Sembene & Moyashi Enjoy Kohepets too!

Hey ho! Guess who's making a guest appearance?
My brother's furry felines - The Cat Sembene & Sister Moyashi. Sem is a Russian Blue, and Moyashi is a Lynx-point Siamese (You can follow them on IG @Sembene_and_moyashi )

Sembene and Moyashi are cats my brother and his wife adopted years ago. They had Sembene first, and then took on Moyashi as well. They were apprehensive about taking Moyashi because Sembene was quite the anti social cat... so they fostered Moyashi first. And guess what? They're all one big happy family in the end! Sembene & Moyashi are very close :)
My brother and Juan both have busy schedules but they are also the kind of fur parents who give their furkids the absolute best. So I was happy to get them hooked onKohepets online. It's so convenient to order pet supplies, their range is great and they're always having promotions. Best of all, free delivery to your doorstep for orders above Sgd 60.
Here are some products the cats love:
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