The Last S factor

Here's the final episode of Sfactor

I remember being astonished at the time.. at how KK already had a print out of Sherine's blog with her. I mean.. us girls never know what the episode is about until the point of filming itself.

What do you think about this whole KK Sherine clash?


  1. Anonymous3:01 am

    Hey Holly,
    Always a reader of yours.
    Remember me?

    I would say i agree that KK bashed Sherine and i laughed my heads off when she say she printed it and learned to print screen because of that.

    The reason i supported KK was because she said to Sherine about the blog and she denied it and said she cant remember till KK took the paper out.

    Then she said she wrote that is because she wanted to entertained the readers.

    I gotta agree with u though bout the power switch. I would say that i wanted Sonia to win lol.. I feel for her in the last episode when she was talking about her mom (was rooting kk and you all this while)

    Too bad her answer about the FHM cover wasnt good. I mean like you're competing for the $10,000 and FHM cover of course you take the cover and let the money come later right?

    Perhaps she didn't answer so well there and KK of course since she is smarter in answer question dominated that part.. oh well...

    Congrats KK!


  2. Anonymous3:29 am

    after watching Sfactor, my opinions of KK has changed dramatically. for the worse, of cos. Quite disappointing. But hey, I've grown to like Sonia and Holly. (:

  3. Anonymous3:34 am

    i thought that KK though brutally honest and bitchy at times, it is always in your face. whereas, Sherine is rather pretentious and gave other people false impressions of her while saying nasty things behind their backs. and Sherine should not have admitted to the blog entry if she had brains because now KK can sue her for defamation.

    and just my opinion, Holly, you shouldn't frown so much when you talk, because your smile is great :)


  4. Anonymous4:12 am

    Initially, i started off liking kk but after watching how bitchy she can be, my opinion of her changed. When she could say that one should be honest with regards to plastic surgery, she wasn't totally honest either. It was like the pot calling the kettle black.

    I guess kk do have some insider info with regards to what the last episode was about ( It was unlikely that she whould prepare a print out of Sherine's blog if she had no idea what the last episode was about ). The media portrayed Sherine really badly. Which indeed i think it is quite unfair to a certain extent. My gut feeling tells me that kk was the determined winner even before the last episode was flimed.

    My favourites are still holly and sonia! :))

  5. holly is the best =)

  6. Anonymous7:54 am

    I think sherine is wrong when she said she 'dun rem writing that'

    but then again, sometimes we do say things withouting thinking esp in awk situations like that.

    Looking at how kay kay attacks the girls and act victim, i dun think sherine is at bigge fault. Afterall, she apologise. Kay kay should wake up her sense. Attacking you just becos u didn't laugh at her stupid kris joke??

    She is such a queen bit*h

  7. CLARA8:00 am

    Kaykay is obviously one of the smartest contestants and fully deserves her win. You can sing all you like about how she was bitchy/fake/tipped to win, but the fact is that when she won, she did it quite honestly as she said. Brashfully, hopefully, quite refreshingly, and of course it helps that she's the best looking of the lot. Come on, Holly Jean - she was even upfront about her reasons for disliking your actions. Props.

  8. Anonymous8:34 am

    Hate the rigged feel of the show, but have to say that if the show was just a day based on conversations/interactions and not the long, drawn out series of useless challenges, probably would have picked u or KK to win, because u both have the looks, the brains, and can speak well. Since u were eliminated, I'm not surprised that KK won.

    I didn't get to read Sherine's blog post in question, but it seemed she didn't name names? If that's the case it's hilarious how KK immediately knew it was her. I mean if I don't identify with "looking like a man" I wouldn't think the blog was about me. So KK is secretly afraid she looks like a man ah?

  9. Anonymous8:34 am

    Hate the rigged feel of the show, but have to say that if the show was just a day based on conversations/interactions and not the long, drawn out series of useless challenges, probably would have picked u or KK to win, because u both have the looks, the brains, and can speak well. Since u were eliminated, I'm not surprised that KK won.

    I didn't get to read Sherine's blog post in question, but it seemed she didn't name names? If that's the case it's hilarious how KK immediately knew it was her. I mean if I don't identify with "looking like a man" I wouldn't think the blog was about me. So KK is secretly afraid she looks like a man ah?

  10. Anonymous9:37 am

    Hi Clara..
    I don't agree with u about KK is the one who deserves the crown...

    I personally thinks she is just lucky/ fixed to survive during the episode 7 test...

    Seems like the productions make it in the way that she can get into the finals...

    some how I find Sonia distracted in the Final episode.. Like she knows she is told that she will be the runner up before up...

  11. Anonymous10:08 am

    Hi Holly, I just found your blog and I have to admit,its kind of interesting. I think you should have stayed longer. Obviously, it wasn't a fair game. Whoever thought that KK deserves to win must be her friend. Come on, which part of her looks is attractive, sleepy eyes??? fake lashes? Hate to say this but totally don't see the so called 's' factor in her at all. Someone perhaps can enlighten me to tell me what is he 's' factor? Nevertheless, she is the winner, probably like many said, fixed winner. Again, this is my opinion and I am entitled to that.

  12. Anonymous10:22 am

    The show's rig to KK's advantage. It's obvious.

    KK's been jeering most of the girls throughout the show - esp so, giving her opinions on 'who's pretentious' and 'who's physical assets are faux'. Total B*tch! And, I dun just wanna hear what she thinks but how the rest thinks. And, this is quite obvious in the last vote, that 6 out of 10 girls voted for Sonia instead.

    I understand it's a competition, but does she have to stoop so low, commenting on the girls base on their personality and looks? What is this competition all about? Is it a 'America's Next Top Model' sorta competition? In which, I think most girls in the show would not be able to make the cut - it's the height thingy, at least be 5'9 minimum. Or should they be looking at who's a good sport in completing the task, and behaves with proper decorum or plainly savoir faire. Talk about looking for Singapore's Smart, Sexy and Sophisticated girl....Gosh...what a whole lot of crap.

  13. Anonymous10:31 am

    Additionally, KK's gotta learn to be receptive to the views from the others, and how if someone doesn't find the joke funny. Like KK, who hurls insults at the other girls, she should be able to take what's coming to her. Well, she laid herself out on the platter to be objectified (in her terms, for exposure, so that she could get more jobs).

  14. Anonymous10:53 am

    i read the said blog post, and there were no names mentioned, or clues relating to specific people. i reckon kk must have had a guilty conscience; thus felt strongly about the personal attack.

    saw kk's twitter thread; there are tweets talking about how Sherine sucks, and of course, the fake nose. heh but of course, sherine's at fault too for lying so much, and her going to dr georgia lee for her nose/skin treatments and said surgery doesn't help her claim that she didn't do plastic surgery on her nose!

    i think sonia deserved it more. at least she seems earnest and genuine. having you gals vote again is quite dumb...since the judges would probably have discussed their views and came to a consensus to make up 75% of the votes.

  15. Anonymous11:01 am

    And, I thought Sonia was genuinely hoping to bring her mom for a trip with the 10,000 smacks. I would have voted for Sonia.

    She was selfless, cos she knows that no matter how much fame could come her way by opting for the spread on FHM, it might not meet her ultimate goal in winning the competition to bring her mom for the trip. FHM spread, having girls to flaunt their boobs/butts/bon bons to titillate men, how glamourous is that? And, I think the girl, Sonia, is smart. I guess, though Sonia might not be able to articulate herself to express her determination, she has a heart of Gold.

  16. Anonymous11:03 am

    "Additionally, KK's gotta learn to be receptive to the views from the others, and how if someone doesn't find the joke funny. Like KK, who hurls insults at the other girls, she should be able to take what's coming to her. Well, she laid herself out on the platter to be objectified (in her terms, for exposure, so that she could get more jobs)."

    totally agree!

  17. Anonymous11:08 am

    And, I thought Sonia was genuinely hoping to bring her mom for a trip with the 10,000 smacks. I would have voted for Sonia.

    She was selfless, cos she knows that no matter how much fame could come her way by opting for the spread on FHM, it might not meet her ultimate goal in winning the competition to bring her mom for the trip. FHM spread, having girls to flaunt their boobs/butts/bon bons to titillate men, how glamourous is that? And, I think the girl, Sonia, is smart. I guess, though Sonia might not be able to articulate herself to express her determination, she has a heart of Gold.

  18. Anonymous12:35 pm

    i think it's not very OBJECTIVE to take into account of personality in determining the winner of s factor. who cares if kay kay is bitchy or not? honestly if we are just lookin for someone who is sexy, smart, sophisticated, speaking well and so on. who is better to fit the all rounded criteria? if sonia is to win the show, it will only confirm that s factor is a bimbotic show.-_-

    haha the KK Sherine clash is just for entertaining the audience. why take it so seriously?

  19. euniceeleanor1:30 pm

    Hi Holly, have to admit that i only watched S Factor clip very recently cos you commented so much in it :) from the impression, i dont quite like sonia, on how she present herself...i think she's lack of confidence. Kay Kay is more confident and though i think she got the looks n all, i dont really like her attitude.

    bravo for not taking sides and joining in their bitching session....made it so worthwhile for me to be such a huge fan of ur blog!! :) Continue to be you, Holly

  20. Drama..

    Think some of us din expect the ending as such.. the part when KK felt u werent making a stand? well who wants to make a stand for such b*tchy statement rite? If it's political or religious views, yes we make our stands firmly but not to ridiculing someone for their spelling or pronounciation.. anyway cheers to U babe for standing firm during the show :)

    I have readers commenting i look like 'bapok' or trans (and it doesnt help with my husky voice) but i choose to take all with a laugh and not flaming or cursing back (wat's the point?) since they might not know me well as a person.. with high EQ, KK perhaps can check it out with SHerine offline regarding the blog entry and things need not be that ugly.. but perhaps for viewership or that moment of truth(i dunno maybe), then decided to lash it out in public but still that's not nice thing to do... life goes on..

    For Sonia, i like her frank honesty and that she wanted (as best as she cld) to make up for her mum as probably she felt for it at that point when the qtn was posed and also surprised that Kris voted for her too (thumbs up for Kris who's able to put aside the differences and judge based on the competition)

    I rooted for you babe and later Sonia ( i like that when she say $10,000 for friendship? which i would also do the same).. anyway maybe FHM or Maxim can groom Sonia as their long-term model? COz after all like what u see in Star Search these years, is usually the first runner-ups that go far :P

  21. Anonymous3:19 pm

    hey holly, i've been reading your blog for a long time and i've liked you ever since i started watching s factor. i think you have a really nice character and am glad that you didn't join in kay kay & co's bitching session because it proves that you're so much more decent than that.

    i used to like kay kay but now i totally dislike her because of what she said about you! i think it was really mean, to attack you just because you were being nice? i wished sonia won instead :(

  22. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Hi, though Sonia may seem genuine, but don't like the fact that she disliked a girl because she doesn't like her looks. Come on, she is not perfect either. How can she judge or laugh at someone because of the way she looks. And I don't think her English is perfect either. Why would she laugh at someone else pronunciation??!! Anyway, don't think both of them deserves to be the finalist.

    By the way Holly, I am curious myself too. If all the girls do not know what is the episode about, then why did KK print out a copy of the blog??? She can't be carrying that piece of paper around without knowing that she could confront Sherine about it... mmm... Hence, doesn't this say something about the winner??

  23. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Oh.. And another matter, KK must have felt herself as a trans when no name were mentioned in Sherine's blog. Or someone else must have commented her before... that is why she is SUPER sensitive about that.... haha...

  24. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Well, have ya guys ever wondered if the show's rig to KK's advantage and the rest of the girls are oblivious to the fact, and are just taken for the ride?

    The whole immunity shit that never happened in episode 7 for Sherine and the reason she had a copy of Sherine's blog then. Also, the whole 'being herself' crap leading to the plain reason why she won. Maybe it's just to brand herself as a 'COOL' chick, who fucks everyone. Tot it was uncouth of her to use the 'F' word like...all the time. How's that for Sophistication. Isn't that what the show is looking for as well (quote mentioned by Max Loong as an introduction to the show).

  25. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Yeah I think the whole thing was rigged in kaykay's favour. The way she herself admitted that she put up an act to win the blind-date and the sophistication challenge, but conveniently and "coincidentally" decided to be "completely honest" in the mother-in-law challenge.

    I also disliked the way she demanded an apology from sherrine. I think she believes that anyone who has a personality different from hers is two-faced or putting up an act. Ie. anyone who isn't openly bitchy about things SHE finds annoying/irritating/upsetting too either doesnt have a personality or is two-faced.

    What's best about all of this is how the producers/judges bought the whole thing -.-

  26. Anonymous5:24 pm

    i think the producers are obviously very smart in showing videos og the girls bitching anout other girls. at the end of the day, all they want is a good viewership/rating as people would obviously tune in cos of the girls bitchiness and politics, no? and the winner is so obviously fixed, so i think both the production and producers are pretty fucked.

  27. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Your posts are getting shorter and your blog has somewhat turned into a forum!

    Why don't you share your opinions instead?

    Just a suggestion :)


  28. Err.. You are aware that Kay Kay is closely affiliated to MunkySuperstar right? (They're the show's producers.) She does another 'show' called "Chick vs Dick".

    So no, the show is not rigged at all.

    Hur hur..

  29. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Also, FHM is the sponsors....KK's one of the "models". Or should I say models in their own right.

  30. Anonymous9:52 pm

    No wonder the judges nv even comment and the results r announced already. Rigged results of coz, better hurry up announce winner then close shop man.

  31. celest10:02 pm

    Anyone here knows Sherine's blog? ha thanks in advance

  32. sherine:

    "Seems like the productions make it in the way that she can get into the finals..."

    ya i totally agree this! you know why? because kaykay has her own tv show from and obviously she owns the most popularity than the other contestent! ppl don't even know sonia but if ppl keep online to read xiaxue,s blog or watch youtube or chick vs dick sure know who kaykay is!

    so even tho someone telling me that that is an arrangement i don't feel curious and weird at all..

  33. anyway, i love sinoa, she may be bitchy but i just love the way she bitch! at least she's straight! sherine is such a liar..

  34. Anonymous10:14 pm

    My personal opinion is that: Right from the start, KK and the producers probably already knew each other and of course the producers will edit and erase the part where KK admitted the boob jobs and stuffs. She have been going around bitching about other girls, now she finally knows how it is like to be laughed at. Not a very beautiful girl, in my opinion. She got the looks and brains, so what? Honestly, we all know her dirty tricks now. And yes, she looks alittle like a man/tran. Don't you all agree? I knew about her fake boobs all these while, SHE DID HER BOOBS IN THAILAND.

  35. HI everyone. thanks for the input.

    It's very interesting to read your perceptions of the programme. Gives me more to think about as well!

    I've read everything. my next post will be about Sfactor and my thoughts on it :)

    Can't do tht right now, hopefully tomorrow (if I can get a connection)

  36. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Hi Holly. i was very impressed with you when you did not bitch about kris, while KK and Sonia happily were. shows that you're not the bitchy kind. should have stayed longer in the show! :)
    and i think your blog is pretty interesting.

    about the KK Sherine Clash,
    i personally think KK deserved the win. she was the smartest one amongst the rest of the remaining contestants. plus, i think Sherine is totally at fault here. she bitched about KK in her blog, and tried to deny it. until KK took out the 'evidence', then she admitted it and said that its because she wanted to make her blog more interesting for her readers, which is not a reasonable or sensible answer, right?

  37. lolarose12:15 am

    I think KK comes across as unjustifiably smug in this show. She's not particularly pretty (nice boobs though!) and she definitely has a tacky thing going on -perhaps that's why she was a little sensitive about the "tranny" comments?

    Despite her claims of being the most well-rounded girl, she's hardly the sharpest tool in the shed. She's more articulate than most of the girls on the show, but that's not saying much; her "strategies" going into different challenges are quite simplistic. Yawn.

    Oh and she ought to be at least a bit better at taking the nastiness that she's so often dishing out when she's being upfront and totally herself.

  38. Anonymous1:01 am

    Thanks for all your interest in the show. If you have questions for the producers, could you post them at

    I'll be glad to answer them there so ask me anything! Sorry I don't have an account here...


    -Gillian, Director of 'S Factor'

  39. Anonymous1:09 am

    Come'on, do we all have short-term memory? Half-way through the season, Sonia was the ultimate bitch for bullying Kris and taking it out on her physically.

    Suddenly she plays the 'mom' card and she makes a about-turn? Sonia AND KK are both bitchy. But I don't think anyone can survive in the industry without being bitchy. Holly, by soliciting for comments is, in a way, being bitchy too. This opens up the avenue for like-minded KK bitching.

    To be fair, no one likes being bitched about. And it doesn't take KK, or a model, to retaliate.

    I think Kris came out looking the best actually... integrity-wise at least.

  40. Cassie1:10 am

    When I first watched the finale, I was mad angry at the way Sherine got blasted at by Kaykay.

    But now, trying to take an impartial stand, I feel that:
    1. Sherine could have avoided trouble by not explicitly sharing her feelings during the filming period on a public blog.

    2. Kaykay had the right to be angry for the things said about her - even though no names were mentioned, Sherine didn't make an effort to save her ass or say that the person described wasn't Kaykay.. or something to that effect (Maybe she did but it wasn't shown.) And the excuse that she wanted to attract more readers was not a good one. Not remembering what she wrote and having her words read out to her made things worse.

    I feel sorry for Sherine but karma is a bitch. Kaykay was just standing up for herself I guess. But her friend Michelle - UGH. She talks too much and for the good of no one. It just seems that she wanted a bit more camera time.

    With that, I still think Kaykay picking on you for not taking a stand was uncalled for. You were very smart not to participate in making fun of Kris. And I pity that girl too. Getting bullied just cos they "didn't like how she look".

    Whatever it is, the bitchiness and catfights made good TV. Don't we kaypoh Singaporeans just love the drama? It's too bad some people have to suffer for it in reality =c

  41. Anonymous1:22 am

    I think KK had the right to be angry. She didn't exactly have a guilty conscience. I'm guessing they had a conflict that day or she was directed to Sherine's blog by someone else. I find Sherine very fake. Holly, don't you think so? Sherine wrote about other girls too. I was shocked when I saw those posts. Girls who she pretended were friends. You don't bitch about people you were trying to be friends with on your blog, do you?

    It appears you were a little angry at KK's remark. But my thoughts were that as it was at the initial stage of the competition, impressions take time to form. I didn't really notice you because you didn't stand out (sorry). I guess people tend to get the impression if you are over quiet, you can end up being very scheming. Maybe that was KK's point. Of course, you can choose to disagree. Maybe KK expected you to stand up for Kris or something, rather than just keeping quiet and going along with them. shrugs.

    But I find you respectable in your own way cos you have character and it showed at the end.

  42. Well I think that Sonia bowed out of the competition when she put herself down, saying she's not so good at talking etc. She also put KK down when she said KK was just lucky.

    As I watched the video again, I think that Sherine, although she is just totally lost (ie Fake), shes not pretentious because she admitted to the blog post when she could just flat out deny it - she didnt put any names, it may not be kaykay.
    She could also have said that what she wrote in her blog is not a point of debate. KK purposely brought it up to make her look bad, as she knew Sherine would flat out deny it, but would have to eat her words later on.
    Shows that Sherine is not very smart (ie the proverbial fool), first, to post her thoughts on a public blog when things could be taken against her (what was she thinking?), and then not being scheming enough to plot a better counter to KK's accusations.

    I feel that although KK is smart, her lack of integrity and intent on manipulating the less-intellectually-inclined, as well as using hurtful words to gather others by her side shows it all.

    She said she didn't like you because you were quiet, and you probably kept quiet because you didnt want others to turn against you, was a mark against you, but since she knew that, it shows she feels the same as well, but has gone a step further to plan speeches to dominate the group and win points.

    I 'spose this show is more about cunning and manipulation than anything. It brings viewers.


  43. Anonymous2:56 am

    When KK said that she doesn't like people who "don't take a stand" (over something stupid like making fun of another girl) I was reminded of George Bush and his "you're either with us or against us" line.

    Sherine was stupid to not deny that the blog post was about KK. If no names are mentioned then it could be about anyone, who's going to prove it? Go through lie detector test? Who would put in so much effort? So I don't know why she didn't deny. She could have easily made KK look very stupid and ridiculous by saying "I didn't mention names, why would you think it's you?" but she didn't. Too bad.

    I did think KK came across as oversensitive and when she read the post out and said "obviously you were talking about me!" I was thinking "Huh? Obvious meh that you look like a tranny and are short and all?" Isn't Michelle shorter anyway? I don't think KK looks like a man but those fake eyelashes are just too much. Especially on a big HD tv. And when not applied properly. Can make her look a bit crazy.

  44. Anonymous4:23 am

    OMG, This is the first time I see a DIRECTOR of a survivor show has to come to a blog to tag and defend the Production! It is really sad!

  45. Anonymous6:07 am

    Yes, I agree Sherine should have denied. Now her blog become public enemies for KayKay and her fans. And KayKay seems to be too overbearing, she may be a victim and hurt but she obviously wanted to expose Sherine on tv production, the ultimate move. That is real shady. Turning sympathy from viewers to loathe.

    And it is really weird for production executives to come out and defend the production. I, too, never saw American's next Top model, Survivor, or even Apprentice, Donald Trump would come out and defend his decisions when they are a million criticisms out there. Made the whole thing even more shady.

  46. Anonymous9:58 am

    L: Dont insult my favourite show, Apprentice =X There are vast differences in the contents, ending prize and number of viewers sia.

    Holly, U r always my favourite. heh I also give it 2 Kris coz she was able 2 see beyond her treatment by Sonia 2 toss her vote 2 her.

    Deja vu, Michelle scolded Kris when she was helping Sonia in the debate. Then ending finale she scolded Sherine coz she was helping KayKay. The quote of E day by Sherine, “Then that’s ur problem.” Stylo, I like heh.

  47. Anonymous10:08 am

    L: I think Holly, U may have to be politcally correct in sharing ur views coz seems like E director is here @ ur blog looking for sth. 1st message sounds like a bait ==>

    Anonymous said...
    Hi Holly,

    Your posts are getting shorter and your blog has somewhat turned into a forum!

    Why don't you share your opinions instead?

    Just a suggestion :)


    6:48 PM, May 27, 2009

    Anonymous said...
    Thanks for all your interest in the show. If you have questions for the producers, could you post them at

    I'll be glad to answer them there so ask me anything! Sorry I don't have an account here...


    -Gillian, Director of 'S Factor'

    1:01 AM, May 28, 2009

  48. Anonymous10:16 am

    Hmm... I don't know any of the girls in person so I won't comment on who's a *** or whatever. The show as a contest does seem warped, but entertainment-wise, I don't find it bias towards any of the contestants. I mean, KayKay got portrayed as the ultimate bitch before they send her up the throne, thereby creating the best response the show could get from its viewers. Sherine was just in a convenient position to be put through the embarassment for that effect. From what she wrote in her blog, she may have been understandably affected by the way things got ugly for her, but she isn't being portrayed as the worse bitch on the set. Its probably the smarter ones like you and maybe Kris (yes, I think she may be smart, even if her English enunciation isn't perfect. I felt she handled Sonia's bullying rather well.) who were careful not to give the producers any loopholes to make drama/gossip out of. Therefore the show needs to kick you out early.

  49. Anonymous11:44 am

    Hey Holly, you got one of the producers to actually be at your blog...thats something right.

    Gillian, if you are reading this, I am really curious to know. How did KK know that she would have the opportunity to confront Sherine about the blog in the first place? Like I mentioned earlier, she can't be carrying that piece of paper from Sherine's blog where ever she goes unless she knows that she will have the chance to confront Sherine... Would the producers admit that they know KK before the show? If so, that means there is a conflict on interest and the decision is not fair at all. Firstly, the vote seems to be based by 3 judges whom were probably not aware of the earlier episodes. Secondly, doesn't it say something if there are 6 votes towards Sonia??? Thirdly, I believe the FHM judge must have voted KK because KK mentioned that she/he would have chosen FHM cover to $10k where else Sonia didn't. I don't think it was wrong for Sonia to tell the truth or even chosen $10k to the FHM cover. KK probably is rich enough or not family attached enough to choose $10k. I don't think the judges asked the questions to trick the finalist and be bias if one answers otherwise. I think its more of knowing how the person would answer and respecting the answer itself. What I can probably summarize is that the winner of S Factor is meant to be bitchy, back stabbing, fake, liar and of course another so called beauty contest. If you are what the winner is than you can win too.... Again, this is my opinion.

  50. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Has anyone read Sonia's blog ? seems to be removed.. my friend told me Sonia's not as nice as she makes herself out to be on the show..

  51. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Sonia's def. not as nice as she makes herself to be. The episode with Kris is telling already. Then she admitted to being a bad kid to her mom. Y'know, bringing "mom" into the show gets heartstring and sympathy votes, but if she didn't bring mom into the show, she probably wouldn't be seen as nice.

    Strange her supposed good friend, xuesha in the end voted for kaykay. They either had a falling out or they arent really good friends.

  52. Anonymous1:10 pm

    sherine mentioned michelle dragged one of the girls to a corner and told the fellow Sonia bitched about her, which sherine claimed is not true.

    Wouldnt be surprised if Michelle told Xuesha something like that to help Kaykay get a vote too! I mean.. thats why everyone says Xuesha's very naive isn't it?

    Really don't know why Michella has to suck up to Kaykay like that. Like a bootlicker or something.. And her face.. omg don't even get me started on how her face looks!

  53. Anonymous1:24 pm

    hahaha ya Michelle really... cmi. She need to cut her hair! looks v oily and $@#!@

  54. Anonymous1:36 pm

    I think Kris is smart enough to pick Sonia instead of KayKay.... Makes ppl dislike her less. She would appear more forgiving and magnanimous that way. Good for her.

  55. I hereby officially retract my comment (27 May 09, 8 pm). The whole thing. Even the 'hur hur'.

  56. Anonymous1:47 pm

    WHY SAIFU?! Just because of this:

    When strangers claim that S Factor was rigged, it's fine. When friends who do the same to stir controversy, it's not. Shame on you, Saiful.
    12 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    How can?! You must 大义灭亲!

  57. I actually didn't know about that.

    But I'm retracting my comment because no opinion is worth hurting a friend's feelings, knowingly or otherwise.

  58. Anonymous2:12 pm

    WOW.. u r such a gd fren saifu.

    But ur fren did a bad move. This would just further provoke public. Producer & Director should just remain silent and not defend themselves too hard or tag on Kay Kay's twitter:
    @yankaykay All the more they felt that the last ep was rigged. Go to the clicknetwork forums.
    29 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to yankaykay

    Dont want to seem as conspiracy also hard.

  59. Anonymous2:39 pm

    uh, kk is the prettiest and most suited to win (whole fhm cover thing) and i think you shouldn't keep evoking your readers' feelings about the show and production -.-

  60. Anonymous2:43 pm

    hahaha are you KAYKAY?! or the producer? or the director? goodness. This is Holly's blog, not yours unfortunately. You can write that on your blog.

  61. Anonymous4:04 pm

    What happened to clicknetwork's forum? Doesn't load.

  62. Anonymous4:11 pm

    No idea... I just posted a few questions since Gillian invited us to ask. They replied and I responded. Next thing I know, it can't be loaded....mmmm.... If it can be loaded later, do check out the answers given by them.....

  63. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Hi all... Something to share with you all on my questions asked to producer and their reply...

  64. Anonymous4:34 pm

    It is not convincing at all. Especially this point from Director, really slap themselves in the mouth:

    3) The recent American Idol voting scandal is just one of many examples why it's so hard to be completely fair in reality competitions like these.

  65. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Not forgetting point number 1:
    Everyone knew all the girls would be coming back in EP8 for a reunion, and I'm sure most of them have seen enough reality TV reunions before to know what they're about. KK definitely knew she had the opportunity to confront Sherine then. It's not secret information that they'd be able to "speak up" during the reunion, or in any episode for that matter.

    ......KK definitely knew. Best. Know the saying? 越描越黑

  66. WoW!

    look at what you guys can dig up in just a couple of days! I can't check the internet all the time here when I'm out of the hotel. I feel like I'm out of the loop!!!

    But I'm very impressed.

    Have been reading through all your interesting comments and opinions.

    WIll be posting my own later(shld be late night SG time). Really missing SG.... and my 100% of the time internet connection.

  67. Anonymous5:12 pm

    At the rate the munkysuperstar's people are tweeting, they are making us look really bad, as if we are idiots or something! Eg. Xiaxue, Joan...

    And we are the ones who watch and support the show! What a mockery!

    I mean seriously, we are the reason why they can make a living and yet they are calling us ridiculous, retards! If no one watches their programs on tv or online, they wouldn't have viewership stats to sell their content to their clients!

    Whatever they are publicly tweeting is so disrespectful to all of you who watch the show and think it's rigged!

    This will be definitely be my last time watching any program produced by munkysuperstar! Period.


  68. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Yup, totally agreed. How can you compare with American Idol votes when it was public votes of millions. It is not based on 3 or 4 judges votes like this show. My goshhh.... I don't think American Idols was a scandal. I think its more so, there seemed to be more fans to the winner than the other. Probably most people that we know expected otherwise. But then again, that was millions of votes we are talking about, and not just 3 judges... Its just sad to see that the fate of the 2 girls is on these 3 judges hands... whether they like you or not. And for the FHM judge, I think he shouldn't have asked a tricky question (as admitted by the producer), its just like asking the American Idol, do you like to sing or dance??? Should have considered the personality of the contestant. Yes, its not a personality contest but personality does matter if there is a question and answer session. If not, might as well mute the whole show. KK has failed on 2 questions as far as I remember. 1) She chose fame (FHM cover) to otherwise (cant blame her entirely, probably to her fame is all it is in her life) 2) she would have mentioned to the producers that Sonia is a guy if she found out so that she could then be the winner! Oh.. 3)I don't think there is any personality when you speak foul language on national TV. Well, if that were the answers the producers are looking for, then the show shouldn't be called 's' factor. It should have been 'b' factor!

    By the way Holly, the producer claimed that you all were aware that its a reunion. Are you aware?

    With all said, of course the producers have to make the best of their own production and can't be admitting they made mistakes or should have been...blah blah blah.... Hence, credit still goes to them for entertaining us so far. If they are reading this, take it as a feedback rather than in a negative way. Its through criticism and feedback that one can be better.

  69. Anonymous5:35 pm

    I agree to the post directly above. Actually I was thinking if the producer/director will contact you Holly and warn you to write your opinions WISELY. of cos they will say it in a nice way, saying it's for the greater good etc etc that kind of bullshit. I think Sherine was told to remove her tagboard so now it's no longer there. Then the forum GG was told to lock the thread so that general public cannot read it. On top of all these the XX, KK MonkeySS twittered frequently to make them sound innocent and us viewers are ridiculous. Even though we don't exactly pay to view the show, but without us the production crew wouldn't survive! so don't treat us as unreasonable and brainless viewers.

    One thing I think we all need clarification is about the immunity. How can they boldly deny Sherine's immunity when she so deserved it? Never in any show that I see immunity being retracted or contestants being denied? Come on. what a stupid confession by Max Loong. Did Survivor ever confessed at the end that the immunity doesnt count after the contestants fought so fiercely during the challenge? I know it's an insult to Survivor. haha. my two cents. gtg.

  70. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Was there an immunity??

  71. Anonymous6:06 pm

    there's always an immunity challenge in each episode. the first round of challenge is the immunity challenge. I'm sure most of you know Holly won the Science lab immunity challenge. but in episode 7 Sherine won the immunity but was later told that it doesnt count. what the shit right. =S

  72. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Oh... Actually I have forgotten about that. Should ask the producers. But then again, they can say all they want. They are the producers...hahaha...

  73. Anonymous6:19 pm

    That was so true. Wouldn't be surprised if they say it's to add more "spice" to the show blahblahblah.. At the end of the day, they are the makers, they can say whatever they want, they will always win, right?

  74. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Gosh... Pls view this

    Its like what we saw in the last episode or finals of s factor..

    Is there a message there??

    Sonia was being honest and KK, was,...errr.... check it out and share your comments.

  75. Anonymous6:33 pm

    even the director of S factor didn't wanted to comment on KK being "conflict of interest"! check out the forum! so fishy...

  76. Anonymous6:37 pm

    i saw KK logged into the forum for the longest time when i was there! i think she's gonna write something but maybe need to use thesaurus like she always does.. maybe anon123 was her!

  77. Anonymous6:39 pm

    And btw, the producer claims that this show is for the GUYSSSS.... get the quote from

    You can really laugh your head off.

  78. Anonymous6:42 pm

    yeah and they claimed FHM got no money for them to have a public voting system!!

    FHM such a big publication no money to implement a fair voting system??????

    are you kidding me?

  79. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Hi,..Kay kay is in the forum... probably attacking soon...hahahhaha

  80. Anonymous6:48 pm

    give that woman some time lah.. she needs to use thesaurus! just wait and see how she uses her big bombastic vocabulary after she's done! after all she hasn't been using her brains so often since she graduated..

    that poor thing needed 2 days to learn PRINT SCREEN remember?? lol

  81. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Did you guys see??


    OMG NOW SHE IS ACTING ALL GRACIOUS ala miss universe or something!! Get real, we all saw how bloody bitchy you were lah!

    I think after reading all the hate mails, she's all "HOLY" now! To world peace, NOT!

    PS: she didn't commented on how she attacked Holly btw. pretty much just acting like an angel now. i'm disgusted. one moment bitch one moment saint! yikes!


  82. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Read this from KK:
    I hadn't read it till sometime around ep 4(the blind date challenge) when some of the cast and the producers alerted me to the contents of her blog.

    Wow, It has to be the cast and producers again. Anything new that is more impartial?

  83. sense8:07 pm

    Couldn't stand her for trying to PROTECT the producers, etc. Asking us to not accuse! Since when we accused? It is a forum invited by the Producers. Just gave them my opinion. Gosh...

  84. Anonymous8:16 pm

    heh Dont bother to argue with them, shudnt even post there in e first place. That is y a trap was set to direct pple there, so that ALL the gang can defend together mah hahaha. If you notice, that forum dont even have more people compared to here. Coz it was nv freedom of speech hee.

    But Well done la, now they just said more shady things to defend themselves. Ideal women? Dont throw our face la pls. Cast and producer label her as ideal but not general public.

    And seriously I never see American Idol's Director/Producer/Cast need to direct pple to their forums to look at their shady words. Please. I think that cast/producer need to be sent overseas, go for internship, take comments positively and really learn humbly from other countries' survivor shows.

  85. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Oh ya and KK's last message to Sherine sounds really fake. She was just scolding Sherine on Twitter and next moment this message. YUCKS.

  86. Anonymous8:44 pm

    hey guys, just wondering..

    don't you all find it weird that we were invited to the forum to "discuss" about the show by the producers today and the next thing, while answering the questions they are putting up links promoting their new online show on the same day itself!

    is it too much of a coincidence??

    or could it be a stunt for us to click and watch the new show?

    afterall, the more clicks they get the more viewership they have..

    just a thot...

  87. sense8:54 pm

    Hey, obviously she is offended! My gosh... super sensitive or what. Nevertheless, thats what the FHM ppl wants right... some kind personality she has! Cannot take criticism. Not only she has spoil her own reputation but also FHM for choosing her to be the winner, she really make herself look bad! My gosh!

  88. Anonymous8:55 pm

    wah lau... they are trying to steal Holly's blog readers! pui!

  89. Anonymous9:06 pm


  90. Anonymous9:07 pm

    AND THEN KAYKAY SNAPS AGAIN (in the forum).. Whahahahahaha

    Is she schizo or what??

  91. Anonymous9:12 pm

    heh yup she lost seh again lo.

  92. sense9:17 pm

    Check this out... she really lost her cool...

    Must invite FHM director to read and check out their winner....

  93. Anonymous9:20 pm

    They r together in this la hahaha. She say you r her fan wor. hee Disillusioned.

  94. Anonymous9:21 pm

    at twitter, the munkysuperstar kk tagged at, is the director la Gillian. So heh r they not in it together? R they not helping her once again?

  95. Anonymous9:27 pm

    ^ Its not FHM who do not have the budget. Its munkysuperstar.

    I don't think Kaykay was wrong in answering the questions on choosing FHM cover/$10k and if she would report to the producers if sonia was a man.

    1)10k is seriously not alot of money. Its less than the annual salary of an average working adult.

    Getting on FHM is like once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if you have the money, FHM may not want you on their cover. And kaykay was right. Getting on the cover would generate more publicity and recognication for her, which in turn would help her in the long run in terms of income/jobs. Thats more meaningful, plus you are speaking to a senior director of FHM. Do you think you should choose the money over the opportunity ?

    2)I don't see by covering up for sonia if she was a man would do yourself any good. Its only fair to the other girls, yourself and the viewers at home. Sonia MAY be overcoming the various challenges because she's a man, she possesses the physical strength of a man or blah..and not entirely as a woman.

  96. Anonymous9:27 pm, Producer Joan:
    Totally appreciate friends who understand and are gracious. Thank you Saiful. Hugs.7 minutes ago from UberTwitter

    SAIFU! sigh, u never 大义灭亲!

  97. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Did you know what KayKay did a boob job? why do you think she did not admit it, since Sonia ald did. New video on Sonia and Xuesha as bikini girls. very funny

  98. Anonymous9:31 pm

    ER Anonymous 9:27 PM

    If you have the $, dont think any rich pple would be in the right mind to go film on FHM cover la.

  99. Anonymous9:37 pm

    I'm just saying like its an opportunity hard to come by. Getting on FHM is only something you can do when you still have the youth and beauty. FHM is just another example. I know people may go like WHATS THE BIG DEAL WITH FHM.
    Back to the saying: There are many things money can't buy.

  100. Anonymous9:40 pm

    hahaha ya E saying is for happiness more like it. FHM? far fr it. Have $ also dont want pls.

  101. sense9:41 pm

    Anonymous 9.27pm

    I am not saying that it was wrong for KK to answer those questions, but I am just doubting on what the producers are looking for. What are they really looking for? Sexy, sophisticated, smart and just recently added, ideal woman to a man (by the producers)... so, maybe KK is sexy. As for smart... I don't think so. If she is claimed to be smart, she would know how to handle matter calmly. Ideal woman...errr... I leave it to the guys to answer.

    To be a winner, in my opinion, has to be beautiful from the inside out. I would think that personality plays a part since there was a contest on personality in the show. So, does KK fits into all the criteria? In my opinion no, but I guess thats not the way it is to the 3 judges who obviously voted for her.

  102. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Yes she is not so ideal. But i have to say she's smart and sexy.

    Handling matters is more like being sensible. Smart is open to interpretation, so lets stop here and not go further if kaykay's smart or not.

    Ideal woman is just a tagline afterall. If you crown another lady as the ideal woman, how sure can you be thats her in reality ? She might be putting up an act on national tv becos she knows everyone is watching her.

    Personality challenge you meant ? The blind date ?

  103. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Anyway I think u r on the wrong blog la, u need to tag at the forum mah, then kaykay maybe can give u a kiss there, hahaha u tag at Holly's blog for wat?!

  104. Anonymous10:00 pm

    To me, a woman with S Factor would have to be women like Eunice Olsen. Smart, eloquent, kind-hearted (She helps at girls home regularly), Beautiful in her own way, confident, and definitely not bitchy and vulgar, and do not depend on or required thick make-up, fake eye lashes and branded goods to make her look classy.

    Of course, if i'm a guy, I will never want great and influential women like Eunice Olsen to be put on FHM cover wearing small pieces of cloth. NO NO.

    So most probably they shouldnt even call it S Factor. they genre of the show doesnt fit. Like the Singtel Grid Girls, they can call it FHM Top Model or sth lke that. too late for all these now isnt it? :P

  105. FHM fan10:06 pm

    LOL.. sorry.. but i have to tell u. Eunice Olsen has already been on FHM cover. more than a year ago. was a small black bikini IIRC.

    swallow your own words. LOL.

  106. Anonymous10:08 pm

    heh I start to think too that all those defend KK here are the Cast/Producer/Director. They did it before with Sherine's blog, alerting KK. Haiyo, need to help her so much mah?! If the person has the beauty and capability, dont need to do so many actions pls.

  107. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Whats wrong with posting here? I'm still sharing something that is relevant on the topic that holly had written.

    Lol. If you think I'm siding with kaykay and I need a kiss from her, then let it be. I don't mind ahaha.

  108. Anonymous10:12 pm

    relevant meh? We talking abt the Clash le and the production. U only talking abt Kay Kay. heh Go n kiss her la, no one stopping u.

  109. Anonymous10:13 pm

    haha Confirm one of those from the production team la.

  110. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Lol. I'm not. Not relevant ? Its an entry on the final episode of Sfactor. Yes, Holly asked for opinions on the clash, but i cant comment on other things relating to final episode of s factor ?

    I already said kaykay's not ideal what.

  111. Halo, anyone can tell me who is Saiful?

  112. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Oh man read properly lah. I said I wouldnt want Eunice Olsen to be on the cover of FHM if im a guy, but i didnt say she can't be on FHM. Since she's so young and hot I give not qualms that she want to try it out, moreover she does have what it takes to be on the cover as compared to the S Factor show girls. Ok I shall stop talking about girls not related to S Factor. sorry.

  113. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Saiful's blog:

    He's just a fren of the production crew.

  114. Anonymous3:03 am

    This is for Gillian, director of S factor, as I couldn't be bothered to go to the link.
    Just wondering what is this S Factor supposed to stand for. Superbitchiness? Stupidity? Victory by verbal Strangulation? I mean, sorry, the winner is neither inspiring nor charismatic (neither were most of the girls who got through the last rounds). The last episode was so ridiculous it was a laugh. Several of the contestants should be embarassed to have even appeared there making complete spectacle of themselves. Why don't you guys make better tv? The Apprentice, America's Next Top Model, etc, they're survivor type shows too with some backstabbing/bitchiness going on, but at least, I don't end up feeling idiotic after watching it. Good tv does not equal stupid shows. Amen.


  115. Anonymous3:07 am

    pERSONALLY kAYKAY DID A SMART THING. She didnt pull out the paper right away! What she wanted was for Sherline to admit first. She GAVE THE CHANCE for Sherline to be the bigger person. But knowing how sherline is.. she is already known to be a liar.. so of course kaykay was frusterated and had to take out the printing. Obviously she did a smart thing.. because ppl have no reason to disbelieve a nice girl like sherline right?

  116. Anonymous10:10 am

    I seriously feel that most of the girls in the show were screwed up anyway, afterall they choose to be on the show but fame does not promise to shine in a good light always. If you did watch Kris audition video, you will find her bitching about zouk out girls even worse than how sonia bitch about her. The production crew were smart to put her as the "victim" of bitching from kk and her friends as she has proven herself to be a bitch right from the start on the audition. At least they wouldnt feel so guilty for letting someone that bitchy get embarassed on TV. Maybe sonia did appear more sincere later in the show,but still you cant admit that she is really nice at all. whereas for kk, i think it is all an act. One moment she was bitching about kris and being straightforward about disliking her, next she was trying to gain sympathy by being really hurt and thus people will focus on sherine being more bitchy. And for sherine i found her fake too and a little weird. She is 23 this year, but still she craves for attention on her blog like an small ah lian. It is quite pathetic that the method she employed is only by slandering and bitching about people which has no substance at all. And holly yours has definitely great depth.

  117. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Kay kay was terminated from a contract recently signed as the brand she was hired for felt she was too SLUTTY.. OMG.. talk about bad press.. and she thinks she's famous now.. infamous is more apt.. Congrats to winning Kay kay.. hope you are happy with your fake boobs, slutty image and FHM cover..

  118. Anonymous1:25 am

    Kay Kay basically contradicted herself.

    First, she said Holly did not take a stand, and therefore kept quiet about Kris.

    Then, she told Sherine to think about how she feels when she read the blog entry?

    These girls are seriously fucked up.

    S-factor = Stupid Factor.

  119. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Hey Holly!
    I think you are indeed the best girl out of the 12 contestants!!
    I used to like kaykay but not anymore, her attitude simply su*ks big time=X

  120. Anonymous9:50 pm

    KK was a Slut biatch isnt ?
    I hate her face and her horrible make-up.
    Holly ! you are the best !

    OMG , when i saw the S-factor thats kk won . I straight away switch off my computer and Vomit all over my toiletbowl. What the heck , this is not even fair. kk this kind of slut also can be winner?

  121. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Well, Sherine should have just stood her ground and said that she did write that post about KK, and if KK can't handle meanness then she shouldn't subject others to her bitchiness either, like she did to Kris. Instead Sherine made a 1000 sad excuses...tsk...tsk. And came across looking worse than KK.

    As for KK...she just came across as an obnoxious and bitchy twat. Not attractive at all. If I'd seen her before watching this show I would have thought "pretty girl". But if I see her now I'll think "beeeatch". LOL. Oh well, so much for that.

    Just curious about one thing though...doesn't a show like this do damage to the sponsor??? I mean if the "ideal FHM" girl is a nasty bitchy-school-yard-bully then doesn't that make FHM look bad??? I would think so. But hey, that's just my opinion.

  122. To be honest, through out every episodes, i find that actually Kaykay is being true & honest, she stand up for the wrong, and actually be who she really are thats make her a winner. And she know clearly that whats her goal to be in that contest, so i don't find her anything wrong, and she state clearly about everything. While the other contestants, they tried their best too.. Although Kaykay is wrong being rude like the others said, but at least she speak her mind out. Thats my own views.

  123. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Very energetic article, I loved that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

  124. Anonymous6:15 pm

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    nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. Many thanks


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