DIY Hair Pastel Hair with Food Colouring

The last time I bleached my hair and played with colours was 7 years ago.... and then nothing since then. The results were very good though especially considering it was my first time DIY!

This time round, I decided to try my hand at another DIY job... but using Food Colouring that was just lying around the house (from a failed baking attempt haha) !

Honestly, I like my turquoise dip dye results from 7 years ago better, but I was attempting a pastel shade this time and it's harder to get right, I feel.

Here's what happened, and I'll share my input on what went wrong etc, so you can improve on it when you do it.
 It's much easier to keep things neat if you tie a pony tail before starting.
I used a hair bleach I bought from Shoppee, was real cheap like $6... unfortunately, that's my first mistake here because it didn't bleach my hair light enough despite me leaving it on for like 1 hour (supposed to be 30mins).   This is how light it got. On hindsight, I should …

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