A Little More Seoul - Nami Island Korea

Nami Island is a small island located in Chuncheon, South Korea. Featured on the famous Korean drama, 'Winter Sonata,' it's quite a romantic destination. Nami Island declared its cultural independence from South Korea in 2006 and is now recognized as a micronation with its own flag, currency, passport, and national anthem. You actually need an “entry visa” (it comes with your ferry ticket) to go there (don't worry, no need to bring passport). You cannot drive to the island. You need to park at Gapyeong Wharf (that's about 1.5hrs fdrive from Seoul), then take a ferry to Nami Island. It's a short boat ride across the river (like 5 mins) and the fare is 16,000 won (round-trip).  You can also zip line across to the island. The grounds are vast, so it didn't feel too crowded (despite ferry loads of people arriving every like 20mins).  You can explore the island by train, bus or on foot. We went on foot, and with small kids... we barely covered like 1/4 of the isl

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