Review of Lola's Fav 5 Dog Treats

Just got Lola's pet supplies from KohePets delivered a few days ago. Was super fast delivery, they informed me and delivered in just 2 days (usually it takes about 3 or 4 days). Super love their service, they are so responsive and efficient.
I shared a picture up on FB of the whole KohePets haul. And was so pleased to see some of my FB friends who checked the site out, loved it. Major savings for them, especially when they have more than 1 pet.
It was a huge haul ( I usually stock up every 3 months).... but I want to just share with you Lola's review of her favourite 5 Doggy Treats...
I always get these for her, she especially loves milk. These are called jerky but they are actually soft and very easily digestible. Buy 3 packs for further discount.
I like the resealable ziplock type packaging. The main ingredients in this is spinach and chicken breast. Good for my doggy to eat vegetables and love it. The only drawback is that it makes her poop green (haha). $6 for 100g
Bow Wow DHA Sasami Jerky
This is a more chewy jerky, which is great for Lola's teeth, and she does love a chew. But it's not as tough as raw hide.... of course, it's much more nutritious and tastier than raw hide too. Low in salt, full of protein. $7.30 for 100g.
 All Natural Beef Jerky
As much as possible, I pick treats for her that are made from real meat and you can see the pieces of meat. This chewy treat is oh so tasty because Lola goes nuts for them. This bag is reseal-able. Got this at 20% off sale, $8.80 for 4oz.
Doggyman Hello Cheese
Actually I've been feeding Lola human cheese whenever we eat it... but it could be harmful to her (I think)... so I decided to get a bag of this dog friendly cheese. It's a reseal-able bag and the cheese is cut into tiny bite size triangles. It's got 3 different varieties in one bag.. plain, tomato and vege flavoured. $5.40 for 100g

You can get all these and more, from . Woof!


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    Not sure who is the cutest...Lola or her owner! :)


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