Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dog Food, Treats and Pee Pad deals.

Kohepets now stocks Lock & Lock airtight containers. I love these bran of containers for storing snacks and food stuff in my kitchen. Now I bought one for Lola's Kibbles too. This one has a convenient flip cover opening. Simply flip open to scoop out kibble. These containers are BPA free, and freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe. They stock a good range of sizes and styles for Lock & Lock, at good prices too.
Also stocked up on more kibbles for her. It's Free Shipping (within 2 days!) for orders over $60. This is the Science Diet Small & Toy Breed dry dog food ($20.40). She usually has 2 meals a day - one serving of tray food or pouch food in the morning, and then kibbles in the late afternoon. 

And snack treats too. But I try to make it not just tasty, but also very healthy snacks. Just Fish Cod Skin Dognip ($5.80 per pack only!) is made of cod fish skin, without any additives, colouring, preservatives, flavorings, wheat & gluten.
 I love that it is shaped like a dog bone (with the 2 knots at the end)... much better for Lola to chew on than raw hide. 
Monge Grill Lamb & Vegetables Dog Food Pouch is very handy, just rip open the foil pack and serve. These packs are compact, easy to store. And just $1.10 per pack.
There are 6 different flavours in this range. All grain free, made with fresh meat and there's added  Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help functioning of the joints. This Grill range must be really tasty because Lola loves it, licks her bowl clean within a minute.  
Another brand of foil pouch type moist dog food that Kohepet Stocks but I don't see on the shelves and most pet stores, is Almo Nature. It is fresh meat cooked in jelly, and if you have a picky eater or senior/ailing dog, you should try this range out. They are $1.90 each, and now on promo, buy 12 get 1 free.
Super good deal on charcoal Pee Pads. 3 packs of Cocoyo Charcoal Pee Pads with 1 FREE Woosh Pet Wipes for $42. If you're using Small size, you get 300 sheets, M size 150 Sheets, and L size 75 sheets. I use Medium size for Lola's pee tray.
The charcoal removes odors, the pee pad also has anti-bacterial properties and it is highly absorbent. This pee pad is tried and tested to be leak proof. (I've had other brands that feel damp on the bottom when I'm cleaning her pee tray. Yuck.

Ooh and I also picked up a few samples from their Free Samples. There is some Green Kat Recycled Paper cat litter for my brother to try with his cats Sembene and Moyashi (they even have their own IG account lol). Some duck flavoured dog kibbles, and a My Potty Trial Pack for Lola.
What are you waiting for? Westie the Intern at Kohepets is waiting to take your order.  :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

You asked.

Happy new year everyone. As promised, here are my honest answers to all the questions you had about the changes in my life recently.

fangz12:25 pm
Let me be the first!
How old is he?? He looks like a humorous guy!
How you guys met? Hehehe

Answer: He is 30. You know, I never thought I would ever be attracted to a younger guy, I've always been an older guy sort of person. But he's older and wiser than his years (I actually didn't know he was younger until later on lol), age is a number but maturity comes with how you develop through life experiences and your character. I've found that numbers don't change this.

Humorous? Hmmm well he does have a good sense of humour. He does make me laugh. But no, I wouldn't peg him as the court jester sort of guy...

Actually he made contact about 7-8years ago. He wrote me an email, expressing interest in having a date. But back then he was like just a young army boy or undergrad. And I was dating men in their 40s. Bahahahaha. I did reply and apologised for turning him down, citing that his email impressed me (it really did), and that it has nothing to do with him, I was just not open to dating younger men at that point of my life. He remembers my reply, and told me recently that he admired my honesty and tact.

We ended up as Facebook acquaintances back then but didn't really make any further contact, until more recently when I had a strange dream about him. That dream was so odd, so out of place, that when I woke at 3am, I immediately messaged him on FB to tell him eh I dreamt about you.

He asked me what it was about. And I described it to him. It gave him a feel good vibe too. And NO, it was not a sex dream ah. If it were a sex dream, I would not have messaged him on Facebook to tell him about it la Omg. I hardly knew him. 

The rest as they say, is history

(I will tell you about he dream in another blog post, if like some weeks past and still don't have, please remind me)

Anonymous12:32 pm
1.whats the deal with the pink tie?
2. Not Ang moh. Please elaborate.
Thanks, ock

Answer: The pink tie quite nice what. Hahaaa we were guests at his friend's wedding dinner and the theme was Pink & Gold. So we both had pink on. My heels had a touch of gold too. :)

Yah not Ang moh... what's up with me. Lol. But I told you all before that I didn't ONLY date Ang Mohs what. You all don't believe me. 😒 If he makes the cut, he makes the cut, I don't choose based on race. Like I didn't date those white guys in the past simply because they were white you know. They had things going for them, and so does Adamson.

Anonymous1:50 pm
What is Adamson's job?
Is he ok with Myla?

Answer:  Biz Devp in ad tech.
Yes he is more than ok with Myla. 👍🏻👍🏻

Anonymous2:06 pm
Do you think he can be a good father?
What do you like about him?

Answer: He has been very hands on, despite the steep learning curve. What he doesn't know, he asks, he reads up, he tries (he's not afraid to try) and he learns. Then a good amount of "fathering" comes instinctively too and I would say, he has a very good feel for this stuff. So hard work and effort + inbuilt aptitude = great combo for success. I remember the first time I left Myla with him for a few minutes when we were out, I went off and came rushing back asap cos I knew it was the first time he was handling a baby. He looked so nervous, carried her awkwardly. WAS SO RELIEVED TO SEE ME GET BACK. Lol. And now, Myla rides on his shoulders, calls out to him when she wants her shower, and he can tag team with me to mind her food/feeds while I can eat my meal. It's really quite a good feeling having a partner who pitches in like that.

What do I like about him? His gentle affection. His strong protection. His fierce devotion. Plus he's very intelligent, measured, level headed, a brilliant strategist... this kind of thing, I find damn hot la until i forget he's only 30 😆

Anonymous2:31 pm
How long have you been dating? Do you not think it's bit too soon after the demise of your marriage?

Answer: It's a very new relationship but it progressed in seriousness very quickly. I think it's because we both felt sure and comfortable.

Yes I do struggle a bit with the short time frame (mainly because I worry what others might think, how some people might feel, it is not my intention to upset anyone). But it was never in my agenda to go into mourning for a Long time after a failed marriage. It is not my style, I'm a pick yourself up, set your sight on a goal (happiness) and go for it. But yes I admit, I didn't expect to find someone special this quickly. But I'm sure as hell not going to pass on him! Life is so short, how many stabs at
happiness do you think it's going to give me?

Plus I'm 37, I know what I want in life and in a partner. (And so does he). We want a bigger family too, so it does not make sense to oh let's wait a year before getting into a relationship because there's a time gap everyone is expecting. Wait wait wait, worry about what others feel is right, and then you die. 😑U

Anonymous3:43 pm
Parents approved already?

Yes. Thankfully. Plus a lot of our lives are family centric, so yes parental approval is important to us.

Anonymous4:35 pm
So happy that you are in a much better place now.
He does look like someone with a good sense of humor.
How did the both of you meet?
Was it like at first sight ?u

Answer: Refer to my Answer to the first comment 🙂.

Like at first sight? If we are talking about very first sight some 8 years ago, then not really. But over the few years that followed, as his photos popped up here and there on my FB newsfeed occasionally, yeah it did make me sit up a bit and notice him. In an "oooh sir" sort of way. But then I got married and I cut out all the possible 'distractions' from my life, cos you know, it's the Right thing to do. I can only be friends with guys I'm not attracted to that way. It didn't affect adamson and I anyway since we were not like actual friends or anything. Until I dreamt about him. And yes, when I met him in the flesh this time, it was a lot at first sight, not just like. ❤️

Thursday, December 28, 2017

One of my New Favs - Tanuki Raw

I so want to go back here again. Honestly, I was apprehensive about heading here for date night. I was just googling for a place which had happy hour oysters, because oyster craving lol. And came across this place called Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central. After reservation was made and I was on my way there to meet Adamson for a date, I googled some more and read poor reviews on service and food! Alamakkkk... 
 But my experience was very different. I loved it! And so did he. (Both our first times there). Their oysters are $2 each during happy hour. And Sashimi on promo during happy hour too (we had 2 servings, but I forgot to take pic. Looked regular la, nothing spectacular looking but tasted nice and fresh).
This is the Scallop, Foie Gras, Unagi Don.

It has a combi of some of the greatest foods on earth. Mmmmm scallops... mmmm Foie gras I love. Unagi I am not a fan of but Adamson loves. So it was a perfect bowl to share between the 2 of us.
 Cocktails are $10 a pop during happy hour.
We feel it's a good place for dinner and drinks. Would definitely head back again. I can confidently say, check it out (the outdoor seating area is nice a spacious, Indoors cooler but I felt the layout a bit crampy... your choice, but must make reservation ah, otherwise you wait in a long queue that will definitely spoil your mood).

Next place I will share my views and pics about is Ayana Villas in Bali! Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

An Update on Life

Life is starting to be good again. There's so much to share with you and I will in due course.

Share with you some Anne Matthew shoot pics soon.

Some of my friends and readers have been confused with what's going on in my personal life, some were not aware of the divorce, I realize that I need to be more consistent with updating my blog... because many who read my blog are not tuned in to updates on social media like FB and IG... and vice versa.

My snazzy mobile office so I can work and watch Myla at the same time lol.
I will be filling all 3 platforms with my adventures, experiences and feelings. I miss sharing my life and thoughts.

Big news I want to share is, I am seeing someone now. Usually if you noticed, from my past, I give people I date nicknames on my blog instead of using their actual names. You know, to somewhat protect their privacy. So there was GB, HK guy, G, the list goes on. Only the very serious relationships retained their true identities and didn't need a mask/pseudonym.
If I wrote about him using a blog nickname, I would refer to him as Alpha A or Unicorn Man or Sharp Shooter. I'll explain those apt nicknames some other time I promise but I won't need to use them here. His name is Adamson.

There's so much to tell you about him. What would you like to know about him? Ask here and we will answer all the questions in a blog post/live video. xx

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Letters to Myla Rae - You are 2!

Open when: You hit a milestone birthday

Dearest Myla Rae,

You just turned 2! And what a difference each year makes.
I know the last year or so hasn't been so easy for you, a lot of adjustments especially in the last 4 - 5months. But you are such a trooper. I hope this resilience of yours is something you retain and build on as you grow.
Let's see what's new in the past year.... you are a dancer. Like seriously, you cannot hear a tune and not try to hum along or dance to it. You certainly did not get that from me as I am not musically inclined at all.
Despite your petite size, you love food and are a greedy little girl. Maybe you'll be like mummy, eat a lot and don't grow fat kind. haha (you better hope so ah!)
You alert us when you are pooping by saying "Cho cho" and waving your hand in front of your nose to signal it's smelly. This is great, because we know when you need your diaper changed. I tried putting you on the potty, but you only sat for a few seconds and got right off. I think toilet training shall wait another 6 months.

Oh we flew to Bali last week for a short getaway (your last Free Flight!!! Next year got to start paying for your seat. Oh man). You had not pooped that whole morning, but when we were in the airplane, it started taxiing to queue up by the runway and the seatbelt sign lit up, you said "Cho Cho!" + *smelly hand signal* . Seriously child. We had to sit there with you on my lap, your poop stinking up the whole place. AND we had to wait until the plane took off and reached cruising altitude before we could change your diaper. Why you so like that!!

Plus mummy hurt her back and could not carry you. So Adamson who was travelling with us, had to go change you and wash your poopy ass in the cramped Scoot toilet. Then 10 minutes later, you did it AGAIN. Haha... You owe him big time, chica.
 You also love animals ( I think most kids do). You've honed your lion Roaring skills to the point that it's actually quite impressive coming from someone tiny. I can't help but wonder what your future will hold. Will you be a performer? A swimmer? A musician? A chef? Or work with animals? Or would you totally surprise us and end up in a field related to languages or mathematics (both of which are not your strong suits right now lol). I look forward to seeing what your future holds.
Happy 2nd Birthday my baby girl. You will always be my baby girl. I love you forever.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Floral Garage

As a busy mum, juggling work, the home and toddler minding... the first thing I look for when it comes to products and services I engage is CONVENIENCE and RELIABILITY.  I mean I want to just go online, click a few buttons and then offload that errand from my mind for good. (Seriously don't need to add on to my mental load).

Need to send a fruit and flower basket to a Friend who just gave birth? Need to send hampers out to clients during the festive season? Corporate accounts at Floral Garage get up to 11% discount and 30day credit limits.

Need to make sure a bouquet of fresh showers get delivered on time to your Girlfriend on her birthday? Just use an online flower shop like Floral Garage. They have professional florists who will put together the most beautiful bouquets for you.

I love that their delivery is reliable, their prices are reasonable. The basic hand bouquets start from just $29.90. And if you want to splash out, go for the premium bouquets or customise one to your liking. All flowers come together with a complimentary card, designed by in-house artists! Simply write your message after checkout.
Floral Garage does so much more than just flowers. Like DID Y Terrarium Kits! This makes a cool, quirky, alternative gift! And their Terrarium Kits have 20% discount now. They also have a good range of stuff for your party needs like balloons, decor, bunting, pinatas and loads more.

For Myla's birthday coming up, I ordered a whole bunch of foil balloons (she loves floating helium balloons!!!) for her. It's quite troublesome to get them because there's no shop nearby that sells them, they only sell the foil balloons but I would have to inflate them myself. And it doesn't make sense buying or renting my own helium tank. From Floral Garage, I can pick out the balloons I want, they will inflate them with helium (it lasts a couple of days at least before it loses its 'float') and deliver them to my door step. I'll share with you a pic of all the balloons on Instagram soon, look out for it!