Perth - A Day in Freemantle

Ah. Freemantle, a picturesque little seaside town that is jam packed with museums, great food, and many attractions.  First stop- Little Creatures Brewery. If you appreciate craft beer, or any beer in general.... or even if you don't drink but just want a chill place with relaxed vibes with good food.. go to Little Creatures.  It opens at 11am, and we were the first ones in, cos hungry.  Little Creatures Brewery is home to the famous Pale Ale. We could not do their brewery tour and tasting because kids not allowed, and we can't like just leave them outside to wait for us lol. But if you're an all adult group, do sign up for their tour and tasting! I was happy enough to have a family feast. OMG I fuck'n love this dish. Grilled Octopus. So tasty with a spicy lemony type oil .. I don't know what it's called, went to their menu online just now and it's not even on the menu! Maybe it was a special that day.  Cheers! Myla loved the oysters... very fresh.  Adamson

Perth - Mandoon Estate

Perth- Caversham Wildlife Park