Friday, April 29, 2016

Pixie Head

 So.... a few nights ago, I went to get my hair cut... short It was really bugging me, just feeling blah. Plus the 4 month post partum hair fall hit me (not fair!! I never got the luscious hair DURING pregnancy yet I get the hair fall that follows it after you give birth! Eat Shit ah)

Anyway, the place I went to is across the road from my block... so it's so - so only, but I went there cos I could get there and back within 1 hour plus. So I fed Myla at 6.30pm. My plan was to make her nap/sleep by 7 and then go and comeback by 8.15pm, so I'm in time for her last feed at 8.30pm before she sleeps through the night. BUT DAMN IT.. I couldn't get her to fall asleep easily that night. Maybe she could sense I was gan cheong lol. So at 7.30pm, after several attempts at putting her down while she was sleeping (only to have her wake up screaming the second she touched the mattress)... I said to David, I got to go. Just play with her until I get back. And I left him with a screaming baby ( I felt bad, but time was tight man! I had to go and be back by 8.30!)...

Anyway, I managed to get back by 9pm, by that time she was exhausted and slept straight after drinking.

So... yeah I would not recommend this place as a great choice for a hair cut, esp a drastic one, but I kinda had limited choice based on my situation. Hoping to get a better cut in about 6 weeks  time (not sure how... but that's the plan. Or maybe my hair style sucks because of my hair type and it has nothing to do with the stylist cutting it??)
 This is the morning after my pixie cut, so I wake up like this.My hair naturally waves upwards. Ugh!
 This is after washing and air drying it with the fringe down. Which I like, but... the cutting like.. not right... or maybe it needs styling product ? Also, it won't stay this way throughout the day if I don't put any product in it.
So I used some clay stuff and twist twist the ends of the hair, as adviced by my pixie hair experienced friends on FB and the stylist that cut my hair. BUT THIS IS THE RESULT (pic above). WTF.
After like more than a decade of straight flat rebonded long hair... I HAVE NO HAIR STYLING SKILLS at all. The more I touch my hair, the worse I make it.
Oh and I found a gray hair! Oh man... Hope it stays at just this level and don't progress to the point where I have to colour my hair to cover gray. So much work!
I do love my short hair and am not looking to go back to long hair. In fact, I've never realized how good a hair wash can feel until I washed my newly shortened hair. So goooood... and easy.
But I do need some tips on how I can make this hairstyle work for me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First Time Flying with an Infant...

... on budget airline some more.. lol
I've heard from my friends that flying on SQ with an infant is great and comfortable. Don't travel budget with a young baby, very uncomfortable!!
Matchy matchy

But we just tested it out via Air Asia with Myla Rae on a short flight to KL. How bad can it be right? It's like 40 mins (or less?) so even if she cries, passengers are less likely to be pissed off since it's a damn short flight. (As opposed to having a cranky baby on a 14 hour flight... plus I used to be one of those people who would give you a real stink eye look if you brought a loud child or crying baby on board... OMG I AM SO SORRY FOR MY IGNORANCE in the past)
Of course no bassinet on a budget flight, so Myla shared a seat with me. I had her in my baby carrier the whole time anyway. AND SHE SLEPT RIGHT THROUGH... but with a LOT of effort on my part though! She's no longer an auto napper... you NEED to help her get to sleep, otherwise she will get super cranky.
Don't worry ah, this carrier has ergonomically modified seat customized to her size!

So when we were waiting to board, I fed her. Then put her in my carrier, and freaking walked and bounced my way around the whole room (that room before you board the plane) until she was in deep sleep. Plus I had to make loud and continuous shushing sound with my mouth until I was damn thirsty.
But it worked. LOL.
And the same thing for our flight back as well. Now I just got to gather the balls for a long haul flight.
Think this travel bed is from Mothercare, dunno, I bought second hand from Carousell

For her night time sleeps, she was still a good night sleeper... even though not in her crib. I bought one of those little suitcases that opens up to a little baby bed/ccompartment. So she could just sleep in the same bed as us. She loved it! (BUT, a note to self, our next trip, if we use this baby suitcase bed, its better to have a King sized bed, cos the Queen sized beds we had this trip, was a bit of a tight fit... like only 3/4 of my pillow could fit on the bed, so 1/4 dangling off the side).
Baby's first balloon
 As for how she was while we were in KL, I would say, same as when in Singapore. So her usual day time cranks and refusal to drink milk whenever she didn't get her naps. But if I managed her napping well, then the day would go smooth (difficult though cos hard to maintain routine while away).

We stayed at an AirBnB apartment. Mainly because I wanted a place with a kitchen (space to clean her bottles properly etc), and a proper fridge with freezer for breastmilk (not the mini bar fridge in hotel rooms). But in the end it worked out really great because the apartment trumped any hotel we would have gotten... because it was- more spacious, great location opposite KLCC, and cheaper than hotels in that area. I paid $54 per night, such great value. I remember many years ago when I went KL with an ex BF, he booked us a shitty hotel room around Bukit Bingtang which was so small that when you lie down on the bed, your feet can touch the door. No kidding. And that was $50 a night. Click here to read that for a laugh.

Anyway, I will def be booking AirBnB again for next trip. Help me earn some credits so I can use it to off set the $$ for my next trip? When you book with AirBnB, you get $47 credits to use towards your first booking (you can book a room or whole apartment etc, or if you want, you can even list your property to host people). When you get that credit, I get it too  :) Click here to get to airbnb and claim your $47.


Friday, April 08, 2016

From the Desk of a First Time Mother

I just wrote about my experience of first time motherhood, what a big change it has been in my life.

Read about it here.
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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Schesir Vs Really Pet Food

Whenever I order from Kohepets online (which I have been doing for a few years now)... I always do two things... look out for a bargain on her usual food and treats, and also look out for new products to try.

Variety is the spice of life right... don't want to keep feeding my dog the same thing day in day out. In our latest haul delivered right to my door step yesterday evening, we have 2 new range of food (actually I'm not sure if it's new new.. but it's the first time I've noticed them).
One is from a budget priced range of Petfood (but it's still better than those supermarket big tins of cheap dog food... brands will not be mentioned). And the other is a more delectable looking splurge type range (but still, not mad expensive).
Really Pet Food, costs only $2.65 for a large 375g tin. There's beef, chicken, lamb and ocean fish. There is a smaller can size (90g) for each of these flavours. Lots of choice.
Despite the affordable price, they are made from Free range meat, in New Zealand. None of them contain any grains and there's no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

So if you're on a budget (or even if ur not!) this is an excellent choice of pet food that's much better quality than the other cheap commercial stuff in supermarkets... and at Kohepets, it's cheaper! (Click here to see the whole range of REALLY PET FOOD)
If you're looking to treat your furkid to something more fancy, there's this brand called Schesir. (Click here to view range and prices) I love that they have a main range of dog food ($3.50 for 285g) with tasty flavours like - Tuna with carrots and Chicken with pumpkin. But the also have a SOUP range. 

Maybe treat your dog to a soup starter before the main course?? Hee heee. Actually, although it's a soup, it's good enough for Lola's main meal. I opened a can this lunch time to see if it's really like the Chicken Soup picture on the package... and it is!! Not a gluggy pet food version of soup at all.. it's a fine nutritious broth and has good chunks of chicken meat and slices of vegetables. The price is $2.80 for a 156g tin of soup.
Lola licked every single bit of it off her bowl in seconds. :) Both brands also have a cat food range.
Ok.. gtg, it's time to feed the baby (human one). xx

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Myla Rae Baby Shop Launch ( And $10 Off )

Today is the launch of the Myla Rae Baby shop! Yay!
And to start off, we have 2 adorable handmade items. Bedtime Buddy & Shelly Mae. Perfect gift for a new baby, or for a child's birthday.... or you can even get one customized for yourself! They are quite large, 30cm dolls. It will take between 2 - 4 weeks to complete. Each custom made doll is $48 (Sgd)... look out for the $10 off promo code at the end of this blog post.
You can choose colours you want them made with. Click here to see all the available yarn colours, 42 colours for you to choose from. That gives you plenty of colour combi choices! :)

Please LIKE Myla Rae's Facebook page, to view more pics and info on Shelly Mae & Bedtime Buddy. The page will have all the updates on new items.

To celebrate our launch today, my readers get a Sgd 10 voucher for you to use on your very first purchase. This is valid until 4th April, midnight. All you need to do is quote OPENING PROMO 10 in the subject heading of your email to when placing your order.

Thank you for your support :)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Where the hell did she get that voice?!

A few days ago was the first time that Myla Rae just suddenly laughed out oud.. like not a gurgling giggling which she used to do, but a loud (adult sounding to me) laugh!

OMG babies develop so fast. She's 13 weeks actual, 8 weeks adjusted age (this is the age based on due date, helps mums to track their development based on this age and not the age they were born prematurely. Like she can't lift her own head yet, which at 13 weeks is slow, but the follow ups with PDs all said it's ok for her adjusted age).

Anyway here's a short clip of the laugh. Maybe it will make you laugh too.

By the way, along with this laugh, she has also developed a loud voice! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF  it's very embarrassing in public when she fusses, people stare because it sounds like I'm torturing her! (But I'm really not!!!) I'm just trying to feed her when she's obviously hungry. So like she cries cos hungry, then I try to feed her milk, she screams and doesn't drink. Then I stop feeding, and try to make her sleep, but she closes eyes and then keeps popping them open and crying because she is hungry! SLEEPY PLUS HUNGRY is the worst baby combi... yet I can't seem to stop or prevent it... unless I'm like rocking her to sleep THE WHOLE DAY.

 I think she's tending to be overstimulated esp when we are out nowadays.... and she doesn't auto fall asleep in her pram or baby wrap like she used to. She's wide awake and watching everything. Really don't feel like bringing her out as much because of this struggle.