Ryokan & Mount Fuji

Actually guys, I'm in major life crisis mode right now and I don't know how long it will last. I honestly have no mood to write, having to deal with crushing news for the past 1 week. But I said I would finish this blog post to chronicle our Japan trip... so here it is. (And I was actually leaving the best part of our trip for last) The final post for our Japan trip. It was a great holiday and good memories like these should exist on my blog, in case my kids need to look back on it someday when they're grown.
We wanted to stay in a ryokan with a private onsen on our balcony with a view of Mount Fuji... but since we left things to quite the last minute (like a month before our trip), they were all fully booked. All the good ones with spectacular views need to be booked many months in advance. Fortunately, we managed to book a room with private onsen at Sengokuhara Shinanoki Ichinoyu.
Adamson drove us from Tokyo to Oishi park. It's a scenic park by the lake which offers unobstructed views of Mount Fuji in all its glory. There's a cafe in the park which offers a nice spot for your IG shots of the mountain. 
It serves hot food, coffee and ice cream too. After the brief pit stop (and toilet break) we drove for another hour to our ryokan.
It was over $1000 for one night stay, but this includes dinner and breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids. 

The food was really good! Authentic Japanese cuisine (and many courses! Ate until damn full).
The room was spacious, and the set up was perfect for our family.
Tatami type seating and beds on one side of the room...
A sofa seating area on the other side of the room.
I found the washroom and toilet cramped. But it was fine for a short stay.

And then, what we came for... a private onsen with water piped in from the hot springs. But boo hoo, no view of Mount Fuji..... (so remember to book early!) This is my very first onsen experience. Myla liked it, but MJ screamed and cried and jumped out of the tub, never wanting to be near it again lol. It's like winter chill weather outside and super hot sulphur-ish water inside. So u freeze and burn at the same time hahahahaha.

But once you settle in the tub, and your body temp regulates, it's very very relaxing. Spent a good amount of time in the onsen with my husband after the kids slept.
So yes, if you're in Japan, go for a Ryokan experience, it's worth the price tag and if you have tattoos, even better because the onsen is private. 


  1. sorry to hear about the life crisis... keep on keeping on! (last year was bad for me, losing my father-in-law to heart attack and my mother-in-law contracting bone cancer, thankfully in remission. also lost an uncle to cancer... so 2023 was just as bad as it could get)


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