The Curb Market & Nijo Fish market

We love love love our Snow crab/ King Crab. So we ventured to both the Curb Market known for its fresh crabs and the Nijo fish market.
Between the two, I prefer the Curb market. 
The crabs are fresh and alive, you pick the ones you want, and they cook it for you at their restaurant which is just behind. It's more spacious for dining compared to Nijo.
We liked the Curb market so much, we went back twice more, and one of those times we brought Jo Anne and Jimmy who were holidaying in Hokkaido too.
The fresh crab is steamed for you (or you can choose to grill it yourself on the tabletop grill). So sweet and plump.
They are friendly, not pushy. No sneaky hidden cost or what. Agree on the price when you choose your crab, and in you go... to enjoy your feast. Be prepared to spend several hundred dollars though, King crab is not cheap, anywhere in the world. But here it's so fresh and good. 
 Oh they provide disposable gloves, but it's nicer to eat with bare hands.
Comparatively, Nijo fish market was really more of like market stalls. Not a lot of places where you can pick your crab and then go to their restaurant and eat it straight away. Looks more like buy the crab and take it home with you. Also what I didn't like was that the crabs on display for sale were already pre-cooked.
Still, it's worth a visit if you want to buy your crab and go eat it in the comfort of your hotel. Or if you want to buy other seafood (scallops etc) and yummy stuff like jars of fresh Ikura.
 Food wise, there were lots of ramen and donburi type places at Nijo Market. Nijo opens early in the morning and most of it shuts by 5pm, so do factor that in.