Freak Show at the Night Safari

Not that I don't have enough reasons to love blogging... but a really good one is that I get to preview things for FREE! :)
(It runs until the 1st of Nov 2008)Stomp's Star Blogger Nadnut aka Nadia was there too! Leonard Png wondering how that steamed dumpling is supposed to fit into his mouth.Incidentally both bloggers are my Kakis from SPI (Nuffnang). Whoo hoo!
It claims to be a Hell of a good time. But ok... I'll be honest with you... it's the same good time as a normal night safari there... except that in the spirit of Halloween... staff are in costume, and ghouls and goblins pop out at you from the bushes for a cheap scare. The tram ride was comfortable, spacious and it gave us a great view of animals. The pic above is of the cameraman getting attacked by a cleaver weilding madman. haha. funny.
On scare factor- (bear in mind, guys, that I'm hardly even scared by the best of horror films...)... I'd give the Night Safari Halloween Tour a 2 out of 10.
But in terms of novelty and entertainment (Hey they're not charging visitors extra for this Halloween stuff)... I give it an 8 out of 10. For adults, it's good for a laugh, and kids will definitely remember this experience for life!
Hey, Holly Jean, where are all the damn animals? You ask?

Well... we're not allowed to use flash photography on animals there as the lights will hurt their eyes. So.. all the pictures of animals are just pitch black or a blur (because I put the ISO super high). Just fork out the bloody $22 (entry) + $10(tram ride) and go see for youself! [Wow.. that's one hell of a sales pitch isn't it?! ]

Special thanks to for this night.


Post Note:

At the end of the night, I came home to the biggest monster in my life. Cookie Monster.


  1. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Is this a zoo or a circus? To make the zoo staff dress up like clowns is a tasteless stunt that shows how far the 'zoo' is willing to go to bring people in. I feel sorry for the animals,having to endure this nonsense.
    And what sort of bizarre costume was (star blogger?) Nadnut wearing?

  2. OCK... though I do admit tht they're threading a very fine line here and could be making a mockery of themselves...

    when you're there.. there's a halloween atmosphere. The staff didn't look coerced. They loved walking around in costumes.

    So in the spirit of Halloween I give it a thumbs up. Any other month of the year, I'd crucify them for pullling such a stunt!


    And nadnut was wearing a scarf. nothing wrong with it. Stop being an idiot!

  3. Hey Jean, thanks for posting this up so quick! :)


  4. Anonymous9:58 pm

    I was there too =) I was wondering who you are cos u look so familiar...

  5. Sigh. Renewing my car insurance this month, not dough to go Singapore. T_T

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  7. Anonymous11:27 am

    Hey! I was there too! But I did not see you there, Andy told me he saw you! :)


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