Look Out For S-Factor

I've been keeping a secret from you.

I'm going to be on S-Factor! A new reality show on channel 5.
We just finished filming the last episode a few days ago. But I have to keep quiet about it and can't give you any juicy details until the show airs.

But it will only be broadcasted in January next year!! That's another 3 months from now! Oh The Horror!
I cannot tell you who won or any spoilers like that. But I will be giving you inside news and dishing the dirt every week, every episode when the show starts airing. I've never been involved in such a catty, vindictive, bitch fest in my life! But I guess that's what you get when you put 12 babes in bikinis together and tell them it's every woman for herself!

:) I'm pretty excited about it. So do look out for it.


  1. Anonymous11:35 am

    i just want to know are there any babes D cup above? haha! just kidding!

  2. well.. i don't theink there are any Ds.. but two of the contestants have boobs jobs. But they're implats are C cups I think.. not sure abt the size :)

    Shhh.. i can't reveal all these things yet!

  3. omg.. forgive the 3 million typos in that last comment I wrote!

  4. Anonymous1:21 pm

    hee, i think "broadcast" doesn't have a past tense right? :P


  5. huh? why no past tense?

    broadcast, broadcasted, broadcasting, broadcasts. I didn't make the past tense up lol.

    Unless u mean something like- a more appropriate word to use would be televised?

    "It will only be televised in January." (Better?)

  6. Anonymous4:54 pm

    gals, bikini???

    im looking forward to that... lolx..



  7. Anonymous6:24 am

    with implats and only up to C cup? haha, cant image what was b4 the implat. haha!

  8. erm,... anonymous 6:24AM, if someone wants natural looking implants, especially if they're skinny/petite, then they can only go up by 1 or 2 cup sizes.

    Which skinny/petite girl in her right mind would want like size DD or E implants? It would look disgusting and/or ultra fake.

  9. LOL. We have the H-Factor here, not a reality show but workshop for young people that are interested to learn about the entertainment industry.


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