Friday, May 18, 2018

Excited about my DNA

I received my DNA testing kit from 23andMe yesterday. It took about a week (maybe a bit less) to reach me via Fedex. The company 23andMe is based in California and it's a human genome research company.
From this DNA testing, I can find out about my ancestry and genealogy. So exciting. I've always wanted to get this done but never got around to doing it until now.

It states online it costs something like 90 USD. Which is great ah, I mean quite cheap what, for a DNA test. But I ended up paying $266 in Singapore dollars because the shipping is costly, and also I opted for the express service, cos I'm impatient like that.

There are other services such as Ancestry DNA which also work the same way, I think about the same cost also. I just went ahead with 23andMe cos I had FB friends who used it previously.

It's quite easy to take this DNA test. Just need to spit into this funneled test tube thingy, then mix in some chemical (I suppose to preserve the saliva while it's in transit to their labs), put everything back in the package. Then the Fedex guy comes to my house to pick up the package and send back to the US.

I have Facebook friends who have taken this DNA test and found interesting results about their heritage... like even if they're 'full chinese' then end up the DNA results has a certain percentage of other races in the mix as well, from a distant past.

People always ask me about my ancestry, and all I know is I'm Eurasian, of portuguese descent. My parents are both Eurasian. And their parents all Euraisan too, except for my mum's mum (my grandma) who is Chinese (Peranakan).

But what mixes are in all the Eurasians in me... I donch know.

For the Portuguese part of me, I wonder how watered down it must be by now, considering my ancestors settled in Singapore in the 1800s, far longer than most of the Chinese settlers here. Would be interesting to see.

Aroozoo comes from the Portuguese surname Araújo which is toponimic (a surname based on a land's name). The lands of Araújo were split between what is now Galicia (North-West of Spain) and the North of Portugal.

Now there are several variations of the Araújo. In North Portugal it remains Araújo. In Galicia the surname became Arauxo and in Asia it became Aroozoo and Aroozo.

Okie stay tuned for the update when I receive the results in a few weeks!

P/S- I forgot to check if I can do this DNA thing while pregnant.. cos like won't my unborn son's DNA also be in the mix so my results won't be accurate?? I think not, cos I didn't see anything which stated that it's not accurate when pregnant.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Recipe: Yummy White Bait Omelette for Toddlers (+ Giveaway!)

White Bait (Shirasu) is rich in calcuim and is good for the development of the baby's bone and teeth. It is high in protein and iron. Plus it contains vital minerals especially DHA (Omega-3) with its critical fatty acids for baby brain development.
Best of all, it is very tasty so my toddler gobbles up her food everytime I add whitebait powder to it. The most convenient and fool proof way to cook a baby's meal (porridge etc) with all the nutrients and tastiness of whitebait is to just add a small teaspoon (or half teaspoon) of White bait powder.

My trusted source is Sg Homemade. They are NEA approved. There's no preservatives, additives and MSG. They have a physical set up at Jalan Dusun but you can easily order online and have it mailed to you.

Their powders are
- suitable for weaning babies/toddlers/young children
- suitable for elderly and the ill
- help with fussy eaters & poor appetite
- nutrition booster for regular meals
- easy consumption & digestion
-seasoning everyday dishes healthily
Here's a simple Whitebait Spinach Omlette recipe:

Mix in a bowl
One large egg
1 Tablespoon chopped spinach
1/2 Teaspoon Sg Homemade White Bait Powder
Heat a frying pan with some butter and pour mixture in. When Omelette is half cooked, flip it in half.
Once cooked, you can cut into strips and serve to your toddler.

Giveaway Time !!!
Sg Homemade wants you to try a jar of Whitebait powder (worth $30). To take part in this giveaway-

Follow both @sghomemade and @hollyjean69 on Instagram.
Comment on my instagram giveaway post "Quick & Tasty!" and tag one friend. (example :  Quick & Tasty! @ellietan21 )

Multiple entries are ok, as long as you tag a different friend for each comment.
Winner will be drawn via facebook Live on Tuesday 22nd May.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

What's in my Hospital Maternity Bag? (+ Hiro&Jack Giveaway!)

It's always a good idea to pack your hospital bag early... like once you're in your third trimester. When I was pregnant with Myla Rae, I thought this  could wait until around week 36, a month before due date... but I ended up being warded in week 33 straight after my routine appointment! I didn't even have spare underwear or my spectacles, or phone charger etc etc. I had to rely on people to bring these things (plus a whole lot of other stuff) to me.
So yes, I've learnt my lesson. Hospital bag packed at the start of 3rd tri this time.
Here's what I've packed (and it all fits in a Jujube Starlet)

1. A comfy dress for discharge.
2. 3 sets of underwear (panty & nursing bra)
3. 3 pairs daily contact lens + Spectacles
4. Face moisturizer (the rest of the toiletries I will use the ones provided at Mt Alvernia)
5. Extra maternity Pads and extra newborn diapers
6. Electric Breast pump 
7. Haakaa Pump 
8. Stretch mark cream (is a MUST for me)
9. A set of newborn clothes (For Michael to go home in)
10. Swaddle, socks and shoes and hat for newborn
11. Spare clothes and diapers for Myla Rae (she will be staying with me in my room)
12. Phone charger
13. Socks
14. Hoodie (for warmth)
Jujube mommas!!!  😁😁😁😁 Did you notice the print on the baby shoessssssss I packed???????

Baby Michael’s new shoes match my hospital bag's print (Tokidoki Space Place!)). Wanted to get their Tokipops print but then it’s a bit too girly for a boy. It's from Hiro &Jack baby shoes . They do have lots of other prints to choose from.. rainbows, unicorns, football teams, etc. You can head to Hiro & Jack to see the latest designs in stock now. 
They are handmade and very comfortable. My first born Myla Rae used to wear Hiro & Jack shoes (she started with their preemie size to newborn and prewalker ... all the way up to their walker shoes with non slip soles).

Totally love their prints and the shoes are of great quality. Easy to wear and yet doesn’t slip off baby’s feet. 

Giveaway time!!!!!
Hiro & Jack will be giving away 3 pairs of baby shoes in a selection of designs for you to pick from!  (Sizes u can choose from birth to 18mths/ 8cm to 14cm).

To take part in the giveaway:  
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Comment "I want Hiro & Jack Shoes!" and Tag a friend under the Hiro&Jack giveaway post on my Instagram.

There's no age limit (as long as child's feet is 14cm max) and multiple entries are allowed as long as you tag a different person with each entry.

I will draw the 3 winners via randomiser on my Facebook live video next Monday night 14th May.

Good Luck :)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Annee Matthew Maternity Bra Review & Giveaway

This is the first of a series of weekly giveaways I've organised for you :)

This is the Dream Sleep Bra from Annee Matthew (in Blush Pink, Size S).

It has no underwires. Padding is optional.Great for sleep and for lounging around in the day time. It doesn't have any complicated hooks or clasps, it wears like a sports bra (which is a super plus point for me and the reason I chose this range). Even if you're not pregnant or breastfeeding, this is a bra you'd want to wear too... because so comfy!
And if you are pregnant, this bra is not constraining when everythingggg is expaaaanding. And once baby comes, it will be easy to breastfeed or pump. It gives just the right amount of support for nursing mums.

Check out AnneeMatthew online to see their whole range of maternity and nursing wear.

Giveaway time!!!!
AnneeMatthew would like to give one of you the chance to experience the comfort of their Dream Sleep Bras. To win one for yourself in the colour and size of your choice, head over to my Instagram @hollyjean69 to join this giveaway (which ends on 5th May).

The draw winner will be using Randomiser and shown via my Facebook Live feed on the 5th of May (time to be confirmed)...

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sneak Peek into Our Special Day

We tied the knot at Open Farm Community. The venue is cosy, quaint and rustic, a perfect setting for an intimate affair with only our nearest and dearest friends. 
Myla was one of my flower girls, along with Adamson's niece, and our friends' daughter "Vava". 
My hair and make up was done by Clara Song.
Myla walked me down the aisle...
The solemnization was done outdoors on the patio. Our solemniser was Mr Zenon Teh. He's reliable, very experienced, and he made the occasion light hearted and joyful.
My bridal bouquet and solemnization table centerpiece was beautifully done by Evelyn from TheFloretCo . 
And I tossed the bouquet...
Wedding dust to Niza, the lucky lady :)
The dinner was held indoors, Open Farm Community is a warm and beautiful setting, especially if you don't want the run of the mill type wedding. Our event coordinator from Open Farm was Siti who was very accommodating and helped us run the whole reception smoothly.
Our cake was from SweetGraceSg . A red velvet cake customised in the colours I wanted, and delivered to the venue right on time as promised. I'm very grateful that everything that evening went so well, and there were no disappointments at all.
Just wanted to give you a sneak peek into this special day. Thank you for believing. Love from us to you xxx

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Basics of Laser Hair Removal

If you have never had laser hair removal done in a skincare clinic before, you may be wary of the process. However, arming yourself with some information about how laser procedures for hair removal work will help to take the guess work out of the process. You will be more at ease when you understand exactly what to expect. Below is some information to help you learn about laser hair removal.

Why Laser Machines Work so Well for Hair Removal
Laser machines work well for hair removal for the simple reason that the laser beams can travel all the way down into the lower layers of tissue. In doing so, they can target not only the full lengths of the hair shafts, but also the hair follicles. Follicles are the roots of each hair. The heat and particular type of light emitted by the laser can work together to make follicles weaker. As they are weakened, your hairs will gradually fall out. That process may take multiple treatments, however.

Lasers and Immediate or Permanent Body Hair Removal
One thing you must understand before you have laser treatment is that it is not magical. It cannot make you permanently hairless in the treatment area. It also will not remove hairs instantly. In fact, the hairs may not fall out until long after your appointment or after a series of appointments. When it does fall out it is likely to regrow eventually. However, treatment with professional hair-removal devices can damage some hair follicles enough over time to prevent regrowth. Nevertheless most of your hairs will regrow. But the advantage is that the regrowth process may take several weeks, whereas hairs shaved off can regrow in days. Even techniques like waxing at home do not keep hairs away for nearly as long.

Making the Laser Hair Removal Decision
The decision to have laser hair removal performed in a skincare clinic should be a joint one between you and your chosen clinician. He or she should begin by scheduling a consultation appointment for you. A consultation is necessary to get your skin health history, assess your skin type, and make sure laser hair removal will work in your case. If so, the consultation can also be used to select the proper type of laser because there are some variations between laser hair removal machine types. It is possible that you may not be eligible for laser hair removal based on the assessment, but such cases are rare.

Going in for Scheduled Laser Hair Removal Appointments
If you are a good candidate for laser hair removal a series of treatments will be scheduled. Prior to arriving for each one you must not use any topical materials on your skin unless they are approved by your clinician. Such items as deodorant, perfume and body lotion can present burn risks when lasers come in contact with them. They can also interfere with the tracking capabilities of laser devices in some cases. When you arrive for your appointment the clinician may clean the skin in the treatment area, just in case. He or she may also use a numbing or cooling cream on the area to minimize discomfort. May lasers are equipped with cool air jets for cooling the skin as well.

Keeping Realistic Expectations About Laser Hair Removal
It's important for you to have realistic expectations about laser hair removal. Expect the hair to take a long time and several treatments to fall out. Also, expect it to take a long time to return after it falls out. Do not expect it to be magically zapped away during the appointment or disappear permanently after it. A few hairs may not return, but most of them will eventually. When they do they may be lighter or finer than they were before. At that point you can choose to perform minor maintenance at home or schedule more treatments, depending on the level of regrowth.