Monday, January 26, 2015

The 5 Worst Miss Universe 2015 National Costumes

As usual, every year in Singapore people gripe about the National Costume Miss Singapore Universe wears... and most of the time, I have to agree that it's horrendous. Like really tacky primary school arts and craft. But this year, I think it was quite nice. (see end of this post).
So I went to check out all the other delegates' national costumes... and man... I don't know what Singaporeans were complaining about, ours is quite nice. Look at these top 5 (in my opinion) worst ones.

Lithuania. Ok she's a pretty girl and it's a pretty dress, but why is the whole thing see through? Eww...
 Venezuela. Are you Groot? 
 Honduras. Fuck it, I'll just wear Grandma's tablecloth. (They've weaved her in it ....where is she?)
Ireland. She kind of looks hot like Megan Fox in Tansformers. Costume wise... so ugly. Like they put magnets on her shoulders and she walked down the streets of Ireland and attracted all the shrapnel.

Britain. The page 3 slapper look. The worst look in my books because it's the kind of cheap costume you see slutty girls wear during Halloween. It's hanging right next to the slutty nurse costume at the adult store. In fact, China's probably already mass manufacturing it and using this picture on the packaging right at this moment.

P/S- I think Miss Singapore's costume was not bad this year. Not disgusting at all. Only 2 things I would have done differently... I would have picked another shade of gold or a different colour altogether (something a bit brighter, cos this one is kinda dull on her skin tone), and I would have got rid of those cheap PU gold chaps, so can show off her gorgeous long legs.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Year of the Sheep is Almost Here :)

I so want the year of the sheep to come. It's been an overall shitty year of the Horse... in terms of family hospitalizations and surgeries for a few loved ones, husband's stint of unemployment in the first half of the year, some 'friends' not to be trusted anymore and then to cap it off our pregnancy instead of being something to celebrate, turned out ectopic. 
So, I'm really looking forward to this new year, a promise of a better year. It's going to be great. I know it, I can feel it in my bones.

My friend Ida owns a boutique in Singapore called LeNoir. She sent me some clothes for the new year. Here's a sneaky peeky of the 3 outfits.
Love this CNY romper the most!!
LeNoir is on Facebook - LeNoir Apparels and their boutique is at 69 Bedok South Avenue 3 #01-490.
p/s- next Monday is our 2nd year wedding anniversary. But we are celebrating tomorrow instead because it's Friday. Gosh time has flown by. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Creme Simon Event at the Pop Up Store

Yesterday I went to the Creme Simon Pop Up Store at Raffles City Robinsons.
Celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo was there to do a skincare workshop with Creme Simon. He has done makeup for several local and international stars such as Juliette Binoche and Marine Vacth, and is known locally as a skincare guru for his in-depth knowledge of skincare ingredients. 

I took home the Brightening Detox Night Moisturiser and the Day time version too. They fit nicely into my vanity swivel shelf.. I like looking at them lol. They are both part of the winter collection. Formulated for extra hydration and dry/harsh climates. So its great if you're travelling to a cold windy place or if you spend a lot of time in air-con ... or like me, you just have dehydrated skin to begin with!
The texture is definitely heavier than the Crème Universelle (which I also love.... btw, this cream is really universal btw, Larry Yeo applied it as eye cream on the model, whole face can use it, even the lips! Just put a layer on your lips, wait a minute, and then use a tissue to slough it off, all the dry skin comes right off).

The winter range of moisturizers absorb well, without a sticky residue. One tip I learnt, is to glide your hands over your face when applying it... works better than patting moisturizer in.
I also got these pretty ang pows from them. :)
You can use voucher code 9BGHF7P at the online checkout to get 10% rebate at Crème Simon eShop.

P/s there's another Skincare workshop by Larry Yeo at the pop up store at Raffles City Robinsons on the 23rd of January 8pm. Click here for more details. The first 50 to sign up will get a box of Laudree Macarons. Click here for details.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Submit a Review and Win a Chic New Backpack

I just submitted my online shopping reviews at is a website where people can share unbiased reviews of any online store. You can check out existing reviews or add your own reviews of online shopping sites... be it blogshops, or e-stores of established brands...

The reviews I submitted were for and GNC Singapore e-store.
 I found that Glasses Online has contact lenses which are much cheaper than the ones sold in physical stores. And they're all popular and recognized brand names like Freshlook, Biomedics, CooperVision, etc.
Click here to read my review. It's very easy to submit reviews on ShopVentureLove, the format is simple, and the process is a smooth one. Just takes a couple of minutes. :)
There's actually a GNC in the mall near my place but I find it's more convenient to just order what I want online. I bought some Royal Jelly, I'm getting my body and fertility back to normal again after my ectopic pregnancy.

Click here to read that review.

Now, reviewers get a online page where they can also build their review profiles + get badges, as well as add photos of their purchases too.

This Mary+Marie Apocalypse Now Shoulder/Backpack worth Usd250 will be given to one lucky person who submits his/her review this month.

Go to and submit your online reviews of any online store you've shopped at before (You can share good experiences or bad experiences, we just want honest opinions). Giveaway ends 19th January (so hurry!). Remember to hashtag #hollyjean at the end of your review !

P/s Last month's winner of the POMME D’ELLIE bag is Jasmine. ShopVenture has contacted you regarding your prize.

One of Jasmine's reviews
And the winner of my mystery gift is Sherlyn. Please drop me a message within the next 1 week so I can mail you your mystery gift.
Sherlyn's review of MegaFash
Pop into ShopVenture to read the helpful reviews or to submit your reviews now (the more you submit, the higher your chances of winning. Don't forget to hashtag #hollyjean )

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Picking Out New Outfits for 2015?

A while back last year, I did a shoot for LilyRae.Co for their CNY & Spring 2015 collection. There are some good discount codes to share with you at the end of this post too.
The sparkly Hollie Shimmer Dress is so festive and pretty.

 This dress comes in purple, silver or gold.

Lori mesh Top in white or black paired with the Lynette Organza Skirt in red or black. 
 One of my personal favs from the Christmas collection earlier, so chic! Houndstooth Coat. The quality of fabric and the workmanship of each apparel from LilyRae is great, it's not those cheapo china wholesale quality type. Very pleased with my pretty outfits from them.
My #OOTD today is from the latest collection launched today. Love this pompom fuzzy top. Go check it out at LilyRae.Co
All customers get Free Home & Office Courier Delivery in Singapore. Just place an order & they will have it at your place within 2 working days, you don't even have to pay online, just chose COD & the driver will collect the cash from you once you have checked or even tried the item on. 
Discount Code for 15% off your purchases at - key in   hollyxlilyrae  at checkout :)













Saturday, January 10, 2015

Was it worth human lives? #JeSuisCharlie

Last Wednesday morning, the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo was attacked by three gunmen who killed ten of its staff and two police officers. They claimed to be from Al-Qaeda and avenging their Prophet.

All this because of comics?!

It's satire! Mocking of religious and political leaders are part of satire. It is done with a specific purpose, usually to point out hypocrisies in government policies or religious views. Often the use of Mohammed, Jesus, and other religious or political leaders are done so in an allegorical way. It is you the reader who will draw your own conclusions from it.

Cartoonists intentionally get right up to the border of offensive. They deliberately make people feel uncomfortable. If you feel offended with what you are seeing, don't you live in a society where you are able to articulate a peaceful response to it. You can boycott the magazine. But just because you are not amused by it doesn't mean that no one else is allowed to be amused.

I've never bothered about Charlie Hebdo cartoons because I don't understand French. But since this act of terror, I Googled these cartoons... to see what all this was about.

Sharia Hebdo - 100 lashes of you don't die laughing. haha ok, kinda clever.

Love is stronger than hate. Obviously kinda like a shitty insincere apology for joking about Islam (?). Not funny. I'm not sure though if I'm not amused because it's 2 men kissing so slobberishly. I'm not usually homophobic but this looks gross.
Okay this one is so fucking not funny. But also, I wouldn't have known this was a holy Prophet. I would probably think it was some camel humping type dude from the middle east. Also not funny to me, but my sense of humour is pretty limited to begin with lol.

I did enjoy other cartoonists' responses to this Charlie Hebdo massacre more than any Charlie Hebdo comics I've seen so far. Especially God at the pearly gates smacking his head because the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were there. Haha.. here comes trouble! It also made me smile because it didn't give the image of bloodshed, pain or suffering, rather they looked happy, together and walking in to a new adventure. Heyyyy Big Guy, we're here!

Charlie Hebdo also poked fun at pretty much every other religion out there. Including my own.

This came out on Christmas. The birth of Christ.

Free at last. Is this about homosexuality and the Catholic church? Don't know, I'm not in stitches over it but I'm definitely not insulted either.

The thing is... You know when you're in primary school and there's always that one loner kid no other kids want to play around with because every little thing they will start crying out loudly, or tell mummy, or tell the teacher and get you in trouble? What did u do? Let them be outcast. Don't play with them. It's just not worth it right?

I believe (I mean its obvious) Charlie Hebdo knew that a significant number of Muslims were not being good sports with the satire about the Prophet. So why didn't they just drop it instead of rubbing it in!!!

Untouchables. Jew and Muslim saying we can't be mocked.

And in the past there were already vicious attacks on Charlie hebdo offices (fire bomb etc) because of their cartoons about Muslims. Charlie Hebdo! There's Plenty of fodder for your satire in this world. Why play with fire like that. I feel that your comics generated unnecessary social tension and discord. 

Freedom of speech is not free. It came at a price. The extremists' barbaric actions have brought more harm to society than Charlie Hebdo's ink ever did. :(

I know that Islam is a peace loving religion promoting tolerance, love and kindness. And I know a few extremist bad eggs, don't represent the religion. But I can't help that every time I hear "Allahu Akbar!" shouted out, I associate it with gunmen in balaclavas, heads being lopped off innocent men and merciless mauling. Isn't Allahu Akbar supposed to be a respectful and holy phrase?

Let's say I was in a mall or something and I heard someone shouting that around the corner, I would shit myself and run the other way... because I associate that phrase with murder. I'm sorry I feel that way, I'm sure I'm not the only one. :(

P/S update:14Jan
And I can't believe that Charlie Hebdo decided to print another Mohamed cartoon just that Wednesday after the terror attack. That's not about "freedom of speech" that's about being a petulant child who still insists on having the last word. Dudes, don't aggravate the situation and be the cause of more social tension amongst people. Don't be the cause of the next massacre, we already know we are not dealing with sane/rational ppl, they are extremists.... Why risk innocent human lives for that. Go draw something else. The world goes on.