How I was a bad date (in the past)!

I came across a post in my blog archive about the worst date I ever had and I burst out laughing. Ah... the memories.

Thinking back to my dating past... I think perhaps some guys would have thought I was a bad date too... (I'm being honest here... so don't judge too harshly ahhhh)

Let's see.... there was a phase where I was afraid to use the toilet while out on a date. Actually, even till today, there are instances where I would rather just hold it in than use a public bathroom. Like if I don't really know where the bathroom is, or if the place is very crowded. Well anyway, I was out on a date... and needed to pee. But instead of excusing myself and heading to the bathroom, I held it in. 

After dinner and DRINKS, he invited me back to his place to chill. I thought it was a great idea because I really wanted to prolong the date cos I liked him a lot (and also thought, okay, maybe I can use his bathroom). Back at his place, we started talking, and DRINKING some more. And I really really really fancied him. But instead of asking him where his bathroom was (by this point, I was bursting... and was afraid I would pee audibly since his apartment was so small)..... I said I had to go home, please call me a taxi.  -_-  What an idiot. 

He never asked me out again, and when I spoke to him months after... I asked him why he lost interest.. and he said he thought I wasn't interested in him in the first place cos I left so abruptly.
And then there were phases where I JUST DIDN'T EAT.  WTF was wrong with me. I used to be worried about the bill... not that I can't afford to pay it... but I used to find bill splitting on a date very awkward. I would feel awfully indebted when a guy pays for my food/etc... especially if it's a first date and I don't see myself carrying on dating him.

So do I offer to pay? How do I say it? Shall I just grab the bill when it comes? (and I have done that bill grabbing on many occasions btw... and I must have looked crazy)

So somehow, I got it in my silly head that it would be better if I didn't order anything at all on the date. Wah lau... I must have come across as such a wierdo... going on a date then sitting there saying 'oh, I'm not hungry". That... and some guy thought I was anorexic. Hahahaaaa.

On one such dumbass occasion, I sat there chatting while he ate (guiltily).... and the my damn stomach rumbled loudly. Oh the horror!!! He asked me if I was hungry, and maybe I should order something?? I insisted I wasn't hungry, and then was super worried my stomach would rumble again....Oh the shame...

So many moronic phases and ideas in my head when I was in the dating phase.... I'm surprised that on the whole, I still managed to enjoy my dating life. Lol.


  1. "afraid I would pee audibly" I burst out laughing! I had that same experience! So awkwardly embarrassing!

  2. Aiyo just pee la. Guys pee like they are trying to fill up a 10L bucket in secs.

  3. Anonymous12:16 am

    so cute la you!

  4. Anonymous10:33 am

    Aim for the wall, avoid hitting the water surface directly...

  5. Anonymous10:37 am

    what were you thinking?! The sound of a woman peeing is erotic to us men. It's a turn-on rather than a turn-off. Better get that right.

  6. OMG!! I remember having to pee at this guy's house soooo bad and a bunch of his friends were there. I went into the bathroom and got stage fright..... could not even go. So ridiculous! LOL


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