Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zurich Vista Review

I've always been a big saver, I like hoarding money ... my husband calls me a leprechaun (lol). But I do know that just saving money isn't good enough (especially with our savings account type interest rates). So I've been looking at savings plans with better returns and which include life insurance policy.

Zurich International Life is part of Zurich, one of the world’s leading insurance groups, and one of the few to operate on a global basis.Vista is a regular savings life insurance policy that provides you with flexibility and access to a wide choice of investment linked policy sub-funds (ILP sub-funds).
For more info check out Zurich Vista.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Gimmick

I feel like the Grinch who ruined Christmas ... I can't help feeling disgusted with all the ice bucket challenge videos. I know it's for Charity but it's really getting on my nerves.
In case you've been living under a rock, the ALS ice bucket challenge is when people dump a bucket of ice water over their heads and “nominate” others to do the same, as a way of promoting awareness about ALS. And also they're supposed to make a donation towards the ALS charity (but I bet most don't do that.. they only do the fun part which they can show others. For most poeple who did this challenge it's narcissism disguised as altruism).

I was nominated earlier on, before it started getting on my nerves. I watched a few ice bucket video clips when it first started catching on (but I skip past them all now.... it's all SO REPETITIVE lah). I've never gone to the ALS website. I've never done the challenge. I'm just not interested in it.

And when I was nominated, one of my friends said- Aiyoh!!! Your turn!! Die!!!  Then when I didn't do it, he kind of insinuated that I was scared of cold water that's why. Bitch please, I take cold showers every morning and love it. I don't see ice water being dumped on me (especially in sunny Singapore) as something torturous. So those that do it, cut the act.
And it's like... I'm so over it... but some groups of people (mostly an older crowd) are suddenly all doing it now. Aiyoh, auntie uncle, why you all so slow.

"I'm doing this to raise awareness for ALS"  ...... Honestly, it was really "I'm doing this to show off my bikini body/rock a wet tshirt/ feel cool/ be included in something that's trending/ come across as giving a fuck" , right?

I'm not against donating to ALS, you can donate to them if you want, it's not wrong at all. But stop with the ALS ice buckets already! It's so yesterday.
BTW, the same goes for people shaving their heads for charity. Bloody hell, what kind of a world do we live in where people have to go through something unappealing (like shaving bald) in order to make people want to donate to charity.

The Ice Bucket challenge has run it's course, let it end. Just donate to any charity you want out of the goodness of your heart lah (and don't brag about it).

Friday, August 29, 2014

NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum

Always on the go go go... and my time is spent either outdoors in the sun and wind or indoors in dry air conditioning. Most of us moisturise and take care of our face skin from a very young age but we often neglect the skin on our body because we may not notice the signs of damage and dryness as easily. Basically, it's easy to overlook it until it's too late!
I recently started using the NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 because I don't want to age and have skin like leather... plus it's so pampering, easy to use and I feel the improvement immediately.
Exposure to the sun and harsh environmental influences results in the loss of moisture and essential oils that protects your skin, leaving it dry and damaged. Such skin tends to make one appear older.

“How to tell that my skin is dry and damaged?” 
Well, here are the signs- 
1. Flaky
2. Itchy
3. Uneven
4. Scratched
5. Rough
6. Cracked
7. Stressed
8. Dull
9. Peeling
10. Tight
It's the first body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but also shields it from the sun. NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 contains an impressive blend of 100X concentrated Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, hydra IQ technology and SPF 25.
Application is easy, the tube has a flip top cap and this serum has a lotion like consistency. It's not strongly scented, smells very pleasant and light. It may feel like a light lotion and not thick and heavy but it is very hydrating.
Application is fast because my skin absorbs this serum easily. Once it's absorbed, skin feels so supple and hydrated. It's a fresh and light feeling because there's no sticky residue. Upon application, my skin is noticeably healthier, smoother, softer and suppler.
I'm impressed with the results. This serum repairs 10 signs of dry & damaged skin within 24 hours. Before application, my skin (especially around my elbows and on my legs) has a scaly look, is dull and rough. When I apply the NIVEA Intensive Moisture Serum, my skin smoothens out and has a dewy moist appearance.
It's so pampering on my skin and so easy to use. I also love that it has SPF 25PA++ so my skin is protected when I'm outdoors, no need to worry about applying sunblock.

You can purchase this product ($8.90 for 200ml) from all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

Contest Time!
You can redeem your FREE sample of NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum on . Along with the sample, you will also receive an A5 brochure with a magnifying glass cut-out in order to participate in the Instagram contest.
If you want to take part in the contest, more instructions will be on the brochure. But it's really easy, just get creative, snap your Instagram shot and tag #NIVEAsg #IntensiveMoistureSerum to win prizes.

2 Grand Prize winners will be hand-picked by Sample Store editors, Holly Jean (me!) and Trixy respectively based on the submission that is most creative in their opinion (text and/or photo creativity). Grand Prize winners each win shopping vouchers worth $200 and NIVEA hampers worth $100.

Instagram contest will commence from 25th August - 30th September. Winners to be announced on 1st October.

Have fun! (And take care of your skin!)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In Deep Ocean

I was at OCEAN Restaurant by Cat Cora yesterday afternoon. Was so excited to be invited to this Hada Labo event because I do use Hada Labo products a lot and I've never been to this underwater restaurant before :)
My outfit is the Forgive Me dress from ClubCouture, it says I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry . lol  :)  This place is so tranquil, there's something very calming about seeing fish swim. It feels like you're dining in the deep ocean.
At the event, Hada Labo shared with us their new lotion formulation which makes it even more hydrating than before. Hada Labo's new local ambassador is Michelle Chia and the new international ambassador is Jun Ji Hyun. Both of them are such natural beauties, right in line with what Hada Labo is because Hada Labo products do not contain harmful chemicals or unnecessary fragrances, making it the more natural choice for skin.
 The Hada labo lab scientist explaining to us the New Generation 4 Interlocked Hyaluronic Acids which is now in the Hada Labo lotions. We left with a goodie bag with the new hydrating lotions as well as the Air BB cream and Air Aqua UV. You can find out more from the Hada Labo Facebook page
One Drop Locks Up An Ocean.... *splash*  :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Laksania .. for Laksa Lovers

Was browsing through my entertainer app, looking for a new food place to try out because I was meeting a friend for lunch... and I came across Laksania at Bugis+. Love using the Entertainer app to try new places I would have otherwise never thought of going to.
Laksania is a social enterprise that was started in 2008. They employ those marginalised by their mental or physical disability and enable them to earn a living using their own efforts. They set up a central kitchen in IMH to hire and train IMH clients. They believe that work is the best form of therapy. Their employees get on-the-job training in the various aspects of F&B and have been fully integrated into the business model. Kudos, guys!
Using the Entertainer App at Laksania, I can get a free main course with every main course I purchase. They have 7 different types of Laksa for you to choose from... and Laksa burgers, Laksa rice, Laksa Hotpot, Laksa pasta... 
I'm a Singapore Laksa kind of girl. Creamy gravy, mmm so tasty. Singapore laksa has cockles, egg, prawn, taopok and fishcake in it.
My friend had the Sarawak Laksa which is not creamy, more soupy, and unlike other Laksas I've had before, this one has shredded chicken.
To get your 1 month Entertainer App membership at $19, just go to this special link and Click BUY NOW and apply code @hollyjean69 at checkout. You won’t be able to get this 1 month entertainer membership anywhere else. :) And if you decide to purchase the 1 year membership after this month's trial, the $19 will be offset from that.
It's also suitable for my Muslim friends as this place is Halal. Dig in!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Met George Young!! #LiptonMomentsSg

Here's a peek into the Lipton's event last Thursday, in collaboration with the Cufflink Club and hosted by George Young. There was even a cocktail class where we learnt how to make cocktails and mocktails using Lipton teas. I only just found out there are so many types and flavours of Lipton teas; Yellow Label, Peach Mango, Lemon Ginger, Chamomile, Mint, Forest Fruits,  Passion Raspberry, English Breakfast & Russian Earl Grey. There's one to suit each taste. 

Good Fun, thanks for the invite guys!