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I may have already mentioned that I have a friend from San Francisco who's in the midst of moving over to Singapore. And I never knew that moving could be such a stressful experience!

If you're moving from one house to another... it's hard enough. Imagine moving to a whole different country in a whole different part of the world!

He's almost done now. All he needs to do is ship his furniture over and get a suitable place to stay. Meanwhile... his company is putting him up at the Conrad Centennial Hotel for a few months... (what luck!)

It's pretty apt that I've just been asked to do an advertorial for this moving website MoveMe. This site has won the Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People's Choice Award.
I know now how essential proper planning is when it comes to relocating to a different country.. or even if you're moving just down the street.

MoveMe is an online moving service which not only provides you with a free planning service, but also hooks you up with utilities, mortgage quotes, Storage, van hire, moving boxes, removal quotes and even legal advice... everything you could possibly need when moving.

Moving with family? People with special needs? A pet dog? No problem! MoveMe is a lifesaving website for new home buyers, sellers, or even people who rent.

The Move Planner is a detailed and time-saving tool during a move. It will organise and help you manage your move, reminding you to do things as and when necessary and giving you the tools to do them. You can also personalise it to include your own tasks and reminders. The best part of all this... is that it's FREE!

The site earns money through recommending you the appropriate services you can use for you move. From Insurance companies and solicitors right down to furniture moving companies.

Even though you use their planner for Free, you're not obligated to use the services they recommend. Though I think you probably will as they offer the best deals, and give you very competitive quotes, such as free mortgage quotes.
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  1. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I don't feel bad for your friend who is 'stressed' with his move, which I'm sure much of is being handled by his company. As an expat, the physical move is one of the easist parts. I'm sure moveme has some useful features- do they have a dating service for people undergoing moves?

  2. well... he's not here on an expat package like you are, he's moved here full time to be closer to his family who also live in asia (not SG)... so he's paying his own rent and stuff.

    And come on... I know u had tht stewardess girl to help you out when u first came...

    So... don't put the "stressed" word in inverted commas, I feel a bit insulted by that ! As if he's duping me into helping him settle down. He's my friend. I help my friends.


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