Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mongee Fruit for Dogs SALE at Kohepets Online

Another delivery from Kohepets online arrived on our doorstep yesterday. Delivery is Free for orders over SGD60, and it only takes about 2 days!

You know, I don't know if it's because Lola is now into her senior years, or is it because we have a baby in the house now... but for the past months she has become a less enthusiastic eater. She's still healthy, and a loving dog... but just extra extra extra mellow now. She doesn't pig out like she used to, some days she just leaves the food in he bowl until the end of the day.
So I decided to try a different range of tray food for her, like maybe she was bored of her old ones. I saw that there's a new range from Monge with real fruit inside! It was a gamble, cos I was afraid she might reject it... but I'm glad to see her get her appetite back and finish up her doggy bowl straight after I fill it with Monge Fruit!
 This one is Monge Fruit - Turkey Pate & Chunky Blueberries. You can really see the chunks of yummy blue berries in the turkey pate. Must be so tasty for dogs.
There are 5 more flavours... like lamb & Apple, Duck & Orange, Salmon & Pear... etc. Click here to check this range out. It's 12 trays at $1.90 each.
I may have gone overboard with the treats this time... hahahaha... Could not resist, there's a promo, 5 packets for $10 (so just $2 each) for the Bow Wow sticks.  This batch will last her until the end of the year! Easy to stock up at one shot mah, cos it's cheaper and also it's conveniently delivered to my house.
You can click here to look at what's on sale, promo, clearance, samples at Kohepets online for your dog, cat, bird, hamster basically any furbaby you have ... but not for human baby haha .... :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Easy Grilled Salmon for Baby Weaning

Since she was about 6 months old (she’s 9 months now), I started giving Myla Rae a taste of whatever was on our adult dinner plates. While she still enjoys her baby puree food, and finger foods of steam vegetables…. She loves it more when she gets to eat the same thing we are having. Plus it’s more economical for us, and so much more convenient.
Grilling in the oven
Here’s an easy salmon and potatoes recipe. Everything gets grilled in the oven for the same amount of time, the only difference is in our adult portions, I season our fish with salt. (No salt in the baby portion please!)

Unsalted Butter or Olive oil
Your choice of finely chopped herb (dill, thyme etc)
Potatoes cut into small pieces (for faster cooking... because I’m impatient).
Boil the potatoes on a stove top for about 5 minutes. This is so I can place them in the oven for the exact same time as the fish and it will still be soft enough for my toothless baby.
Pre-heat oven to about 180deg, I usually set the oven to “Grill” but it works just as well on normal oven baking setting… just that the skin won’t be crispy.
Mix everything together (salmon, herbs, lemon, butter, and the semi cooked potatoes too) in a baking dish and pop into the oven… it’s THAT easy. Just a few squirts of lemon juice will do btw. I leave it in there for approx 12 to 15 minutes (for a cut of salmon appox 1inch thick).
Yay! Salmon & Potatoes
I know some parents don’t want to give babies any seafood but I feel it’s fine, as long as the portions are small, their diet includes a balance of all kinds of food and as long as the baby has no allergy to seafood (obviously). Oily fish such as tuna, sardines, halibut and salmon are the best sources of healthy omega-3's. But sardines, halibut and tuna are higher in mercury, so I’d skip those. There are benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, essential nutrients found in seafood and it is proven to contribute to infant brain development. These fantastic fatty acids have also been linked to improved immunity. Not to mention salmon is pretty effortlessly tasty too!
I wish I had more coordination so I can eat faster!
As a rule, I always give Myla Rae her milk first, followed by solids (and some water) about 30 minutes or 1 hour after. This is because for babies under 1, milk should still be the main part of her diet so I don’t want her to fill up on solids and then drink less milk after it. Friso Gold provides all the important nutrients to support her digestion and gut health with prebiotics and probiotics. It is also well balanced with nutrients such as DHA and AA for brain development, and antioxidants such as, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E for immune health.
Later, for dinner, she will have another favourite of hers- Pumpkin & Rice Cereal. It's easy to make, using Friso Gold Rice Based Milk Cereal. I'll share the recipe on @hollyjean69 Instagram tomorrow, look out for it!
For more information on introducing solid food to baby, click here. I got Myla Rae's first sample pack of Friso Gold rice-based cereal there too.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: Baby Spa at Beauty Mums & Babies

Myla Rae was invited to go down to Beauty Mums & Babies at Paragon to try out their services yesterday.
Their baby spa has a hydropool for swimming, baby massages, pregnancy/ post partum massages, lactation consultants and also classes like Baby Yoga.

I decided to let her try out a baby massage since she has never gotten one before ( I don't even massage her at home).  As you know, Myla Rae goes swimming in a regular pool a few times a week and has been doing so since she was 2 months old. So I didn't think she would benefit from the hydropool. However, if your baby has never been in the pool, or you're worried about the chlorine water in regular pools, this Hydropool at Baby Spa will be great for your bubs since the water is heated, there are no harsh chemicals (they use crystal water) and also the pool is small (like a deep tub) which can be less scary if baby is not used to swimming yet.

Here's our review of the baby massage which is done by a trained massage therapist, using a combination of Western and Chinese techniques and lasts approx. 30 minutes.

1. Their special massage oil is imported from New Zealand and is especially gentle on baby's skin.  Even if your baby has sensitive or eczema prone skin, this oil is suitable. After her massage, I didn't find this oil too greasy or oily.

2. It is enjoyable. Myla Rae laughed and smiled through most of this massage. The only time she cried was when I disappeared (I went out to take pictures of the store front and pictures of the massage from outside the glass window panels). But she was all smiles again once I stepped back inside. The good thing is, you can be right there for your baby during whatever services because there's ample space, and it's one baby (family) at a time, by appointment.

3. The staff are friendly and warm. From the counter staff to the therapist, they made the experience for Myla Rae & I a very welcoming one.
1. I felt the massage area was a little too 'open' for my liking. Of course, this didn't bother Myla Rae at all, because she's just a baby! I guess people passing by love watching babies from the glass panel... and I think this is great for swimming area... but I would have preferred the baby massage area to be more private.
That said, the outside area is not one of high traffic, so it's not like a big audience or what. lol

There's a special promo for my readers!
Want to let your baby swim in their hydropool? The usual price of the combo of Baby Spa & Massage is $99. My readers get to enjoy this combo at $39. Just quote -  bmbholly - when making your appointment. Valid until end of November 2016.

For more information on the baby spa, you can head to their website.

The outlet we went to is at Paragon (#05-02), Tel no: 62350688 . But you can also go to their Seletar Mall or Novena Square 2 outlets.

** This was not a paid review. But the service was given to us FOC**

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The End of Mr & Mrs Smith . The #Brangelina Break Up

I know this is pretty mean spirited of me, and rather petty bahahahaha. But the recent news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce sounds like such sweet poetic justice.
While he was married to Jennifer Aniston.... Anyone remember that crazy rumor that Brad Pitt was actually cheating with another woman that he co-starred in a movie with?

It turned out her name was Angelina Jolie.

They ended up together before the ink on the Aniston Vs. Pitt divorce papers got a chance to dry. Sure, the two have gone on to have a long (and often times enviable) relationship spanning 14 years, 6 children and a marriage a couple years ago. But it doesn't change the fact that cheaters will always be cheaters!

I don't like cheaters, and I especially don't like women who are (knowingly) home wreckers.

I (along with the world) felt so sorry for Jennifer Aniston then. Sure, now she is doing great. She got over him. But in my honest opinion, Jennifer didn't let him go until he'd been gone some time. And that made me sad.

Anyhoooo... the reason for the divorce, according to Angelina, are irreconcilable differences. Mainly because Brad's "Parenting style" was different from hers. I think this is just a smoke screen. He's probably been away most of the time filming his ... what? seventh movie in the last 3 years? How bad can one's parenting style be to warrant taking a parent away from the kids for good?  I suppose that's a less embarrassing reason than- someone younger and more current just did to me, what I did to my husband's ex wife 14 years ago.
Anyway, the next home wrecker is rumoured to be Marion Cotillard who plays Pitt's love interest in the up coming movie Five Seconds Of Silence. Of course, if he has really gone a wandering... he's to be blamed. But damn you woman, he's married with 6 kids, would it have killed you to keep a little distance, and keep things purely professional? In any case, I don't feel as sorry for Angelina Jolie than I did for Jennifer Aniston.

What do you think?


Sunday, September 18, 2016

ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day Review (Plus $30 off!)

Last week, I went to Precious Eyes Optical at Pasir Ris Drive 6 to get new contact lenses.  I wanted to use the $30 e-voucher which I  downloaded from Acuvue online. There is a long list of Eye Care Providers where you can use your $30 e-voucher, and I chose Precious Eyes Optical because it's  conveniently located close to my mum's place and I used to go there as a teenager and in my early 20s to make my glasses. I've always found them to be patient, friendly and so helpful in meeting my needs.
Precious Eyes Optical conducted a comprehensive eye health check and personalized consultation to understand my lifestyle and vision correction needs. This included an accurate vision measurement and prescription as well as a comprehensive eye health assessment where she took a closer look at my eyeballs to see if there was any problems or signs of UV damage.

Everything was okay... (apart from I'm damn blind without glasses or contacts because of Myopia, haha). She did note that my eyes were very dry. And yes it's an issue I've had for many years... probably for as long as I've been wearing contact lenses. So I was recommended the new ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day contact lenses, it has Hydraluxe™ which significantly improves moisture levels. Hydraluxe™ is a tear infused design. And tears are better than water.

It costs $72 per box (30 lenses in a box). I bought 2 boxes and used my voucher for $30 off. That's a good deal! 
By the way, it's important to be fitted with the right lenses for you because they are not one size fits all. For ACUVUE® Oasys 1-Day, there are 2 sizes.  I really benefitted from this lens fitting experience, as I can now wear disposable lenses that fit my eyes more comfortably than before. With my previous disposable lenses (monthly and daily types) they would either be so  uncomfortably tight or keep sliding around my eye ball when I blink.
Not only do I now have disposable lenses which fit my eyes perfectly. These lenses also have many features which add to its wearability and my eye health. ACUVUE® Oasys 1-Day has the highest level of UV protection, so no worries about being out and about in the sun. The lenses itself have a smoother surface, and Hydraluxe™ technology in which tear like molecules give me outstanding comfort. It is made of hydrated silicone which make the lenses breathable and better for corneal health. It has an enlarged optic zone, making my vision clearer in low lighting situations. And an increased diameter which protects delicate limbal stem cells. 
When I first put a pair of  ACUVUE® Oasys 1-Day on at Precious Eyes Optical, I was amazed at how good they felt. My eyes felt clean... you know what I mean? It felt like a moist tear drop. Like I was not wearing any lenses, and had sharp and clear vision.
And now, after a week of pampering my eyes with a new pair of ACUVUE® Oasys 1-Day... daily, I can see why Acuvue says that this is “The Lens That Keeps Up With My Demanding Days” !
Everyday I spend many hours on the computer and on my iPhone... partly for work and also a good part of it is for fun. A lot of this is done late at night after baby sleeps, even. Whatever the demands of my lifestyle, I no longer have to deal with dry or tired eyes.
Perfect if you have a demanding lifestyle with long days, or if you're focused on building your career right now and spend a lot of time at work. ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day will keep up with those days where you spend a full day at work, looking at the computer non stop and then head out for some drinks after... you won't be that person with the red and irritated eyes.
Super convenient to wear too. No need to rinse or clean or store them overnight... just wear them and then remove and discard at the end of your day.
Each lens is packaged in an improved solution so when you put that len onto you eye, there's no stinging sensation... just absolute comfort... to me it feels like I'm putting a tear drop into my eye each morning! 

I'm so pleased that I no longer have to deal with my eyes feeling so dry towards the end of the day. Not only did my eyes use to feel dry and tired... but I would blink a lot and feel sensitivity and start tearing too. I would also get people pointing out to me that hey my eyes are so red.... and I would explain sheepishly that oh I'm tired, or they're dry, or it's just my contact lenses. I don't have to do this anymore!  Now at the end of the day, I get comments about how clear and bright my eyes are!

Clear vision, and bright eyes!  #seemyworld #achievementunlocked
If you would like to try ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day  (Voucher will also be valid for other key brands – Define™, MOIST® for Astigmatism, MOIST® Brand Multifocal), DOWNLOAD the $30 e-voucher and head to any participating Eyecare provider. Of course, my personal favorite is Precious Eyes Optical at Block 445, Pasir ris drive 6. They have been established there for a long time and I've always had positive experiences there since my teenage years!

This post was created in partnership with SingPost/Sample Store and ACUVUE®

Friday, September 16, 2016

Letters to Myla Rae - The Measure of a Man

Open when- You feel you can't find the ONE ... aka ALL MEN ARE SHIT

My Dearest Myla Rae

Nobody is perfect.

Yup, not even your daddy whom you adore very much. Even he has his  anger issues flaws.

When I was younger, I treated men like they were disposable. Your surname doesn't go well with my first name... pass. You read but didn't reply my SMS immediately... I cannot date you anymore. You looked at that pretty waitress for 5 seconds too long... bye bye. Don't like your shirt... next!

I kid you not. It was a bad (albeit rather fun and exhilarating) decade of my life.

And you know what? Actually, any one of them could have been the one. I just never stuck around long enough to find out. I held them to some impossible standard. And while I'm rather happily settled down with your father. He's not perfect. Heck, he's probably no better than the majority of men I've dated in the past.

But one thing he does have... are the rock steady qualities I wanted in a life partner. Because of who I am as a person (fickle, playful, competitive and rather entitled) it took me a long while to realize what these I qualities that I needed were. And everyone's list maybe different. You just need to figure out yours.

It didn't matter that I hated your father's Paul Smith crazy striped shirt on our first date. From that very first date, he radiated humility and a vulnerability I found honest.

It doesn't matter that he has a temper that can shoot from zero to I-need-to-smash-something over the slightest things. His temper dies down and the moment passes. But his fierce sense of loyalty and faithfulness never wavers. It is a constant. He is one of the only men I've been with where I can honestly not worry about what he's up to when I'm not around.

It doesn't matter that he is not rich. Heck, seriously honey, you should have seen some of the men I dated in the past. He doesn't say it often but I know, every day he is working, he is doing it for you (and me). He is saving every dime so that hopefully, you will never have to do without. While he is hard at work, I am here seated comfortably on the sofa with a nice roof over my head, typing on my laptop and watching you play.
I don't miss being wined and dined by men. This is not your father's style. In fact if he got me bangers and mash in the pub, I should be so lucky. But he is with me (with us) for those meals... or lack of meals lol. He is home with us every evening and every night. This security and dependability trumps any fancy meal, anywhere. (Though I quite badly miss having pan seared foie gras haha)

So you say that you can't find the ONE? Think about what you truly want and need in a person, and then look again. And don't give up looking until you find him (or her). Some of us just take a while longer to strike oil... but it's there. He's there.

Love you,