A Letter to Lola

To Lola (aka Lulu Bird)
I gave you a quick tummy tickle before I rushed out of the house today... and it struck me that you have not been getting the same amount of attention as before. For the last 2 months, because of unfortunate events... I haven't had the luxury of working at home Monday to Friday whilst keeping you company.
I feed you in the morning, and I tickle you goodbye, then I don't step in again until 6 in the evening after picking David up from work. I take you whenever I can, but hospitals aren't pet appropriate places. This routine will stick for a few more weeks at least. (P/S- I'm perfectly fine ah, I'm not a patient. I just have to be there for someone in much need).
It's amazing how little effort it takes to care for you. Right from day one. From toilet training on your pee tray, to knowing you're not allowed out on the bedroom balcony (cos the gap in the railings are quite wide), to sitting quietly and so patiently in your bag during long bus or taxi journeys... it's been effortless on my part.
Even now when you hardly get any attention, you just entertain yourself the whole day on your own doing god knows what... but when I get home, it's exactly as I left it. You greet us excitedly at the door. And then settle down with us for the evening. I wouldn't say you're a super intelligent dog (haha) but somehow you manage to do everything instinctively right (except socialize with other dogs, but that's my fault for never letting you when you were a pup!)
Even if you didn't have a sponsor, I would gladly indulge you out of my own pocket. Before you were a sponsored doggy, I used to always think to myself... wow I spend more on my dog than I do myself! But you're definitely not a spoilt brat.
 I love that you look like a miniature wookie when your fur grows long. And I love that you trust me so much that you snuggle right into me at night... I'm a giant that could crush you in your sleep you know. When you try to tell me something, in the gurgling growly sounds that you make ... I wish I spoke dog.
You don't like getting washed but you will sit there and take it. Because you're just sweet and submissive like that.

I worry because you're already 5 now and I think OMG time is running out (even though 5 is still quite a young dog)... but when you're enjoying something or someone so much... you just don't look forward to the end.

I'm on my laptop, working, but you're not beside me. You're at home, keeping guard and patiently waiting for my return. See you in a little bit darling.


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  1. L.Y.P.5:40 pm

    OMG...The best letter to the dog evah!

  2. awwww, so sweet!! i'm sure lola knows you're busy, Ashley doesn't get as much attention too, ever since i started school for about a year already, but she still love me with that big big heart of hers and like lola, she doesnt destroy the house when we leave her at home! but then my ashley is so much more hyper and naughty, when i get home, she COMMANDS attention. hahaha!
    anw, i'm sure lola understands you and doesnt blame you for it! i'm so jelly shes such a tiny dog. :(

  3. Anonymous1:59 am

    I think a dog's mannerisms are a reflection of the owner..... :) I hope your sister is alright and getting better... (i'm assuming it's a family member who's flailing since ive been following your blog since 2010)


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