Cutting MJ's Hair Myself

XIAOMI MITU Baby Hair Clipper Review.

Brought MJ to the hair salon twice so far for a hair cut, both times he screamed and cried damn loudly... like they're trying to murder him. Even though they were actually very patient and gentle  -_-   . MJ is just that kind of toddler.
So, I got the XIAOMI MITU Baby Hair Clipper online and decided to cut his hair myself. This has a silent motor (well, not absolutely silent... but it's def softer and not buzzingly loud).
It's also waterproof so can rinse it off. Simple enough to use, small and fits comfortably in my hand. Main thing is it actually cuts well... doesn't snag the hair. He did cry a bit, protested and he struggled so it was hard for me to cut his hair nicely. Would be better if I had help... like one person hold his hands away and try to hold his head steady for me. It's a two man job haha, so the next time I use it, my husband will have to be home to help. I still managed to give him a decent enough haircut on m…

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