We’re not in Kansas Anymore ...

... and no matter how many times either of us click our heels. There is no rewind.    Over the last 6 years of marriage, oh there have been trials & tribulations. It's like we went into this starting out all blissful (because.. love)... and then very quickly, we found ourselves kicked out of fairytale Kansas and tornadoed into the sucks ass land of Oz where the struggles of life and our flaws all come in to play.  There have been phases which pained me and aged me like I never knew possible. But there have also been so many more magical phases which exulted me and made me glow with such pure unadulterated happiness and contentment. The day we found out I was pregnant with MJ (u really one shot sharp shooter siah), the very first time I saw snow & cried (from business class passenger window landing in Hokkaido… no one gave me that before), the first time I got to dance with you and realised we move so well together and I love that feeling. Of course many many more. We must m

Moo, Bitch. Get Out The Way

+Twelve (Adults Only) Beach Club

Platform 1904 - Wizard Cafe in Singapore

IT Show at Suntec 2024