Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cool De Sac

Last weekend, we took Myla Rae to Cool De Sac at Suntec City. The weekend previous to that we went to Pollywogs which is also at Suntec but I found the place rowdy and congested (2 huge birthday parties there and the kids were older like 8 years old and 12 years old kind of groups of kids running around like mad). If we do return to Pollywogs, I will take pics and review it for you. 

For now, here's a review of Cool De Sac... which I found much more spacious, and the crowd more civilized lol.
Entry on the weekend is $28.70 for a child 3-12years old (quite ex ah in my opinion)... but Myla who is 3 years and 4 months, got in at the Under 3 yr old price ... because she's tiny (85cm like that) so like no one suspects she's over 3 hahaa.. Under 3 yrs old is $14.90. Under 6 months old is Free... But MJ is 9 months old and he looks older than his age, so no way we can pass him off as younger lol.
The place is very clean. There's a diaper changing room with all the sanitisers for air, hands and surfaces available.
There's one large ball pit as you enter. Quite shallow.
 And then there's the obstacle course part of it.. the kind with climbing elements etc... I found it damn dark and dingy.
I love that the place is not crowded, so like no kids pushing each other.
 And it was definitely clean, and in good condition. Adamson says the surfaces quite hard and it's less padded that the one at Pollywogs though. Also, the obstacle course at Pollywogs is much more elaborate and fun.
 But for toddlers and younger kids, this is much more than enough.
 Even MJ enjoyed going down the slide.
 Interactive floor game...
 There were large stations for blocks/lego and arts and craft.
 A dress up area for costumes... Myla likes this.. because vain.
 Face painting artist...
 Myla got a butterfly on her arm.
 Change of costume hahaaa
 All of us in the mirror....
 You can go on stage to sing and dance in your costume... or just pose for a picture.
 This is the baby area. Well padded, and a good variety of toys around.
 MJ liked exploring this area, he was all smiles.
 Myla enjoyed hanging around this area too, so it was easy to keep an eye on both of them at the same time.

Overall, we spent more time here than we did at Pollywogs the week before. Time passed real fast. If you have a baby, then definitely choose Cool De Sac instead of Pollywogs. If you have a toddler, then either one will do as both has suitable play areas for Myla's age kind. But older than that, go for Pollywogs instead.   :)

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spice World Hot Pot

Spice World Hot Pot 
3B River Valley Road,
Clarke Quay, #01-06/07,
Singapore 179021
Adamson and I were invited to a celebratory meal at lunchtime today. It's Spice World Hot Pot's first anniversary in Singapore and they're marking it with an introduction of eight new menu items and a fun dessert hot pot.
There's three new beef dishes. Bullish Day (牛气冲天 $36.90 ), a combination platter of different cuts of sliced beef, tripe and tongue, is every meat lover’s dream come true. Traditional handmade beef balls (牛肉丸 $15.90) made fresh every day. Tender Milk Beef (牛奶嫩牛肉 $15.90) made with sirloin slices marinated in milk and playfully presented on a plate embellished with a guardian Minotaur, complete with dry ice blowing out of its nostrils.
Spice World Hot Pot's food presentation stands out. They have The Mermaid (美人鱼 $18.90) which is Red Tilapia slices delicately arranged around a doll to form the shape of a mermaid. 
We tried Premium Barbie Beef Wagyu and yes it's very tender and tasty beef slices which went well with the Mala broth.
We also had some sustainably sourced US scallops (秘制带子 $19.90) marinated in 16 herbs and spices. This did not disappoint. Australian hairy abalone (秘制毛贝 $12.90 per piece). A bacon enoki wrap has also been added to the menu.
There's a Milk Tea hot pot which is now a permanent addition to the menu. There's a choice of Assam or Matcha milk tea hotpot which is enjoyed with sweet and savoury toppings such as taro, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, coconut and fruit jellies, mala bakwa and tender milk beef. 
Served with straws and slurped for a fun group experience, the Ying-Yang mala and Bubble Milk Tea hot pot combination goes for $39.90. Honestly, I am not a fan of the bubble tea hot pot as it's not my... cup of tea. Other guests seemed to love it. If you have a sweet tooth, are a fan of bubble tea or simply like trying exciting new things, then go for this. I much prefer the Ying-Yang Mala, which they did very well. 
What I love about this place is the spacious seating, interesting deco (large lanterns etc) and very helpful staff. 
Food wise, I especially liked their Mala hotpot broth, sirloin slices marinated in milk (sooo tender!) and their wagyu beef.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Giveaway! AVENGERS ENDGAME (Opening Day-Platinum Suites tix)

Did you manage to get tickets for Avengers Endgame on the 24th of April? Want to be one of the firsts to see the movie... and in the exclusive comfort of the Cathay Platinum Movie Suites?

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Giveaway is open to all in Singapore. However, you must be present (with your friend/partner/whoever you want to take with you) at Cathay cinema to watch the movie on Wednesday 24th April, 11am showtime. No selling away of tickets is allowed, this is my own giveaway to reward my genuine followers (As you know, opening day tickets are all sold out and are very coveted and valued. So I don't want the winner to resell the tickets in the blackmarket).
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Monday, April 08, 2019

Giveaway: Dog & Cat Treats from Feed My Paws x Kohepets

New at Kohepets is the Feed My Paws range of pet treats. These are suitable for both Cats and Dogs.
What I super love about them-

Single Ingredient. It's made of actual meat and does not contain any grains or by-products. So you pet gets the wholesome goodness of meat protein

No preservatives or additives. All Feed My Paws treats are handcrafted in small batches. To ensure freshness for your pet, this treat has a shelf-life of 2 to 3 months from manufacture date.

Made in Singapore. Yay! I believe in supporting local brands who are deserving.

Exotic protein. Yes you get your fish and chicken treats (all fresh and wholesome) but they also have some very exotic meats such as frog and crocodile.
Feed My Paws Frog Legs Cat & Dog Treats ($15) are great for pets with allergies against common proteins, recommended for pets with numerous food intolerances. The pack contains whole frog legs. It's crunchy and tasty for pets who love to munch.
Feed My Paws Fish Jerky Cat & Dog Treats ($17) contains only slow-cooked (over 15 hours!) Barramundi without added salt or additives. You can snap these into smaller pieces. It has a light crispy texture.
Feed My Paws Mint & Parsley Chicken Cat & Dog Treats ($14.50) is made with hormone-free chicken breast. It's chewy and tasty (seasoned with organic Mint & Parsley ). This lean protein supports your pet’s muscle growth and development.

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Answer this question- 
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*Giveaway for those residing in Singapore only. Prize will be mailed to you.

P/S- when you order your pet supplies from Kohepets, delivery to your doorstep is free for orders over $60. 

P/S again-

Pet Expo is this weekend from 12 to 14 April (Fri to Sun) at Singapore Expo Hall 7. Look out for Kohepets, they will have a LOT of new, fun and exciting surprises there for you, such as our new product launches, exclusive promotions, goodie bags and SO much more. Your pets are welcomed too!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Hotel

Last week, we had a small celebration dinner with friends at Keyaki (4th flr Pan Pacific Hotel).
There are main dining areas but also 3 more exclusive spots .. one is the Garden Pavillion which is like a little stand alone hut (in the background of the pic above) which can hold a small function for like 40-50ppl. And 2 private rooms within the main restaurant (a 6 seater tatami type seating, and also an 8-10 pax room which has regular seating.. we booked this room)
This place is very nicely set up with a Japanese garden and Koi pond surrounding the restaurant. Very picturesque.
So do go early so you can spend some time in the garden and take nice pics.
Our room was nice and cosy (not as cosy as the tatami room though!), the staff was very attentive. the private rooms have a minimum spend, this one was $1k, but we ended up with a $1600 bill so yeah, quite pricey). Good for a special occasion.
This place is ok for kids too as they have high chairs, plastic cutlery and bibs for the small ones).
Food is nicely presented, as one would expect. We ordered quite a range of stuff but here are my favourites of that evening.
Hotategai Motoyaki Grilled Scallop with Egg Yolk Sauce $20

It's one scallop for that price (yikes!), but worth it cos it's huge and they slice the scallop into 3 (pretty thick still), the sauce is luxuriously tasty.
Seven Varieties of Seasonal Sashimi $110
We chose the platter above to share as it comes nicely presented, and has a good mix of everything for everyone at our table. Even if you do ala carte, each slice of salmon is like $7 and one small blob of sea urchin is like $19 (wtf). Taste wise, yes, definitely fresh and good... but I have to say you can get this quality for less $ elsewhere too.
Gyuniku Foie Gras Grilled US Beef with Foie Gras $50

OH MAI GAWD. So gooood. Sooo sooo good. It's a must have. One of the best (both in quality and preparation) foie gras I've had so far. Melts in your mofo mouth. The sauce was nice too, and the beef.. although not some high grade wagyu, it was prepared well and tasted very tender and flavourful. If I go back to Keyaki, I'd just like order this dish and be damn happy. Hahaaa. I didn't eat the snowpeas and tomato and the yellowy wasabe thingy though... yuck.
$9- $12 each

Desserts are quite affordably priced, kinda like mid range restaurant prices... but the standard (to me) was kinda meh. Maybe cos I tend to like more western desserts (they are more sinful and decadent lol). Here it's like soy stuff, black sesame, matcha ice cream and cubed fruits that kind. Me no likey at all.

But oh man... I can still recall vividly the satisfying taste of their foie gras.

Verdict: Overall very pricey (approx $200 per person with minimal alcohol.. not like we were breaking out some special bottle of sake or what)... but with some real gems in their menu. Great ambiance and service. For similar prices, I prefer the food at Fat Cow but Keyaki wins hands down in ambiance, space and set up.

We were there from 6.30 pm to 10pm... way past Myla's bedtime. (My mum was taking care of MJ for us at home). I have this new thing where if we are going to be out late, I bring the kids pajamas along lol. Then change them in the car before we drive home. (I started doing it cos of cranky MJ, but found that it works for Myla too lol)
Sure enough she fell into deep sleep on the way home (slept in some funny spread eagle position in her car seat some more). Had to pry her out of it lol.
Then gingerly carried her home and plopped her straight into her bed. Shower in the morning lor... I not gonna disturb their slumber.