I'm leaving Nuffnang

All my adspace at the moment is managed by Nuffnang [But you'll probably see no ads at this point]. I've been with Nuffnang exclusively for more than a year now.

My blog's hits have increased beyond what I expected over the last few months (I'm very proud of this because my hard work is finally getting results). But it has also seen a significant decrease in ad placement on my site (when I say significant, it's an understatement really... because I've actually got no ads). Ad space would fetch a much higher price now, because traffic is so much greater (and I've managed to sustain the increase). But I don't even get the usual (almost by default) global CPC ( Cost per Click) ads now. I've never got any advertorial opportunities from them, all my paid reviews and advertorials were from people who came to me directly. So i really don't see how i benefit now by sticking to Nuffnang...

I'm not blogging now because I need money, I'm blogging because I'm loving it. I do put alot of thought, intergrity and effort into what I write and I make it a point not to turn my blog into a rant or platform to tell people what I had for breakfast and other mundane stuff.

But I would like to one day be able to be a blogger as a profession. And I do feel as though I'm losing out by sticking exclusively to Nuffnang as my blog advertising company.

It's sad because I'd much prefer to be loyal. [Nuffnang put ads on my page all the way back when my blog was in its infancy and barely had a hundred hits a day!] But realistically, I have to drop my Glitterati status with Nuffnang because it's obviously not bringing me very tangible benefits in terms of $ or in generating hits. It's going to weigh me down and keep me from other opportunities out there.

So, who should I sign up with??? I was thinking about google adsense, or advertlets...

What else is there?
[I will eventually only choose one because I don't want my whole blog page riddled with messy ads all over.]
Update: 20 oct 12.20pm.
A representative from Nuffnang (Cherie) rang me a couple of hours ago while I was out walking Cookie Monster.
She explained to me that I've not been getting advertorials because advertisers are not keen about the controversial content of my posts (nudity, sex, tht sort of stuff). And they are working at finding suitable advertisers for me ( and of course for all their Bloggers).
And the CPC ads were cut off because they are in the process of acquiring more advertisers for that.
I feel really bad now. :( cos now I suddenly have a CPC ad on my sidebar advertising High School Musical.
Well, I got to admit that Nuffnang does give really good personal attention. It's always had a very "family" feel... with Ming connecting with so many of us on a personal level. I feel so shitty for wanting to look elsewhere to monetize my blog.
Also... so many have commented (thank you for all your feedback) about all the other Ad providers out there. And there's pros and cons to all of them it seems.
I need to do more research on this before I make any decisions.


  1. maybe u should try da Advertlets cos at least it increase ur money by viewing..cos i have those two...

  2. Dear girl, this problem with Nuffnang has been faced by many. At the same time I differ in opinion with regards in choosing only one advertising program. Unless of course you are only going to put one ad box in your whole blog. There are many ways to weave in the different ad programs without cluttering your blog. For example, just put one ad box of each.

  3. I have not tried Advertlets. But if Advertlets pays you for impressions then if is alright to use the two together. Like "Melody's Daddy" said, a bit of creativity will ensure that your blog is not too cluttered by ads even though you serve a few programs. In fact, I believe that if you are only showing a single text box for adsense, then higher paying ads will be shown on your blog.

  4. Yep. I had the same problem with Nuffnang - was flooded with ads when I was in my infant stage with barely 50 readers. Once I saw an exponential growth, the ads stop coming.

    Didn't have good feeling with Advertlets either. They pay out in Ringgit (then, not sure about now) and don't have a good reputation in the blogsphere when it comes to payment. The worse was they actually failed to re-register their domain once and tens of thousands were stranded without ads for a couple of days.

    As for Google, I see them as a bully in the industry - can't wait for Yahoo to launch their own ads in Asia.

    My advice - stick to paid reviews (especially yours is a lifestyle blog). Advertisers should know that we don't earn them a living and we are blogging for passion and not for money.

  5. Anonymous10:19 am

    hey gal, nice seeing ur comments on my page.. please keep them coming... :P

    try Advertlets btw...



  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    Don't try advertlets. it's gone case already~ google it and you can find out more

  7. Anonymous10:51 am

    actually if you look closer, advertlets is not gone case.

    they have been getting quite a few deals from a few companies that advertised under them lately.

  8. Anonymous11:18 am

    I would recommend you try Blog2U.sg.

    It's concept is totally different from any other blog advertising agencies in Singapore.

    Once you confirmed your advertisment/sponsored reviews, you get paid upfront to host the advertisements.

    Another one you can try is Google Adsense - I have earned prolly about 500USD for 2yrs? :D

  9. Anonymous11:24 am

    Nuffnang is the only best Asia ads provider. If you are looking for an alternative ads provider, do join BidVertiser. I'm earning something when my Google Adsense failed to provide an ad.

  10. Anonymous11:28 am

    bidvertiser has been banning publishers after they request cashout!

  11. i actually tried ScribeFire Ad Network and i liked it. it pays to Paypal so that's nice too.


  12. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Nuffnang would treat you like sxxt until you make noise then suddenly advertisement starts appearing. This has been an issue for far too many bloggers. The problem with nuffnang(although they have never admittde) is that they have NOT ENOUGH advertisers. They would come back and say 'you-don't-have-enough-readers' kind of tuang. But when you do have, they would find other reasons such as no advertisers want you blah blah blah. Eh i thought they promised advertisements for every blogs with 20 click, no? Bull....

    The way they expand their operation, I predict they would come crashing down next year when the recession hit our shore. The chair is too big, Timothy don't have the butt to sit it.

  13. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Thanks HakoPSP for the info. I'm getting mine at the end of this month. How about Adbrite, have they paid you yet?

  14. I've heard about a number people who are happy with advertlets but I've not come across one single person who is happy with nuff nang.. so in my case I would like to say that - if i had to choose between the two I would choose advertlets.

    I put both advertlets and nuff nang on my site now cause i'm not actually making big buck bucks anyway. I'll see how they fair among each other (in terms of revenue and clicks) and I'll drop one of them later.

  15. I'd so agree to you on the last part.It's like they're family haha(though I have yet to have any personal attention) :P

  16. Anonymous12:03 am

    can't go wrong with AdSense.
    We were exploring nuffnang for a while, guess after this, we may just explore other avenues.

    Comments posted on your blog are useful/helpful

  17. Anonymous1:37 am

    Hi Holly Jean,

    Just to let you know that a representative from Advertlets.com has contacted you, and we would be very happy to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!


    Advertlets Support

  18. Anonymous3:26 am


  19. Anonymous9:09 am

    You do what you want with your blog, and if others like to rant or blog their mundane stuff, why should it be any of your concern? Do they blog with less integrity or effort?

    If you want yourself or your blog to be taken seriously then don't try so hard to advertise yourself! People can read and see for themselves. Instead you choose to blog about SEX or post suggestive photos to get attention then advertise on forums etc.

    Anyhow I hope you're new found fame is something you can really cherish and are able to share with your grand kids one day!


  20. Advertlets Support--> yes, a representative has contacted me and I will be responding very shortly. Thank you.

    Anonymous 9.09--> ? No worries, I'm not the least bit concerned abt other people's blogs. I never said they CANNOT rant about mundane stuff. I just said that I DON'T.

    I have to put myself out there and advertise... it landed you on this page, didn't it? So that's 1 hit more, and a hit that counts.

    And I most definitely look forward to sharing my life and past and views with my grandkids some day. Funny how you think I should be ashamed about myself. I guess my myopia only ends with my eyes, and not my mind. Thankfully.

  21. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Anonymous 9:09 -

    You seem to think that advertising reduces the credibility of the material being promoted?

    Tell that to all the poets, authors, movie and film makers, and other artists out there who routinely leverage off the advertising industry for self-promotion. Think Damien Hurst, Houdini, the Blair Witch Project.

    Is their work degraded by advertising, or enhanced?

    To me, your point makes no sense at all. Why should blogging be any different from other creative mediums when it comes to how it uses advertising?

  22. nuffnang also forget about me when my hits increases and no ads came in at all.

    they took forever to mail me a cheque, inform them without my surname, they reply me immediately that they're gg to change it.

    its been months and my new cheque yet come. sent in a ticket yesterday and dun even have a reply from the helpdesk! :(

  23. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Dear Leonard

    Let me attempt to make some clarifications.

    "Nuffnang also forget about me when my hits increases and no ads came in at all."
    - Since your "hits increase" (in Nuffnang terms, let's take this to be an increase in Blogger Band), we have assigned you a number of campaigns. Numbers shall not be revealed here to protect your privacy.

    "they took forever to mail me a cheque, inform them without my surname, they reply me immediately that they're gg to change it."
    - According to Nuffnang's cash-out in terms and conditons, cheques only arrive 30 days after the end of the month, 60 days if you are non-Glitterati. (http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/blogger-faq)

    For the account that you cashed out, you were a non-Glitterati member.

    You cashed out on 23 May 2008. The expected date of arrival your cheque would be no later than 5 August 2008, taking into consideration time taken for postage to arrive. On 1 August, the cheque was delivered to you.

    On 25 August 2008, you sent a ticket to our Helpdesk stating that the bank did not accept your cheque due to an incorrect name.

    On the next day, Robb replied your ticket, explaining that the reason why the cheque could not be processed by the bank was because you made a mistake by not including your FULL name.

    "its been months and my new cheque yet come."
    - In Robb's reply on 26 August 2008, he stated that Nuffnang would need time to check with the bank, and to re-issue a new cheque.

    There is processing time involved, and Nuffnang would need lead time to re-process your cheque. I believe that was made clear in Robb's email to you.

    "sent in a ticket yesterday and dun even have a reply from the helpdesk! :("
    - We apologize if we are unable to reply you on the spot, but we do need time to check your claims before giving you a satisfactory reply and this would take at least 3 working days.

    Best regards

  24. Thanks everyone for all the feedback. Keep them coming! Esp want to hear rants/raves about other advertising providers... as I only have knowledge of/experience with nuffnang so far.

    Huiwen--> Thanks for clarifying things with regards to leonard's cash out dilemma.

    I cashed out today. And at this point, for this account, I'm still Gliteratti. Which is great... because I didn't realise non-gliteratti have to wait so much longer.

  25. Anonymous7:03 pm


    You seem to be confusing art with something else.....

    "Subjectivity is inalienable to the appreciation of art." This is a site to "spark interest, ignite discussion and provoke critical thinking......NOT!"

    And Madame perhaps you may need to get a second opinion on your 'Myopia'

    Here's hoping you do better!


    Anonymous 9:09

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  28. Glitterati. LOL

    The day AdSense Support emails/calls you I will bow down before you.

  29. Just saw this. Join us at omy lah. :) Can write in English btw.

  30. I am waiting for my Nuffnang cheque. 1 month and counting...


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