My HONEST Weight Loss on Moosor Candy

As you know, I've been wanting to get back to pre-pregnancy weight for a long while now. But have hit a plateau at the 10 kg mark. Was 20plus kgs over pre pregnancy weight and then 10kg over pre-pregnancy weight since like 1 year ago until nowwwwwwww. I gained the same amount of Kgs when pregnant with Myla but lost it within a few months. I don't know what's up with me this time round. So I was super duper hopeful when I came across MOOSOR candies. Saw so many reviews of people starting to drops kilos and pants sizes as early as 1 week after starting. What the candy does is it blocks your body's ability to absorb fat and carbs from your food. Not by 100% of course, but by some percentage, I can't remember what amount exactly. So I purchased it from a Facebook friend who is a distributor (is that what they're called?), she was very helpful, and informative. So i was full of positive vibes. It cost $40 for a box of 18 candies and you take 2 candies a day after me…

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