My New Exercise Regime- HULA HOOPS!

Ever since I got married, apart from my regular blog/writing/modelling work load, I now have housework and cooking to add to my daily to-do list. I don't even have the time to pop out of my house to get lunch! Instead I snack the whole day until dinner time. The other day I was on the phone with my mom, and I said- now I know why housewives become fat... because they snack a lot!

I would like to start swimming everyday again (I used to do this years ago) but I worry about my hair getting damaged with cholorine and also I'm still super lazy. So, 5 days ago I took up hooping because I can do it anytime at home and each session does not take a long time... I actually do it in my pajamas before I have a shower. But for today, since I'm taking photos lol, I put on gym wear from ByBrasilSports and shoes from Reebok RealFlex.
Exercise hoops, made specifically to target slimming and toning because they are weighted (not those light plastic toy hoops when you were a kid!).
I got mine from HulaHoopSingapore. They were delivered right to my doorstep via registered post. It comes in a neat package, the Hula Hoops come in segments/parts for easy storage/travel, all you have to do is snap them together. They have a range of different weighted hoops available, they are durable and foam padded. 
I have the Arm Hoops  (WH001) to tone my arms, and the Wavy Foam Hoop 1.5Kg (WH013) for my waist. 

Arm hoops are a new item in the online shop. I always find it hard to find exercises which tone the arms and I don't lift any weights... so these arm hoops are great for me. My usual routine is to twirl is with both arms out at the sides for a couple minutes.

The about one minute with each arm (indiviually) out in front of me.

And I've recently added another set to my routine, which is to use the arm hoops for my legs instead. I dip my body off the sofa to make it a more challenging workout. At the moment I can barely do 15 seconds of this.. haha.. but I'm improving.

As for the Wavy Foam Hoop 1.5kg... it's one of the best selling items from the shop. It is surrounded with high quality foam so it will be more gentle as you twirl with it. The lightest they have is 1.2kg and it goes up to 2.1Kg.

It's not difficult to hula hoop. Start in a stable position with your legs about shoulder width apart. Give a swing (left or right) to your hoop with your hands. Move your waist to the opposite direction of the hoop. 
If you can't get it spinning this way, you can try placing one leg in front, though I prefer just having my legs apart, it works for me.
Once you get the hang of it ( I picked it up in a few minutes, so it's not terribly difficult) you can move around while hooping. I don't have the space at home for that, so I just watch TV while hooping. Currently I do the wavy foam hoop for about 10 minutes max only. Hope to work it up to 20 minutes.
They say that when you first start hooping, you may get bruises around your abdomen for a week or so, then you'll stop having them. I never got bruises though. The section above my navel gets red after hooping and it goes off in an hour. No bruising for me, I think because the wavy foam hoop is quite comfy. In any case, you can wear thicker clothes in order to minimise bruising when you first start.

They also do stock Magnetic Hoops specially for users who seek more hooping challenge. The inner hoop is surrounded with magnetic bumps to enhance massage and also to inject magnetic treatment for weight loss purpose. Maybe I'll get one of those later on, but for now, I'm very satisfied with my wavy foam hoop.

I love hula hooping because it's inexpensive (no gym membership, maintenence or special outfit needed), can be fun ( try doing it with music or while watching tv) and I really feel it work my abdominal core muscles as well as strengthen other muscles as I need my whole body to work at spinning a weighted hoop.

Check out the HulaHoopSingapore website/store- click here.
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    girl pls u not got any fat on u to lose!

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