Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Duck Meatballs? Oh dog treats have come a long way.

Now that I can't lift heavy stuff, I'm really appreciating having all of Lola's dog food delivered to my doorstep by KohePets Online. Before, I love their prompt free delivery service because I'm just lazy, and it's so convenient for me. But now, I actually really need it! I can't lug all that back from the shop, my ob/gyn said no lifting more than 10 pounds for now.
Also delighted to find more new stuff listed on Kohepets... like these soft meatballs made of duck meat... OMG... I wish it were for me. I love meatballs. I love duck. Lola loves these moist and juicy treats. Good price too, $5.50 for this premium delicacy from Korea. Made of 95% real duck meat so you need to keep in the fridge. No preservatives, no artificial colours. The remaining 5% is potato, Vitamins & Minerals. Very very good stuff.
 I'm changing her food ... again ... this time, moist kibbles. Just giving her a bit of variety from her dehydrated dog food. She does love moist food and treats more than dry ones. I try to give her both, cos hard kibbles are great for her teeth and gums. These Zenith Lamb & Brown Rice Soft Premium Dog Food comes in a 1.2 kg bag ($19.90). Perfect size for small dogs. Plus there are 4 individually sealed (and ziplock-able) packs within the bag. So your dog's food will stay fresh, since it's in small portions and can remained fully sealed longer.
 Lola likes a good chew before bed, and usually I give her raw hide. ( Stuff like pig's ears makes her lao sai). But my dog can get greedy, and ingest chunks of rawhide (not good!!!). So  I switched to these SmartBones for her. I chose the Small Size and Mini size.
Here she's having a Peanut Butter mini SmartBone (8pieces for $7.50).Even if she swallows chunks, it won't hurt her gut because it's digestible. Plus peanut butter is a yummy flavor for her. She looks forward to bedtime, and will wait around for her bone. When I give her the Small size one instead of the mini, I have to take it away from her after 20-30 minutes, cos it's bedtime. Lol. Then I return it to her the next night for another chew session. But the mini ones she can finish in 30 mins.

Highly recommend the Duck Meatballs and Smartbones for your pet. They both rank high on my list.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An Important Update

Can't wait until January, to meet our Rainbow baby :)  Oh by the way, any parents have kids born on new year's day? Any issues with starting school a year later or must they start school with the previous year's batch? Did they lag behind? Not like I have much control over my due date... but just wondering. (They also say first babies come out later than due date anyway... so here's hoping)

P/s Rainbow baby means the miracle baby that comes after a losing a baby. It's nothing to do with the LGBT thing... but I love that kind of rainbows too. <3

Monday, June 22, 2015

No More Long Hair

I know... I haven't updated in a long while... Think it's the longest I've stayed away from my blog ever. I do have good reason though. Will explain more later on.
For now, just a quick update... I got sick of my long hair and chopped it short. Haven't had a bob in like 15 years. Never in my adult life. Quite liking it, though I did receive some comments on fb about how it doesn't suit me. One guy commented "hello auntie holly"...  Hahaa... Then I saw his profile picture, omg, glasshouses and stones.

And this one guy on facebook, who I don't even know personally, took the effort to private message me on Facebook to say I should not have cut my hair. I'm so ugly now. I told him don't worry, it's just hair, it will grow. I mean what can I say, without being equally rude, right? Dunno, I must have really shocked and assaulted his eyes with my short hair. I'm enjoying having short hair though, so light and easy to wash and feels great when sleeping even.
This monochrome Cape and Dress from ClubCouture :)  some of the stuff I wear are not listed on site yet, but you can always drop them an email to ask abt size etc or place order :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Charlie, Charlie, Can We Play?

You know all those videos of the Charlie Charlie challenge played by thousands of young people? It's the latest internet fad. Supposedly the summoning of a Mexican demon by placing two pencils in a cross, on a piece of paper with Yes & No.

Well, turns out it's nothing more that a clever viral marketing scheme perpetuated by the folks behind a new horror movie called ‘The Gallows.”

When I was a 13, my 2 bestie girlfriends and I played with a oujia board. Complete with candles and all. The coin thingy did actually move around, but it was probably one of them pushing it. Even I found myself pushing the coin at some points when it got too quiet. Lol. So yeah, I don't believe in such stuff.

But here are some hilarious Charlie Charlie pranks and parodies that made me have a good laugh though:

And this one too, but I dunno how to embed here cos it's from FB :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Steven Lim

I watched old videos of my date with Steven Lim (don't know how many years ago... Was before I met David lol)
Steven is an okay guy actually, quite a sweet friend till today. Just that he's a bit odd. Lol.

Enjoy the laugh! And look forward to the weekend everyone.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Is Cheating Ever Okay?

Just a thought.
Do you know how many of your previous partners cheated on you while you were in a relationship with them? I know of a few and I don't think I deserved to be cheated on by them...
But, I was speaking to my ex, GB the other day, and he was telling me that a friend of his (whom I know as well) is being denied sex from his wife. And he told his friend that if he is being denied at home, then look for it elsewhere. I don't condone cheating, but I also think it's unfair of her (or anyone) to deny their spouse sex, and then expect them not to have their needs met elsewhere. Don't you think?
I know it's easy to say- oh, if you're going to cheat then, break up with them first. End the relationship if it's not right for you. Don't cheat on your spouse/partner. You're being selfish.
But what if they have kids... and an otherwise happy family? What if there's a lot vested in the relationship? What if they don't want to call it quits .. or see no reason to? Surely, discreetly having your physical needs met outside of the relationship can in a sense 'save' your relationship... right? And what she/he doesn't know, can't hurt him/her.
Cheating is wrong. But which is the lesser of two evils? To get your needs met elsewhere, everything else remains status quo... or to resent your partner for always denying you sex and then allow the relationship to crumble?
However, if your partner doesn't deny you intimacy, doesn't turn down your requests for sex, or better still, takes the initiative to make the first move.. yet you still indulge in extra marital temptations... that is just unforgiveable. Now you're cheating because you're just an asshole.
What do you think? Is cheating ever okay?
P/S- also, a word of advice... don't deny your partner sex or withhold it like some kind of power trip. It's not healthy. If you somehow lost your sex drive, have physical problems or have issues with the way your partner looks or whatever the reason, then find a way to fix it. Just avoiding sex is not a solution.. and if that's what you choose, then don't be surprised if he/she gets their needs met elsewhere. You had it first, but you didn't want it. Of course, it doesn't mean you need to be up for sex 100% of the time or need to be shagging like rabbits for your relationship to be okay... but generally, if you find yourself turning your partner down like more than 3 times out of 10, there's a problem. Pretty soon he/she will stop asking for it.. but that doesn't mean your problem has been solved.. within your bedroom.