Turning 40 in an Ageless Generation

Happy Birthday to me! I turn 40 today! I guess there's no better time to turn 40 than now, for we live in an ageless generation. 
All the expectations previously associated with age... don't really exist any more. When I was a child, a woman in her 40's wore auntie clothes with floral print, permed her hair (for more volume or what??) and had grown up children. 

Now, I see most women my age and older as active, healthy, trendy and, frankly, more attractive than ever. We also have ayounger an ageless attitude compared to our own mother’s generation at the same age.

I don't feel any different now that I am 40. I still dress the same... which means comfy and practical clothes to chase around a toddler and preschooler the whole day.  I still love dolling up for date nights out... age doesn't limit my choice of clothes... only my fatness does. (Working on it but not very motivated lah). Recently started playing Paintball, and love it... (will share more about that soon!).

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