DIY Dog Bed for Lola

I saved oodles of money... because I just used a scrap piece of hot pink cloth, and an old teddy bear print flannel, plus the stuffing from 2 old pillows my mom was going to throw away. I love sewing but I hardly find the time to do my pending sewing projects. I bought this sewing machine a year ago... but hardly use it! Such a shame...

I cut the hot pink cloth to be the main part of the bed, and then the printed flannel was cut into panels for the sides. Then I just stitched the pannels together.... no exact measurements... I just wanted to make a huge bed for Lola. She has outgrown her puppy one.

Once the panels were machine stitched together (REMEMBER to leave holes for the stuffing to go in!)... I stuffed the bed with the insides of the old pillows. Then I hand stitched all the openings shut. This bit was a pain in the arse. So tedious.
Ta da! The design is pretty similar to the ones I saw in the pet store. A dog bed this large in size would have cost about $60 easily!
Lola comes to inspect it.
Yay! She loves it! (Something tells me she'll still be sleeping in my bed tonight though!)
I hope my BF allows me to sew some curtains for the study room next.

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  1. So sweet of you to make Lola a bed! It's not as perfectly done as the ones in pet shop but it's made with LOVE! And Lola looks so cute sleeping in it!

  2. CeLestinA1:36 pm

    Indeed! its made of LOVE! : ) u are te sweetest!

  3. That is so cool! Who knew it'd be so easy. Glad to see she likes it!

  4. Anonymous9:07 pm

    what happened to cookie your pug

  5. That's so sweet of u! Lola is so cute and it's real nice to see that she likes the gift you've made :)


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