Seoul Crushingly Cold - Vivaldi Ski Park

When planning our holiday, we prebooked a day trip to Vivaldi Ski Park so the kids could get some snow. (You see, the last time we were in Seoul for Chirstmas, it did not snow at all, so we were prepared to have to go up the hills to s ski resort to get snow this time). But as it turns out, it has been a very snowy December in Seoul and there was no need to go hunting for snow. 

We started off our day damn early in the morning at Hongdae to catch the tour bus to Vivaldi Ski Resort. Once we got there, it was a schlep to go rent the ski clothes and stuff and then changing the kids into the outfits and then quicky changing our own oufits while the kids stood waiting and melting under those layers. 

Then we rode a gondola up (actually it's like the sentosa cable car).

Once we were out on the slopes, omg SO COLD. Note to self, next time if going ski resort, must get snow boots for the kids, and thermal socks. Even with my thick socks, I felt like my toes gonna get frostbite lol. 

We took the kids to Snowy land which is a kid friendly area of Vivaldi. 

They went down snow sleds (not for adults). 

And we rode down on some inflatables together. 

Michael played happily in the snow, like really got in it.

 Until it penetrated the top opening of his mittens, then he was so miserably cold, he cried and wanted to go home. 

So we took the gondola back down to the ski centre.

 Adamson tried snowboarding for the first time (he said he fell over like 300 times lol ), he just went for it without lessons. 
He just rented the equipment and went snowboarding while I warmed the kids up in the cafe. Luckily he survived! 

After that we were back on the tour bus and it was a 3 hour ish ride back to Hongdae. Super tiring but a fun experience.