Is Your Girlfriend Actually A Witch? The signs of evil.

Men are often smitten when in love, and overlook the signs of evil in the women they are dating.
Signs of evil:

1. She bad mouths all other women when she is with you. It is normal for all women to get a little competitive and jealous over other women. But a witch will constantly put down other women. If a very pretty girl walks past, all she points out are the flaws. Example- " Her thighs are too thick for such a short skirt..."

2. She can turn every conversation into something bad you have done, such as being uncaring or hurting her feelings. This is how the witch uses emotional blackmail to make you do the things she wants, and act the way she wants you to.

3. She has no sincere girl friends. Either all her friends are guys (she'll say guys just understand her better), or her female friends are all new friends. That's because women know that witches are toxic. Witches get irrationally jealous over our actions and only pretend to be happy for us when we are doing well. No normal girl would stick around a witch for long.

4. Her stories are inconsistent. No one can keep up with a lie 100 percent of the time. Ask her personal questions about her past, or even her present. And then ask her again in a few weeks. See if her answers are consistent. Witches often have cause to hide their past. She will often tell you sob stories about how her previous relationship failed because the guy was a bad cheating/neglecting/asshole one. But was he really? A witch loves to play the victim. Be careful.

5. Her behaviour is inconsistent. No matter how good she is at pretending to be an easy going girlfriend... there will be times when her true colours show unexpectedly. Is she super-nice to you and yet rude to other people (example, the waiter)? Does she flare up when she loses a game?

Test her by taking her out with a group of your friends. See how she interacts with them. Friends can also be helpful in judging if your new Girlfriend is a witch or not. But remember that any of your own female friends shouldn’t witches themselves (or you get a false answer because witches always rate other girls unfavourably, no matter what).

Men with low self-esteem will continue to date witches. Witches can only control a man who allows himself to be controlled. Stand up for yourself. There are plenty of good women out there... so don't pick the one who will push your mother down the stairs when you're not looking.


  1. Anonymous9:04 pm

    love this post! i suppose it could work the other way too. bottom line, i would want my other half to be kind and respectful. somehow though i am always made to feel like these are archair values in modern society. rambling on now but love this post!

  2. Anonymous7:27 am

    What a load of bullshit! Get a life people! You are a evil witch! By putting all this shit out here! In peoples heads!

  3. Anonymous3:23 am

    WOW this is super accurate, as I have definitely dated a bonafide witch before! I mean she never admitted it or anything, but it is as if you researched her and then wrote this article. Are you a witch or do all women just know what a witch is? I wish I had been warned!

  4. Wow this is pretty spot on!

  5. Wow this is pretty spot on!

  6. I'm dating one right now! I knew something was up and I asked her......she said "no" very quietly. She pretty much got me fired from my job and doesn't like me to workout. I see small black shadows fly across the apt. Ok.....gotta go....she back from the store.

  7. Anonymous6:23 am

    I am also dating one as well everything that I have read is right on the money �������������� and describes her to a T 198.99% she loves to play the victim and never can admit her wrongs even when she knows she's wrong. And the part about not having any would girl friends is true one of the first things she told me when we got tougther she told me baby look don't be worried or don't be jealous but I have a lot of guy friends or "homeboys" And she did 99% of the 300 contacts in her iPhone are "Homeboys well on one day I asked her, so what do you do for a living? I replied. Am a delivery driver. for an import export business. And he would work late hours, but never had any specific time schedule of when she needed to be at work and we should get off of work. So it could be a m. and she would be getting ready to go to work I later found out she was a whore on Craigslist and every time I ask her she would lie.

  8. Anonymous2:14 am

    My ex girlfriend was the same way. She informed me because she was an aries she was more masculine!¿redflag? And that she was no longer friends with her gf's. That they weren't worthy of her! Then she made me feel bad about myself. She would get extremely irritated/angry when I would "throw her √≤ff" by doing something spontaneous/random out of love/affection. Oh yeah she was also jealous and tried to accuse me of other women. When I came to find out she was the one screwing around...

  9. Anonymous10:09 pm

    I am dating one aswell. She never admits when shes wrong, she gets angry very easily, she had alot of male friends , she hates to be accused of anything even when guilty, she cannot go a month without beefing me, she qualrells alot ,shes very nosy about knowing everything in mylife,, she appears in my dreams Everytime we dont have sex and ends up giving ne wet dreams and shes very loud,one time we were having makeup sex she subconsciously said she didnt invite me and that her 'aljanu' meaning spirits invited me over. That gave me alot to think about. I noticed i never made any new friends since i met her or even make good money, i always have bad luck with everything that will make me a better person and i was always having mood swings on a daily upon the littlest things. So i went to my village to see a 'mallam' that is a white spiritual doctor and he told me i was Bewitched and indirectly told me everything i did with her, during the time i met him i was still talking to her on the phone and everytime i leave to his place or leave from his place i get a call from her asking what im up to so that gave me serious signs to let go of my feelings for her.he even told me exactly what i discussed with her on my whats app about marriage and told me to stay clear. After that he gave me some medicine to take every morning and night and ever since she never tried to reach me again although she appears in my dreams sometimes to have sex with me but i always end up not doing it or rather fingering her which is not as bad as the actual thing. Mind you we live in thesame compound house so its gonna be difficult for me to totally ignore her but then i now have protection over that sort of thing so I will no longer be attractive to her. Please learn from my experience. Witchcraft is real. Mind who you date or marry. Do alot of research on them and never take their sarcasm for granted for it is true.

  10. Wow you have a dumb bitch. Maybe stop
    Referring to people as Witches. You ever actually met a Witch. Fucking psycho.

  11. Anonymous1:40 am

    Wow you dumb bitch. Maybe stop referring to simply toxic women as "Witches"
    I mean have you ever actually met a Witch?
    You sound like a fucking psychopath.

  12. Anonymous5:54 pm

    This was extremely inaccurate about women who actually practice the craft. Alas, this was written in 2012 when people were still super ignorant of pagan practices and beliefs. Witch is NOT synonymous with evil.

    1. Anonymous8:15 am

      There's a reason bible says don't suffer a witch to live

  13. I am a witch and I've never done any of the things you claim. What you are describing is a good old narcissistic personality.

  14. Anonymous10:55 am

    No this isn’t a witch this is someone abusive and narcissistic and toxic, so do everybody a favor and go talk to an actual witch, and news flash toxic exist in every group of people, so no none of this is correct this is just hurtful

  15. Sophie11:38 pm

    What you are describing is a NARCISSIST. Which is what YOU are for trying to manipulate people by using the word “witch”. I’m guessing a love interest let you for a witch and that’s why you’re insecure and jealous enough to try mucking up the word witch by attaching these lies to it. That’s because every witch I’ve ever known is kind, empathetic, and genuine - so of COURSE people would be more attracted to that than to a conniving person who would write an article like this. It’s just pure contention and woman bashing. All you did was please incels and people who know nothing at all about witches. You should have stuck witch actual FACTS and replaced the word “witch” in this article with “narcissist” so you could show you have some integrity. Shame on you. And shame on your readers for not knowing better.

  16. Anonymous2:07 pm

    When it comes to witchcraft, there are 2 paths. The left-hand path, and the right-hand path. Left is not good. I dated 1 for 3 yrs. The Right-handed are some of the best people on the planet. The left-hand, not so much. Once you go Dark, there is no coming back. So choice wisely.

  17. Anonymous1:01 pm

    No coming back? What exactly do you mean? Is it if you go with black magic you’re going to pay? Or is it death? Hell? Wdym?

  18. Anonymous11:06 pm

    My ex was always shady . Never took responsibility. I wasn’t perfect I made mistakes but I tired to make things work . She was just plain evil . This post was spot on when it came to her and the way she acted .

  19. Big Daddy7:28 am

    my girlfriend is a witch i just confronted her and omg everything is just so true. thank you for helping me through such a rough patch in my life. this helped a lot….


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