Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Maternity Shoot Sneak Peek

OK...our baby might come a bit earlier than planned so imma quickly share some pics from the Maternity shoot we did 2 weeks ago. Will upload the rest of the maternity photos some time late next week, on Facebook.
We will also be doing the newborn shoot with the same studio (but have them come to our home for the newborn shoot instead, more convenient).
The company we used is Smile Moment Photography. Get your maternity shoot at $198 only! It's a really good deal. This includes maternity shoot outfits as well (or you can choose to wear your own). You can PM them for more info on this package at the Smile Moment Photography Facebook Page.
Our photographer Jason was so easy to work with, so efficient and set us all at ease during the shoot. Looking forward to working with him again for the newborn shoot once Michael arrives.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Longkang Fishing for Kids

Yesterday, Adamson took Myla to ORTO for longkang Fishing. It was their first time doing this sort of fishing.
For $12, you get an hour of fishing, a small plastic tank and a tiny net. There's a sign that says parents not allowed in the pond... but they do close one eye if the child is like just 1 or 2 years old toddling around, so quite a few parents were in the pond helping their toddlers.
Left to her own devices, Myla Rae would have caught zero guppies lol. They just don't have the reflexes for it yet at that age. Still, I would recommend taking your little ones there, as long as they can walk, I think it's a suitable learning activity for them.
We didn't stay the whole hour, we were there maybe 20 minutes, then Myla got bored of using the tiny net and preferred to sit in the pond and splash around like it's a swimming pool.

But while it lasted, she was very amused looking at the little fishies... and very delighted that she got to take daddy's her catch home.
Some advice though.... use insect repellent (!) there's mosquitoes there.  if you plan on taking home and keeping these as pets, you will need an air pump, a larger tank and anti chlorine for the water. 1/4 of her guppies died by the time we reached home (and we are a 5 min drive away!).... then the rest died by the next morning :/

It's not something we would do again, but definitely good fun for a one time family experience. We will only go back there when she's much older and can go in the pond and catch guppies on her own.  

P/S- Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Especially to this wonderful man who has stepped up to the plate in more ways than I could ever imagine. Love u bubba, thank you.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Letters to Myla Rae - The Lead up to you being an older sister

Open when you need a a reminder of how awesome you are.

Dearest Myla Rae,

You are a very good girl. Of course, not without the trials and tribulations all 2 year olds go through as part of development ... but overall you're very self sufficient, responsible, sweet and easy to manage.
This is you, a couple weeks ago... you had 2 nights of fevers and a bad cold. I brought you to the doctors that morning, and look at you... waiting patiently for your turn while holding on to my bag. You don't put up a struggle when being examined. I'm never afraid of taking you for your immunizations in the past also because even when you're scared or it hurts, you look at me for strength and take you cue from me. I'm very proud of you. 
When I'm busy cooking or mopping etc, you play quite contentedly in your room on your own.
Plus you super love school, despite being the youngest and smallest sized in class. No tears, I just drop you off for playgroup, you turn and wave goodbye happily and enter the classroom.
No stress for me. Thank you my child.
Last pic before start of June holidays!
When I pick you up 2 hours later, you're always excited and all smiles. If your daddy comes to pick you up (if he can fit it into his lunch break), you're even more excited and totally bypass me and make a beeline into his arms. Lol, luckily I don't get jealous when it comes to family and loved ones.
Now it's the June holidays though, so no more school... and I'm thankful for it because I was starting to struggle getting you to school and back. I'm quite heavily pregnant with Michael, and it's quite a long and scorching walk to school and back, pushing your stroller (and usually when coming back it's loaded with groceries).
So these final few weeks, I've really been enjoying our time together. I take you to the arcade for rides. And you help me with the load from shopping...
I should really take you to the pool more often, but it's a bit hard because I keep feeling tired and run down. I'm carrying a lot of excess weight now. 
I was 48kg pre-pregnancy with you and 67kg at week 35 gestation and then you arrived. So that's 19kg (which is a lot but I didn't like lumber around looking obese or what).
Now with your brother, I was 45kg pre-pregnancy, and now at 36 weeks I'm 69kg already. His weight has already surpassed your birth weight by almost a kilo (you were a tiny baby). But I actually feel the weight badly this time round... my body hurts... my ribs feel like they're breaking (on the right side). Belly gonna burst sort of feeling.

So I'm trying to spend as much time engaging you in lower key activities that are not too physically strenuous for me. I particularly enjoy our lunches out. First because I don't have to cook (haha) and second because I love seeing you explore food and enjoy it. Even if it gets a bit messy.
So my baby girl, in a few weeks you will be a big sister! I'm excited but also kinda dreading it. You see, it wasn't too long ago I was caring for a newborn (you) and I can still remember the HARD WORK it was. Homaigawd!!! Pump and then feed you (you're an easy baby but you're always a nightmare to feed milk to because you had a problem with your suck) and then diaper change and then put you back to sleep and then wash and sterilise the pump and bottles and prepare them for the next pump, and finally getting to sleep an hour before having to wake up to repeat everything againnnnnnnn).

I hope your brother will latch well and I won't need to pump. I'm nervous enough about having to balance a toddler's needs with a newborn baby's needs. The dynamics of the parent-child relationship changes dramatically with a second child. We will have a lot on our plate as it is. I pray he's born with no issues, and all is well.

I know your personality but not your brother's. You, me and daddy are in this together, ok? You'll be that little trooper by our side, helping to watch out for Baby Michael, throwing his dirty diapers away and passing us all the creams and lotions during changes. 
A huge part of me believes that you will take to being a big sister very well. By nature, you are very similar to me. And I don't recall wishing for sole attention or being jealous of my little brother, ever. Instead I felt instantly protective over him and I knew I gained a lifelong friend. I do wish that for you as well ( although I will have to bear in mind that I was 4 years old when my brother was born, but you will just turn 2 and half by the time Michael arrives).

Never forget, nothing changes our love for you, it can only grow.

Loved you first, and always...

Monday, June 04, 2018

Personalised Flash Cards for Toddlers ( + StuckOnYou Giveaway!)

I just got a set of personalised Flash Cards for Myla. They're from StuckOnYou... an online store which does loads of personalised products for kids (and the young at heart).

Like personalised bento boxes! So many cute designs. Oh this is also where you can get name labels for your child's water bottle and school books etc. And they do clothing name stamps as well.

Here's Myla's Flash Cards.
They're ABC flash cards in Pink. It has her name on it, and the soft pouch (great to keep the cards neat and organised, and also for travel) also has her name.
The cards are an excellent quality, can withstand rough handling by a 2 year old and I wipe the cards down easily using wet wipes. The print, font and layout of each card also draws Myla's interest.
Even when she outgrows these flash cards in a year or so, it will make a great keepsake.

Check out StuckOnYou.sg for their full range of products. Use code hollyjean69 for 10% discount (excluding value pack); valid till 31 Aug 2019.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In the Meanwhile...

Hey folks,

There's a slight delay with the next giveaway... will launch it next Monday (4th June) morning instead of this week so do look out for it. Clue: It's something from Stuckonyou.sg

Will be running weekly giveaways all the way until baby Michael arrives. And during the week he's born, the giveaway will be sponsored by Haakaa. Whoop!!

And last week we had a maternity photoshoot! My first! Cos I didn't get to do one when pregnant with Myla cos she arrived before the scheduled shoot. Can't wait to see the pics and share it with you too.

Meanwhile, have you read my latest articles on MyFatPocket?

5 Interesting and Hot V-zone Tattoos

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Recipe: Yummy White Bait Omelette for Toddlers (+ Giveaway!)

White Bait (Shirasu) is rich in calcuim and is good for the development of the baby's bone and teeth. It is high in protein and iron. Plus it contains vital minerals especially DHA (Omega-3) with its critical fatty acids for baby brain development.
Best of all, it is very tasty so my toddler gobbles up her food everytime I add whitebait powder to it. The most convenient and fool proof way to cook a baby's meal (porridge etc) with all the nutrients and tastiness of whitebait is to just add a small teaspoon (or half teaspoon) of White bait powder.

My trusted source is Sg Homemade. They are NEA approved. There's no preservatives, additives and MSG. They have a physical set up at Jalan Dusun but you can easily order online and have it mailed to you.

Their powders are
- suitable for weaning babies/toddlers/young children
- suitable for elderly and the ill
- help with fussy eaters & poor appetite
- nutrition booster for regular meals
- easy consumption & digestion
-seasoning everyday dishes healthily
Here's a simple Whitebait Spinach Omlette recipe:

Mix in a bowl
One large egg
1 Tablespoon chopped spinach
1/2 Teaspoon Sg Homemade White Bait Powder
Heat a frying pan with some butter and pour mixture in. When Omelette is half cooked, flip it in half.
Once cooked, you can cut into strips and serve to your toddler.

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Winner will be drawn via facebook Live on Tuesday 22nd May.