Bare Your Seoul

This is the first of 7 posts I have about our holiday in Seoul over Christmas.Stay tuned daily for the next posts. 

Our family has been to Seoul before, (also over Christmas but it didn't snow at all then) 4 years ago when MJ was just a few months old. This time round we were able to do more and experience more since the kids are a little older. And this time round, Seoul was freakishly coldddddd  (it went as low as minus 14 degrees celcius in the day time). So much snowwwww!

Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395 and was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. It's our second time here. But this time we decided to rent Hanboks and dress up.

There are a couple of streets just across from the Palace (and palace museum) which rent out Hanboks. It's barely 5 mins walk away. Very convenient. You can get them for the whole day or for as short as 2 hours. We pre booked ours from Klook. But when we went down there, we saw that there are many shops renting Hanboks, you can just walk in and rent one.

We actually did it for the kids. Let them experience something cultural and have fun dressing up. But OMG, I super enjoyed it myself. I loved wearing the Hanbok, so princessy (and the inner skirt is those can can types, so you float around. Love it!).

They even style your hair for you. 

It's damn cold ... so even though it's just a 5 min walk away, we had to bundle up in our jackets. Only took them off to take pics. 

Myla & I had matching Hanboks. Love the colours she picked out. And Adamson initially had the male version to match us... but he swapped to a dark blue one instead so MJ wouldn't be the odd one out (Mj only had this dark blue one in his size... if you're going with small kids, make sure the rental shop you book has stuff in their size).
My handsome Prince.  :)

And beautiful family.

Snowball fight....
Luckily MJ was a good sport that day (normally he hates playing dress up lol). 
The place is beautiful and picturesque especially when snowy white. 
Take lots of pictures when you're there. 

I normally don't like to do a repeat of anything (unless it's food)... I'm the done and dusted kind of person... but for this activity, I would definitely love to re do it again when we're back in Seoul!