That's My Jam - Strawberry Picking in Seoul

Korean strawberries are so sweet, and it was an awesome experience for the whole family to be able to pick our own strawberries and also make our own jam. 
There are several Strawberry farms in Seoul where you can go pick your own strawberries. We booked our session with Klook because we didn't drive there and thought it would be easier just to book a tour and have everything covered. 
They say June is best for strawberry picking in Korea, but the strawberries we picked in December were very sweet and juicy too. No complaints!
We picked big juicy red ones, and then I also picked some smaller ones from the vines as well, just out of curiosity. And you know what? Those tasted sweet and ripe too! None of that mind reelingly sharp & sour Cameron highlands strawberries I picked as a child lol lol. 
They also had a jam making workshop which I feel is worth a go (some other farms have strawberry dipping in chocolate instead, or similar strawberry related activities).
Basically it's just mushing up ripe strawberries with sugar in a hot pan. Haha...still, it was good fun. Then you bottle it up and take it home with you. 
Picky eater MJ is a strawberry connoisseur. If it's not sweet enough, he will never eat it (he can tell by just smelling it). So these strawberries from the farm pass with flying colours.