Monday, December 10, 2018

A Commemorative Tattoo for MJ

Kind of unfair if I have one for Myla but then MJ doesn’t get one. But things have been quite hectic and I didn’t get around to having it done until just this week. Finally!

I had it done for Myla when she was still newborn (click here to see) . MJ is already 5 months now, ok la, not say very much later.
 Pics taken right after it was done so it’s still a bit swelly looking 😂.  Will take nicer pics soon when I get a chance to like wash my hair and dress up and use make up... instead of looking like a flustered Housewife with a toddler and baby. Hahahaaa (sigh).

It’s a skinny geometrical arrow tattoo with his initials on the end of it. Just something simple, but especially for him. Adamson and I will get couple tattoos next (supposed to be our Christmas present but then I doubt we have the time to get it done before Christmas. We haven’t even decided what pattern to get yet. But probably matching geometrical animals that sort of thing. Size about our hand size, so yeah must think properly before doing hahaha. If u have any ideas pls share with me :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Sit on the Elephant

Just last week when we were doing our routine Flash Cards sesh, Myla tried to tell me that she wanted to sit on an elephant. The video is on my Instagram
 So when the weekend came and the weather was sunny we made our way to Mandai Zoo to see the elephants (I wish it were a cooler day though!)
 She really loved it and was mesmerised. I don't think she recalls having been to the zoo twice before already (she was 1yo plus then, slightly more than a year ago).
 She didn't get to sit on the elephant (obviously lol)... but we did get her a ride on the fake elephant on the carousel. It was a toss up between the giraffe and the elephant (both her favourites at the moment).
And this time round she was able to go for a pony ride too. 
 She was quite serious and focused for the entire short ride lol. Not like Wheeee ponyyyyy!!!!! Oh wells, I hope she can remember this experience.
 Just a bit of info in case you want to go for it, kids have to be under 120cm to ride the pony. But if they're very young, probably cannot (cos they didnt allow her to ride when she was 1 year old last time). It's $6 a ride and yes, very very safe, no worries. 
It was a fun afternoon out for the family, but oh man with a toddler and baby, we were both shagged balls. Now need to recuperate for many weeks hahahahaaaaa.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Letters to Myla Rae - More His Than Anyone Else's

Open whenever you feel conflicted about your roots.

My Dearest Myla Rae,

He loves you.

He loves you like his own.

You are more his than anyone else's. (This is his own mantra, I didn't make this up).
One of my worries for you is how things will pan out as you get older, how your somewhat different (from the norm) beginnings might affect who you become as an adult.
For now, you are his step daughter, but he has never seen you as such. He's known you since you were 1 year plus. And he loves you like you were his own daughter. Especially more so now that we have your baby brother MJ. He never wants you to feel like you have any less of him than MJ does.
He gives u so much attention so you don’t feel neglected now that I have MJ to care for and MJ’s so damn demanding of my attention and time (yep, he's a very high needs baby). But he adores you and you adore him. I hope that close sibling bond will never change.
I think this (ample amount of love and attention) is one of the major factors in having you be such a wonderfully receptive big Sister. Never a moment when you were jealous of your Brother. Always so kind and concerned about your baby Brother. It’s also probably because your character/nature is such. You’ve always been an easy going baby and now toddler. But I’d also like to think we had a hand in making you this way, growing up in a safe and happy environment where you see your parents being supportive and loving. There’s no need for jealousy or competition over your own family. I myself have never been jealous or calculating over the time your dad indulges in you, my heart swells when I see you two so close.
I hope that when you're old enough to realise things, you will remember the sacrifices daddy has made and how much he has genuinely given you.
He wants you to grow up confident and brave, yet he's always in the sidelines to catch you and support you whenever you need it.
He is your provider... of food, shelter, school... of security, experiences, comfort.
I remember when you had your first very high fever. He was worried sick through the night, constantly checking your temperature as I sponged you down. He even made calls to the nearby hospital to make sure they could treat a baby should we need to take you in A&E in the middle of the night.
Even now that he’s more seasoned dad, he still worries and sleeps with you in your room when you are unwell.

To this day, he's the only one who has sucked snot out of your blocked nose because you're too young to know how to blow your own nose and you won't let us use the nose pump on you. I mean he physically sucked it out. With his own mouth. 

... and he caught your virus and was ill the next few days. But that night, you slept without a blocked nose, and for him, it was worth it.

He’s also your best advocate. We were both so proud to be there when you graduated playgroup (and you sang so loudly during the performance, the video is on my instagram).
When we took you to Nursery orientation. You start nursery next year, so we had the orientation in October this year. He eyeballed this huge boy who snatched a toy from you (and the teacher didn't do anything)... man his death stare made the boy's grandma paiseh until she came forward to pass you another toy... hahaha.
He's very indulgent... but not in a spoil you kind of way... so not like EAT ALL THE CANDY YOU WANT AND LOVE ME FOR IT kind of way (which some people are like -_-). He wants you to have enough books to learn from, toys you learn with and all the healthy snacks and fruit you love... that sort of indulgence. Oh and you grew up with an awesome playroom.
Even though I'm the frugal sort that will make him like put back half the stuff he wants to buy for you. hahaa.  Do you know, you're probably the only soon to be 3 year old that has a nearly $200 pillow to sleep on.

He was shopping for a goose down pillow for himself, and I (as usual) declined one for myself because OMG excessive lah!  But because you had just turned 2yrs old at the time, and couldn't make decisions for youself, he decided on your behalf that you would like one too.
Do you remember having your own private schwimapoo (yes your vocab/pronunciation has upgraded from calling it papapoo).

And then there is the bit which no one likes doing but it is necessary. Discipline.
I’m impressed with his sense of balance and his sense of responsibility. No one likes to be the “bad cop”. Every one around you now only want to be in it for the fun parts because it makes you like them more. Don't you forget that.

Lastly, please don't forget to be grateful. He's a young dad, and he has taken on so much more than any of his similar aged peers have. He worries that what he's doing is never enough. He worries that you will one day look upon him as an outsider and not her father (I told him that this would not happen but still it's one of his nightmares). I've said thank you to him many times before, but if you read this and he's still alive and around, maybe you should thank him too.
Love you always and forever,

Thursday, November 08, 2018

We Were Here! (Triple 3 Buffet)

Triple Three
Level 5 @ Mandarin Orchard
Perfect date night.... for couples who love stuffing their faces with good food.
They have an extensive international buffet dinner, featuring fresh sashimi and sushi, freshly shucked oysters, seafood..... Friday and Saturday is their Lobster Weekend. We went on a Friday and had Lobsters grilled with a mentaiyaki. sauce... extremely delish. (Foie gras night is Tuesday... I must return on a Tuesday next time!!!!)
The place is spacious, we had no problems getting MJ's pram in. A good crowd and bustle but it wasn't terribly packed.
A great place even for families. The staff are all so friendly and accommodating, from the floor manager to the wait staff, the trainees and those manning the food stations. Made us feel so welcomed.

Buffet dinner starts at 6.30pm. It's $108++ per person... but if you use your UOB card to pay, the second adult pays half price. Woot! Also, if you park at Mandarin Orchard, don't forget to ask your waiter for a parking coupon which gives you 2 hours free parking.

(Thanks Darling for planning this awesome date night)

Saturday, November 03, 2018

We were here! (Pandora's Garden)

Every week I'll do a quick post - highlighting one place I've been to (either on my own, on date night with my husband, with friends or for family time with the kids) and share with you what I love about the place as well as any stuff to take note of (discounts etc).

This week... we start with...

Pandora's Garden
28 Ann Siang Road
Pandora’s Garden is Singapore's first ever Rosé wine bar. Set in a beautiful rooftop courtyard of Ann Siang House.
It's especially magical after the sun sets and the fairy lights twinkle amidst the greenery.
 It offers the largest selection of Gin and Rosé Wines in Singapore.
 Perfect place for a date, after work drinks or a chill out with girlfriends.
Their #blushwednesday Ladies Night starts at 6pm every Wednesday. For $30+ you get 2 hours freeflow of selected drinks.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Adventure Cove & Sea Aquarium

So, we got season passes to Adventure Cove and the Sea Aquarium on Sentosa... and finally made use of them a week ago.
Honestly, I expected MJ to be freaking cranky, scream-crying and milk striking the whole trip. BUT OH MY GOD he was sooo well behaved.
Didn't cry when we went into the water despite the splashes and waves and sun. He drank milk without protest (luckily Adventure Cove has a pretty decent baby room).  He pooped just at the right time while we were on our way to get changed into our swim wear (his poops are the infant on breast milk type liquid poops ah, so thankfully he did it before I put his swim wear on and got into the water!). He didn't get cranky at all despite it being a long day (we did both Adventure cove and Sea Aquarium). Such a relief and SOOO happy.
Myla had a superb time despite being too small for practically all the rides. She's under 90cm... if your kid is above 107cm, they can ride like 3 attractions.... if above 122cm then can ride all attractions.

We went to the wave pool. We rode on the rubber tubes/ paddled our way through the river thingy (MJ and I went one round but Adamson took Myla on extra rounds while I went to feed MJ). And best of all, there is this one structure that looks like a treehouse and it has 2 slides (one high, one low) and Myla was allowed on it as long as an adult (in this case, Adamson) rode with her. She was ecstatic!
I didn't manage to take pics while at the attractions, because our phones were in the lockers but I'll remember to take pics next month. So fun.
Nicer pictures with the next Adventure cove post ! Promise!