Gardens by the Bay - Jurassic nest & Flower Dome Avatar experience

 Looking for somewhere to take the kids this school holiday? Last week I took Myla and MJ to Gardens by the Bay. Took the new TEL (Thomson-East Coast) MRT line and stopped at Gardens by the Bay. Very convenient.  First we checked out the new Jurassic Nest food court. It was a weekday afternoon (lunch time) and totally no crowd.  I think because quite pricey... compared to the Mcdonald's nearby was full house.  But honestly, when I'm out with the kids, I rather the place be a bit pricey but not crowded so I don't have to like jostle for seats or feel rushed.  How pricey was it? Well, for example.. Myla's yakiniku bowl here was $28plus. Comparatively, I can get it at the same price at a restaurant like Tanuki Raw (plus got foie gras at Tanuki Raw!).So for a food court, this was expensive... tasted good (not as good as Tabuki raw's bowl). There's a good range of stalls, including a halal stall. And the place is very clean. The set up is great... lots of huge and re

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