Norbesa Ferris Wheel

Roda-Gigante NORIA (aka the Ferris wheel in Norbesa Complex)
 It opens daily at 11 am. Shuts at 11pm on weekdays, 3 am on weekends. It's an affordable attraction, we paid 1800 yen (about Sgd 20) for 3 adults (our kids were small enough to ride for free).
 Great thing about Hokkaido is that unlike in China or Hong Kong, the views here are clear and smog free.
 One cabin can fit 4 adults... we all (3 adults, 2 kdis) squeezed into one.
 We went in the morning... but when we were walking around town at night some days later, we noticed that the wheel lights up and is quite breath-taking. So maybe if you don't have kids that need to sleep early (haha), go for a night ride.
 I cannot remember how long one round takes, I think around 10 mins... I wasn't paying attention to the time because was busy taking photos the whole time.
 It's smaller than the Singapore Flyer, but also much cheaper to ride, and the view of Sapporo city is tranquil and beautiful.
The kids enjoyed the ride and were very wowed by it.

There's also many eateries in this Norbesa complex along with shopping (this whole area has malls and shopping, if you're in to that).