Monday, August 03, 2015

I Just got BlackOut Sandals

They had so many designs and colours, but of course I chose baby pink!

BlackOut sandals are high quality and affordable sandals from Bangkok, Thailand. They are trendy casual footwear, for both men and women (and kids too). And now you can get them in Singapore.
The soles are really grippy on wet floor, and there's no squeaky sound when sandals are wet. It's made of heavy duty rubber, so it's very durable (the threads on the soles will not go botak easily, my friend has been using his for a year already, and it's still good). Easy to wash and the pretty colours won't fade.

Comfy to wear everyday, when I'm dressed down... and the pretty pink will go well with most of my maternity dresses too. :)

And I like to be all matchy matchy with my husband haha. When he first put them on, he was like "wow these are comfy!" and when I told him the price - only $19.90 for his design, mine were $22.90 and their promo now is any 2 pairs for $35... he was very impressed. Great value since this quality sandals will last us a very long time and they look great.

Bangkok Invaders is the distributor for BackOut Sandals in Singapore so you can get yours directly from them.

Scape Marketplace - Every Saturday (12noon to 10pm).
Pop up booths (venues updated via instagram @Bangkok_invaders )
You can also enquire or order online through their Instagram or Facebook account.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Free! SG50 Beauty Hampers :)

In the month of August, Sample Store will be launching an SG50 Campaign. They will be giving away exclusive beauty hampers worth $19.65 ... free!

Pop into Sample Store online, and pick your fav samples to be mailed to you (this costs $5.99 for mailing, and it's a flat fee, no other charges). Then you will get your chosen samples, as well as the beauty hamper pictured above too! My free beauty hamper has UUcare pads, a sheet face mask, full size Ponds cleanser, full size Lip balm, and a few sample sachets too.

It all comes in the pretty new SampleStore box :)

Enjoy your beauty treats and the long National Day weekend  ahead!

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Start of the Baby Bump

My bump finally appeared. hahaaa... on one hand I'm like yayyyyy finally. And on the other hand, I'm like oh shit so my stomach muscles were not as great as I expected bahahhaa, I thought my stomach muscles might have been able to hold the bump in till week 20 (5 months pregnant).
But nope, here's it making its appearance at 4 and half months.
My thighs are so thick siah, boobs and thighs got to this size within the first trimester actually (when I had 7kg weight gain). And now my stomach area does feel heavier (like when I try to turn in bed), just that it never popped outwards previously. (total gain is up to 10 kg now, don't know why so much... I'm not eating extra. I think cos my first trimester I was on strict bedrest for 5 weeks, and that caused me to gain that initial 7kg). I'm about halfway point now, no turning back anyway lol.

Those swim pics above were taken at the start of my vacation in Phuket, last week. And this pic was taken Wednesday on Rawai pier, so about 7 days after. OMG. It's popped out a lot more after a week (and I was active too, walking a lot while on holiday, so it's not like I'm suddenly getting bigger cos I'm lazy bastard).

But still if I wear baggy clothes, you can't tell I'm pregnant, unless I put my arms around my belly, otherwise my belly is lost in the fabric. I'm so wide, don't even dare put measuring tape around my waist since I got pregnant lol... I think it's true, girl babies = wide belly. Boy babies= stick out belly. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Newest Cosmetics & Products (Watsons Day Out)

I'm flying off in a while (just 8 nights in Phuket)... but I want to quickly share some peeks into my evening yesterday at Red Dot Café, Boat Quay for Watsons Day Out.

I haven't really been to events this year.. now getting back into the swing on things. :)
I'm 4 months plus now! :)
Been a looong while since I seen my blogging kakis. Fidelis (Luckiest Chick) & Nadia (Nadnut).
My Goodie Bag of all products new at Watsons!
I've packed some of these in my luggage. Will tell you more on Instagram @hollyjean69 when I used them.
Toni & Guy booth, Hair Demo
To look out for at Watsons- the new Hair Meet Wardrobe Dry Shampoo series. Dry shampoos which meet your hair styling needs, like volumnising, and texture.
NEW at Watsons - Dr Morita  !
This is a Taiwanese sheet mask brand. Launching at Watsons in August. There's 4 kinds of masks in Dr Morita's Four Heavenly Kings series. Moisturising (Hyaluronic Essence mask), Whitening, Repair (snail extract), and Firming (V-shaped effect mask).
Watsons Health Supplements
 These Watsons house brand health supplements are great value for money. The same goodness and quality ingredients but much more reasonably priced  :)  The 2 new ones to look out for are Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg (90 softgels for $18.90) and Joint Formula (90 tabs for $39.90).
Bio Essence booth
 The focus now is on the V-shape facial contour. New on the Bio-essence shelves are the Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly & ATP, and the Deep Exfoliating Gel (Sensitive skin & Oil control variations).
New range at Maybelline
Loads of fun colours with the new Maybelline products at Watsons. You need to head down to your nearest store to check them out. You'll find fun pops of colour. And also the new Dream Satin Foundation collection.
New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink & Powder
 These are formulated to promote firm, radiant and youthful skin. I prefer the collagen drink, because it's so convenient, and has a nice berry taste too :) The drink and powder are manufactured and packed in Japan and are certified radiation free.
La Roche-Porsay
 I'm so used to seeing the iconic white and blue La Roche--Porsay packaging, this threw me off a bit. But it's white and orange because its the suncare range! I'm looking forward to using the spray on LRP Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Invisible Mist SPF50+ . So light, non sticky and best of all, no need to spread with hands, just spray and go! 
New range of OPI nails!!!
 At the end of this month, Watsons will launch OPI's spanking new ColorPaints Blendable Nail Laquer. It's a new line of ultra-luminous nail lacquers which allows you to layer and blend colours.
Rimmel Nails
 New shades .. loads of pretty pastels, pearly shades, metallics and bright shades too. These are all in one... so no need base coat and top coat. Plus, super quick drying in 60 seconds.
Dr LeWinn Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream
 Oh these anti-aging products smell good, and the texture of the cream and serum from this range is so light yet emollient.
More Extraordinary Oils from Loreal!
 I've used their normal Extraordinary hair oil before, really like it. Even better now, I find out they have 3 other oils in that range, all different textures... and one even light enough to spritz on your hair directly. Also noteworthy, is the Extraordinary Oil Shampoo. Going to switch to this.
TruLife health & beauty products
TruLife has brought in to Watsons products that will boost your health and vitality. You have detox drinks, collagen boosting drinks... and their new Bird's Nest which launched in June this year. All tasty!

Before I go... I want to let you know that there's a new Watsons Menbership card.... I'm pretty sure most of us are regular members and have been enjoying the member perks including collecting points with our purchases which we use to off set our next watsons spree :)

Well, now there's the ELITE membership. You get 4X the bonus points, and 10X bonus points during your birthday month. You get to shop 1 day in advance and get priority queue whenever there's a Watson member sale. You get an additional 300 points with $300 spent. PLUS free Mobile Care insurance. You can find out more details on this at the Watsons website or instore.

You cannot purchase this membership. To get it, you need to accumulate more than 10 receipts (amounting to a total of $900 and above from 4th June 2015 to 31st October 2015).

Ok I got to go! I'll update you on Facebook and IG while I'm away, k.  xx

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wine & Dine for FREE at Riverside Point! (Worth $500)

<Sponsored post>

Singapore has come a long way since the days of being a little fishing village. Today, our historically significant Singapore River is flanked by Clarke Quay on the left bank and Riverside Point on the right. I spent most of my youth partying on one side. But now, there is much to be said about the relaxing and peaceful ambience on the other side of the river.
Now, my friends and I enjoy having dinner and drinks at Riverside Point because of the good choices of eateries available there, the waterfront ambience and the feel good happy vibes that stretch gives off.
Here are some Riverside Point promos, contests and a special giveaway just for my readers!

1. Share Your Childhood Memory (Online Contest)

They are hosting an Online Throwback photo contest on their Website. Upload a photo sharing memories of your childhood tagged with your most creative/heartwarming taglines. The top 3 photos with the most votes win $500 worth of dining vouchers. Also, 2 winners will be drawn among the most active voters, so its definitely worth it to give your opinion!

Be the top 2 voters and win. Click Snap & Win and then click on the photos to vote. Voting closes on 14 August 2015, Terms and conditions apply.

I'm the 'boy' in the blue t-shirt lol
My favourite childhood memory were the March School holidays because I can go spend a scorching summer playing with my cousins in Oz. What's your favourite childhood memory?

2. Spend & Get

With a minimum spend of $100 in a single receipt, get a $10 Far East Organization Mall Voucher when you dine in any one of the participating restaurants at Riverside Point. The 5 restaurants participating in this Spend and Get promotion are Brewerkz, Harry’s, Café Iguana and Jumbo Seafood and Chen Fu Ji. Redemption is valid for a single receipt dated from 18 June to 14 August 2015. Please visit the Concierge at Clarke Quay Central, Level 1 (Blue Zone) to redeem the voucher. All redemptions are while stocks last.

3. Dining Deals
These participating restaurants at Riverside Point are offering you dining deals.

1 July to 16 August 2015 - Satay Seafood Angel Hair Pasta & a Pint of Jubilee Lager for $25++ only!
*Terms & Conditions apply

Café Iguana

1 July to 16 August 2015 - Pibil Pescado in Red Chile Sauce & a glass of SG50 margarita OR a pint
of Iguana Lager for $30++ only!
*Terms & Conditions apply

Harry's Bar

18 June to 14 August 2015 - Enjoy a complimentary beverage with every Big Plate purchased.
Terms and conditions: Choice of beverages include ½ pint of Harry’s Premium Lager, soft drinks or juices. Promotion is only valid at Harry’s at Riverside Point and is not valid with any other privileges and/or discounts.

Click here for more info on the dining deals.

4. Special Giveaway for my Readers!!!!

Click here to answer the QN and enter giveaway :)

Disclaimer: By entering the “$10 Giveaway” contest you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and Privacy Statement: By entering this contest you agree to receive via email or sms information and marketing communications from Riverside Point. You have the right to unsubscribe from emails and sms campaigns at any time via a link provided at the bottom of all email communications and “unsubscribe” sms reply. Prizes not claimed within the stipulated time issued in the email will be forfeited.

Happy dining everybody!!!!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh The Things Vain Narcissists Come Up With #DontJudgeMe

You've seen it on your social media newsfeeds. #DontJudgeMe Challenge, where people put up a video clip in which they first appear as their ugly self, and then put their hand over the camera lens, and when they remove their hand.... it's a magical transformation into their gorgeous self.

The thing is... people are doing it on the righteous pretext that oh... we shouldn't judge people on looks.. see how ugly I can look, and then also look fabulous after a 'few' changes. The thing is.. none of their "ugly" versions is really their true ugly. Come on girls and boys, for your supposedly ugly versions of yourself you wear faux nerdy specs (which are actually pretty trendy) and then you use eye liner to dot freckles over your face, and paint red lipstick like a clown... and freaking exaggerated unibrows.... looking all sad and 'ugly'.

Why don't you just show your real no make up face? Or your hair without any product in it? Why show a mock ugly face, that you know in reality is not your true ugly face, it's still a mask. And also you are actually insulting those people who really have self esteem issues, those who are the real victims who are really judged based on their imperfections.

#dontJudgeMe Challenge is really a see how hot I am challenge. Which is ok, if you want to show off how hot you are, that's fine. But don't mask it under some altruistic cause. So disgusting.