"No thanks, I don't need a new pair of shoes," said no girl ever.

Whether it's a pair of heels, flip flops or sneakers... I love a new pair of shoes. So today, I'm reviewing my RealFlex shoes from Reebok (both for men and women).

For Fall/Winter 2012, Reebok introduces an updated Reebok RealFlex footwear collection. RealFlex Transition 2.0 and RealFlex Fusion Train are lightweight, and designed with tighter nodes and additional rubber to provide more stability, making them ideal for training. It has a 3D FUSEFRAME construction built for lateral stability and support. 
The pair I picked for my training is the REALFLEX FUSION TRAIN (Zinc Grey/Dynamic Pink) $149. David chose the REALFLEX TRANSITION 2.0 (Flat Grey/Vitamin C).

The RealFlex is a minimalist footwear (barefoot running is all the rage now) but it also has the protection of a modern running shoe. The science of it is boggling- something like 76 multi-directional 'nodes'/sensors in each sole to give you ultimate flexibility, support and performance.

Our verdict?
We both found our RealFlex trainers very lightweight compared to our other trainers. When David put his on, after the first couple of strides, he was in love. It just felt so natural to him.
For myself however, the first few strides were odd, it felt odd around my ankles. I think it's because of the natural-like and minimalist type design of the shoe, and I normally tend to like bounce around when I walk. But after a few minutes, I could feel what my partner was raving about. Reebok has pretty much perfected the natural movement shoe! Once your body gets used to the fit, it's amazing.

Later on in the day, we were in town and walked from Somerset to Dempsey Hill... David had his Real Flex on and loved it. They encouraged a natural foot strike. I wore flip flops to town and all that slapping around gave me blisters and achy calves! Argh!
The shoe itself is cool looking, especially the pair I picked for myself. It has a zinc grey suede exterior, and hot pink details. It's a great all-rounded trainer and I can use it as a casual going-out sneaker too. 
Our wedding is next month, so we're going to spend more of our couple time exercising together. The RealFlex is good on natural surfaces, as well as concrete and the treadmill too. It's minimal (like I feel close to the ground) yet still comfy and cushioned.
This unique construction is believed to provide the runner with a close-to-barefoot experience with much desired flexibility in the midsole.
OK we got great shoes... now we just got to stick to our plan and keep exercising! Hope to see awesome  results by our wedding day!

P/s- I made a bet with David that if he gets a sixpack by new years, I'll give him a thousand bucks. Actually, I would like a six pack too, but not that easy lah!!!


  1. Anonymous11:13 am

    Do we get a thousand bucks if you don't get your six pack then? :D

  2. Anonymous4:36 pm

    The sole is so pointy, won't you sprain your ankles if you are wrong footed or something.

  3. - not me aiming for six pack !

    - hmmm wrong footed?? Dunno. But it feels steady, not like wobbly


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