Cup Noodle Museum Japan

There are Cup Noodle Museums in Japan where you can make your own ramen or assemble your own cup noodles. They are in Tokyo and Osaka. We went to the one in Yokohama (Tokyo Bay area) on the same day we visited the Gundam Factory since that is also in Yokohama. 

We got there at 10 am, and queued for museum entry (entry fee is 500 yen and kids are free). After getting into the museum, you queue up for buying the black cups (I think they were about 500 yen also, so around 5 bucks) out of a vending machine... this is for creating your own cup noodles. No prior booking for this activity. But if you want to attend the ramen making workshop, you need to book online in advance).
First you decorate your cup ... all the markers etc are provided. Its such a fun activity.. of course the kids loved it. And the adults enjoyed it too.
After designing, you get to fill your cup at this factory looking area. Assisted by staff, can't go wrong. Good fun and such cute toppings to include in your cup (like Pikachu fishcake). 
You can also choose your flavour, kids chose some soy or tomato based ones, Adamson chose curry (it's the thick japanses curry kind) and I chose Seafood I think... can't remember.
Toppings are generous btw, much more than what you get in your Nissin cup noodles in the supermarket. You can choose 4 different toppings. Got shrimp, crab, egg, veg etc.
At the end, you seal your noodles in this bag and puff it up so it's protected. All very hands on, and very thoughtful designing on their part. Worth checking out. 
The museum itself is so so.. kids will enjoy looking, because its colourful and some parts are interactive... not too crowded. But I really only went there to have the personalised cup noodle making experience. Loved it!! 

I recommend going to the Cup Noodle Factory at opening time 10am (there's parking on site)... give it 2 hours. Go for lunch... in the bay area... and then head to the Gundam Factory.

You will need to buy tickets online in advance for Gundam, and there's no onsite parking for Gundam, so have to walk quite a bit. 

If you're a Gundam fan, then of course you should include this in your itinerary... but if you're like me (and MJ, Myla) who know nothing about Gundam... it's still an interesting place to visit, you can see the giant Gundam robot move at certain times of the day.... it was impressive because soooo huge  (but the movements damn slow lol).