Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love and Superstition

 My articles this week on MyFatPocket center around love superstitions and the supernatural.
Do you like the feeling of being watched? Haunted hotels in Asia to make love in.  
When I was in my late teens, I had a male friend who was half Thai... and he was quite obsessed with me. Always wanting to hang out... which I didn't mind... but AS FRIENDS. He kept trying to take things to the next level. We were in a NeoPrint booth (haha remember those?) then before the camera snapped, he grabbed my face and kissed me. LOL you should have seen the horror on my face (wish I had kept that sticker photo!).  Well, anyway, one day he was at my house, we were watching TV in my room (as I used to do with a lot of my friends, they were always welcomed in my home) but anyway it got past midnight, and I was getting so sleepy but he wouldn't take a hint and he kept hanging around refusing to leave. I went to my mum's room and moaned that Gabriel still don't want to go hoooommmeeeee.
She panicked and asked, "Should I call the police?"
And I was like, "Mooommmm, he IS the police!"
Yeah, he was with the police force at that time. Anyway, I wasn't afraid of him, I never found his presence threatening. To me, he was just a friend. But because he was so obsessive (and he was half Thai...) I was slightly afraid he would use black magic to make me fall in love with him or something. I actually warned all my girlfriends at that time, that if I ever fell in love with him, please help me cos it's black magic and I don't fancy him that way at all. Fortunately for me, it never happened. Lol.
But I've heard of stories where people fell in love against their will.
p/s- all the bandage dresses I'm wearing in the article pics are from BagCharmLove. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Going Darker....

I enjoyed having my hair a lighter shade than my natural colour... but after almost a year of having this light brown, I wanted to go back to the dark side. Went to Plan B Hair Studio at Far East Plaza again... my usual stylist Ricky  :)
I think a rich dark hair colour is great for the fall/winter season of clothes and make up. And going darker can be a lower-maintenance hair color option.  It requires less frequent refreshing, and the grow out isn't as obvious compared to when you dye your hair a much lighter colour. 
There are a lot of different tones even in dark hair color, and it's important to get a stylist that can pick a tone that suits you.
Here's my final look for this season. While you may lose the brightness of lighter hair, dark hair is typically much shinier and healthier looking.  It reflects light differently and looks rich and vibrant. I feel it suits my skin tone and features better.
You likey???? 

Hit Play to see a 20 second video of my time at Plan B Hair Studio yesterday :)

Plan B Hair Studio
14 Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza, #01-89.
Tel: 67337716  /  67337713
Plan B's Facebook Page

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Browhaus Lash in Bloom Extensions

The last time I had eyelash extensions was back in 2009. Back then I did it at Lucky Plaza, they were cheapo stiff ones and they were done in heavy clusters (and looked damn fake some more). After I got them removed, I was shocked at how bald my lashes were! Like seriously bad. So that put me off eyelash extensions all these years.
 But finally, I am able to go back to having beautiful lashes again because I go to Browhaus. They have many outlets, I went to the one at Raffles City. It's important to extensions done at a reputable place like Browhaus which specializes in such services. They use good quality lashes which are light and soft, they are applied by skilled therapists and you can go back to them for maintenance.
I opted for the Lash in Bloom eyelash extensions. These are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are applied individually by hand to give fuller, longer and natural looking lashes. Browhaus uses fine quality, lightweight individual lash. My therapist customized the length and density of the lashes to create the perfect set of lashes to frame my eyes.

 Above are the Before pictures of me with no mascara, bare eyelids. Everything just looks so bare, and harsh. I usually use waterprooof mascara (which is a nightmare to clean off) or if I can be bothered and have the time, I will stick on falsies.  

The process was gentle and painless, all I had to do is lie down on their comfy bed and keep my eyes shut. I even fell asleep! There's no strong glue smell nor any stinging feeling.

After just an hour at Browhaus, I have long lashes! They look and feel very natural. It's comfortable to wear because they are so soft.  So for the next month or so, I can chuck away my mascara, and I can make up in much less time. Best of all, my peepers look so pretty. I like!

Just look how natural they look! Each individual strand is so fine and defined. Not clumpy or stiff looking.  Doesn’t pull out or weigh my real lashes down.

The Lash in Bloom: Strand by Strand Extensions costs $128, a tune up (touch up) within 3 weeks costs just $11. You can get more info on this, as well as other lash and eyebrow services at the Browhaus website or Facebook page.

PROMO for My Readers!
My readers enjoy 30% off if they are a new Browhaus customer.This promo is valid until 15th November 2014 and available at all stores. You just need to quote my name (Holly Jean) when making your appointment.

For appointments @
Tampines 1 (Tel: 6782 8976)
ION (Tel: 6634 9303)
Mandarin Gallery (Tel: 6235 3402)
Great World City (Tel: 6733 8908)
Raffles City B1 (Tel: 6337 0070)
Paragon (Tel: 6737 6585)
Holland Village (Tel: 6467 9550)
The Cathay (Tel: 6737 0335)
Wheelock (Tel: 6732 0070)
Westgate (Tel: 6465 9741)
100AM (Tel: 6438 8807)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Distinguished Man's Guide to Dating a Younger Woman

For a good chunk of my adult life, I've been dating older men. I don't remember how it came about exactly... but I started off as a teenager dating boys my age and quite often guys who were a year or two younger than me. It wasn't until later in university when I started expanding my social circles, and started hanging out with an older crowd.
Oh you lucky bitch!
Very early on in life, I remember being quite taken by a Doctor who was in his mid 30s. We were not a couple, but I did hang out with him very often, and he would pick me up from my uni which was near his place, and we would go for dinner during the week. I enjoyed his company thoroughly. I was always mesmerized and in awe with his wisdom and experiences and I could just listen to him all evening. I guess that shaped my preference in men. [Anyway, he later moved back to Switzerland and we still kept in contact for a while, until he started dating (like really dating) a 16 year old girl who was his neighbour.. WTF that's a bit sick isn't it?]

The biggest age gap I've had was with my ex Mark, that's a 20 year gap. Two decades! But honestly, it was a good relationship while it lasted (almost 2 years I think). My husband now is 12 year older than me, and I can't actually say that makes much of a difference to me... 12 and 20. They are just numbers.

I just purposely started closing the age gap, dating men who were about 10 years older only because anything closer to 20 made other people gasp. Haha.

Anyway, before I digress, here is the distinguished man's guide to dating a younger woman.

1. Don't act her age
If she wanted a young boy, she would have picked a young boy. Don't feel the pressure to act her age because quite frankly, you will look pathetic. The attraction of an older man is indeed that he is older and with it comes maturity (well, usually), a certain worldliness and 'been there done that' sort of attitude.
2. You don't have to be her ATM machine
Of course, there are many older men out there who date younger girls that they lavish with expensive gifts and shopping sprees. If you want to buy love that way, and you can afford to, then by all means, go ahead. But wouldn't you prefer to be with someone who wasn't with you just for money and a cushy life. There are those who genuinely find older men more attractive, you just have to weed through the gold diggers to get to them. I suppose the key here is to be discerning and have some kind of standard.
3. Be Protective
At least for me, one of the draws of an older man is the sense of security. Not in the brute sense ( although that can be hot too)... but in the sense that you're mature enough to have her best interests at heart. You've been around a whole lot longer, and have more experience. Be there for her.
4. Be decisive
Being wishy washy and  fickle is very very very unattractive. The appeal of the older gentleman is that he takes charge, he knows what he wants and he has a lot to show for it. The surfer dude, chilling beach bum type personality is not appealing to a woman who likes older men.

5. Keep up
While you don't have to act her age, you should still maintain your appearance and health. Keep fit, eat healthy, groom yourself well. That makes you one super hot older man. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Lemmings: The Body Shop Christmas 2014 edition

I love the Christmas gift sets from The Body Shop and for quite a few years now, I've been giving them to friends. I like receiving them too because their products are kind, they usually smell so nice, are so practical and I always use them up. So when it comes to picking out gifts for others, I feel it's a good bet to just get one of their gift sets (plus the packaging is so pretty, no need to wrap one!).
 My favourite of all the Christmas 2014 gift sets is this Winter Wonderful Music box ($69.90). It's a great storage box for accessories or make up stuff. Spin it and it plays music. (You can see a demo of this on my instagram @hollyjean69)
 In this gift set, there is the Morniga EDT as well as 3 sets of lip and body butters.  
 This holiday season, The Body Shop is teaming up with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS). For every Schoolbooks of Wishes ($24.90) gift set you purchase, The Body Shop will make a contribution to CPAS to fund developmental programmes for the children.
I love how the packaging is like an actual book, and the cover has a magnetic clasp to keep this book shut and your valuables well contained. In each book there is a soap, lip balm, body butter and shower gel. Each book is a different scent (there's a yellow, red and green one). My yellow one is a sweet Vanilla edition.
 For a more classic gift set, there's the White Musk EDT 60ml gift Set ($54.90). It's a chic purple hardcover box that flips open and fastens shut with a ribbon.
 There's a little purple notebook, White Musk shower gel, White Musk EDT, a smaller travel sized White Musk EDT and a White Musk Body Lotion. It's the perfect set for a girl who loves to layer on her fragrance and make it last all day. 
A new range especially for this festive season is Glazed Apple. Smells so fresh and cheerful. I adore this exquisite silver apple shaped tin.
Glazed Apple Tin of Treasures ($36.90) contains a selection of the new Glazed Apple products; body butter, body lotion, shower gel, body polish and a bath lily.
Of course, instead of a gift set you can also opt to buy individual products separately. Some of these stuff make delightful Christmas stocking fillers. Make up pouch, Glazed Apple lip gloss ($16.90), Lip & Cheek Doll ($39.90).
The lip and cheek doll is a stain you can use to add a rosy hue to your cheeks or to stain your lips. It's in a new red shade and an absolutely adorbs limited edition packaging.

I got my hands on these babies early (thank you!)... but they will soon be stocked on the shelves of The Body Shop stores all around Singapore... so keep a lookout for them :) Oh Oh Oh and there will also be an Advent Calendar this year ($99.90) and behind every door in the calendar there's a surprise product. So exciting!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

SampleStore Relaunch at FullHouse

A few weeks ago, I was at the Samplestore's Kabloom! Launch party at FullHouse in Clarke Quay. It was a launch of their revamped website as well as a showcase of some of the popular beauty brands with SampleStore.
My outfit for this event was sponsored by WonderStellar.com
I'm one of their beauty editors, so you'll see my product reviews on the website, and it's a great place for you to get free samples of products so you can try before deciding to buy. Click here to sign up for samples.
Trying out new stuff..
Checking out the new site
Live Hair demos...
New products...
Make overs!
Interviewing the SampleStore editors
Huge turn out!
Co-founders giving out prizes
Photo credit: EventPhotographySingapore
 And yay! Was pleasantly surprised with my own name card for SampleStore.com  . So any beauty related clients, you can contact my manager directly.