Letters to Myla Rae - You are 2!

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Dearest Myla Rae,

You just turned 2! And what a difference each year makes.
I know the last year or so hasn't been so easy for you, a lot of adjustments especially in the last 4 - 5months. But you are such a trooper. I hope this resilience of yours is something you retain and build on as you grow.
Let's see what's new in the past year.... you are a dancer. Like seriously, you cannot hear a tune and not try to hum along or dance to it. You certainly did not get that from me as I am not musically inclined at all.
Despite your petite size, you love food and are a greedy little girl. Maybe you'll be like mummy, eat a lot and don't grow fat kind. haha (you better hope so ah!)
You alert us when you are pooping by saying "Cho cho" and waving your hand in front of your nose to signal it's smelly. This is great, because we know when you need your diaper changed. I tried putting you on the potty, but you only sat for a few seconds and got right off. I think toilet training shall wait another 6 months.

Oh we flew to Bali last week for a short getaway (your last Free Flight!!! Next year got to start paying for your seat. Oh man). You had not pooped that whole morning, but when we were in the airplane, it started taxiing to queue up by the runway and the seatbelt sign lit up, you said "Cho Cho!" + *smelly hand signal* . Seriously child. We had to sit there with you on my lap, your poop stinking up the whole place. AND we had to wait until the plane took off and reached cruising altitude before we could change your diaper. Why you so like that!!

Plus mummy hurt her back and could not carry you. So Adamson who was travelling with us, had to go change you and wash your poopy ass in the cramped Scoot toilet. Then 10 minutes later, you did it AGAIN. Haha... You owe him big time, chica.
 You also love animals ( I think most kids do). You've honed your lion Roaring skills to the point that it's actually quite impressive coming from someone tiny. I can't help but wonder what your future will hold. Will you be a performer? A swimmer? A musician? A chef? Or work with animals? Or would you totally surprise us and end up in a field related to languages or mathematics (both of which are not your strong suits right now lol). I look forward to seeing what your future holds.
Happy 2nd Birthday my baby girl. You will always be my baby girl. I love you forever.