The Ghost & The White Dress

Last night we went to David & Corrine's going away party. The family is moving back to England. I think Mark will miss David a lot, they golf, tennis and lunch together... but he's used to the transience of the expat community here. It's not just in SG though... I think most of the world is like that... my good friends (except 1 who is still in my neighbourhood! *Loves*) all work in different countries now.

People come and people go. Just enjoy the moment, enjoy their company while they're here.

We had a great time... they really know how to throw a fantastic party. (It was at OSO restaurant). Food was yums! But I think everyone drank a bit much (as usual)... Mark & I had a massive hangover this morning :( Plus Mark woke up with One-eye-tis. Apparently, one can get so drunk that one falls asleep with one eye not fully shut (!). So the air and dust scratches the eyeball, and you wake up in the morning with one sore eye. haha. My poor baby.

We spent most of today on the couch, sleeping. That's the only thing I hate about a big night out... my body doesn't recover fast enough and the next day is wasted.

Oh... and while we were sleeping on the couch this afternoon (me on one couch, Mark on the other).... I thought I sensed someone walking past me, I could hear him. But I didn't open my eyes... too damn tired. Then I heard the person in the kitchen ( of course, I thought all this while that it was Mark). But as the person walked past me again, I half opened my eyes ( still groggy) and I saw a faint shadowy figure go past and the out of sight behind my sofa, but it was a dark figure, like wearing black... and I distinctly remembered that Mark was wearing his cut off blue jeans and light blue t-shirt. So I turned to his sofa, and there he was, fast asleep!

A few hours later when we both were awake, I mentioned to him that I heard someone walking around while we were sleeping. And he said he heard it too, but thought it was ME! Freaky. *Shudder*

Anyways... here are some pics from last night. The pictures get wilder and more bewildering as the night progresses ( I don't remember a lot of it)

Oh and by the way...My White Tube Dress from Missy-Jay! My flower corsage I got froma SIX::: sale. My pink bag is a present (last last christmas! but this is the first time I'm using it!) from my best friend F in Indonesia.

That's Mark in the Checked shirt. Can't believe I have no other shots of him that night...

Me loves me dress that night. :) u can check out Missy-Jay's cute Back To School collections here:
Now... it's time to sleep... so tired. And one side of my earphones is spoiled... maybe I'll look for HelloKitty headphones tmrw.


  1. Hi babe, love the pure white.. thanks for sharing the site. They have lots of sexy dresses :P


  2. Anonymous3:01 am

    hj whrs mark staying @? Which condo? My friend used to stay @ a condo in the east n i swear it was haunted!

  3. Anonymous3:02 am

    me again, just wanna tell u that story was darn creepy!!! Was it the first time u encountered that @ his plc?? More stories pls!

  4. Celestina8:17 am

    Its really creepy! Ya is it the 1st time u & mark encounter this in the house?? The condo is rented rite?

    Amazing that the sensation was felt during te day & not nite... errrkkk

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    i would say it's the hallucination caused by overdose of alcohol OR it could be "seeing something"....

    my ex used to be dead drunk when i was sleeping over at his house, i was not drunk, in the middle of the night, he wanted to go the washroom then i carried him there coz he cant walk stable,lol and suddenly he stopped his pace and stared at one corner for long and said someone is standing there, i did not see anyone as i am sober but it gave me goosebumps though. The next day, i questioned him and he forgot everything.

  6. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Could it be someone else has the (spare) keys to the house? Was there food in the kitchen? Maybe the person was preparing some food for you two since there was some noise in the kitchen...

    Freaked out gal.

  7. @pinkmiumiu - Thnx!

    @anon3.01 - central. so it's not the east side haunted condo :)
    But we've never experienced this before. been there nearly a year already.

    Maybe will do a ghostly encounters post soon.. cos i wanna hear all your stories too!

    @Celestina- yeah creepy. but we just found it strange at tht time, not like scared or anything.

    @anon 3.57 - yeah i think it's just a hallucination. but so strange tht BOTH mark and i experienced the same thing.

    @Freaked out Gal - haha... no one. even if someone did have the keys (like management), why wld they just come in without knocking . and just walk around while I'm like sleeping on the sofa in my underwear! lol

  8. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Yes... I would love to hear other ppl's freaky stories!

    Holly, so did u and mark come to a conclusion about that freaky encounter?

    Freaked out Gal.

  9. Anonymous1:42 am

    yes! DO post some real life ghostly encounters though i'm certain some will be skeptical.

    I'm a supernatural fan! Awaiting!

  10. Anonymous2:34 am

    yes i have ghost stories to share!!! Woohoooo


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