DIY Dog Bed for Lola

I saved oodles of money... because I just used a scrap piece of hot pink cloth, and an old teddy bear print flannel, plus the stuffing from 2 old pillows my mom was going to throw away. I love sewing but I hardly find the time to do my pending sewing projects. I bought this sewing machine a year ago... but hardly use it! Such a shame...

I cut the hot pink cloth to be the main part of the bed, and then the printed flannel was cut into panels for the sides. Then I just stitched the pannels together.... no exact measurements... I just wanted to make a huge bed for Lola. She has outgrown her puppy one.

Once the panels were machine stitched together (REMEMBER to leave holes for the stuffing to go in!)... I stuffed the bed with the insides of the old pillows. Then I hand stitched all the openings shut. This bit was a pain in the arse. So tedious.
Ta da! The design is pretty similar to the ones I saw in the pet store. A dog bed this large in size would have cost about $60 easily!
Lola comes to inspect it.
Yay! She loves it! (Something tells me she'll still be sleeping in my bed tonight though!)
I hope my BF allows me to sew some curtains for the study room next.

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Boo said…
So sweet of you to make Lola a bed! It's not as perfectly done as the ones in pet shop but it's made with LOVE! And Lola looks so cute sleeping in it!
CeLestinA said…
Indeed! its made of LOVE! : ) u are te sweetest!
ursie said…
That is so cool! Who knew it'd be so easy. Glad to see she likes it!
Anonymous said…
what happened to cookie your pug
dee said…
That's so sweet of u! Lola is so cute and it's real nice to see that she likes the gift you've made :)