Sunday, September 21, 2014

If He Doesn't Want Marriage... and You Do.

This is of course assuming that the girl does want to be married. And I know quite a few who really do. Yet they often leave me wondering why they don't walk away even after they've been outright told that their guy never wants to get married.

Either he genuinely doesn't believe in institution of marriage (rarely the true case). Or he's been married and burnt before (understandably so). Or he just doesn't want to ever close that door on other options (even though he may not be actively looking for another at that moment).
I want marriage and a family, and I've dropped so many good men in the past who even alluded to not being able to commit to that and men who didn't have the qualities to make a good husband. Some didn't even out right say it, yet I was still out of there in a flash... it didn't matter what else they were able to offer me.

Today, looking back, I think I made the wrong judgment call with a few of them. A couple of guys I used to date are now already married and with kids. I really didn't feel they were the sort who would ever settle down so I gave up on them quickly. Either I made the wrong call then, or I just wasn't the right girl for them so they did in fact never want to get married and have family at that point in their lives. (That stings!)
Outfit from BCL

So I want to ask the girls out there whose boyfriends have hinted or worse still, outright said that they never want to get married. If you want marriage, why are you still with him? Do you think that perhaps if you stick around for many years, he will eventually change his mind (maybe possible, but also a risky gamble)?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

ClubCouture Flair #ShoppingHaul

In my latest shopping haul...I got the Maise Floral Dress for just sg$26 from ClubCouture. It's mini dress that's great for our hot weather because it's light weight, sleeveless and comfy to wear.

 I adore mesh underskirt which peeks out at the hem... It's so pretty :)

The floral prints on this dress reminds me of watercolours, I love the fresh green and blue hues. This dress is from the ClubCouture Flair collection that was launched recently. It has so many pretty florals and soft pastels.
Bed of Roses dress S$26

Kate Cutout Dress S$32 

Check out the Flair lookbook on the ClubCouture website and the whole range of beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories too. The Flair collection has such an ethereal, romantic ... secret garden kind of feel to it. 
Also in this month's shopping haul, I have the Forgive Me Dress (Sg$69.90) . This long line baseball style tee dress features a comfortable fit, thigh length design. Just use it with a pair of sneakers and it makes a funky casual outfit. "I'm Sorry for what I said when I was hungry" ... LOL, that's so me. Wahahaaaa.
Funny thing is, I was on the escalator in Vivocity wearing this dress, and the guy ahead of me turned around, looked at me. Then at the top of the escalator, when I got off after him, he stopped me to ask if I had eaten. And I didn't make the connection... so I just thought OMG freaking weirdo! And I said "NO!" and hurriedly walked off. It was only later that I looked down at my dress and reaslied why he used that pick up line. Hahaaa... poor guy, kena blown off.
Boyfriend jeans paired with the Wild Child Spiked Blouse $79 and black pumps
These Boyfriend Jeans from are an absolute steal at sg$35 ! Love the relaxed yet trendy look of boyfriend jeans all frayed and torn. So comfy and you can dress it up with heels or dress down with sneakers. You can wear it full length or roll up the cuffs however high you like it :)
Boyfriend jeans paired with the Ecru Crop Top $18, and studded flats.
Have a great weekend ahead girls, and Happy Shopping at ClubCouture ! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Plan B Hair Studio

Every time my hair grows, it gets messy looking because it doesn't grow straight. That also makes styling difficult because I'm a wash and go kind of girl. So I just look like the picture above. Ugh!

I snapped that selfie on my way to Far East Plaza. I was going to Plan B Hair Studio.
It's spanking brand new ... just opened in September this year. I love the deco and feel of this place, very edgy, modern and trendy. Yet it's also a very comfortable and cozy salon to be in.

That's one big difference I find between Plan B compared to other salons which can be a little factory-like and impersonal. The service here is so personal and never rushed... yet the prices are kept competitive. Try them out and I'm sure you will love it (this month they are having big discounts to celebrate their opening).

It was set up by Director and stylist Ricky who has many years of experience and training in this field.
I was there to get my hair rebonded... and since I was there I decided to try out their treatments too. They have a whole list of treatments, and the products used are natural and gentle on your hair and scalp. The philosophy of Plan B hair studio is all about getting healthy hair and using the best products for it.
The rebonding I did has a soft and smooth result, rather than the poker straight and stiff one. I like it because it's natural looking and easy to maintain. After the rebonding, Ricky did the scalp treatment for sensitive scalp, and hair treatment for damage hair. And then finally he gave it a trim.
Here's the result. Such a nice difference compared to the first pic in this post. My hair is so neat, smooth and manageable now.
A straight across cut at the back rather than layers because I have thin hair... it's neater and looks thicker this way.
Plan B also sells styling tools like professional hair dryers and GHD straighteners....
... and a wide range of products. All high quality and best of all... they are made of natural ingredients. There's no synthetic perfumes in them either, the pleasant scents are from fruit or flowers.

I got the Lovely Smoothing Conditioner with Borage Oil. This is good for rough and frizzy hair. This conditioner has a heavy consistency, apply it on towel dry hair and leave it for a couple minutes before rinsing off. It washes off easily leaving hair smooth and tangle free. There is a light fruity scent.
I also got the Delicate Replenishing Leave-In Mist. It's great to spritz on my hair before I blow dry. Gives my hair added hydration and protection without weighing it down. This mist is nice and light.

Oh, by the way, anytime you are in Far East Plaza, just pop in to Plan B and ask for their Rebate Voucher. This gives you $10 discount on hair cut, $20 discount on treatment and colours, and $30 discount on straightening or digital perm.

Plan B Hair studio is open everyday from 11am to 9pm, but please call them for an appointment first. You can also head to Plan B's FB page for more info.

Plan B Hair Studio
14 Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza, #01-89.
Tel: 67337716  /  67337713

Monday, September 15, 2014

2-for-1 Windowsill Pies

Checked out another unique café last week with my friend. We went to Windowsill Pies on Horne road. You can walk there from Lavender MRT.
 It's a quirky little café, like a modern Scandinavian cottage type feel (well, that's the vibe I got!)...
 My friend chose a slice of White Chocolate & Truffle pie... and I went for the Double Choc pie. There was about 10 pies to choose from, including Pecan pie, Cherry Pie, and a Vodka lime one too.
Oh oh ohhhh so delish! My double choc was smooth, not too sweet, and was topped with toasted marshmallows and choc biscuit. Even the crust was yummy, crunchy and not too hard.
I'm not a tea drinker but they had an Apple Chamomile tea which was light and fruity. My friend had a pot of Earl Grey.

We had 2 pies and 2 pots of tea but we only paid for 1 pie and 1 tea because I used my Entertainer app. So pleased! :) If not for me browsing the Entertainer app, I would never even have discovered this cute little place for a tea time treat.

There are hundreds more places to go to and 2-for-1 deals to enjoy. To get your 1 month Entertainer App membership at $19, just go to this special link then Click BUY NOW and apply code @hollyjean69 at checkout. You won’t be able to get this 1 month entertainer membership anywhere else.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Love Hate Carousell

Carousell is one of the top ranking apps in Singapore. I've been using it for about 10 months now. I was one of the earlier adopters... but now I catch girls (and guys!) on the Mrt browsing that all too familiar Carousell page on their phones.
I use it A LOT. Everytime I'm flicking around on my phone, David will say, "Again with the swap shop!". Even when I don't need anything, I'll just browse the listings. And it's a great way to de-clutter too. To date I have sold over 280 items via Carousell. WTF, how did the hoarder in me get rid of 280 items and not feel a void in my life?
That said, there are many things about the users of this app which annoy me. It's a love hate relationship I have with Carousell.
Just today I received a package from a seller whom I've blacklisted. I paid for the item on the 10th of August and informed her. Then she said she would mail out the next day. A week later I did not get the parcel so I messaged her through Carousell and asked if she mailed it out yet. She replied to say sorry, she will mail out the next day and update me.

Fast forward to just a few days ago when I realized eh, I still didn't receive the item. I looked on her Carousell page and the item I had paid for almost a month ago was still listed for sale. What a crook. She also stopped replying to my messages. Luckily, I was looking through her other listings and saw her post her phone number in a comment so a buyer could whatsapp her. I message her phone number to say that I was going to publicise her number to my blog readers.

Damn nasty of me, but I was really going to do it, it wasn't an empty threat. It was only $10 and I could have just let her off but I don't like being cheated.
Low and behold, she responded promptly and sent my parcel out the next day. She even sent it by registered post (I paid for normal post), which was not necessary I didn't even demand anything of the sort. And today I receive the item, and it's brand new with tags on. I paid for a pre loved item in the listing. Now, I'm not complaining, (even though I paid for it on the 10th or Aug and received it more than a month later) I obviously ended up getting more than I paid for. But it made me think... did she already sell that pre-loved item and kept it listed so she could just collect payment and never mail stuff out? Then in panic, when to the store to buy a new piece so she could mail to me? Ah, I don't know... if she did intend to cheat, then serves her right.
Here are the other types of people on Carousell who bug my happiness.
1. Buyers who MIA
They place an offer, you accept it and let them know payment details.
Days pass and despite sending them reminders, you don't hear from them. Hello! It's ok if you change your mind! Just have the decency to inform people instead of just ignoring them. We could have sold the item to someone else.
2. So Free to Meet Up
I don't do meet ups, unless it's a bulky item like furniture. But some people insist on arranging a meet up for things that can easily be mailed for less than $1. Many months ago, this lady wanted to buy an item which I priced at $2. But she didn't want to pay 50 cents for postage and wanted to meet up. I said, ok, Novena MRT. Then she said she can't go to Novena, meet up at Eunos Mrt. WHAT THE FUCK? Think I'm so free? And my Mrt cost is more than that $2 some more. Really, the cheek of some people.
3. Video Proof
Then there are those people who buy one cheap thing also scared I will cheat them. So I have to record a video of their parcel being dropped into the post box, and send it to their phone number. If it's quite a costly purchase (like over $20) ok I will bother my arse to record a video and send to you so you have peace of mind that I didn't just rip you off. But you know if you're so distrusting, there's such a thing as registered mail which you can pay for.
4. Selling Gold
Carousell is a fun place to get rid of your unwanted stuff so someone else can love them. Some people are really deluded and price their stuff as if selling gold. I roll my eyes when I see stuff with a $12.70 price tag on it being listed at $12. Even if you've not used it and it's new, it's not worth our while. Might as well go shop and buy instead of paying for postage right? No wonder your listings all not sold!
5. Sellers who MIA
 There are a couple of things on Carousell which I tried to buy at the prices listed (not like I was lowballing them and pissed them off or anything)... and I get no response on where to transfer the $ to, and everytime I check back, the item is still listed as available. And they're not even old listings, but pretty recent ones (I put an offer in within a day or so).

6. Sellers who list stuff meant for the bin
I really shouldn't get annoyed, not as if they're twisting my arm to buy their rubbish. But listing a handbag with the cheapo PU leather flaking off and trying to sell it for $15 and then stating "not for fussies". I think you really meant to state- not for those with a brain.

What annoys you on Carousell?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Le Petite Charm for Babies and Kids

For my readers who have little ones or for those of you who need to shop for gifts for your friend's babies, there's a new store called LePetiteCharm where you can shop online and have your purchases delivered to you.
They have the cutest and quirkiest outfits

LePetiteCharm is a little sister company of BagCharmLove (which I love a lot, I model their bandage dresses and wear their clothes so often). LePetiteCharm sells affordable baby and kids wear. Their children's line uses the highest quality organic cotton for the greatest comfort and is suitable for infants.
For your trendy little boy... 
...or your fashionista Princess
There's also minions and other cartoon favourites...

Right now there's an opening special, just enter #lpcopening to get 10% off your purchases.

A good range of fun bibs

And perfect little giftsets for newborns...

They have only just launched recently so do like LePetiteCharm on FB and sign up for their newsletter because there's new stock of baby wear and whole new range of items (like maternity wear) which will be launching real soon.