Special Taste of Hokkaido -

15 Chome-1-25 Minami 6 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0806, Japan
+81 11-533-0186
Our Favourite Izakaya is one which was a 3 minute walk from our AirBnB. We chanced upon it the first night in Sapporo because after I put the 2 kids to bed, my husband and i usually sneak out for a quick bite and drink (his mother is in the AirBnb, so there's an adult there just in case they wake up!).

We just walked towards the direction of the lantern (which is lit when an izakaya is open for business), and when we popped our heads in. Wow it was very local. We actually both agreed that it was like stepping into Midnight Diner on Netflix.
 The owner is super friendly and accomodating. He's had this place for 50 years! And that's his mother in the background helping him with prep. He doesn't speak English but he used a translation app on his phone to communicate with us. Loads of laughter. Even the other patrons started to talk to us, using translation. It was such a warm and very enjoyable night for us... we actually kept coming back for many nights! We are now his "Singapore Friends" :)
 Super fresh Sashimi full of flavour. Adamsom enjoyed the Sake there.
And one special dish which the owner introduced us to is one which he describes as The Taste of Hokkaido. It's seasonal and only available in the winter. He calls it Tachipon. It's actually milt (sperm-filled reproductive gland of a male fish ).

Seriously man, don't let that sperm thing gross you out. The taste is exquisite. Melts in your mouth and oh so creamy and flavourful. If you like foie gras, you will enjoy Tachipon very very much. And this place does it so well because the sauce it's served with Ponzu sauce and grated daikon and chilli pepper which makes all the flavours explode in your mouth ( I'm not exaggerating, I promise it's true!)

If you do get a chance to step into his izakaya, say hi from us. We miss this homely place very much already.