Saturday, November 01, 2014

Questions a Woman with an Older Man Gets Asked All the Time

On behalf of women out there who date or are married older men... let me answer these questions once and for all so others can stop asking us these dumb question.

1. “Can he still get it up?”
Older men in their 40s, or 50s are perfectly capable of having an erection. It's not like everything suddenly goes downhill when he hits 40. I've dated men in their 20s and 30s who have had problems in bed. If he can't get it up in his 40s, there is a high likelihood something was already wrong in that department in his 30s as well.

2. “Do you have Daddy issues?”
Why do people assume the stereotype that women date older men to replace a father figure? I already have a father and he's a great one who is very present in my life in a very positive way. I'm sure the majority of women with older men aren't doing it to fill some chasm in their lives.

3. “Is he rich?”Sadly, no. Haha. But in all honesty, dating older isn’t always about dating richer.

4. “Ewww...Is his penis shriveled?”One of my girlfriends asked me this years ago when I was dating a guy 20 years older. I'm happy to report that this has never been the case in my experience. In fact I think the penis doesn't really age much (aesthetically), especially when erect. It's far more younger looking than.. let's say... oh the skin on your neck.

5. Is life boring now?
Why do you make it seem like I'm dating a 40-something going on 80. I've always been a homebody and never a big party animal. It hasn't actually changed. Heck, even my parents are more outgoing than me. The activities a couple gets up to depends a great deal more upon their personalities, than it does their age.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bangkok Food + Shooting the HollyJean X ClubCouture Collection

Remember I went to Bangkok a couple of months ago? It was to shoot the lookbook for the HollyJean X ClubCouture  2014 collection.

I was so excited to visit Bangkok and to check out the finished apparel for the collection, have a photoshoot with Zachary Yong and also to meet Nui again. Sononui is a model + actress in Thailand and also one of the pretty faces on the ClubCouture's website.
As soon as I got off my flight, Zach and Nui picked me up from the airport and it was non stop Bangkok food food foooood... and a bit of work also lah.
The first stop straight from the airport was Mercury Ville Shopping Mall to have Japanese food at Sushi-OO.
OMG so fresh, so tasty, mouth watering sushi there. It's a very popular place for locals to enjoy really fabulous Japanese cuisine. They even have foie gras sushi. 
After that we went downstairs to a dessert place called Kallaprapuk !
It's pretty looking café with a good mix of desserts from or Asian delicacies like Chendol to a good selection of cakes and pastries.
Nui having the Chendol while I had a caramel custard. 
The next day, bright and early, we went to do our outdoor shoot around Ekkamai soi 10. When we were done, we all went for lunch close by at Roast Café. This is at Seenspace which is a pretty cool mall with lots of cool eateries and bars. 
Must try the Crab Cake Egg Benedict at Roast Café. It is mad delicious. 
For dinner we walked to Central World to eat at Laem Charoen Seafood. Super yummy Thai food! Lots of locals go there.
My first time trying tom yum soup with fish eggs inside. Yummmmm
Ok ok.. enough about Bangkok food! Here's a look at some of the HollyJean X ClubCouture lookbook photos taken of Nui and I that day.
Two piece ensemble in pure white (Betty Two Piece Dress $45). Can be used separately to mix and match with other clothes too.
Little green retro dress with a cut out back design (Lunar Dress $39).
This is an angel inspired piece, fluttery and light (Take it All Mini Dress $29). With cut out shoulders and soft mesh around the neckline. I use this as a tunic top with tights underneath, you can also wear with shorts.. or as a mini dress on it's own.
Sunshine yellow work dress (Radio Star Dress S$35) with folded V shaped lapels and a skater skirt.
White chiffon blouson (Ryder Top S$19) that goes with practically any style of skirt, jeans or even shorts.
 My favourite piece of this collection is this midi skirt in passion red (Miss Liberty Skirt S$29). It's a bold and flattering colour. The skirt has a full shape and the material looks and feels luxurious.
 A pretty pink gingham dress (Freedom Gingham Dress $39) for casual days. It has buttons all the way down the front and ribbon tie shoulder straps. It's a pretty dress that is oh so comfy.

Click here to check out the rest of the lookbook and to shop all the pieces (many more not pictured here!!) in the HollyJean X ClubCouture 2014 collection. This collection was just launched today!

(Photo credits: Zachary Yong)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What Size is the Queen of England?

I came across this UK newspaper clipping on the Internet yesterday. It's about.. well, mainly Kate's pregnancy but it also shows a picture of a recent visit by Singapore's President Tony Tan and his wife.

The speech bubbles has Prince William saying "Hello I'm his royal highness" and President Tony Tan continues "...and I'm the Prime Miniature". Obviously a joke about the height disparity between the pair of juggernauts and the pair of petite Asians.

It's funny. Yeah, I suppose. The thing is, we laugh at ourselves and make spoofs like that all the time. example... our President looks a bit like Colonel Sanders... so we have a non malicious giggle over spoofs like the ones below:

But I feel it's totally inappropriate and unprofessional for newspapers to resort to that level of humour.

Imagine if our newspapers made a headline joke about Prince William's huge bald patch when he visited Singapore last year? Or maybe juxtapose a picture of our Merlion and Kate... have them both spewing, one with water and the other with morning sickness cos we all know she has it bad. Kinda not so funny but rather mean isn't it?

What do you think

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Letter to Lola

To Lola (aka Lulu Bird)
I gave you a quick tummy tickle before I rushed out of the house today... and it struck me that you have not been getting the same amount of attention as before. For the last 2 months, because of unfortunate events... I haven't had the luxury of working at home Monday to Friday whilst keeping you company.
I feed you in the morning, and I tickle you goodbye, then I don't step in again until 6 in the evening after picking David up from work. I take you whenever I can, but hospitals aren't pet appropriate places. This routine will stick for a few more weeks at least. (P/S- I'm perfectly fine ah, I'm not a patient. I just have to be there for someone in much need).
It's amazing how little effort it takes to care for you. Right from day one. From toilet training on your pee tray, to knowing you're not allowed out on the bedroom balcony (cos the gap in the railings are quite wide), to sitting quietly and so patiently in your bag during long bus or taxi journeys... it's been effortless on my part.
Even now when you hardly get any attention, you just entertain yourself the whole day on your own doing god knows what... but when I get home, it's exactly as I left it. You greet us excitedly at the door. And then settle down with us for the evening. I wouldn't say you're a super intelligent dog (haha) but somehow you manage to do everything instinctively right (except socialize with other dogs, but that's my fault for never letting you when you were a pup!)
Even if you didn't have a sponsor, I would gladly indulge you out of my own pocket. Before you were a sponsored doggy, I used to always think to myself... wow I spend more on my dog than I do myself! But you're definitely not a spoilt brat.
 I love that you look like a miniature wookie when your fur grows long. And I love that you trust me so much that you snuggle right into me at night... I'm a giant that could crush you in your sleep you know. When you try to tell me something, in the gurgling growly sounds that you make ... I wish I spoke dog.
You don't like getting washed but you will sit there and take it. Because you're just sweet and submissive like that.

I worry because you're already 5 now and I think OMG time is running out (even though 5 is still quite a young dog)... but when you're enjoying something or someone so much... you just don't look forward to the end.

I'm on my laptop, working, but you're not beside me. You're at home, keeping guard and patiently waiting for my return. See you in a little bit darling.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love and Superstition

 My articles this week on MyFatPocket center around love superstitions and the supernatural.
Do you like the feeling of being watched? Haunted hotels in Asia to make love in.  
When I was in my late teens, I had a male friend who was half Thai... and he was quite obsessed with me. Always wanting to hang out... which I didn't mind... but AS FRIENDS. He kept trying to take things to the next level. We were in a NeoPrint booth (haha remember those?) then before the camera snapped, he grabbed my face and kissed me. LOL you should have seen the horror on my face (wish I had kept that sticker photo!).  Well, anyway, one day he was at my house, we were watching TV in my room (as I used to do with a lot of my friends, they were always welcomed in my home) but anyway it got past midnight, and I was getting so sleepy but he wouldn't take a hint and he kept hanging around refusing to leave. I went to my mum's room and moaned that Gabriel still don't want to go hoooommmeeeee.
She panicked and asked, "Should I call the police?"
And I was like, "Mooommmm, he IS the police!"
Yeah, he was with the police force at that time. Anyway, I wasn't afraid of him, I never found his presence threatening. To me, he was just a friend. But because he was so obsessive (and he was half Thai...) I was slightly afraid he would use black magic to make me fall in love with him or something. I actually warned all my girlfriends at that time, that if I ever fell in love with him, please help me cos it's black magic and I don't fancy him that way at all. Fortunately for me, it never happened. Lol.
But I've heard of stories where people fell in love against their will.
p/s- all the bandage dresses I'm wearing in the article pics are from BagCharmLove. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Going Darker....

I enjoyed having my hair a lighter shade than my natural colour... but after almost a year of having this light brown, I wanted to go back to the dark side. Went to Plan B Hair Studio at Far East Plaza again... my usual stylist Ricky  :)
I think a rich dark hair colour is great for the fall/winter season of clothes and make up. And going darker can be a lower-maintenance hair color option.  It requires less frequent refreshing, and the grow out isn't as obvious compared to when you dye your hair a much lighter colour. 
There are a lot of different tones even in dark hair color, and it's important to get a stylist that can pick a tone that suits you.
Here's my final look for this season. While you may lose the brightness of lighter hair, dark hair is typically much shinier and healthier looking.  It reflects light differently and looks rich and vibrant. I feel it suits my skin tone and features better.
You likey???? 

Hit Play to see a 20 second video of my time at Plan B Hair Studio yesterday :)

Plan B Hair Studio
14 Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza, #01-89.
Tel: 67337716  /  67337713
Plan B's Facebook Page