Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Does intelligence turn men off?

This is what life as a SAHM looks like ... when things are calm, and since MJ came along this is only like 10% of the day, at best lol. But I told myself every opportunity I can, I will make use of my “calm” time wisely. Either doing housework, prepping dinner or working on my drafts or on my very neglected blog. I’m at my mums house today and they have gone to send my Sister for her hospital check up. MJ is asleep, myla is just being myla (which is easy). So no housework or laundry etc to do here. I do have one draft to work on (it’s for a laser! Tell u more soon). But I’m too lazy to do that, Cos it’s work work. So I’ll blog instead. And I do have an interesting topic I want to put across to you.

Does intelligence really turn men off?

This topic popped in my head because last week, I overheard a group of young friends talking about dating and singlehood. A bit off topic for now ... but interestingly enough, one of the guys in the group was getting to know a lot of girls simultaneously... rather than just one at a time. And the group was like dude, you got to have better quality control. He reminds me of my past dating style actually. Parallel date (openly)many at one time without commitment (yet) and then start narrowing the group down until (ideally) you’re left with the one perfect person. Unfortunately, it didn’t end like that for me. I kept eliminating until EVERYONE in that pool didn’t make the cut. And I didn’t do this once... I did this countless times. Yep countless. I even started referring to them (the groups of potential partners) as cycles. Until I really lost count how many cycles I was in to. But I knew no other way. I was convinced this was the way to go.... have some vague checklist... cast my net far and wide and extend it way beyond my own social circles, then after the trawl, take my time to filter them out. In the end, people (well, men) became disposable to me. And I’m sure I didn’t rate very highly to them either once I’ve put them through that wringer.

 Although... What sparked today’s blog topic is that on the opposite end of that spectrum, another person in that group volunteered that her dating life is non existent... gist of it - BECAUSE SHE’S TOO SMART (so men aren’t attracted to her because of that). AKA Men prefer to date dumb girls or girls with average intelligence... -_- Then it crossed my mind... hey that’s just an excuse... some sort of self Praise type of reasoning to account for failure (in this case, failure at securing a mate).

Honestly... you mean to tell me if you took all that out of this world intelligence, Candour, wit, and
packaged it in perhaps a slimmer body and/or a more attractive face... that men are not going to be attracted to her because oh damn it she’s intelligent ???? Doesn’t make sense to me.

 Same thing as ... if everything remains the same but you take away her intelligence... or if she displayed only a moderate level of intelligence, would she suddenly have a line of suitors? No. Definitely not. Girlfriend, I like you but your intelligence is not the reason why you’re single. I don’t know the real reason, because I don’t know her but I can safely say that’s something’s got to change if she wants a mate and it’s not as simple as dumbing oneself down.

I also had a Friend (some years ago) say that people didn’t like her because she’s so pretty. 😳. Yes she’s pretty but people didn’t like her because she’s a bitch and so full of herself la. Maybe it’s just human nature to use a positive trait (like intelligence/beauty/wealth etc) and pretend like oh it’s such a bad thing and thus the reason why you fail. I feel so bad and mean thinking this. But it’s the truth and this is the harsh reality of life. :(. (Also not saying I’m so intelligent or so slim or so pretty or what ... but I have always had an outgoing and not afraid of rejection type of approach when it comes to getting dates. If I like what I see, hear, feel, I Make my move).

 What do you think? Is intelligence really a bad thing when it comes to attracting men? Or just a self gratifying excuse for failure to secure a mate/ mates?

Monday, August 06, 2018

Review: Huxley

For authentic Korean beauty products (at cheaper prices!) check out Chichipe.Cactus on Instagram. It's by a former student of mine (OMG I just realised it's been about 10 years since I left MOE). I'm doing this shout out and review for her. :)

Apart from IG, you can also order from her Carousell page or just text her at 81250676. Do also suggest to her what other Korean beauty products you want her to take to Singapore for sale.
The item I am reviewing is the sheet face masks from Huxley. Face masks (the sheet versions) are one of the few indulgences I still have time for. Super convenient to use and yet very pampering on my skin. It also helps me relax after a long day.

What I Love about Huxley Sheet Masks-

1. Most sheet masks in the market are just soaked with essence. But with Huxley, there are 2 sections in the packaging. One section has the sheet mask soaked with essence and the other section is a pouch filled with oil. These two are mixed immediately prior to application by simply pressing the bottom pouch.

2. The quality of the sheet. I love the silky smooth texture. The microfiber sheet mask is designed to cling perfectly to the contours of your face, to help the essence absorb quickly and evenly.
3. The Huxley Oil and Extract Mask is super hydrating. Great for dehydrated skin like mine. My skin felt moisturised and more supple after use.

4. The Huxley Glow and Awakening Mask is also moisturising... plus there is a brightening effect. Skin feels light and refreshed after use.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Haakaa Breast Pump Review & Giveaway

By the time haakaa pumps made its presence in the Singapore market, I had just stopped breastfeeding Myla Rae so I never got the chance to try it then. But I did think that it looked like an amazing product that would would suit my pumping needs.

So now that I have a newborn baby Michael, I jumped at the chance to finally use the Haakaa. 

Tried Haakaa for the first time while I was still in hospital and loved it!!!
Was so happy to get my first ounce within a few minutes of using it (this happened around day 5 post-partum). It was like hey totally effortless.

Based on my experience the past few weeks, here's how best to use it:

Start using it the day your milk comes in (before that, just direct latch baby for colostrum or hand express and collect in syringe). Once milk comes in, you might only draw droplets the first time you use it. But because it's effortless, you can just leave it suctioned on one boob while you nurse baby on other side. You will be surprised how the droplets accumulate in the Haakaa after just 10 minutes of latching baby.

Towards the end of the first week, the droplets became more of the flow of a badly leaking tap so you can get an ounce collected within a few minutes. So magical! Eventually, once past the transitional phase, you can get sprays/let down collected in the Haakaa while nursing baby.

Sometimes when I miss a feed, because my baby is on formula feed too... my boobs start leaking. I use the Haakaa on them to contain the drips (without baby latching on other side) but I have found that it doesn't collect as much... much less. So I find that it's best for use while baby is latching on one side. If you want to just pump milk out without latching baby, you will be better off with an electric pump. (But I won't use one this time..)

I had such a shit time being an exclusively pumping mum when Myla Rae was an infant. Seriously tiring, ultra ultra time consuming and brutal on the nipples for me. So this time round, I'm just going to use the Haakaa to clear one boob (in tandem with latching) everytime I feed Michael. It has made my life much easier, practically do nothing just suction it on to one boob while Michael nurses on the other.

Also, I don't use full suction (my nipple pain threshold like damn low lol), I find that I can use it longer and get a better yield if it's a more comfortable gentle suction. So I only squeeze the Haakaa slightly when attaching it to boob.

I also find the 100ml size better than the larger 150ml size. Firstly because I am not like an over supplier, so I won't reach 150ml one boob in the ten minutes I use the Haakaa. Plus now I practice emptying the Haakaa into a bottle after every ounce collected. Otherwise it gets too heavy and you risk the suction releasing itself. This is a lesson I learnt the painful way.
So yes transfer to bottle even though it feels so  good watching the Haakaa fill up to brim lol. 

Use the football hold to nurse baby to get his legs legs out of the way, otherwise his legs will kick the Haakaa while he's nursing and that could cause the suction to release. 

With the football hold, baby's legs are at the side of your body under your arm.
Use the cover/ stopper whenever it's not attached to your breast, no matter how short a time it is for. Firstly, it's damn pretty (flower!) plus it prevents contamination, and also prevents accidental spillage (even though the suction below the Haakaa is very good).. you can never be too careful  :)
Here’s the basics on how to use the Haakaa.

  1. No complicated set up. Just squeeze the bottom of the pump and put it over your nipple.
  2. Release your hand, and the Haakaa will stay in place. It will collect  milk flow.
  3. To get let down, you can massage your boob before attaching the pump and then squeeze the pump a few times. Or if you are nursing baby on other breast, just relax and let the baby initiate the whole process for you (to me this is the easiest and most effortless way).
What I love :
It’s affordable. Much cheaper than electric and manual pumps, yet much more effective than plain hand expressing.

It’s portable. Great for travel, plane rides etc etc as no need to worry about electric power sockets and it’s small and light enough to just pop in any handbag.

Soft and comfy. The flange is a soft silicon and I find that very gentle and comfortable on the breast and especially the nipple. The hard plastic flanges of other pumps hurt my nipples, especially with prolonged use. 

Easy to clean. Yes maybe I'm lazy but I’m also damn busy la,  no maid, taking care of a 2yo who isn't in Childcare and a newborn while carrying out household chores. The less stuff I have to wash up the better. No tubing or separate flanges etc to wash and sterilise is a BIG plus!

Best for catching let down. It’s has a gentle suction, and it’s a good hands free way to catch let down. Especially great to use in tandem on one breast while feeding Michael on the other breast. And it’s noiseless, so it doesn’t distract the baby (compared to if I were to tandem pump with an electric pump). 

Flower stopper. The stopper to hold the milk in place is so pretty plus it does an awesome job of plugging the Haakaa. No spills. I've had it filled with milk and in my diaper bag and it didn't spill... although if your diaper bag is disorganised or you carry things roughly, I highly advice you transfer milk to a bottle or milk bag.

For Breast Feeding Month, Haakaa Singapore is having a 15% promotion (for selected products only, including the Haakaa pumps). Just use code "BFM15OFF" upon checkout to enjoy the offer. Offer ends 31 August 2018..

Giveaway time!!!!
Haakaa Singapore would like to give one of you the chance to experience the magic of the Haakaa pump.

1. FOLLOW @Haakaa_Singapore & @Hollyjean69 on IG
3. LIKE my Instragram post and then tag your mummy/daddy/preggers friends in the comments there. 

Giveaway runs from now until 8th August. Winner will be picked randomly by my Myla Rae via FB live on the 8th of Aug evening (she won’t be biased, she’s just 2!). Good luck! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

MJ's Full Month Party

Michael James just turned 1 month old a few days ago :) We celebrated it with friends and family at Picotin Express.

All the pics will be uploaded on my FB wall soon (I'll get my husband to do that and tag me lol). But here's a peek -

Photo credit: Jason from Smile Moment Photography

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Newborn Shoot + Behind the Scenes

Here's the behind the scenes shots of Michael James' newborn shoot with Jason from Smile Moment Photography.
The shoot was done at our home because I thought it would be more convenient than having it at the studio because Michael was only 1 week old at the time.
He also shot MJ's full month party held yesterday (one month already! Time is passing soooo quickly!). Will share those party pics when they're ready. Can't recommend him enough, and we get along so well with him. He's now become our official family photographer lol.

And here are some of the shoot pics which I love...


Wednesday, July 04, 2018

New Pet Technology! And Other Kohepets Goodies.

WOW. Handling my first newborn was actually easy, I mean I could make my whole world revolve around her and her needs. But now with my second newborn... I have to juggle not just his needs but also my 2 year old's. I can't even rest when baby naps because it's time to give my toddler some attention.

Poor Lola gets even lessssss of my time now. *guilt*

But Myla Rae adores Lola, and I hope new baby Michael will love her just as much.
Thankfully, I still find it easy to at least meet my doggy's basic needs because it's very convenient ordering her food and treats from . Here's what was delivered to Lola last week.

I don't pay any extra for this convenience (delivery to doorstep is free for orders over $60) and their prices are competitive, plus there are loads of promos and sales clearance items.

I picked quite a few things from their Great Singapore Sale listing.

Stocked up on Lola's tray food (5 for $6). It's a great deal! And there are many flavours to choose from. In this haul, I picked Monge Fresh Cod Fish Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food , Monge Fruit Chicken & Raspberry Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food and Monge Fresh Lamb Pate with Chunkies Tray Dog Food .

Monge does really yummy looking food for dogs and cats. It's made in Italy. Low in sugar recipe and no dyes or preservatives. I love that there are lots of chunkies in each bite.

I also stocked up on Cesar Tender Lamb With Country Vegetables Pate Tray Dog Food and Cesar Chicken & Cheese Pate Tray Dog Food. There's a bulk discount (11% cheaper) f you buy 12 trays ($1.70 each). Cesar's wet food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help dogs of all sizes, especially small breeds, stay healthy. This trusted brand has been around for so many years.

I prefer tray food for Lola because they're convenient, easy to open (peel away seals), locked in freshness in each tray and just the right portion for a meal. Lola gets a different flavoured meal each day, and a wide variety of proteins... so it's chicken one day, lamb the next day, etc. She eats better than I do -_-

Also stocked up on the Cocoyo Pet Sheet Pee Pad again because of the awesome deal (buy 2 get 1 free). These sheets are very absorbant and good value for money.

Trying this treat for the first time, Bosch Country Meat Snack 100% Chicken Fillet Dog Treats looks great, a juicy and chewy piece of chicken fillet. Lola will love chewing on this. Such air-dried meat snacks make great chewing for dogs, and of course it's much safer and healthier compared to rawhide chews because it's a good source of protein, grain free and easily digestible.

There is a Launch Promotion now, $5 OFF all Bosch Country Meat Snack Dog Treats at Kohepets. So it's a good time to try these new treats.

They also have a new category now - Pet Technology with some very awesome pawsome products:

PETKIT COZY Smart Cool + Warm Pet House . This pet house is suitable for up to medium sized cats and dogs. Interior sensors that changes temperature according to your pet’s need. Infrared sensors that tracks and records your pet’s resting patterns and can connect to your smart phone. The price tag is $280 though.... but considering a non-smart pet bed/cushion can easily cost you $100 or so... it might be worthwhile investing in this seriously smart pet home.

They also have stuff like smart feeding bowls, smart drinking fountains, and bluetooth dog leashes... Click here to see the range.

Have you ever wondered about your pet's health? Petnostics Cat & Dog General Health Home Test Kit allows you to check and monitor your pet’s health at home. For just $26, this general kit allows you to test for Leukocyte, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, SG, Ketone, Bilirubin and Glucose. Petnostics also sells individual kits which test for specific ailments such as UTIs, bladder stones and diabetes.

I highly recommend Kohepets to pawrents of dogs, cats or small animals for not just food and treats, but also the latest in pet tech, grooming accessories, health supplements and training gadgets.