Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sample Store's YouTube contest & $5000 worth of prizes!

From 16th May 2016 to 3rd July 2016, Sample Store will be hosting a YouTube Contest with very attractive prizes.
I could really use a new iPad... or the Airfryer. Haha. But don't worry la, I'm not competing with you. LOL. Here is my Vlog on how I redeem my Free Samples, so you know roughly what to do when you do yours. Of course, get as creative as you want! There's so many ways to do this.

Some simple guidelines:
Length of your vlog: 1-3 minutes
Title of your vlog: How to get your FREE samples online! (title can be changed to your preference)
Key message: Mention "Sample Store", “Free Samples”, “Free Membership” and “Free Delivery”
Video content:
- Show and tell any of your free samples redeemed on Sample Store!
- Share about how Sample Store works
Entries close on 3rd July 2016! Winners will be announced on 8th July 2016. Winners will be announced on 8th July on Sample Store's Facebook.

If you're interested in participating, head on over to Sample Store's blogpost to find out more details. Oh and if you Share their blogpost on your Facebook page and tag @SampleStore and hashtag #SampleStore #SampleStoreYouTubeContest , you may be the lucky winner to walk away with $100 CapitaVoucher!

Happy Sampling! Sign up as a Sample Store member at: and do take part in the #SampleStoreYouTubeContest

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tips for Baby's Swimming

Sorry for the long hiatus... just got back from 11 days away in Phuket. Was it fun? Well... I would say, travelling with a young infant, especially to a country where even the tap water is dirty, where her routine is broken, where the suitcase is so full of baby's stuff ....including her portable cot... to the point that I can only take 3 tops and one spare pair of shorts for myself (and yet my husband packed in some extra button shirts (in Phuket???) and thick polo t-shirts for himself which he didn't end up wearing even)... is not really my idea of fun. It's quite a lot of effort ... and now I'm fucking tired. (But still have a nice load of holiday laundry ironing to do, all his stuff... cos I don't even iron Myla and my clothes anymore).

Feels like I was bullied into going (I declined going but then had to face some temper). Hahaha bullied into going for a holiday!!! You must think I'm talking shite but I'm serious man. Baby's needs come first, I don't have the same patience as before for other people's opinions or "wants". Did you find that motherhood did this to you too? Will share with you more of my thoughts some stuff later on, when I hopefully have the time to sit down and type it out.

On a different note, one good thing is warm water in the pool so Myla could go swimming. Our pool back in Singapore is Baltic, not sure why. So I usually let her swim in the bath tub at home lol.
Tip 1: Get an infant neck float. Before we had this float (it's a cheapie one I bought from Carousell at $4)... either David or myself would have to hold her the whole time in the pool. This float gives her the freedom to move around on her own, and she loves it. Of course, under supervision la.
Tip 2:  Many think the float is too tight that's why the baby cries when they put it on. The float is not likely too small for your baby even if it's a big baby. Myla's one has clasps, and the float even fits my neck comfortably! Just get baby in Water first. Especially for the first time, don't put the float on the baby's neck on dry land (I think this can be uncomfortable, and scary especially for the first time). I take Myla in the water, get her accustomed to the temperature, hold her close to me. While carrying the float in my other arm. Then once she's relaxed, I put the float on her. Works like a charm.

Tip 3: For submerging... they say when baby is under 6 months old, they still have the natural ability to auto hold their breath in water.. like they are in the womb. I think this is true, everytime I wipe her face with wet cotton balls, she will hold her breath. There are parents who just submerge their water babies and all goes well. But I'm a bit nervous she might breathe in water. So the trick is... (taught to me by some ang moh lady with grown up kids while we were in Phuket), to blow in baby's face. When you do this, she will hold her breath and while her face is still scrunched up, you can submerge her. I tried it and yes it works! Happy days!

Monday, May 09, 2016

Womanizers Give the Best Orgasms

Yes, you heard me right. Make no mistake, of all the choices out there, pick a Womanizer... your best shortcut to an Orgasm.
But NO, not this kind of human womanizer, please. 
I'm talking about the latest clitoral stimulator. It uses a new German technology that has nothing to do with vibration. Womanizer makes a touch-less stimulation of the clitoris. During the stimulating process, the clitoris is lightly sucked in by the device in order to be stimulated through pulsating pressure waves effectively and precisely.

You know, the three most common complaints I have from my readers... is that their marriage is sexless (or sex has become boring), or some women who have never ever had the pleasure of an orgasm (because they just can't climax) and on the other side of the spectrum... women who are sexually active and have lots of sex toys but have found that they have become desensitized from frequent use of vibrators... so masturbation (or sex) doesn't feel as good anymore, despite their enthusiasm and effort.
I think the Womanizer will be a great help to all these women (and the men in their lives)... and a big perk to women who don't even need help at all lol... because hello, who doesn't want effortless pleasure??? You will know why when I explain more about what this device can do.

This is the Womanizer Pro W500 Clitoral Stimulator in Mint Green. It is the absolute latest in the Womanizer range and the most advance clitoral stimulator right now. There are 6 colours and prints to choose from. I chose the mint green because it is such a fresh and pretty shade. In the package there is the Womanizer Pro W500 which is about palm size but narrower. a black satin pouch, a manual, USB cable for charging and an additional XL stimulation head for larger clitoris.
This elegant looking device is easy to operate. Just press the SWAROVSKI power button for 2 seconds to switch on or off. And you adjust the intensity of the stimulation by pressing the '+' or ' - ' button. There are 8 variations of intensity. The interface is very easy to navigate.
On the other side there is the stimulation head which gives out P waves. There is also a spare head which is XL sized for a larger clitoris so you can choose which one suits you better. You hover the stimulation head (that's the white silicon part) over the clitoris and what it does is gives suction. And not just some regular constant motor type suction. The suction comes in waves and there's a vibration and pulse type motion to the waves. I was surprised to find that along with the suction, there's also a cool feeling on the clitoris as it gets gently sucked into the soft stimulation head.
Just make your mouth into an 'O' shape now and gently suck on the surface of your skin (try the back of your hand)... do you feel that cool tingle? That's exactly the cool tingle the Womanizer gives as well. It feels so natural. As if done by human mouth! Now imagine that on your clitoris, coupled with a pulsating vibration to the airwaves around it. Mmm hmm.

With the old school clitoral vibrators, the vibrations are in direct contact and oh so mechanical feeling. With this new P- wave technology, over-stimulation of the clitoris becomes a thing of the past. It's a totally new sensation which I've never had from any machine before...
You get up to 4 hours play time with this baby, and when you are done, just charge it via the USB cable provided. 
There is also the Womanizer P-Wave Clitoral Stimulator. Perfect for those with a slightly tighter budget who still want to enjoy a toy with this wonderful P-wave technology. This Womanizer will come with a zipper case, one spare silicone head, one USB charging cable and an operating manual.
Mine is Rose Red, there are 5 colours and prints to choose from. It is different shape to the Womanizer Pro, I find the pro slightly more ergonomic as it fits squarely in my palm. This model however, will suit those who prefer a more wand shaped toy.
Similar to the Womanizer Pro, this device is easy to use too... Just press the on/off button to start. And to adjust the intensity, press the jeweled button. There are 5 intensities to choose from.
This device is easy to charge, using the USB cable provided. No need to buy batteries ever!

Having tried both models of the Womanizer, here are the pros and cons.
The Pros
  • P-Wave Technology. I HAVE TO RAVE ABOUT THIS SUCTION TYPE STIMULATION!!!   There's no accustoming effect due to this new Pleasure Air Technology (P-Wave).
  • Completely new orgasm feeling from a toy
  • You achieve an orgasm very fast... heck, even with limited time, you can still achieve multiple orgasms by yourself or with your partner.
  • Rechargeable ( I never use toys which need external batteries, it gets expensive in the long run plus not good for our environment to keep dumping batteries).
  • Very Silent, no buzzing sounds
  • Very Pretty Designs
  • Hypoallergenic medical silicone ( I have no safety concerns with these products)
  • 1 year warranty (Quality products are always backed with warranty)
 The Cons
  • Not totally waterproof. You can clean it with water as it's splash proof but you cannot submerse this toy in water. So be careful when cleaning. (For me, just a wet wipe works well).
  • Not to be inserted anywhere. This device will not double up as a dildo because you cannot insert it, it is meant purely for clitoral stimulation. (But oh man, it does a fabulous job there).
When choosing between the Womanizer Pro W500 or Womanizer P-Wave, here are the points to consider. 

  • The Pro comes with an additional XL sized silicon tip for clitoral stimulation. So you will have 2 choices on size, regular or XL. The P-wave comes with an extra silicon replacement tip but they are both one size (regular).
  • The Pro has 8 intensities which you can adjust to scale it up or down while using simply by pressing '+' or ' - '. This allows you to be more precise with regards to the intensity of the waves. This also allows for a much wider range of intensities, the lowest being much lower and more subtle, than what the P-Wave model has to offer. As for the highest intensity setting, both models offer about the same level of high intensity. Another thing to note is that the P-wave model has 5 intensities, but only one button, so you must go all the way up before you can get to the lower settings again. (To me this is a small issue as I don't like varying the intensity while using it, I just set the intensity before using).
  • I find that the stimulation function of both toys work equally well. There was no difference in the quality of orgasm achieved nor the time taken to achieve it. I.e. damn fast.
  • The Pro has a Swarovski crystal button. The P-wave has a plastic jewel button.

Which ever choice you make, and whether you're using it on your own or for foreplay during sex, I'm sure you'll be very happy with your Womanizer. It's their special P-wave technology that really makes a world of a difference between those sheets. :)
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Friday, May 06, 2016

Chic Cot Organizers and Organic Teethers

Hello... just an update on what's up at the Myla Rae Baby Shop...
Enchanted Forest

Rainy Day
There are 3 new ranges of baby accessories- Brighton Beach, Rainy Day and Enchanted Forest.
In these ranges you will find bibs, smocks and cot organisers.

Enchanted Forest
Brighton Beach

Also, do check out the new Bunny Teethers. They give busy hands and curious mouths many hours of fun.

Myla Rae is not teething yet but she enjoys sucking cloth, so these teethers are perfect for her. It's easy to wash and quick to dry. She will probably enjoy it even more when she starts teething and starts chewing to soothe her gums.

 Made from organic wood with an ultra smooth finish, it is non toxic and non treated maple wood. The 'ears' are an attractive print on one side, and Minky dot material (babies love texture!) on the
other side. Sandwiched in between is a crinkly material that makes a scrunching noise when grabbed.

 Bunny Teethers come in Dots, Stripes and Chevron prints. Each at Sgd 6.90 including mail. (Or 2 for $12)

Click here to go see the whole range available.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Pixie Head

 So.... a few nights ago, I went to get my hair cut... short It was really bugging me, just feeling blah. Plus the 4 month post partum hair fall hit me (not fair!! I never got the luscious hair DURING pregnancy yet I get the hair fall that follows it after you give birth! Eat Shit ah)

Anyway, the place I went to is across the road from my block... so it's so - so only, but I went there cos I could get there and back within 1 hour plus. So I fed Myla at 6.30pm. My plan was to make her nap/sleep by 7 and then go and comeback by 8.15pm, so I'm in time for her last feed at 8.30pm before she sleeps through the night. BUT DAMN IT.. I couldn't get her to fall asleep easily that night. Maybe she could sense I was gan cheong lol. So at 7.30pm, after several attempts at putting her down while she was sleeping (only to have her wake up screaming the second she touched the mattress)... I said to David, I got to go. Just play with her until I get back. And I left him with a screaming baby ( I felt bad, but time was tight man! I had to go and be back by 8.30!)...

Anyway, I managed to get back by 9pm, by that time she was exhausted and slept straight after drinking.

So... yeah I would not recommend this place as a great choice for a hair cut, esp a drastic one, but I kinda had limited choice based on my situation. Hoping to get a better cut in about 6 weeks  time (not sure how... but that's the plan. Or maybe my hair style sucks because of my hair type and it has nothing to do with the stylist cutting it??)
 This is the morning after my pixie cut, so I wake up like this.My hair naturally waves upwards. Ugh!
 This is after washing and air drying it with the fringe down. Which I like, but... the cutting like.. not right... or maybe it needs styling product ? Also, it won't stay this way throughout the day if I don't put any product in it.
So I used some clay stuff and twist twist the ends of the hair, as adviced by my pixie hair experienced friends on FB and the stylist that cut my hair. BUT THIS IS THE RESULT (pic above). WTF.
After like more than a decade of straight flat rebonded long hair... I HAVE NO HAIR STYLING SKILLS at all. The more I touch my hair, the worse I make it.
Oh and I found a gray hair! Oh man... Hope it stays at just this level and don't progress to the point where I have to colour my hair to cover gray. So much work!
I do love my short hair and am not looking to go back to long hair. In fact, I've never realized how good a hair wash can feel until I washed my newly shortened hair. So goooood... and easy.
But I do need some tips on how I can make this hairstyle work for me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First Time Flying with an Infant...

... on budget airline some more.. lol
I've heard from my friends that flying on SQ with an infant is great and comfortable. Don't travel budget with a young baby, very uncomfortable!!
Matchy matchy

But we just tested it out via Air Asia with Myla Rae on a short flight to KL. How bad can it be right? It's like 40 mins (or less?) so even if she cries, passengers are less likely to be pissed off since it's a damn short flight. (As opposed to having a cranky baby on a 14 hour flight... plus I used to be one of those people who would give you a real stink eye look if you brought a loud child or crying baby on board... OMG I AM SO SORRY FOR MY IGNORANCE in the past)
Of course no bassinet on a budget flight, so Myla shared a seat with me. I had her in my baby carrier the whole time anyway. AND SHE SLEPT RIGHT THROUGH... but with a LOT of effort on my part though! She's no longer an auto napper... you NEED to help her get to sleep, otherwise she will get super cranky.
Don't worry ah, this carrier has ergonomically modified seat customized to her size!

So when we were waiting to board, I fed her. Then put her in my carrier, and freaking walked and bounced my way around the whole room (that room before you board the plane) until she was in deep sleep. Plus I had to make loud and continuous shushing sound with my mouth until I was damn thirsty.
But it worked. LOL.
And the same thing for our flight back as well. Now I just got to gather the balls for a long haul flight.
Think this travel bed is from Mothercare, dunno, I bought second hand from Carousell

For her night time sleeps, she was still a good night sleeper... even though not in her crib. I bought one of those little suitcases that opens up to a little baby bed/ccompartment. So she could just sleep in the same bed as us. She loved it! (BUT, a note to self, our next trip, if we use this baby suitcase bed, its better to have a King sized bed, cos the Queen sized beds we had this trip, was a bit of a tight fit... like only 3/4 of my pillow could fit on the bed, so 1/4 dangling off the side).
Baby's first balloon
 As for how she was while we were in KL, I would say, same as when in Singapore. So her usual day time cranks and refusal to drink milk whenever she didn't get her naps. But if I managed her napping well, then the day would go smooth (difficult though cos hard to maintain routine while away).

We stayed at an AirBnB apartment. Mainly because I wanted a place with a kitchen (space to clean her bottles properly etc), and a proper fridge with freezer for breastmilk (not the mini bar fridge in hotel rooms). But in the end it worked out really great because the apartment trumped any hotel we would have gotten... because it was- more spacious, great location opposite KLCC, and cheaper than hotels in that area. I paid $54 per night, such great value. I remember many years ago when I went KL with an ex BF, he booked us a shitty hotel room around Bukit Bingtang which was so small that when you lie down on the bed, your feet can touch the door. No kidding. And that was $50 a night. Click here to read that for a laugh.

Anyway, I will def be booking AirBnB again for next trip. Help me earn some credits so I can use it to off set the $$ for my next trip? When you book with AirBnB, you get $47 credits to use towards your first booking (you can book a room or whole apartment etc, or if you want, you can even list your property to host people). When you get that credit, I get it too  :) Click here to get to airbnb and claim your $47.