago while I was out walking Cookie Monster.
She explained to me that I've not been getting advertorials because advertisers are not keen about the controversial content of my posts (nudity, sex, tht sort of stuff). And they are working at finding suitable advertisers for me ( and of course for all their Bloggers).
And the CPC ads were cut off because they are in the process of acquiring more advertisers for that.
I feel really bad now. :( cos now I suddenly have a CPC ad on my sidebar advertising High School Musical.
Well, I got to admit that Nuffnang does give really good personal attention. It's always had a very "family" feel... with Ming connecting with so many of us on a personal level. I feel so shitty for wanting to look elsewhere to monetize my blog.
Also... so many have commented (thank you for all your feedback) about all the other Ad providers out there. And there's pros and cons to all of them it seems.
I need to do more research on this before I make any decisions.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going To The Chapel of Love?

In this last 1 year of singlehood... I've been on a dating rampage. And although I'm getting awfully tired of it now... the good thing about it is that - I have pretty much found gems of places to find men.

Bars and pubs are not good places to pick up men or women. It's dark and alcohol impairs judgement (so it's only to your advantage if you're the ugly one), there's a lot of competition (people out on the pull). And you'll probably get someone who's fishing at the club... Who knows who they went home with last week, or the week before that, and before that... you get the idea.

So I've put together a list of the best places to meet the best men (or women).

Holly Jean's Top 5 Pick-Up Places

1. Pimp Your Pup at the Park!

It's pretty important for me to have a partner who likes animals, likes dogs. So go... walk your dog at east coast, or any park (which would have your target group of men/women). Don't have a dog? Borrow mine! Have a nice day out, it's good exercise.

It's more difficult to get someone who's out running or jogging (worse still- cycling or rollerblading). They'll be preoccupied with the task at hand and will pass you by. I guess you could try running alongside, or bumping into them??? But it's much easier to get someone who has stopped for a rest on a bench or a drink at a cafe by the beach/park. Alternatively, wait near the carpark, so he'll be done (or just starting) with the run/rollerblading/whatever and isn't preoccupied at that very moment.

2.Church Check Out!

As a social setting, church is not my cup of tea really. Plus I look like crap at every early sunday morning mass. But some people have found their matches in church. I guess it is easier to work things out with someone with the same rather than opposing religious sentiments???

3. Be a Class Act!

This can be an inexpensive way to meet people. Especially good for people who are a little slower when it comes to making a move... because there's continued contact (week after week) with so many people. Dance? French? Cooking? Yoga!

If you spot someone you like, be friendly! Simle! And then maybe ask him/her to tutor you?? help you out...

4. Find Your Muse at a Museum!
Could work... though Singapore may not be the best place for this. A place with a generally low volume of people would mean the odds of finding someone appealing are not in your favour.

5. The Bookstore Bounty Hunt!

You can stake out the best shelves. Though I personally find that the men's magazines bit of Borders is a great place... much higher Man traffic than most other shelves. I look out for the man who picks up the "intelligent" magazines, or photography, car, sports and fitness magazines. I give the ones who paw through magazines like MAXIM a skip. (yuck!)Good idea to skip this one too. :)

So there you have it... my top 5 decent places to meet men (or women).
Have Fun!! Good Luck!!!

Spotted the right man or woman? Now's the time to learn pick up lines!
GIRLS Click here , BOYS Click here

Friday, October 17, 2008

Look Out For S-Factor

I've been keeping a secret from you.

I'm going to be on S-Factor! A new reality show on channel 5.
We just finished filming the last episode a few days ago. But I have to keep quiet about it and can't give you any juicy details until the show airs.

But it will only be broadcasted in January next year!! That's another 3 months from now! Oh The Horror!
I cannot tell you who won or any spoilers like that. But I will be giving you inside news and dishing the dirt every week, every episode when the show starts airing. I've never been involved in such a catty, vindictive, bitch fest in my life! But I guess that's what you get when you put 12 babes in bikinis together and tell them it's every woman for herself!

:) I'm pretty excited about it. So do look out for it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Worst Break Up of My Life

My seasoned blog readers who have been with A Thing(or Two) About Holly Jean from the beginning would know who Skye is.

But for the benefit of my newer readers, Skye is my ex-boyfriend. Nope... not one of the many men I've dated in this past year. But a serious long term relationship. It ended rather suddenly, no cheating or big fight, but just a major change in life's circumstances which caused us to split. I call it the worst break up of my life! I was utterly lost without him, he was someone I was going to marry, someone I lived with and loved. And the night we split, I cried so incredibly hard into my pillow (with him sleeping right beside me) that I burst blood vessels around my eye area.

I cannot elaborate further, any explanation here on my part would make it seem as if I were pushing the blame on to him. So let's just leave it at that.

Yesterday, I was in town after a shoot, and I was supposed to meet a friend for drinks, but he had a fever. Long story short, I rang Skye to see if he were free for a cake and coffee. We hadn't met in the flesh since we split up.
Picture: Skye and I at Wheelock. Nothing's changed, we both look the same as before. I had yummy cake called the G-spot. While he had some crappy tasting one... (he's always the unlucky one when it comes to cake choice and ice cream too for that matter)
He was at paragon shopping. When we walked past some expensive jewellery store ( I can't remember the name.. because I'm not brand savvy ok...) and I jokingly pointed to a HUGE and blinding heart shaped choker with like a shit load of sparkly diamonds and... I said "Buy Me?"

Which is just me joking around. (I am not some material girl expecting boys to buy her stuff ok!) The freaking thing was probably like 10 thousand bucks, anyway!

And then he said - "Yeah, if this were a year ago.. I would."

And I replied- "What are you talking about?! A year ago, we had already split up!"
[And actually thinking... yeah right... as if you would have bought that for me a year ago... REMEMBER THE SCRAP BOOK?????]

And it was then that it struck us... October 14 was the exact date of our break up, exactly 1 year ago.

How uncanny!
It was really nice to see him again. It's been one long and mostly lonely year for me. But for those who think that this is going to lead to some sort of rekindling of old flames. Sorry. It's not. When I made my mind up many many many months ago to put the pain behind and move on... I did just that.
Don't get me wrong. There's no hatred or resentment here. Just acceptance and realisation that that relationship is not what I want anymore.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There's so many to choose from. They're easy to use. All you need to do is copy the html coding generated by these widget websites, and paste it onto your own blog layout. For those using BLOGGER, easy! Just "add gadget" on your layout page, and then choose to add HTML/3rd party coding. Paste the HTML coding there. save!

The right widgets can spruce up any blog.

Holly Jean's Top 10 Blog Widgets!
(In random order)

You can flash pre-written (by yourself) random messages on your sidebar. It can store up to 10 different messages, and shuffles them on it's own.

The most recent comments on your blog will appear on your sidebar. Including links to the post and links to the person leaving the comment.

This is great for travel blogs. You can put a clock in your post to show the local time of the country you're writing about. Countdown clocks can mark or remind your readers of significant approaching dates.

Not my cup of tea... but if you like, you can customise your very own cyber pet and have it hang out on your blog page.

You can have your text message to readers scrolling away anywhere on your blog.

I've been using this for demographics and stats. Basically the country my readers are from, what post they read, etc.

These icons allows readers to translate your blog into 7 different languages.

This one is a memory game. But you can google a whole host of games (even old school Mario type games) and add them to your blog to entertain readers. But I rather they just focus on what I have to say. :)
Share your youtube videos etc.
Plenty of blog counters out there, search for a suitable one through google. Of if you're too lazy, just click the simple one I found.
Remember now kids... keep it simple... don't over do it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Freak Show at the Night Safari

Not that I don't have enough reasons to love blogging... but a really good one is that I get to preview things for FREE! :)
(It runs until the 1st of Nov 2008)Stomp's Star Blogger Nadnut aka Nadia was there too! Leonard Png wondering how that steamed dumpling is supposed to fit into his mouth.Incidentally both bloggers are my Kakis from SPI (Nuffnang). Whoo hoo!
It claims to be a Hell of a good time. But ok... I'll be honest with you... it's the same good time as a normal night safari there... except that in the spirit of Halloween... staff are in costume, and ghouls and goblins pop out at you from the bushes for a cheap scare. The tram ride was comfortable, spacious and it gave us a great view of animals. The pic above is of the cameraman getting attacked by a cleaver weilding madman. haha. funny.
On scare factor- (bear in mind, guys, that I'm hardly even scared by the best of horror films...)... I'd give the Night Safari Halloween Tour a 2 out of 10.
But in terms of novelty and entertainment (Hey they're not charging visitors extra for this Halloween stuff)... I give it an 8 out of 10. For adults, it's good for a laugh, and kids will definitely remember this experience for life!
Hey, Holly Jean, where are all the damn animals? You ask?

Well... we're not allowed to use flash photography on animals there as the lights will hurt their eyes. So.. all the pictures of animals are just pitch black or a blur (because I put the ISO super high). Just fork out the bloody $22 (entry) + $10(tram ride) and go see for youself! [Wow.. that's one hell of a sales pitch isn't it?! ]

Special thanks to for this night.


Post Note:

At the end of the night, I came home to the biggest monster in my life. Cookie Monster.