Matcha Do About Something - Our Winter in Japan

A couple weeks ago we got back from our holiday in Japan. We've been to Hokkaido some years ago... so this time we went to Tokyo & Osaka. We went with the Laws (same family we travelled with to Korea the winter before, so it was a rather large group of 8).

From bustling cities to peaceful ryokans in the countryside, Japan has it all. Here are the links to the posts of places in Japan I want to share with you. 

Perfect if you're going to Japan this winter, especially if going with family as I'll share what we learnt/tips on exploring these places with young kids. (They will be clickable links once the posts are up... I'm still in the process of writing them. aiming for one post each day. So do check back soon for updates).

Meanwhile, here are some random photos from our trip which did not make the cut for the main posts I'm working on. See if you can guess where some of these places are :)