Wednesday, October 01, 2014

NIVEA Happy Shave

Underarm hair removal... especially shaving (!) can cause your armpits to look dull, patchy or have an uneven skin tone. 
How often have you seen a girl raise her arm in public (maybe on the MRT, or reaching up the shelf at the supermarket) and ughhh her underarm looks so ugly?! Are you one of those girls? 
NIVEA Happy Shave is a whitening anti-perspirant you can apply to your underarms right after shaving. There's no stinging sensation nor any skin irritation.

It comes in a roll-on bottle or spray can. I prefer the spray version as I find it much more convenient and it's always nice and cooling to spray it on. The scent of NIVEA Happy Shave is a fresh light floral, not overpowering... but very lasting. My armpits stay fresh for 48 hours with each application. So no sticky feeling or sweaty odours when I'm out and about.
It contains Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin C which is conditioning as well as whitening. If you have stains or discoloured skin from years of  hair removal, Happy Shave can help whiten your underarms in  2 weeks. I've been using it for a few days now and already I can see a difference.

Just like men have an aftershave to treat their skin after shaving, Happy Shave gently cares for our sensitive underarm skin after shaving too. After spraying it on, I can get dressed as it dries up quickly and does not stain my clothes. I love using this because I have to use a daily deodorant anyway... so might as well make it one which can give a smooth finish, whitens my underarm skin and supports skin regeneration.

NIVEA Happy Shave is sold in all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.
Try it out first! You can redeem a FREE sample of NIVEA Happy Shave. Just click here to go to . You will receive a 35ml travel size Whitening Happy Shave spray and a brochure which you can use to participate in the Instagram contest and win prizes.
To take part in the NIVEA Happy Shave Instagram contest , sign your name on your brochure and pose with it, remember to hashtag #NIVEAsg #NIVEADeoSg #HappyShave

The Grand Prize goes to the participant with the Best Instagram Review on what personal situation they can raise their arms with confidence now that they have used NIVEA Happy Shave. The Grand Prize winner with the Best Instagram Review wins shopping vouchers worth $400 and 2 Consolation winners will each win NIVEA hampers worth $100.

Instagram contest will commence from 26th September - 30th October. Winners to be announced on 31st October. Have fun and good luck!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bio Essence Bio Gold Review

One of the most luxurious beauty treatments available today is the Gold Facial where 24K gold leaf is applied onto your face. Gold was used in ancient times for its healing properties. It is believed that Cleopatra covered her face in gold masks daily in order to maintain her youthful skin.
But seriously, how many of us can afford gold facials?!
With the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-gold range, I can afford to indulge my skin with gold every single day. The 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water costs $45.00 for a 150ml bottle, and the 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream costs $42 for a 40g tub. 24K Bio-Gold and Bio-Platinum are powerful and superior anti-oxidants that helps to fight free radicals and to defy premature ageing.
The Gold Water contains 24K Bio-Gold flakes. This is real gold! And there's so much of it suspended in this bottle. I use it twice a day (morning & night) before I use the 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream.
I feel that my skin is finer and smoother now even after just 1 week. It has also improved my skin’s elasticity because I can feel that my skin is firmer and more plump. Another reason I love this is because I naturally have dehydrated skin with some oily regions (!!), but Gold Water helps to regulate moisture & sebum balance, leaving skin moisturized and matte. So throughout the day, I have a fresh and radiant complexion.

Here's a close up of an actual 24K real gold flake from my bottle of Gold Water. What luxury!
Here's a pic of the Gold Water on my cheek, before patting/massaging it in. You can see the specks of gold on my skin.
The 24K Bio-Gold flakes easily disintegrate into my skin with gentle tapping or a light massage, until everything is absorbed. It's quite amazing that the bio gold flakes can actually be absorbed right into my skin.
Click here to view my Instagram video clip of Gold Water on my skin. After it's absorbed, there's no sticky residue, my skin looks matte and feels more supple and plump. There's no unpleasant smell or feeling with this Gold Water, in fact it looks, smells and feels so pampering and luxurious.
The 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream comprises of Bio-Platinum Day Cream and 24K Bio-Gold Night Cream. As you can see, the tub has 2 sections, one with the day cream and another with the night cream. This gives me 2x anti-oxidant power to protect skin from environmental damages.
The day cream is creamy white and it contains Nano Bio-Platinum. These are flakes of platinum but I couldn't really capture the platinum specks in the cream with my camera. Nano Bio-Platinum can be rapidly absorbed by face because it's so fine. This cream is great for the day as it contains SPF25/PA+++ to prevent skin damages caused by UV rays. It's non-greasy, I can use my make up straight after, and still feel hydrated, and moisturized.

The night cream looks more transparent and gel like, it also feels more fluid. Yet it is amazingly emollient! It gives my skin intensive moisture and stimulates skin renewal through the night as I sleep. There are flakes of 24K Bio-Gold in it which is easily absorbed into the skin to improve elasticity. Gold has high anti-oxidant power, and fights free radicals to combat premature aging. For me, I find that it helps reduce and prevents fine lines and wrinkles on my face and neck, and prevents dryness to give me a younger looking complexion. I love waking up in the morning with skin that glows naturally and looks so much healthier than before.
Don't forget to apply these products to you neck area as well because you neck is prone to wrinkles as you age, and it can really show signs of aging! Both the 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water and 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream are a complementary duo to be used in your skincare regime (on face and neck) for youthful glowing skin.

So a recap... here's what I do after cleansing.
*  Day: Use 24K Bio-Gold Water first then followed by Bio-Platinum Day Cream SPF25 PA+++
*  Night: Use 24K Bio-Gold Water first then followed by 24K Bio-Gold Night Cream
You can get these products at Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, NTUC Fairprice, C K Department Store, OG, Sheng Siong, BHG, SASA and selected mini cosmetic houses.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Online Shopping - What Can I buy with $200?

Saw a few friends post status updates on my FB newsfeed the past couple of weeks about Lazada. It's a shopping app that you can download on your iPhone or Android. 
I downloaded while I was on the bus to my mum's place. The app is user friendly for browsing and shopping. I ended up browsing the stuff on sale until I reached my mum's in Pasir Ris (I was from Novena!). There was such a wide variety of products and greats deals with discounts of up to 75%. 

You can browse by categories or  search for particular brands or filter based on prices.
For beauty products and perfumes, I found a good selection from the budget buys right up to luxury products like La Mer.
It's also a great place to shop for the latest lifestyle gadgets like tablets and smart phones. Whenever you see something you want, just click Add to Cart. You get to add items from many different suppliers into you shopping cart, and when you checkout, you make one consolidated payment.

You have the option to pay via Credit Card, Paypal or Cash on Delivery. A total purchase of more than $40 gets you Free Delivery. And there is Free returns within 7 days.

Here's what I ordered for my first purchase: 2 perfumes, a box of Bird's Nest, a USB desk lamp, Laniege Make up Remover and CK foundation refill. And my total spend was just $170.30 for all that!
The box of birds nest and the desk lamp was delivered just 3 days after I ordered. I was so pleased at the speed because I wanted the Bird's Nest for my sister who is recovering from surgery. It was a good deal, $35 for 6 bottles (usual price is $49).
I only paid $19.90 for this Desk Light. It charges by USB, and is easy to use with a touch sensor control and it has 3 different degrees of brightness.
It's slim enough to go on my headboard, and it's bright enough for reading at night before bedtime.
So glad to find that LAZADA stocks Laneige products. It's a well sought after brand, and I've read so many great reviews. I got the Laneige Eye & Lip Makeup Remover for $24.90 (usual price is $27). This item was delivered 5 days after I placed my order.
My sex & the City by Night EDP, Paul Smith cologne and Calvin Klein Pure White Treatment foundation refill came by Speedpost a couple of days after that. All products were well packaged, and exactly what I ordered.

Overall, I'd say that it was a positive shopping experience because of the convenience and ease of browsing all the products through the app on my phone. The good deals and discounts. The products are of good quality. Plus there are different options for payment mode. And delivery is right to my doorstep within a week or so.
Stay tuned to latest offers by subscribing to Lazada Facebook Page or Lazada Google Plus.
You can shop now at LAZADA via their website Lazada.Sg or download the free Lazada app onto your iPhone or Android. Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter so you can get a $10 voucher to use on your first Lazada purchase :)

But Wait!! Lazada is offering this $15 voucher for 20 of my blog readers!!! :) Just head on over to shop Lazada and when at Checkout, before payment, use this promo code YAYHJ15 to get $15 off your total bill (with a minimum spend of $50). The $15 off will be reflected in your total bill before you proceed with payment. Hurry because this voucher is valid for the first 20 of my readers only.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Buffet Dinner at the Mariott (2 for 1 deal)

Last Friday, I was helping my mum at her place, so on my way home, I picked David up from work (he works close to my mum's). So he ended up getting home early that Friday (usually he only reaches back close to 7PM, and so tired ugh!). To my delight, he said he'd take me out for dinner. Yay! No need to eat my poor cooking, and it's been a while since we had a date night out.
I browsed through the Entertainer app and we decided to having the buffet at Marriott Cafe.
The dinner buffet at the Marriott has all my favs like Oysters, lobsters, prawns, Sashimi. Bring it on!
 Sashimi was so fresh and yummy. Melts in my mouth. 
The fresh seafood was of great quality, I especially love the prawns and lobster claws. Oyster was good too, but they only have one type, not a selection of different types of oysters.
 Ok honestly, I got excited when I saw pepper crabbbbb! But it was ok only, more on the sweet side and not peppery enough. The duck was superb, as expected. The Char Siew didn't look like it was going to be good, it wasn't reddish like the char siew I'm used to. So I only took 2 small slices (there next to the duck skin). But when I ate it, OMG. So freaking delicious!!!! Of course I went back for more. So seriously, when you're there, try this char siew, don't skip it.
At the end of it, I didn't have much room left for dessert. Need to pace myself better next time lol.
Buffet dinner at the Marriott is priced at $78++ per person... so we saved a whopping $78++ by using our Entertainer Sg app at the Marriott last Friday. (Alcohol is not included in the buffet price, it's an additional $48++ if you want free flow beer and wine.)

There are hundreds more places to go to and 2-for-1 deals to enjoy. To get your 1 month Entertainer App membership at $19, just go to this special link then Click BUY NOW and apply code @hollyjean69 at checkout. You won’t be able to get this 1 month entertainer membership anywhere else.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

If He Doesn't Want Marriage... and You Do.

This is of course assuming that the girl does want to be married. And I know quite a few who really do. Yet they often leave me wondering why they don't walk away even after they've been outright told that their guy never wants to get married.

Either he genuinely doesn't believe in institution of marriage (rarely the true case). Or he's been married and burnt before (understandably so). Or he just doesn't want to ever close that door on other options (even though he may not be actively looking for another at that moment).
I want marriage and a family, and I've dropped so many good men in the past who even alluded to not being able to commit to that and men who didn't have the qualities to make a good husband. Some didn't even out right say it, yet I was still out of there in a flash... it didn't matter what else they were able to offer me.

Today, looking back, I think I made the wrong judgment call with a few of them. A couple of guys I used to date are now already married and with kids. I really didn't feel they were the sort who would ever settle down so I gave up on them quickly. Either I made the wrong call then, or I just wasn't the right girl for them so they did in fact never want to get married and have family at that point in their lives. (That stings!)
Outfit from BCL

So I want to ask the girls out there whose boyfriends have hinted or worse still, outright said that they never want to get married. If you want marriage, why are you still with him? Do you think that perhaps if you stick around for many years, he will eventually change his mind (maybe possible, but also a risky gamble)?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

ClubCouture Flair #ShoppingHaul

In my latest shopping haul...I got the Maise Floral Dress for just sg$26 from ClubCouture. It's mini dress that's great for our hot weather because it's light weight, sleeveless and comfy to wear.

 I adore mesh underskirt which peeks out at the hem... It's so pretty :)

The floral prints on this dress reminds me of watercolours, I love the fresh green and blue hues. This dress is from the ClubCouture Flair collection that was launched recently. It has so many pretty florals and soft pastels.
Bed of Roses dress S$26

Kate Cutout Dress S$32 

Check out the Flair lookbook on the ClubCouture website and the whole range of beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories too. The Flair collection has such an ethereal, romantic ... secret garden kind of feel to it. 
Also in this month's shopping haul, I have the Forgive Me Dress (Sg$69.90) . This long line baseball style tee dress features a comfortable fit, thigh length design. Just use it with a pair of sneakers and it makes a funky casual outfit. "I'm Sorry for what I said when I was hungry" ... LOL, that's so me. Wahahaaaa.
Funny thing is, I was on the escalator in Vivocity wearing this dress, and the guy ahead of me turned around, looked at me. Then at the top of the escalator, when I got off after him, he stopped me to ask if I had eaten. And I didn't make the connection... so I just thought OMG freaking weirdo! And I said "NO!" and hurriedly walked off. It was only later that I looked down at my dress and reaslied why he used that pick up line. Hahaaa... poor guy, kena blown off.
Boyfriend jeans paired with the Wild Child Spiked Blouse $79 and black pumps
These Boyfriend Jeans from are an absolute steal at sg$35 ! Love the relaxed yet trendy look of boyfriend jeans all frayed and torn. So comfy and you can dress it up with heels or dress down with sneakers. You can wear it full length or roll up the cuffs however high you like it :)
Boyfriend jeans paired with the Ecru Crop Top $18, and studded flats.
Have a great weekend ahead girls, and Happy Shopping at ClubCouture ! :)