Sapporo - Hokkaido Christmas 2019

We ended off 2019 with an awesome holiday in Japan.

Daily over the next few days there will be a new blog post about some of the highlights of our trip which you may find useful if you're planning a winter escape to Hokkaido... or if you just want a peek at what we were up to.
Here's what I'll be covering:
- Direct Flights to Hokkaido from Singapore
- Norbesa Ferris Wheel
- Our Favourite Izakaya & a Special Taste of Hokkaido
- The Penguin Walk at Otaru
- Le Tao in Otaru
- Delicious raw horse meat
- The Curb Market & Nijo Fish market
- Car Rental in Hokkaido

Also Traveller BEWARE
- Left stranded by KLOOK *damn pissed*