A Whole Lotte Seoul

Lotte World ! 

It's like any theme park around the world... but this one has both indoor and outdoor sections. 
I found the indoor one VERY MESSY. Like the layout is real shit. Prepare to get lost and also spend ages trying to get to any point you need to.
The outdoor section is more spacious and the layout is better. Not clusterfucked. But we didn't spend much time here because most of the rides not suitable for kids below 120cm, so even Myla can't ride on it.  
It's very crowded ( even though we went on a weekday), so it is a MUST to buy the Magic passes otherwise you're just wasting your time there honestly. Yes even for the kids below 110cm, get the magic passes. 

We didn't get MJ any magic passes, thinking he can only ride those toddler rides for 110cm and below anyway, so no express queues for those. WRONG. Most of the kiddy ride queues were long, (although not as long as the grown up rides)..and we could have used the Magic passes if only he had them. (But magic passes cost more than the entry ticket itself, so be warned it's $$$$$).

As for the adult rides, if you have magic passes, you're as good as gold really. Totally bypass the queues instantly. Love it!

There's also this boat thingy you can rent for about SGD25, which gives you 20 mins on it (but so freezing cold, you'll be back in 10 hahaha). Adamson took both Myla and MJ out on the boat while I went to use up my magic passes for grown up rides. I didn't get to use my magic passes before because stuck with MJ in long ass queues for his kiddy rides. That's the thing when you go with young kids to a place like Lotte world... be prepared to like split the group because small kids can't take most rides. So adamson took Myla for the above 110cm rides which MJ cant ride on while I queued with magic passless MJ in snaking lines for stuff like the carousel *kwa kwa kwa*. 
The kids enjoyed the boat ride and it's quite picturesque. Worth the $. 
Would I go back to Lotte World? Yes but only when the kids are older and taller (at least above 120 cm so that opens up most of the ride options) so we can all ride stuff together. And most definitely with magic passes for everyone.