Monday, February 18, 2013

My Married Name and New NRIC

My husband wanted me to take on his surname after we got married... and when I googled for procedures, I noticed a lack of information. It was only after posting on my facebook wall, did I understand what needed to be done (thank you FB friends for answering my queries!).

I just collected my new NRIC (identity card), so I thought I'd share with you what needs to be done, in case you ever need to know the procedures.

To add your married name to your Singapore NRIC is a fairly simple, inexpensive and painless procedure. I went down to the ICA building (It's just at Lavender MRT station), went up to the third floor and got a queue number. The average waiting time is about 6 minutes. 

You will need to produce your original marriage cert, any recent bill (Starhub etc) that's addressed to you (that is if you want to update your NRIC to your new home address) and one recent passport sized photo. There's a passport photo shop on the first floor where you can get this done for just ($5.50 for 4 pics).

You will need to pay $60 (via NETS) during this application as well.

Then the next day, you can go online (they will give you a collection slip which has the online details) to book a time slot for collecting your new NRIC. 

Here's my new NRIC.... issued on Valentine's Day :)
The good thing about this is, my maiden name is still on my NRIC, so it's no problem with my existing bank accounts and other documennts. I can choose to use either my maiden name or my married name (or both!) in my future documents etc, and both are recognised.

However, with this process, you can only add your husband's surname to your name. Meaning, you cannot change your name. So if you're Lee Min Ting. And your husband is Lawrence Tan... for example... your married name will be Mrs Tan Min Ting.  You cannot just change it to Mrs Kelly Tan, if Kelly is not in your original NRIC. You also cannot change other details like blood type, gender and race by getting married (obviously).

For such name changes (insertion of a totally different name), or to double barrel your name (e.g. Mary Tan-Chong), you will need a deed poll. A deed poll is a legal document which costs about $100 (roughly). And after this, you still need to replace your old NRIC with one bearing your new name ($60). Plus you will need to update all your bank accounts etc, and your old name will no longer be recognised (as in you can't have both old and new).

Hope this info is helpful for those who need it :)


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    What if your residential address is an overseas one? Can you put that on the I/C?

    1. Yup, ur NRIC shld state ur current address, even if it's overseas... (u can write to ICA with your new details) . but you will still need to provide an local (singapore) contact address for the records.... this can be your parent or family member here in SG.

    2. passerby2:04 am

      Hi Holly, not sure if ICA has changed their policy but when i got married 6 years ago, they refuse to update my NRIC with my overseas address and insisted i indicate a local address. So i told them to eff the inflexibilties since I know i will be overseas indefinitely. However, they were okie for me to change mailing address to overseas address for mail correspondence, just not the one plastered on my NRIC

  2. Anonymous11:54 am

    What about passport? Will you have 2 names as well?

  3. Anonymous10:54 am

    So helpful Holly! even though i don't require it.
    on a random note.. you have the same birthday as my brother hurhur

  4. Jayla5:55 pm

    according to statistics, you have one of the most common birthdays in the world!

  5. Is it necessary to update our passports after we insert our married name to our ic? Or can we wait till our passport expire?

    1. I didn't update my passport... it expires next year, so I'll just update it when I renew my passport

    2. hi gal, can i check if you travelled with your existing passport without changed of name? will you stopped by the custom?

  6. Hi Holly,
    Could you please tell me, when you booked online to collect the new NRIC, were you able to collect it on that same day? I wish to do as you have done, but I only have 5 days in Singapore, so I am not sure if that's enough time


  7. Anonymous9:06 am

    Hi Holly, thanks for sharing. I need these info.