Friday, October 09, 2015

Shopping at Kohepets Online (And Discounts for pet supplies)

A special delivery came for my dog Lola yesterday. Everytime there's a delivery from Kohepets Online, Lola somehow knows it and gets excited! As soon as the parcels are dropped off at my door step, she will take one sniff... and then run straight to the middle of the living room where she will sit and wait expectantly. She knows that this is the area where I will unbox all the goodies and take pictures. haha...
There's a promo for my readers now, just use the code HJ10 at checkout to get 10% off your bill. This promo will last till 30th Nov. They have pet supplies for cats, dogs and small animals (rabbits etc).
Have a peek at her loot. Tray food from Pompey, Monge and Wishbone. So glad I don't need to keep buying food from the store every week. This way, I save by buying in bulk,  plus it's all delivered to my home and I don't have to bother about getting her supplies for a few months.
Her treats... most of it are her regular treats which I know she loves more than other brands. So I keep reordering those.
But because Kohepets keeps having new stuff listed, I always let her try a little something new each time. These are Zenith treat dog sticks. They have 6 different flavours.. I got 3 for her- Chicken & Milk, Chicken & Carrot and Chicken & Beef  ($2.80 per pack). 
I also like giving her treats which are actual pieces of meat. And these 2 are her favourite. Basic Instinct Lamb Steak ($11.10) is made in New Zealand, and has no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, no steroids or antibiotics. 
Zuke's Grilled Venison Fillets ($11). These are venison meat (not organ meats), seasoned with garlic and lightly dust with rice flour and a pinch of salt for an ultra-healthy, high-protein treat. 
Both are so chunky, wholesome and smells meaty and flavourful. She will chew away at it and finish with a satisfied look.  :)
Love shopping at Kohepets for my dog supplies, check out all their products, just click on the pics below to take you directly to what you need :)
Don't forget to make use of the 10% discount code HJ10 at checkout.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

We Might Never Agree on a Baby Girl Name!!!

Ok, so next week I start my third trimester. OMG our baby will be here in less than 3 months now!!! Will update my blog next week with the second trimester baby bump shots.

But for now... name suggestions please!!!!! 
David and I haven't really agreed to anything. He always sends links to baby name websites to me and says, "better start picking out names you like". But I feel its a big waste of my time, really, because I have a long list of names I like and he always hates ALL of them. So every time I pick more names from websites etc, and suggest them to him, he gives a very shit look, as if I'm suggesting a damn awful name. WTF. So I keep waiting for him to suggest names instead, his list is very very short at the moment (see below), and I think I've been really accommodating with his choices. But for my suggestions, its a damn long list, yet he hates EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Ugh!! Are all men like that??

MY Fav Names List (his reasons for not wanting it in brackets)
Ella Mae (He hates this, says it's a slappers name)
Ellie (he hates Ellie a LOT, won't even consider using as middle name)
Lexi (He thinks Lexi is too close to Sexy, so tacky)
Yva Rae (No!)
Nikita (No Russian hooker names!)
Mariella (don't want, people will call her Mary)
Matilda (Don't like)
Fia (NO)
Evie (Don't like)
Molly (a few of his friends have girls name Molly)
Ruby (Don't like)
Heidi (No)
Elsie (No)
Piper (He says AH??? What kind of name is that)
Riley (He thinks it's ok, but I struck this off my list cos my friend's baby is Ryleigh)
Willow (AH???!!)
Winter (Absurd to name a baby winter when she's born in the tropics)
Cadence (He doesn't think this is a name, I didn't make it up though)
Sadie (no)
Isla (no. Maybe middle name ok)

HIS Fav Names List (My reasons in brackets)
Ivy (Ivy is an annoying name)
Angelina (I'm not feeling it. Plus I prefer shorter names)
Sophia (I like, but my friend's baby is Sofia, so cannot)
Shelby ( I said ok. Then later he changed his mind and didn't like it anymore)
Macy ( I liked this A LOT. Got excited even. Then, weeks later, he saw a kid named Macy on FB and she put him off the name)


PLEASE HELP with some pretty name suggestions. I really like short names like Ava, Mia (but can't use those as my twin cousins are Ava and Mia, plus my friend's child is Mia too)... I love old vintage type names which are not common anymore but pretty sounding like Ruby and Ella. But if you have longer name suggestions, do post them in the comments too, who knows maybe we will both like it!

We both definitely do not like hybrid kind of made up names like Jocynda, or Shondelle. And we both don't want names like Apple, Rainbow, Rain, Sunshine.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Christmas Pickles for Sale :)

If you're looking to order Eurasian pickles this Christmas, do give my mum a call.
All the special Eurasian chutneys and pickles like Mango, Kurau, Brinjal, Lemon, Fishroe and vegetable. She's been doing it for more than 2 decades now, with recipes passed down from her dad and uncle.
Her number is 96407769 (Angela). Just ring or SMS her for more info. Or you can just ask me also.
You can opt for the Christmas covers for the jars, nice touch if you're giving it as a gift. :) 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Pregnancy Fashion Tips: All You Need to Remember is Your Shape!

Pregnancy is definitely one of the most beautiful times of woman’s life and that is a fact. It is also a time when you can rediscover the whole new fashion – maternity fashion. There are so many cute dresses, jackets and tops that your head might get spinning pretty! But in fact, not everything works for different women. There actually are some basic rules you should follow to look your very best during pregnancy. And the best way to get it right is to look how you are carrying your baby!

Big all over ladies

If you are carrying your baby in a way that makes you whole body appear big all over, then you need to read these following fashion tips. In fact, soft fabrics and longer lines are the best while looking for stuff to complement your new body shape. You can start with a soft knit dresses and a hemline that hits around the knee. Pair it with a long sweater to keep the shape lean and long and pull slip-ons for the comfortable touch. Just remember - while dressing up, keep in mind that you need to elongate your silhouette more for the best look.

Ladies who carry baby low
Below the bump cuts & dark bottoms for me!
On the other hand, if you are a lady who carries baby weight low (means you gained weight on your hips and baby sits just on top of that) here is a basic tip for you. Definitely look for clothing that is soft on your waistline. Below-the-bump cuts can be especially cute, nipping in and accentuating your shape. Or you can always pull a jumpsuit to make that eccentric but super stylish look! Oh, and do choose darker colors on the bottom of your outfits to create a slimmer silhouette illusion.

High carrying ladies

If you baby sits pretty high and your belly is popping up and out, you can definitely rock some really cute maternity looks. The best way to do that would be to separate bust from bump with high belts, ties, and color-block separates. Since your upper part of a body is slightly bigger now, you need to work on that more. So darker shades and cleaner cuts can do that for sure. Also, you can pull high-wasted clothing to make your body shape more hour-glass like.

Small all-over gals

And finally, if you gain a very little weight and your belly is showing just a little bit, you can work with that pretty well too. In fact, you are lucky, because this small-all-over figure really allows you to play up your maternity style! Bravely experiment with graphic prints, skinny jeans, and don't be afraid to take fashion risks and have some fun! It is time just for you and you can use it for your fun time for sure!

Now you know what you need. But you might not know that there are some great places where you can get the most fashionable looks and a very small price! Kohl’s definitely has everything I just mention. And in fact, these Kohl’s online coupons I just found at are just the best gift every pregnant fashionista can want! So start shopping for the best clothing and be super stylish during the most beautiful time of your life!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pregnancy Stretchmark Cream Comparisons (aka Obsession)

They say pregnancy stretch marks are genetic. If your mum has them, you probably will too. My mum has them, but she also had 3 kids. This is my first. And even at 6 and a half months, my belly has not expanded as much as 'normal'. I'm measuring a quite few weeks behind in terms of belly size (according to my doctor, who knows this by touch?? Dunno how, but he can feel the size of uterus from outside of belly). But by scan, my baby is measuring right on track. She always looks so squashed (like rolled in a ball and her feet can reach up to her face!) in the scan though... but I think this is also normal.

Anyway... as you can tell, I'm quite preoccupied with not getting stretchmarks, or at least minimising them as best I can.

I started using creams since the last few weeks of the first trimester. And I'm obsessed to the point that, since I don't know for sure which creams are best, there are lots of mixed reviews going on... so I bought quite a few... and now I use them ALL. For instance, in the morning I would use one cream, afternoon I slap on a different one, then at night time I use an oil. That sort of thing... so in case one of them is really shit, the other 2 will stand in and still do it's job. Rather than use just one type of cream throughout my pregnancy, and then realize it doesn't bloody work for me.

By the way, I have no marks or stretches on my belly (yet?)... but only a couple of weeks ago I found 2 small (1cm long) stretchmarks on my right boob (just so you will now know, boob stretchmarks start close to the nipple)!

I've been applying creams to my boobs and hips and back too... since the start... but I always kind of do it half heartedly... my focus has always been the lower belly. But now, I dedicate quite a bit of effort to boobs. I think cos they have been growing more than my belly so far, so they're the first to get stretchmarks. Eek! So far, looks like those two tiny stretchmarks are diminishing, or at least not getting any worse. They are like tiny pink lines, and the line is a bit sunken (like a thin dent) on my skin, so I knew they were not scratches. Hope they go away completely.  :(

So here are the creams I'm using right now, towards the end of my second trimester. There are 2 more which I used in the first trimester and early second trimester, but I've finished those and have not repurchased.
L to R: Elancyl, Coconut oil, GAIA, Biolane Maman, Mama Mio
1. MotherCare It's Your Body Stretchmark Cream (Not in pic because I finished it)
This is the cheapest stretchmark cream I got. I wanted to start applying early, from my first trimester, but didn't think I really needed it yet.. because at that point, my stomach was like non existent. So I just bought this cheaper one for that time. It was about $18-$19 for a rather large tube.

I was slathering it on like nobody's business because the tube was so large. And I found that it absorbed well. Smells nice too (light). Has shea butter which I think is vital. I just didn't repurchase because I had other creams which I bought to try. But otherwise, I think this is a very good choice, esp for early trimesters.

There is also the Palmer's Cocoa butter range which a lot of preggers buy because it is cheaper than other creams. But I prefer shea butter over cocoa butter. Esp during my first trimester, I hated the cocoa butter smell. And I find that cocoa butter creams feel thicker and harder to absorb. Some preggers also have allergic reactions to cocoa butter, like their skin around their belly and chest gets pimply.

2. Mustela Double action ( no pic because finished)
This I bought because many people online raved about it. It was about $70 for a 250ml tube. Again, mainly Shea Butter. Loved it. I did find however, that upon application, after rubbing it in for some time, the cream flaked a bit. It was like dead skin coming off my belly (like an exfoliant). Not sure if it's supposed to do this, or if that's a good thing?

But loved using it. Flakes and all.

Belly felt supple, I used this mainly in my second trimester until I finished it, and didn't repurchase... because expensive!

3. Elancyl Stretchmark Prevention (first from left in pic)
I used this since the start of the second trimester, and it's only just about to finish so it's lasted 3 months plus (it's like 1 litre pump bottle, approx. $40-60? I forget price, but around there).

It has good reviews online. I like it because it absorbs super fast compared to the rest. So I use this when I was a quick application (pump is convenient some more)... and then I can put on my clothes straight away. I must say that my skin doesn't feel as "moisturized" as the Mustella and Mothercare ones after application. But I feel that it's because it's already penetrated deep in. This is overall a good value buy. My doctor did ask me what cream I was using, my belly skin felt and looked good (during a routine scan) and I said Elancyl, and he said ok good, keep it up. (Though I was also using Mustela at that point. But mainly Elancyl).

4. Coconut Oil
I was hesitant to start using an oil. Because I've had some crap experinces with oil before I was pregnant. Oils would usually stick to my clothes, and even after washing my clothes, there would be lingering residue and oily smell.

But I was in Thailand for a holiday, and this pure coconut oil little bottle was cheap (sgd6), so I just thought I'd try. And I loveeeee coconut oil!!!!!!!

Absorbs well. There's no smell at all (pure and good quality coconut oil should not have any odour). I only started using this 2 months ago, and only for my nigh application before bedtime. If you're on a tight budget, you can just use coconut oil, many women swear by it. But I still use other creams during the day, because I'm not 100% sold on the au naturel thing... I do like the science behind some creams, and I think those chemicals can be beneficial too.

When this finishes, I'm planning to buy coconut oil from the organic section at Fair Price Finest, also about $6 for a small bottle. And will probably use it after delivery too, since it's organic and natural, I can still slather it on my boobs even though I'm breast feeding. (Can right??)

5. GAIA Belly Butter
I have heard many good things about GAIA brand for babies. So when I saw this belly butter from GAIA, I just got it without looking at ingredients. Its about $30 for 150ml tube.

Then when I first used it a week ago or so.. I was like ehhhh... this is thicker than the creams I've been using so far, and there was a .. erm.. smell to it.. not sure how to describe it, wasn't awful ... but smelled natural, organic and unmasked. And I checked the ingredients ... and it was cocoa butter based. Aiyah. (it also contains shea butter but I think the cocoa butter is overpowering it)

It's not a bad belly butter, just that I prefer more shea butter based stuff. And true enough, I felt that it stuck to my clothes, and even after washing those tops, when I put them on again a few days after, I can smell that my clothes smell of this cream. Not a big deal. But with non cocoa butter options out there, I would pass on this one.

6. Biolane Maman
I never heard of this brand before, nor do I see it on the shelves at pharmacies. I bought because this lady was selling a new sealed tube of this stuff on Carousell for $10, she had over purchased, and didn't need the extra tubes any more, after delivery. Then I just kept the tube, because I was happily using my other creams... and also because it didn't have shea butter on the ingredient list at the back of the tube (but no cocoa butter either, yay), just a list of stuff like organic argan oil. Plus I got it so cheap, and never heard of this brand before, I thought maybe it's shite, and I'll just keep it as back up... as you know when it comes to stretchmark creams, I'm kiasu like that.

But at my last gynea visit, I was sitting in the waiting room, flipping pages of a pregnancy magazine, and saw a full page ad for this product. So I thought, oh... maybe worth opening and trying.

And I looooooove it!!!!! Fast absorbtion. Feels 'clean' in a sense that it's absorbed well, doesn't smell of anything, there's no residue, doesn't linger on my clothes. Not sure where you can buy it but I googled and it's about $40 for a 200ml tube.

7. Mama Mio Tummy Rub
A friend from the UK sent me presents for the baby, and this was part of a pregnant mummy starter pack. It's thick but not tacky sticky texture. absorbs well, and smells damn nice because has lemongrass (so it's very relaxing and spa like smelling).

So yeah, these are all the stuff I'm using at the moment to preventing stretchmarks. The Elancyl will finish in a couple more applications, it's great but I won't repurchase because I will keep using the rest instead. I apply a different cream each time, and at a minimum I do this 3 times a day, so I rotate the creams. Night application I use coconut oil. Sometimes, even when I wake to pee at night (which is often lol), I'll just squirt one of the creams in my hand, and rub it on my belly as I fumble my way back to bed.

Surely this kind of dedication will pay off right??!!!  Will honestly update you in about 3 months, when I'm post partum.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jelly Bunny X SampleStore

Great news to share with you... Sample Store has launched their mobile app and they are having weekly lucky draws for all members who download the app and make a checkout from 14 September to 11 October!

For the week of 21 to 27 September, the prize is proudly sponsored by Jelly Bunny!

To stand a chance to win the $100 Jelly Bunny shopping voucher, simply download the SampleStore app onto your smartphone and make a checkout via the mobile app! Sample Store has 7 sets of $100 vouchers up for grabs! :)

Jelly Bunny is a fun lifestyle fashion accessory brand that was established since 2011. It offers a variety of fashion products including shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses & more. With Jelly Bunny, you can flaunt a distinctive sense of style, refined quality, creativity and value without compromising on the comfort, functionality and durability.

The brand constantly experiments with different shapes and bold colours, with plenty of love and attention to detail. Specially designed ornaments are constantly used to bring out the playful factor. Meanwhile, the unique texture of Jelly Bunny products is achieved through an innovative manipulation of non-toxic, easy-to-clean materials such as PVC and silicone.

While the cute ornaments and various hues are pleasing to the eyes, the soft jelly-like texture creates the temptation to touch and feel. Not to forget the sweet vanilla scent incorporated into the shoes designed to perfectly heighten the wearer’s sense of smell. 

I went to the Jelly Bunny outlet in Plaza Singapura last month. And wow, Jelly Bunny stores have such a happy vibe! Look at all the playful colours and designs!

Jelly Bunny flats in so many pastel shades...

And bright neons!

OMG these are so comfy! And a great fit.
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on their shoes. There wasn't a hard rubbery feel, it was actually soft and very comfortable to wear. The ones I tried on, wrapped around my feet, didn't slip off when walking. I'm definitely going back to stock up on shoes once my feet size settles (my feet are kind of growing at the moment.. perks of pregnancy ..NOT).

Yup, they do heels and wedges too.
If you're looking for something with height, they do have a range of heels and wedges which are just as comfortable to wear. All their designs are so stylish and trendy, you will be spoilt for choice.

And bags! This is the See Spot M in baby blue
There's also a huge range of bags, made from the same durable and easy to clean PVC and silicon materials. They're all jelly bags, but there so many textures, colours and designs. The bags also have matching wallets in the same range.

The Camouflage range from the latest Fall&Winter 2015 collection

This Signature Speedy also comes in black and blue... but I like the nude.

And there are shoes and accessories for little girls too...

Ilosovic sunglasses.

Happy with what I picked from Jelly Bunny :) Great service from the staff there, and this is their store manager Samantha.

It's the See Spot M in nude, from their latest Fall&Winter 2015 collection.
The Jelly Bunny Collection for Fall/Winter 2015 draws inspiration from the Wonderwoods, an enchanted forest full of mysteries and surprises. Exploring the woods you will find a playful moment with berries, bunnies and flowers on shinny jelly shoes with a touch of sparkling fairy dust.

Dream flats in blue
Without hesitating you follow on this journey through the hidden places, with more dramatic details, reflected on metallic surfaces and velvet touch.

Melina Forest flats in black
Deep in this magical environment brightness emerges from darkness where the beautiful colours of crystals reflect all over and the transparency reveals a fresh new collection. Be inspired by Jelly Bunny with a collection that celebrates a magical connection with nature. 

Sweetie sandals
Apart from this Jelly Bunny store in Plaza Singapura (B1-03) which I went to, there's also another outlet in Jurong Point (JP2 #01-16/17) which opened in June this year.
And on the 29th of September, the latest Jelly Bunny store will be unveiled in Vivocity! Do look out for that. Follow Jelly Bunny Singapore on Facebook to be updated with the latest Jelly Bunny collection, promos and launches.

To celebrate the launch of the new Jelly Bunny store in Vivocity, Jelly Bunny is having a Grand Opening Event on 29 September and there will be a "Buy 2 Get 1 FREE" promotion on the first 3 opening days. Pencil that in your diary!

Meanwhile, don't forget to download the new Sample Store app and stand a chance to win $100 Jelly Bunny voucher! Sample Store app is available on both Apple and Android devices, or you can download via this link! Redeem your samples in just a tap now! Visit for more information! :)