Spooky Stuff

Just a couple days ago, my friend used the toilet at my mum's place, and when she stepped out, she heard someone whisper her name.

Welcome to the start of the 7th Month! I'm glad I'm not pregnant, because lots of creepy stuff happened to me during the Hungry Ghost month while I was pregnant with Myla, and I'm otherwise quite oblivious to spirits and spooky stuff like that. They say spirits like to disturb pregnant women(You can read about the spooky stuff while I was pregnant, here).

So I was just looking back in my blog to see all the spooky stuff I've encountered, and enjoyed reading the comments from readers who shared their spooky experiences, I was doing this last night, and got spooked and had to stop and just go to bed haha.

Here are some of the posts:
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Anyone got stories to share? Comment here, so I can read tonight before I go to bed and creep myself out. Hahhaaaa.


  1. Anonymous9:03 am

    Any creepy stuff recently? Missing your posts!

    1. Anonymous12:13 pm

      I miss blogging too. ! But no ah no creepy stuff lately. My kids also even though young, they don’t “see” anything


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