Look Out For S-Factor

I've been keeping a secret from you.

I'm going to be on S-Factor! A new reality show on channel 5.
We just finished filming the last episode a few days ago. But I have to keep quiet about it and can't give you any juicy details until the show airs.

But it will only be broadcasted in January next year!! That's another 3 months from now! Oh The Horror!
I cannot tell you who won or any spoilers like that. But I will be giving you inside news and dishing the dirt every week, every episode when the show starts airing. I've never been involved in such a catty, vindictive, bitch fest in my life! But I guess that's what you get when you put 12 babes in bikinis together and tell them it's every woman for herself!

:) I'm pretty excited about it. So do look out for it.


Anonymous said…
i just want to know are there any babes D cup above? haha! just kidding!
Holly Jean said…
well.. i don't theink there are any Ds.. but two of the contestants have boobs jobs. But they're implats are C cups I think.. not sure abt the size :)

Shhh.. i can't reveal all these things yet!
Holly Jean said…
omg.. forgive the 3 million typos in that last comment I wrote!
Anonymous said…
hee, i think "broadcast" doesn't have a past tense right? :P

Holly Jean said…
huh? why no past tense?

broadcast, broadcasted, broadcasting, broadcasts. I didn't make the past tense up lol.

Unless u mean something like- a more appropriate word to use would be televised?

"It will only be televised in January." (Better?)
Anonymous said…
gals, bikini???

im looking forward to that... lolx..


Anonymous said…
with implats and only up to C cup? haha, cant image what was b4 the implat. haha!
Holly Jean said…
erm,... anonymous 6:24AM, if someone wants natural looking implants, especially if they're skinny/petite, then they can only go up by 1 or 2 cup sizes.

Which skinny/petite girl in her right mind would want like size DD or E implants? It would look disgusting and/or ultra fake.
Simon Seow said…
LOL. We have the H-Factor here, not a reality show but workshop for young people that are interested to learn about the entertainment industry.