First Date with My Hubba Bubba

Post kids, I rarely find time to blog, so I never got round to sharing with you the story of my very first date with my husband. But it is something I want to immortalize on my blog while the memory is still fresh so I can look back on this post fondly some decades down the road.  Having been out of the dating scene for more than half a decade, I was nervous as fuck but also excited. This was the man I  literally dreamt about ! It was an 8pm date at George's by Pasir ris beach. I was living with my parents at the time. And they were home to watch Myla for me, after I had put her down to sleep for the night.  But this is not a story about the wheres and whens... or what we ate or did. Those things are immaterial. This is a story about all the things I felt on this momentous evening.  I arrived on time, and knew that he would already be there (after a fishing session).  The place was not crowded, perhaps only at half capacity.  I started to look around as cool-ly (haha) as I could, b

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