Heart & Seoul

 Chanced upon Ojeda Cafe in Dongdaemun. We were just looking for a place to rest and warm up. Oh boy were we glad we found this place.

So quirky and quaint and also very spacious and comfortable. Would definitely head there again when I'm in Seoul. 
The kids loved exploring the place as there are many comfy nooks to sit and relax in. 

The staff were friendly.  

The cheese cakes were so good. And this is coming from a person (me!) who usually doesn't like cheese cakes.

Drinks were excellent. I had a really good beer. Myla had some blue fizzy concoction (also good), Michael drank water even though we got him apple juice (fussy), and Adamson had some hot chocolate and a French version of mulled wine. 
Love this place. Ojeda.