Hotel Superstitions

Do you have any superstitions or quirks with regards to hotels?
I did when I was younger, but not so much now that I'm older.

When I was a child, everytime my parents took me to Malaysia (which wasn't so often anyway, I think it was only like Cameron Highlands, Desaru and Genting) ... most hotels would have a small plastic green arrow stuck on the ceiling, pointing at a weird angle. It is to point the direction in which Muslim guests should face when praying. It used to freak me out because I would only notice it at bed time when I'm staring at the ceiling. It just gave me a creepy feeling. Of course it doesn't bother me now lah... in fact I hardly notice them anymore (do they still have those arrows?)

One of my ex boyfriends, had the habit of knocking on the hotel room door before entering. The very first time he did it, I got a scare. We had just checked in, went up to our room... and as I slot the keycard in. He knocked 3 times very loudly and said "HELLO. HELLO." I wasn't expecting that... I jumped cos I thought the Hello came from someone inside the room.   -_-

They say that you're supposed to knock on the door when you enter the hotel room so as not to surprise the spirits that dwell in that room... and also it's like advance warning that you're entering.

One thing that I learnt in school camp was that when you go to bed, don't leave your shoes neatly together. Some say the ghost can slip them on... others believe that they use it to know the direction to go to find you sleeping in bed and disturb you. This is not something I follow because I like arranging all my shoes neatly at the bottom of the hotel room wardrobe anyway. But at school camp, all the spooked kids started chucking their shoes in a pile ( myself included).

The bible. If you find it left opened on certain page, do not close it. That's what I've heard... but I've never encountered an open bible in the hotel room, they're always tucked away neatly in the bedside drawer.

A tour guide in Indonesia said that if we see a single (one) Orchid bud/flower in the room, it's an offering to someone who passed away there.

I'm not the most superstitious person around... but I do get spooked easily. When I was in Hong Kong (not the last trip to HK, but the one previous to that)  I stayed at a hotel in DisneyLand (think it was called Hollywood??) with my brother. Shared a room, twin beds... his closer to the window, mine closer to the toilet and main door. I'm not sensitive to ghosts and the supernatural. But my brother is. He didn't say anything to me... but when we got home, he told my mom that when he looked over at my bed (while I was asleep), he saw very long fingernails creeping around the corner of the wall near my bed. Wah lau! This is Disneyland leh!!! Happy place happy place! 
I only ever get spooky stories when I travel with my brother. Everywhere he travels he can see stuff... dunno maybe he's got over active imagination or a third eye.

That same trip, I went to the vending machine to get a coke like at 11pm... there's one on every floor inside a small room with like an ice machine too. The Disneyland hotel is huge, so I had to walk quite a bit to get there. Then on my way back to the room, I looked down the super long corridor... and immediately thought.. OMG THIS IS SO "THE SHINING" and I ran all the way back to my room. haha This was only about 2 years ago mind you, I was an adult. Yeah, lol but other than that, the hotel was not spooky to me at all.... I would go back there in a heartbeat. Super Love!

What are some of your hotel superstitions? Or have you had any strange encounters while overseas? Please share ! :)

P/s- Tomorrow I'm off to KL for the weekend. 


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    If you hear someone call your name don't just turn your head. Turn your whole body. Each of your shoulders has a light and the third on is on your forehead. Together, they are powerful against spirits. But one on it's own will easily be extinguished by evil spirits. Thats why they always call your name from behind.


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