Do you remember when there was a Bangladeshi construction worker trying to hit on me last year? (Click Here if you don't remember) . Well.. it's like Deja vu this time round...A few days ago, I started receiving calls from this bangladeshi. I picked it up, told him politely that he had gotten the wrong number... and the asswipe actually thought it'd be suave to try his moves on me.

Ringtone - eminem+rihanna Love The Way You Lie
Me: Hello?
Asswipe: Hello. Is XYZ? ( I can't remember the name he used, was a guys name)
Me: No, Sorry, wrong number.
Asswipe: What your name?
Me: Sorry, you don't need to know that. Bye Bye.
Asswipe: Where you come from?
Me: Where I come from???
Asswipe: You very beautiful. I want to be your friend.

I hang up.

Asswipe keeps ringing.. incessantly! I pick up again, and very rudely tell him to stop calling.

The minute I hang up, he rings me. Again!

I pick it up, and tell him stop ringing me or I will give his number to the police.

Asswipe: *very sad tone of voice* If you want to give to police, you give. What can I do....

WTF???!! You can stop calling me!!

And when he's not dailing my phone number, he's texting me shit like - "Where you live? I can met you now."
So I put it up on FB, and people have been bombing and pranking his number. I feel a bit bad... I know the annoyance of having your phone ring every fuckin minute of the day... but he deserves it, he did it to me first.

And it worked. He has stopped. (maybe his phone exploded... whatever it is.. I don't care.)

But if you got his number off FB, you can stop pranking him. I blurred out part of his number here.. because I think he has learnt his lesson, and won't ring me again.

I am assuming that this is a one off thing... and these asswipes ring random numbers, if it's girl on the other end of the line, they will pester her. I really wonder wtf they honestly expect to get out of it?

Asswipe: You very sexy. I come met you.
Random girl: Oooh, what an exotic accent. You think I am sexy? Oh my, that's the best and most geniune sounding compliment I've ever received in my life! Here's my address... hurry, I'm so excited!

I get blog related stalkings too... I find them amusing.. and surprisingly less annoying than bangladeshi construction workers... maybe because they're not ignorantly persistent like the 2 bangladeshi construction workers I have encountered so far... or it's because they're just obviously not bangladeshi construction workers ( yes, call me racist if you must... but you're a big fat liar if you tell me someone's race and occupation doesn't make a difference to the way you perceive them).

My most memorable one was My Mystery Man... because he gave me a full frontal... (plus he had very nice abs). (Click here for that post)

But more recently, there was - Mr Infatuation. Click on the printscreens to read our short but not very ordinary conversation.

I have hundreds of people on my MSN list, mostly they are readers who have added me, and say hi from time to time, or sometimes gossip with me, ask me stuff about relationships/ products/etc. So I don't know if I have spoken to Mr Infatuation on MSN prior to this particular MSN conversation... but I think it's the first time. I have since blocked him.. and I also hardly go on MSN anymore anyway...


  1. Anonymous11:37 am

    It's nice of you to at least entertained him. Next time let your bf reply your msn to such people la, let them wank over him hah

  2. Mandy2:17 pm

    such people creeps me out and it is so gross knowing a stranger doing such thing to your pic. I don't think normal, sane guy will do such thing.

  3. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Oh Holly, I wish you would've reported the two banglas to the police. We don't need people like them over here, thinking they can get away harassing our girls.

  4. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Lighten up, watch some youtube video :D

  5. "instant of pure emotions...", "that's why the sexual feelings can grow up...", "aww, a sexy girl. let's masturbate..."


  6. @Saiful - I know!!! I Should be so lucky.. eh?


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