LeTAO in Otaru

So, for a quick pit stop, we wandered into this snooty looking place called LeTAO  in Otaru. It was all a bit posey but we wanted to get the kids something to snack on and also warm up a bit.

The first floor is a tea/coffee boutique shop, and upstairs is their cafe. Crowded but waiting time was about 15 mins for a table. It has a very french cafe feel.
I don't drink coffee or tea, so I had a coke. But Adamson and his mother found their coffee horrendous. Hahahaa. So order at your own risk. Very Instagram worthy though... I think a lot of people drink there to take pics.
Their cakes were good. Light and tasty. The cream so fresh. Actually, all of Hokkaido serves pretty light and fresh tasting creamy stuff. Cheese cakes are divine. I think it's their fabulous Hokkaido milk supply.
We have a LeTAO in Singapore too. But this one in Otaru is the original, and has been there for more than 2 decades now.
Myla having hot chocolate.. but like me she doesn't like hot drinks. So we later put it in a glass of ice so she could drink it.