Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Katamama Suite, in Bali

Katamama Keycard, Myla's shades...
We just got back from a 3 day trip to Bali. We stayed at Katamama.
Katamama Reception
The reception area is weird... damn weird... It actually made me uneasy every time I went through it, because it's set up like cafe/bar type area and their staff sit around with their laptops/lounging... much like other patrons. Damn odd to me la... But that's also cos I'm old hahahhaha,,, maybe if you're a millennial (like my husband & his friends) this set up will sit well with you. But age has made me somewhat unbending, I prefer my staff uniformed and behind a counter lol. But the Katamama staff were definitely friendly... and erm... upbeat.
Katamama Reception
We were travelling with his friend and their young daughter (whom Myla likes a lot a lot a lot). They stayed at Katamama before and recommended it to us for this trip. Oh boy, the Katamama suite is fabulous! It's spacious, and yet cosy... the deco is classy retro chic and the amenities luxurious and yet the colours and textures make the area calm and livable.
View from the Katamama Suite. 501
Small kitchenette with mixology type bar area and Vinyl Player
Large selection of retro vinyls
Living area
Bedroom with tub
Kids enjoying the tub
In our bedroom
Not a cheap place, but worth the splurge because the suite itself is beautiful, and can fit 2 small families comfortably. 2 large bedrooms, each with it's own en suite bathrooms. Large living area, and upstairs there's a whole private rooftop with Jacuzzi. The views are unblocked.
Staircase up to roof
Too hot in afternoon but lovely at night
lots of space 
unblocked view
The Jacuzzi in evening
The main pool is ok, great for relaxing, and for your kids to play (large shallow area) but it's not great for like sunbathing (quite shady) and not a place to like show off hahaha, cos everyone is at Potato Head. So head there for the pool instead, if you want to like pick up people/people watch.
Matching family wear haha
again...   :)
my loves
The hotel is not far from the beach at all, in fact, it's right next to Potato Head beach club.
Myla at Potato Head pool
Us on the daybed
Myla in robe
Dunno doing what...
Watermelon juice
Potato Head has a good vibe. And the food at their restaurant is GOOD! Tasty stuff. 
Potatohead Restaurant
Food at Katamama hotel, is at best just so so. Won't die eating it, but pales in comparison to Potato head and most other places actually. Other than that, Katamama doesn't disappoint. 

Adamson wants to return to Katamama for this exact suite if we're in Bali again. I do like it a lot, but I might want to try some place else. 

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Phuket - Just the 2 of Us

We still have not gone for our honeymoon...maybe we will get to some years down the road lol... but we did get a short getaway to Phuket last week. We chose to stay in Patong, and rented a scooter (yelps!) to get to Kata and Rawai for some hours.

Oh BTW, our first day there, Adamson tried out the hair braiding on the beach, just for a laugh. And also because when we asked HOW LONG THIS WOULD TAKE? The lady said 30 minutes. So okay. But oh man, these Thai beach people have like rubber time. It actually took 90minutes! If we had know it would take this long, we would never have done it. Our holiday time already so short, we don't want to waste almost 2 hours sitting there getting his hair braided omg.
 But ok la, what's done is done, and we were actually happy with the results. I loved the way he looked. But I have to advice you, NOT to get this done there. Waste our time and like 500 baht, and the extensions started coming off and the braids unravelling that night itself. I helped to re tie what I could manage. Then the next morning, it was worse lol, and buy that evening, we had to spend like an hour in the hotel room removing the braids. Not a worthwhile investment unless you find 20 bucks and 90 mins of your time an ok investment for having some braids for less than 24 hours after.
 Ok, now the good stuff! We checked in to a pool villa at La Flora. They also have rooms with pool side access, but we wanted our own place with our own private pool. At first glance, the lobby looks unimpressive.. but oh I don't regret this choice at all!
 The villa was spacious and comfortable. One king sized bed on the first floor.
A comfortable lounge area on the second floor.
The lounge area is spacious and lets in lots of bright light during the day. 
Comfortable day beds up there. Though to be honest we mostly spent our time downstairs, in the pool.  
The bathroom is large, with both a shower and a jacuzzi bath, which we never used because we just used the pool instead, even at night. Weather was perfect.
Drinks and supper while soaking in the pool was so relaxing. And something I actually looked forward to after a day out and about.
Breakfast selection is ok. Not bad. Good range of stuff, quite typical of Thai resorts.
It was never crowded, I think it's the low season. But the room occupancy was almost full... dunno maybe everyone sleeping (we go to breakfast like 7am lol).
Another perk of La Flora is that it's beachfront. So you have direct access to a good stretch of Patong beach.
You can rent an umbrella and beach chair for around 300baht for the whole day. But we only used it for like a few hours.
Oh and the hotel room wifi can reach this stretch of the beach because it's that close by. Very useful because Adamson had some work to do. 
Location location location! We will most likely stay at La Flora again because its location is superb. Beach front. It's along the popular stretch of Patong beach (not ulu or boring part). It's a 2 min walk to Banglah road and the fun stretch of Patong with all the drinks and streetfood.

Our only gripe was our next door villa neighbour on our second night there. They had like some devil child. I kid you not. Bone chilling screams from him (he looks like 10yrs old around there), banging and tantrums. And his energy really impressed us. He screamed from like 8pm to around 11pm. Then quiet. Then it picked up again at 1am to 4 am. WTF. We did call reception once, to ask if they could do anything about it. When we called they knew what we were calling for, I guess other people made complaints too. I did hear staff go and knock on their door, but it didn't help. Luckily it's just the two of us, and we were actually sympathetic towards the parents cos it must be some kind of Hell they have to live through daily. But if we had our kids with us and the screaming kept MJ and Myla awake, we would be livid.
At Patong, it was my first time tasting crocodile. 300baht for a small plate. Tastes like chicken but had the consistency of pork. And have good amount of blubbery fat (nice).
 One of the gems we discovered is this couple's street cart selling bbq skewers. They're right across from the beach, and about 200 meters from the resort.
 They're both friendly, and the skewers soooooo tasty. We had supper from this stall (tapao back to our pool) both nights.
Pork belly, chicken hearts, squid, etc.
BBQed on the spot. Their marinate is something special. Addictive lol.
After much persuasion from my other half, I agreed to take a scooter to Kata and Rawai. 
We went to Rawai pier for the seafood. And he also wanted me to try Parrot fish. (I find the fish so so only, sweet and soft, but I'm not a big fish fan but all the other seafood soooo good).
Prices here are reasonable for such fresh seafood. You buy the seafood from the market stalls there and then the restaurant cooks it for you for like 50baht a dish.
In the end, I really enjoyed scooting around. Lets you discover Phuket at your own pace. Of course, not something we would do if we had our kids with us.

I feel like I want to go back there already hahahaa.

p/s- big thanks to my mum who took care of both MJ and Myla Rae for those 3 days and 2 nights.