Post Partum Body Update

** Disclaimer. This could be construed as a self pitying vanity type post.
It might annoy some people because I'm saying things like "fat" like it's a less desirable thing, and some of you might feel like WTF she's not even fat, what about people who are fatter, is she saying they're yucks? No, I'm not...not at all. All the descriptions and feelings in this post pertain to me, only me and my body. I'm not looking at or judging anyone else.**
OK, so here's a long overdue post which I really expected to do around 1 year post partum. Remember this post I did after delivering my second child -My Second Pregnancy : Aftermath- ?

I promised to do an update post once I reached my pre-pregnancy weight. You probably thought I forgot about the update. I didn't. I just haven't got there yet.  MJ turns 2 years old in one month's time... and I'm still not back to my pre pregnancy shape yet :(

Pre pregnancy weight before getting pregnant with MJ…

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