Tuesday, March 03, 2015

What's Up In Singapore While I'm Away?

Apparently, a man cross dressed and sneaked into the ladies toilet in ITE West. OMG it's one thing to be caught being a peeping tom but to go through the trouble to disguise himself as a girl (and probably shaved his legs also lol)! So paiseh for him. 

Wonder how the girlfriend feels after she sees this video (maybe she's like- Fuck that's my tennis skirt!). Imagine his parents finding out.

I guess he must have thought it was a good idea when he came up with this plan...dress as a girl, all six feet of him. Lol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clothes :)

Post CNY shopping, anyone? Check out my favs at ClubCouture  
Lunar Dress (S$39)
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Miss Liberty Skirt (S$29) High waisted, great with crop tops or bodysuits.
  Ryder Top (S$19)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

I watched 50 Shades of Grey last week. Maybe it's the hype around the movie, or the sex, but there was no way I was going to miss it.

I have to tell you though, I didn't enjoy the books. I had all 3 (or was it 4?), I read the first one really fast.... like obsessively fast and somewhat enjoyed it, though it did start to get awfully repetitive towards the end. Then I went on to the second book, but only got through less than half of it and quit. Progression was so damn slow, I ain't got time for that, Anastasia!!
But still, the Christian Grey character appealed to me.... self made bajillionaire, smart, sharp suits, and so powerful. I find that kind of power a super duper turn on. Always have.

Well, anyway, the movie was ok... it's a girly flick (I love!). It wasn't too draggy like the book. I wasn't attracted to the appearance of Christian Grey in the movie at first (even though I heard some girls gasp when he came on screen, hahaa). The actor they picked, well, not my type. But as the movie progressed, yup, old instincts kick in and man he was hot. The intensity in his eyes and way he dominates and is so in control when he's in sex mode, and yet he has a much softer vulnerable side in real life, very attractive. Plus I'm the kind that loves a possessive man (But I ended up marrying one who is not at all possessive. Alamak).

I think Christian Grey in the movie is so much less 'nuts' and problematic than the Christian Grey in the books. Anastasia in the movie had a much easier time with him (relationship wise)... hardly any barriers to break through. You had it very easy girlfriend and you still gave up.

It's a love story and it was entertaining. And (apart from Mr Grey being crazy helicopter flying kind of rich) the movie is believable and relatable. And I don't have suspension cables in a sex room at home. I mean it's relatable because I can so put myself in Anastasia's place and feel those emotions. 

I don't know why some people are doing some big time eye rolling every time they hear Fifty Shades of Grey. Almost like it's cool and trendy to show disdain for everything 50 Shades. Don't be so uppity and critical la. (And then there are those who say the BDSM in she show is domestic abuse.). The movie was pretty entertaining. There are far worse movies out there. This was much better than the books.

And oh man, those first few intimate scenes were really hot!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sex On The GO

Planes, Trains, automobiles... sex on the go has a special kind of thrill.
Read my articles on how to have Sex in an Airplane and how to have Hot Sex in a Car.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Don't Marry Until You've Traveled?

I read an article some weeks ago about how you should travel with someone before getting married to them. Supposedly because when you spend that much time with someone in a foreign place, you see the true side of them... bullshit lol.

I've traveled with many boyfriends, and with some of them we thoroughly enjoyed it and got along great... but in real life, back in the real everyday world, the relationships were so excruciatingly draining.

When I read the article, I thought back to what my first trip with my husband David was like. And whether I could tell from that first trip - how good a match we were, or whether it was a reflection of what he would be like after marriage.

Well, the very first trip was within 2 months of dating. He took me to Phuket. I didn't lift a finger for this trip... he booked the tickets and the accommodation. In fact, when we arrived, and checked into the Royal Yacht Club in Naiharn in the evening, I exclaimed ,"Woah... are you trying to impress me??!"  And he said no...  but I was impressed anyway. It was beautiful! With our own private balcony overlooking the sea. And bear in mind, we were not having sex at this point and he already said we would wait till marriage... so it was not like he was trying to get in my pants.

Then the next day, we went walking about. And OH MY GOD I nearly passed out. He can just live on beer alone. I can't. I kept asking if we could stop and eat, and he would say not yet, let's just walk a little further (in the blasting hot sun). And all the time, we could stop at beach pub after beach pub for drinks but not at a food place. FUCK THIS SHIT, if we were back in Singapore I swear I would just leave. But I can't because we're on holiday and I would feel bad... and probably also not make it back to to the hotel safely on my own. By the time we finally went for some food, towards the end of the day, my hands were trembling trying to eat my spring rolls. I kid you not. It was so miserable.

Now, things are different, he knows when I'm hungry, I need to eat. When he's drinking, I know he doesn't think of food so instead of waiting for him to be hungry, I always make it a point to get my food, regardless. And he can usually tell that I need to eat, sometimes he knows it before I do... he can sense it and he'll say, "Holly's hungry, we need to get her fed." So that worked out, despite what happened on our first trip.
But what appeared to be a great thing on that first trip together (him doing all the planning and booking and paying), well all that ended after the second trip (it was to Scotland). Ever since then (meaning for the last 3 years), I've been sorting out all our trips... including our honeymoon. I wish to take a time machine back to August 2011, that girl standing at the lobby of the Royal Yacht Club saying "Woah... are you trying to impress me??!"     I would point my finger at her and laugh real loudly HAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA jokes on you darling.

Well anyway, the next trip (which was supposed to be last week, and now too late, so he's planning this but with CNY, last minute tickets are just not a smart idea) anyway, he said he wants us to go somewhere this month. We shall see. I'm going to just wait instead of being my usual gan cheong spider self taking over the reigns. When you keep doing it, people don't appreciate your efforts anymore.

There are many good things about David which never came out during our travels and there bad things which didn't surface at the time either. So yeah, this don't marry until you travel advice... I would take it with a pinch of salt. A marriage is so different from a holiday! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kata i4 Review

Since I got my hands on the newly launched Kata i4 smartphone last weekend, friends have been asking me about this new player in the market and were eager to find out how it compares. It was launched on Friday the 13th of February and I got it on Saturday so I was excited to be one of the firsts to get this phone.
Well, the first things that grabbed my attention was its design. It's so classy. Even the packaging is clean, chic and high end, just like the design of the phone itself.

This US-based brand just launched it's latest Kata i4 in Singapore on Friday (13 Feb). I find that this brand delivers good quality tablets and phones at attractive and affordable prices. What I find sets Kata apart from the other affordable smartphones and tablets we see today is that Kata has an upmarket feel about it (despite the lower prices).
Brilliant Colours and Clarity
I like the feel of the phone, it feels expensive (thanks to quality materials and construction). It's lightweight and yet not light to the point that it feels cheap (anyone who has had cheapo smart phones in their hands will know what I mean by it feeling cheap).
Slim design
The specs are also top of the line. With the i4, Kata is introducing its first octa-core phone which delivers faster processors, better cameras and bumped-up storage capacities.
There's so much screen!! I love the colours and clarity of the 5-inch super HD display. The ultra-speed 1.7GHz octa-core processor lets you enjoy multiple apps simultaneously. Its performance is up to my expectations, it is super responsive and does not lag.
There are 16MP rear and 8MP back cameras. The camera response is fast and I can edit/filter my snapshot on the phone straightaway.

And I can share it on all my social media pretty instantaneously without having to have or open any additional apps.
Taken from 24 storeys above, great clarity for a phone camera!
You can easily store up your enormous files and applications with the 32GB internal storage. The pre-installed KataCloud application further enhances the storage with a free 25GB on KataCloud. As all KataCloud users get a free storage of 10GB, this gives you a total of 35GB of cloud storage.
Right now, you can get Kata  i4 online through Amazon or Lazada. It is available in black, from S$358. Kata will open its retail stores here from March onwards.
Visit the official Kata website or their Singapore Facebook fan page for more information about the i4 and other products and services.