24Hr peek into SAHM Life

Some people wonder if SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) life is for them, and while some take to it like a duck to water,  I'm sure that for many, it's a rude shock to the system. Haha. Perhaps it's because it's really not glamorous, or relaxing as many assume it is.

So here's a peek into a typical 24 hour cycle. Right now, Adamson is away for 2 weeks Reservist, so the only difference is that the kids are missing seeing him before he gets ready for work in the morning, and having him (after work) join them for the later part of their evening wind down time in their playroom. Other than that, load wise, it's pretty much the same cycle for me.

Here's the peek-
11.30am Myla's School Bus picks her up. This time, Adamson took Myla down because he's going off for 2 weeks Reservist and Myla's feeling clingy and will miss him so she wanted him to take her down to the school bus. Usually I'll take her down, with MJ in stroller.  11.45am MJ nap. Takes about 15…

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