Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Entertainer 1 Month Trial

Did you know, you can purchase the 1 month entertainer app membership for Sg$19? If you purchase the 1 month membership on 20 August for instance, you can access all the deals for restaurants, bars, leisure, body, kids and services listed in your entertainer app until 20th September. You can save so much money using this app.
Just used it at Dunkin Donuts recently. The store in ION has moved down 2 floors, to B4. 
So many people buying yummy donuts. If only they knew they could be getting free donuts with their purchases if they just used the Entertainer App there. The Entertainer app is full of 2-for-1 deals... buy one get one free!!!
 Choices.. choices...
 Lola looking at my donut....
No Dog, Donuts are for humans only. Unlucky.  Ok, see your face so poor thing, I think I'll take you to a pet cafe next so you can eat with me, I can get 2-for-1 using The Entertainer at Paw Pet-radise Cafe too!

To get your 1 month Entertainer membership at $19, just go to this special link and Click BUY NOW and apply code @hollyjean69 at checkout. You won’t be able to get this 1 month entertainer membership anywhere else. You will also find more information about the Entertainer App and how it works.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My #MakeupTransformation

I've been having a good laugh recently looking at all the #makeuptransformations on Instagram, Twitter & FB. They are parodies of celebrity makeup tutorials. So I decided this morning, while getting dressed up, that I would take a few minutes to shoot my own collage. See the end of this post for my transformation :)

Here's my MakeUp Transformation to look like #JamesFranco  :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Creer Beaute Sailor Moon!

I went to the Creer Beaute launch held at Oasia Hotel yesterday evening.
Creer Beaute is a Japanese Anime make up line, famous for its Versailles and Sailor Moon series of make up products. Now, we can get these products here in Singapore, at Watsons. :)
 I love the sailor moon series, especially the Star Power Prism Eyeliners because it has a shimmer effect that make your eyes shine like an anime character with the huge glossy eyes...
There was live make up demos by Japanese make up artist Mawaki Yamamoto. And we also got the chance to try out all the products at our tables.
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black ($24.90), La Rose de Versailles Pencil Eyeliner Brown, and Black ($22.60 each). These are all easy to apply, smudge-free and are long lasting. The liquid liner gives a much more shiny and defined line, but I found that the pencil liners have super incredible staying power. I'm impressed.
Sparkly colours for your eyelids. You can use one colour on its own or do a double line, a black or brown first, and then a colour line above it. Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner in Blue, Orange Gold, Red and Green. The blue and red are priced at $24.70 each. The Orange Gold comes with a brown liquid liner in a set, the Green comes with a black liquid liner in a set. Each set is $36.90.
Creer Beaute generously gifted these products for me to try out. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 
Which do you want? Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Red or Blue? Head to my facebook post (click here) and comment there on which colour you prefer. Winner will be picked by randomiser tomorrow.  Just sharing the love . xx

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Juventus Vs Singapore Select - The highlights

Last Friday evening was my first time at our new stadium at the Sportshub, I was there to see Juventus training. WOW! So impressed with our new stadium, it is top notch!

The training session was such a big treat for the Juventus fans. Here's a clip from the Juventus Youtube page on their training here... #juventour You can see me at 1.08min hhaaaa (got to thank my Fb friend for pointing that out to me lol).

On match day itself, there was such a great atmosphere at the stadium. The crowd cheered on both teams, but got especially excited whenever Singapore got close to scoring. After a few false starts, the crowd eventually managed to get the Kallang Wave going, that was so fun.

Andrea Pirlo scored the first two goals for Juve. People loveeeee him. He even got a standing ovation as he walked off the field shortly after the second half (a substitution). I think we would have liked to see at least one goal for Singapore, but the final score was 5- nil. Still, everyone was in good spirits and it was an enjoyable match.
Here are the match highlights, if you haven't seen it on TV yet.
Next match ( in October) we will have BRASIL and JAPAN! Woot! Wait for it ... wait for it...
So loving our new stadium and looking forward to being there again.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Forever Products in my Fridge

Here's a peek into my messy fridge... you can tell that we are not OCD type personalities when it comes to organisation and neatness. Haaaa.... 
I want to share with you 2 products that give great health benefits. They were introduced to me by my friend Brenda a couple weeks ago. It's the Forever Bee Honey and the Aloe Vera Gel drink.
All of Forever's bee products are sourced from their own beehives, away from all contamination and pollution. This honey contains all natural ingredients- bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

Mmm... I do love a good honey. This is so thick, natural and yummy. You can pour it on pancakes, incorporate it into your cooking recipies, in your tea, etc. It's so tasty, and it's a healthy and nutritious sweetener.
Forever Aloe Vera Gel is a drink that comes in a 1 Litre bottle which should last about 3 weeks for me. I only need a small glass of it a day (about 60ml), and it's best when I drink it icy cold straight from the fridge. 

This gel has not been diluted or bulked up with other substances. Drinking Aloe Vera Gel is detoxifying, it has a rich supply of building materials to maintain healthy skin and combat the effects of aging.

Aloe Vera makes your immune system work better for itself. It is epitheleal which means that, if you drink it, it sinks into the lining of your gut. Your body will absorb the nutrients easily. It also helps cleanse your system. by cleaning the lining of the gut, thus enabling the gut to absorb more nutrition from the food that you eat.

Drinking Aloe Vera can be helpful in helping common problems such as skin conditions(eczema, dermatitis, acne, etc), immune system disorders (Irritable Bowel Syndrom IBS, lupus, Crohn's disease).
Aloe Vera has anti aging cosmetic properties. It gives skin a smoother look by improving cohesion. It improves skin texture with its intense moisturisation, and reduces wrinkle formation by improving the replication of skin fibroblasts (the cells that make collagen and elastin fibres).

All of Forever's products are organic, have the Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval, the Kosher Seal of Approval and the Islamic Seal of Approval. You can be rest assured you are consuming the best.

To browse and buy Forever products from my friend Brenda, Click here and click on Shop Now. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fresh Colour = More Youthful Look

My birthday is coming... I'm turning 34 at the end of next month. Woah, I'm already in the mid 30s... where did time go? 
I still love my pink ends, but my brown hair was looking really flat and lifeless, plus ugly black roots were showing because I didn't have time to go down to the salon for 2 months now. Anyway, as a special birthday treat to myself, and in a bid to maintain a youthful appearance, I refreshed my colour at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio a few days ago. 
My stylist Willam gave my hair a light brown colour refresher. But we kept the pink as it is without re-colouring it because I love the shade of pink that it has faded to so far. I'm impressed that the pink has such good staying power... usually with such colours, they fade away quite fast.
 After colouring, it was time for my usual hair and scalp treatment.
 Oh I really missed the hair treatments there for the past couple of months. They are so pampering and of course, the results after are great. Soft and glossy hair, and a clean healthy scalp.

After a quick blowdry and trim, I was good to go! So ready for September and can't wait for my birthday! 

Enhancing your hair colour as you age is a way to keep looking young and fresh. Lighten up your color a few shades—this will take years off! The key is to choose a tone that suits you. I trust William's eye for colour compatibility. Super love this soft brown shade for me.

Quote HOLLY when making ur appt and get 10% OFF all services with William/ director stylist!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio is at-
Ngee Ann City, Tower B #05-23,
391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Tel: (+65) 6238 1522/1514
Like them on Facebook: @Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon
Hash Tag On Twitter / Instagram:  #shunjimatsuo / ShunjiMatsuoSG