Sunday, May 14, 2017

Letters to Myla Rae: Happy Mother's Day To Me!

Open when: You wonder why you're an only child

Dearest Myla Rae,

It's Mother's Day today.
I just wanted to use today to let you know that you are absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. The most important. The most valuable.

So you're wondering, if having a child is so great then why didn't I do it over and over again and give you siblings???

Main reason is... this is the picture of a perfect family to me.

Which is strange because I super enjoyed having siblings growing up, in fact, for my whole childhood and most of my teenhood, my brother (your godpa) was my best friend. We are still close, but not like before where we would eat together, watch tv together, play the same video games, watch NBA and WWF together, read Lao Fu Zi comics, invent our own games (Houston kita ada problem!... haha I'll tell you about this another day), we would share toys (his Centurians made really short boyfriends for my Barbie dolls), talk talk talk, and look out for each other.

But now, for my own family, I always picture parents and one child as the perfect family. Maybe because I've an introverted nature and I like things under control, I don't like chaos. I'm not sure why it's perfect, but it is. I cannot picture having more kids, like I don't even think of it, let alone desire it. Some people might think it's selfish of me? But everyone has their own ideas of perfection, some might want a huge brood, while some might not want any children at all. Not one choice fits all.

I especially don't want to have to divide my attention. I only have 24 hours in a day, and even that is mostly taken up by sleep, washing, ironing, cooking, errands, writing, etc. So when I imagine having more kids, and each of them having even less of my time. It puts me off. I would feel like I was short changing them. You will always get my 100%.

We are also practical with finances and resources. We are not going to spoil you rotten with luxuries but we want to be able to see you all the way to university and beyond without you having to worry about money or having enough to meet your needs. That said though... even if we were filthy rich, I would still just want one child.

After we got married, I wanted you so badly but it took me an awfully long time to convince your father to start a family. So I bet my last dollar there is absolutely NO WAY he would say okay to another child.

Before I had you, I used to get so envious and sad when other people were pregnant or had babies. But now when I see people announcing that they're expecting a second or third etc child on Facebook, I don't have a single ounce of envy or sadness. It's actually very nice to feel this way. I feel complete. You are perfect to me. You complete our family.

So that is why you are our only child.

I hope you build and treasure loyal friendships which will see you through good times and bad. I hope you grow up to be a good person. Most of all, I hope to always be here for you for as long as I can.

Mum xx

Happy Mother's Day to me :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eeek. People are so Self Centred

You know, when I was on my own, I would hold doors open for others and let others enter the lift first etc, that sort of thing. I wouldn't even think of it, it's just a regular thing. It doesn't cost me anything (hardly a few seconds of my time) to be polite/considerate.

But now when I'm with Myla, either I'm pushing her stroller or carrying her in my Tula plus bags of groceries... it's made me aware that wow people are quite inconsiderate and only care about themselves.
Just today, I was in the lift with Myla in her stroller. Then half way down, another woman enters with her daughter around 7-8 years old, and she's pushing a stroller with a toddler about 3 years old inside it.

When the lift door opens on the ground floor, her daughter and her move out first. Which is fine, they're closest to the door anyway. And then I'm following behind them, we are all heading to the condo gate.

Now this gate is pretty heavy, and once u press the unlock button you have a few seconds to swing it open otherwise it locks again. But I always manage to unlock it, hold it open and then swing Myla's stroller through, just struggle a bit.

Well anyway, The woman unlocks the gate, her 7-8 year old walks through, then she seems to struggle to get her stroller through. So I park my stroller next to the gate (on the inside), and I go and hold the gate open for her.

Ok now, here's the surprising part....I hold the gate for her and she pushes her stroller through, and off she goes. I was kinda expecting maybe she would park her stroller at the outside of the gate, and then hold the gate open for me so I could go get my stroller and push it through as well.

It's not like a BIG problem, I just reached my leg out and hooked my stroller with my foot and pulled it towards the gate opening. Maneuvered it through and went on my way. But I was just surprised that she so didn't-give-a-shit about me, right after I had helped her.

Then I went to the MRT station. A husband + stroller and his wife were waiting alongside me, for the lift. The lift doors opened, the wife held the Door open button. And her husband + stroller went into the lift. Then instead of letting me get in next with my stroller, she just let go of the button and went in right after him. And both of them didn't bother to press the door open button from the inside, they just stood there, bochup. So I pressed it on the outside (cos I scared it might shut on the stroller) and then quickly pushed the stroller in.

Why are people so like that?

Monday, May 01, 2017

Everyday Play Experience

Myla Rae loves to play... she loves her books with sounds and textures, she loves her puzzles like the shape sorter and hoops, she loves her Leap Frog lap pup which is like a baby laptop that plays music, and she loves going to indoor playgrounds. While all these keep her entertained, I noticed that she has a keen interest in what we adults were doing too.
So I incorporated our adult everyday things (which we take for granted) into a play experience for her. She gets to feel like a BIG person (she loves being just like us!), these things improve her fine motor skills, it's fun for her, she's learning without feeling like it's hard work and it doesn't cost me much at all!

Here are 2 of our favourite " everyday" play experiences.

1. A Wallet

Everytime we were out and I would pay for things, she would have a keen eye on my wallet and my actions. Then my husband started giving her his wallet to hold and play with while we were out because it kept her busy and contented in her stroller. However, she's still just a very young child, and would often throw his money or cards on the floor as she's playing, so we'd have to keep a sharp eye on her the whole time.

So finally, I took an old wallet we didn't need anymore, and slotted it with cards which we didn't use anymore. That's her wallet now, and she absolutely loves it to bits. It keeps her entertained for a very long time. She loves removing and slotting her cards into the individual compartments, this is a great fine motor exercise. I haven't given her any coins yet, but will add those in later on when she's older and won't accidentally swallow them.

And most adorably, when the waiter comes to us with the bill (or even if someone at the next table is paying their bill), she will take her wallet and stretch out to try to hand it to the waiter, saying "TA!!".

2. A Laundry Basket

A good part of my week is spent doing the laundry and ironing. So I've made it part of her play experience as well. Grappling with the laundry basket (sometimes heaped full of clothes), is great exercise for her. The large physical movements (when she reaches into the basket to sort and pick stuff out) are great developing strength. She also enjoys climbing in and out of the basket, which develops her problem solving skills (she used to fall in head first lol). And I'm using this laundry activity to develop her language skills. I am usually ironing very close by while she's in her play yard with the laundry basket, and when I'm done with one piece, I will ask her to fetch me another shirt to iron. This is a good way to teach colours too.

So if you haven't already incorporated "everyday" play into your tot's day, you could start with an unwanted wallet and the laundry basket! You'll be amazed how fun (and educational!) these items are for them... and best of all, it makes your chores more fun too!

For more tips and ideas on how you can give your child more learning experiences as they grow, check out
Friso's Learning & Experiences page for useful articles and resources. I picked up lots of good tips and a better understanding of toddler development from the site.

Be sure to include some outdoor time in the fresh air and sunshine for your little one's play experience. Must share with you! Free Gift from Friso! It's a Friso Powered Luggage which doubles up as a remote controlled car. Both Myla Rae and I love it, it gives us the opportunity to play together outdoors and bond. It has storage space inside, a handle to pull along, remote controlled, with rechargeable battery. 
Spend $389 on any Friso participating products* to redeem your FREE Friso Powered Luggage worth $189. (* Exclude infant formula from 0-6 months) You can download the redemption form here:

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Giveaway & Review: Playkeroo Indoor Playground

This week we checked out a new indoor playground called Playkeroo. It's at 100AM Mall, near Tanjong Pagar Mrt (right next to Amara Hotel).
Playkeroo is a family owned indoor playground and party facility dedicated to early childhood. When we stepped in, I loved that it's so clean and new, bright and colourful and the staff are friendly and helpful. All of the playground's floor area is padded, so it's so safe for crawlers or wobbly walkers.
Playkeroo is inspired by the characteristics of Kangaroos. Baby-Roo Forest Land is perfect for infants and young toddlers to hone their fine and large motor skills which prepares them for crawling, cruising and walking.
There were a couple of push walkers, a small ball pit with a toddler slide, puzzles and fine motor toys on the walls, musical floor piano, and a "mountain" thingy with steps and notches which is great for developing gross motor strength and coordination. Everything is padded padded padded, no sharp edges, completely baby proof.

Myla enjoyed Joey Hills, which is an active play area where they get to run around and expend their energy. There are soft play equipment, obstacle courses, a trampoline, slides and a large ballpit. This section is very spacious and there's lots to do.

For older children, they can tackle the second level of the obstacle course of Joey Hills. I brought Myla up with me so I could take her down the large slides (there are 3!).

There is also Kangaroo City where they have to navigate through traffic... there's a mini track/road with little cars and even a car wash and petrol pump.

There's also nail services within the playground facility to provide convenience to the dedicated parents who are in need of pampering while their kids play safely. And if you're thinking of hosting a fun party, you can do that there too. This is their private party room, it also has a small stage.

There's a spacious diaper changing and nursing room within Playkeroo.

Playkeroo opening hours are:
Mondays to Sundays,10am to 8pm
I super love that it opens at 10am on weekdays, because I like getting out and about early. A lot of indoor playgrounds open from noon onwards on weekdays (I suppose because the bulk of their crowd comes in after school hours). But Playkeroo definitely caters to a younger crowd, I deal for crawling babies, and toddlers... and perhaps young children from 4 to 6.
Admission fees are listed in this pic:
The rates are really good! For Myla Rae, it's just $10 for weekday entry (no time limit) and 2 adults get to go with her, so I don't have to pay extra if David (her dad) tags along.
Playkeroo is sponsoring 5x single admission pass. To be one of the 5 winners, click here to head to my Facebook giveaway.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sashimi for Dogs :) Yum!!!

Lookie at what's new at Kohepets online ! Sashiiiimiiiiii ! Yummy chunks of freeze dried salmon especially for your fur babies (They have a version for cats too).
Left to Right: Jumbo chunks and Small Chunks

Angel's Salmon Sashimi Dog Treats come in a Jumbo Version and Small chunks version. It's stated that there are more than 10 pieces of jumbo sized sahimi in a pack or over 50 pieces (woah!) of the small sized sashimi. Just $6.90 a pack. I got them both to compare... and honestly, there's not such a large difference in size. And there was much much more than 10 pieces in my Jumbo pack.... more like 20plus pieces. Nett weight for both packs are the same. So either one that you pick is fine... if you have a larger dog, go jumbo.
Small sized pieces of Salmon Sashimi

It's pure Freeze-dried 100% Wild Alaskan salmon. Giving Lola lots of Omega 3 for healthy skin & coat. These all natural gourmet treats are free from artificial additives, making it a healthy and delicious daily treat for Lola.
Itadakimasu! It's very very yummy to Lola.

Here's the rest of her haul from kohepets. Singapore Delivery is free for orders above $60. Do look out for their promo items and add some free samples to your cart too. :)
Oooh... another item I want to show you is this Bio X Shield. I first read great reviews about it in my mummy groups online. They use this as a disinfectant spray on their kids, especially when going to playgrounds/playgroups where there's a risk of picking up germs from other kids. Works like a hand sanitizer, only better cos you use it before the kid is exposed to germs/bacteria and it forms a shield on their skin. Plus it is also an insect repellent. 

It's safe for pets and kids, using all natural ingredients, no alcohol, nothing harsh. You can spray it in the air like those baygon type mosquito and cockroach sprays, only this is safe for homes with pets and kids! It deodorises, so if you have smelly pets, this helps. You can spay directly onto skin too. I spray it on Myla's legs now (cos she got some nasty mozzie bites on her thighs last week, so poor thing. Wish I found this Bio X Shield thing earlier).

Totally loving this item, so glad I can get Bio X products at KohePets now. Only $6.90. They have larger ones too, which I shall get next time round.

KOHEPETS EXPO SALES 2017 (11th to 17th April 2017)
Can’t make it to #PetExpoSG this weekend? Don’t be sad, you can still bag great deals online. Kohepets is having EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS OF UP TO 50%. Click Here.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Overnight Oats for Babies

I first came across overnight oats in a Facebook post by my cousin. It was a delicious looking photo of some overnight oats she had made in a small jar in the fridge for her husband's breakfast.

I cook oats in milk for Myla Rae every morning for breakfast. She loves her oats in milk. So I thought it would be a nice change for her to have cold refreshing overnight oats instead. I catered it to her baby requirements and taste buds... she tried it and she loves it!

Baby overnight oats is a tasty, fast and healthy breakfast option. Overnight oats are oats soaked in any liquid - milk, yoghurt - while they sit overnight in the fridge. This will soften and plump up the oats so totally no cooking is required the next morning. Just take it from the fridge and serve!

By mixing a few of your baby's favourite ingredients, you will have a nutrient packed meal your little one is sure to love. The fiber from the oats and protein from the milk is sure to fill their little bellies and give them the nutrients needed.
Here's some ingredients you can add into your baby's overnight oats.
Yoghurt or Milk
You can mix the oats with yoghurt but I don't. Plain Greek yogurt has a bold tangy flavor that Myla doesn't really like with her oats. So I give her the yoghurt as a snack later in the day, with fruit instead.
I prefer mixing oats with Myla Rae's Friso Gold stage 2 formula milk because it's convenient to mix up a small portion, it has a pleasant taste which she likes and it also has all the nutrients to support her development, digestion and good gut health. Perfect method of including the benefits of milk into her diet when she's refusing to drink from the bottle (when teething!), and also we are weaning from the bottle.
I usually mix one part milk to one part oats. This gives us quite a thick consistency the next morning, which makes it easy for her to feed herself as it will be gooey enough to stick to her spoon. When she is older and more capable with utensils, I will make it one part oats to two parts milk so her overnight oats will be less gunky and more creamy. If you are spoon feeding, you can adjust the consistency to make it perfect for your little one.
Peanut butter

I recently started giving her peanut butter. It's yummy! I add one heaped teaspoon and stir, before putting the whole bowl in the fridge to rest overnight. One of her favourite combinations is chunks of banana and peanut butter. These two go really well with oats and milk.
For some natural sweetness, add a tablespoon of honey. Take note that you should not give a baby younger than 1 year old any honey.

You can mix in any fruit your baby likes. Blue berries, banana, kiwi, etc just make sure it's ripe. You can leave them in crunchy little chunks or mash it to help it better incorporate into the mixture.
Chia Seeds
Chia seeds is a superseed. And I see loads of overnight oats recipes using Chia seeds. They are very nutritious. However, I haven't added them to Myla Rae's diet because I read that babies can't digest them enough to gain any benefits. It'll just come out in their poop. So, it's your decision if you want to add it or not. If you do want to introduce Chia seeds, having them in overnight oats is perfect  as these super seeds need time to absorb liquid.
Whatever your ingredients of choice, all you need to do is mix them together, cover the container with a lid, and leave in the fridge overnight (or at least 4-6 hours).
If you're still not sure what ingredients to add in, click here to read about your child's nutritional needs between 1-3 years old, food safety and much more.
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