Banglah Hits On ME ???!!!!

You know what?

I was at Loyang Point a few days ago having dinner with mom. Then she went to Sheng Song supermarket (or how ever you spell it). There is this luckydraw at the bottom of every receipt. My mom passed it to me, and told me to fill it in and put it into the box.

I made some noise and sulky face, cos I think this is a waste of time, I did it once looong ago and didn't win so I think it's bullshit. Anywayyyy... that's not the point.

I filled it out while standing at the lucky draw box, using the corner of the lucky draw box as a table to write. And I was scribbling DAMN FAST... Because I think it's such an aunty thing to do; fill out sheng song supermarket lucky draw forms (!), so I was embarassed and wrote very quickly.

I did notice a few Bagladeshi workers because they were standing too close for comfort. But I just ignored them. Banglahs always have a knack for walking too close by, staring as if they've never seen women before or getting in your personal space.

So I dropped the lucky draw into the box. It's a transparent box, and the hole on top is damn big, like... I can squeeze my head in if I wanted to.

After that, I walked hurriedly to the taxi stand because my mom as usual, walked off to the taxi stand after asking me to do something (in this instance, it was to fill in the lucky draw form). I was probably in a grumpy mood by the way, cos I hate it when she expects me to be freaking Flash Gordon.

While walking to the taxi stand, my phone rings. I yank it out of my pocket "Hello?"... but nobody answers. I dive into the waiting taxi. I forget about the anonymous phone call.

Ok fast forward my story. Today, I get this SMS:
The whole SMS reads: "Hi how r u now? Please u dont angry to me . Because yester day u writing time I see u & take your number. U also see me ready . U come from? R u married? I know u very beautyful girl. Please u dont wrong understand me. I hope u happy & longlive."

At first I thought, WTF, English is horrible. And I thought it was a wrong number. Then I read it again, and it dawned on me that it was one of the Banglahs at Loyang Point who either had bionic eyes and managed to memorise my number as I scribbled it super fast, or he fished my lucky draw coupon out. Which is not entirely impossible, since its a transparent box, and you can keep your eye on where the paper lands.

That paper has not just my phone number but my address too!

But I don't think he's any danger.

I'm just very very peeved that this bagladeshi construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!! *indignant shriek*

Reminds me of this one not great looking (i got to be careful not to just call people ugly while using a public domain, lest some very anal people go on and on about me being shallow, blah blah)...(haha)... so yes, this not great looking chinese man who lives somewhere in my block, chatted me up while in the lift. I mean, I smile at most people who are in my block/lift... but that's just being friendly.. it's not an invitation to try to bed me or something right?!

Yeah, well, he had very yellow teeth and bad breath too. And he asked for my number (!), and I POLITELY declined. "No, I don't think it's a good idea, sorry."

But he persisted, "I seldom bumps into u, so if got your number can just call mah."

And I said , " but I have a BF".

And the fucker still didn't get the message, " Nevermind we go drink only mah."

Seriously dude, WTF? Go brush your teeth, and go hit on some girl that's in your league. Say perhaps the woman who serves you Tiger at the coffeeshop. I'm not even interested in being your friend.

And when a girl doesn't want to give you her number, she's not interested! Getting her number with the intention of pestering her, isn't going to do you any favours. So just leave it.

I am not worried that he might read this, because he didn't look like he knew how to switch a computer on, much less own one. Yes, it was THAT bad.


  1. Hi Holly Jean, hahahaha, I feel you! I was gonna blog about something like this too, but don't actually have the guts to publish it on public domain. Yea, I know right? And those stupid messages on FB or whatever social networking site. Danggg! I'm not saying that those people are ugly etc, but the desperation. Man! Argh, I can't stand it!

  2. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Maybe he thought u were a domestic helper... they usually go after the filipina/indon FDWs. I guess u could come across as filipina.

  3. yeah... I know, you can always see banglahs and maids walking hand in hand at lucky plaza :D

    But i was dressed damn nicely la... not cheap, sloppy or maid like.

    And I was with my mom, and we look the same, as in you'd know it's mother daughter, not woman and her maid. And she carries all the grocery bags. (because I am pampered, and my mom is more gungho, she'll carry everything) lol.

    1. Anonymous11:03 pm

      You could use a little humility. You look fine but not amazingly pretty to delude yourself that people of lesser means should not at all express their interest.

      Btw, maybe those men you considered ugly hit on you because you don't have that really stunning kind of look which you delude yourself with to warrant an intimidation from the Bangladeshis. They thought you're one of their kind.

      Take care! Xoxo

  4. Anonymous2:15 pm

    I totally get you! Sometimes I wonder if they know how they really look to others. Have they never seen a mirror? But I am not talking about clean and neat people who merely do not know how to dress up - they may be unsuitable but they are not appalling (to me at least). I am talking about lazy people with poor hygiene, yet behaving as if you should think of them as Brad Pitt or something. Ugh. I don't even know how to describe that sort of... whatever.

    Though, I have to say that not all Banglahs are like you described. It's just a smaller percentage giving the rest a bad reputation. :)

  5. Anonymous2:27 pm

    hahaha damn funny :) Thanks for giving me a good laugh. But hey some banglahs aren't bad-looking .

  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    hahaha actually come to think about it these banglas are also entitled to their high standards.

  7. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hahaha, this is funny. I can't stand it when guys do that. No means no, what do they not understand? Phfft.

  8. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Yeah, i so understand what you mean! Was hit on by this weird guy with long fingernails at a jap restaurant once and he invited me for a spin on his scooter and kept asking me for my number to "be frens frens". UGHHHHHH.

  9. hahahaha was having crap day but ur post made me laugh thanks for that!!

    Yea i cant stand it when banglas tried to act all romeo too. I once received calls from this particular bangla. He was being such a insistent pest, i started shouting at him n told him i ll call the police if he dares to call me one more time. He got scared, apologised profusely and hanged up. Pfft.

  10. unwanted attention is so annoying right? esp if you're a nice person. even the educated banglahs are damn persistent. I also once met this banglah (could be indian or sri lankan i forgot) at a cc course and he seemed nice when i chatted with him. We exchanged numbers and he called me so many times after that asking to be his 'special friend' and getting all frustrated and crazy when i said no and not to contact me to disturb me like this. i think it's their culture maybe even genetic make-up to be that persistent, thick-skinned and horny.

    and you are so right about your observations of their behaviours ie always giving leery looks, etc. it's not that we're racist, it's just so true. i live in jurong, so my opinion counts for something huh :)

  11. Anonymous6:28 pm

    "Banglahs always have a knack for walking too close by, staring as if they've never seen women before or getting in your personal space."

    i so agree with this. the way they look at ppl is so... disturbing. and they seriously don't understand what is personal and general space. or they just wanna get fresh with all human beings with boobs... coz i don't really see them stand close to men 'cept for their friends.

  12. OMG HJ, shouldn't you feedback to the SS HQ? i mean these ppl may be harmless but getting someone's address and number seems so stalker-ish!

    better be careful if u're gg back home late in the nite alone. SGP are no longer as safe as it used to be with all the influx of foreign workers who "stares as if they've never seen women before"

  13. These Banglahs reminds me of the Indons here in Malaysia! Like you said, I don't want to sound racist or shallow or whatsoever but I HATE IT when they stare at you as though you're the FIRST woman in the mother green earth!

  14. hi now how you are? pls u dun angry to me, i send this to u because to day i c u blog, finally i know how to turn on & off pc now. i not marriyed, pls u don't angry because u beautyful gal, i hope u blog good, n u same beautyful..........
    okay, actually u know, it's quite difficult type such english, i need to practice more. now ,this is

  15. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Firstly, i would like to address the fact that you calling them 'banglahs' is very demeaning. In case you don't know, this term was derived from the chinese as they don't know how to pronounce the whole word 'bangladeshis'. I am sure you know better than that.

    Secondly , if this entry addressed the issue of privacy of your number or address, it would have been more feasible as it seems to me the point you are trying to make here is the fact that they are way out of your league.....and this is making you come across as superficial and self absorbed to the point of delusional. I stand by the fact they are way OUT OF LINE by taking your number this way.

    To you, Mark, your bf may be good looking but his looks are nothing in my opinion and to many you may the kinda woman they wouldn't give a second look or even a glance as i have seen you and mark in person, so believe me. Infact you don't even look like model material; either you seem to try too hard or you look like dead fish or like something is switched off up there. In all fairness, if a hunk of a guy had done the exact same thing, you would have been flattered extremely and this entry would have been different. People are humans at the end of the day, regardless of age , race, religion, body size, education, smell, status job or gender. We all have natural instincts. In his eyes you were beautiful and he did not see his smell, race or eloquency. He just saw a beautiful woman that he hoped to know- it's natural. Be pissed at the intrusion of your privacy, not at the kind of person who did. As for the chinese guy, it is obvious what he wants, sure ste him straight but also make sure, this applies to any guy however perfect he may be, if you have a boyfriend. You are entitled to your opinions of course, but don't openly condemn people like this. One Xia xue is already an extreme and an unnecessity...

  16. Anonymous12:17 am

    To Anon (11:58pm),

    hahahaha i totally agree with you!


  17. Anonymous12:36 am

    Anon 11:58

    - I agree with you. I enjoy reading HJ's blog however, today's entry somehow makes me feel that HJ may think a bit too highly of herself.

    To HJ:

    Would it have been different if it is not a Banglah who had hit on you, would it be different if its for example a French guy who speaks horrible English? maybe you should feel flattered instead that he is even making the effort to show his interest in you? - yes, invading your privacy is wrong, but I feel a guy shouldnt be judged on his race, nor his language ability..

    We shouldnt be judged upon even though we may not be as pretty as you...

  18. kingkong12:56 am

    agree with anon 11.58.anyway, you dont need to defend yourself, your're just human and you're entitled to your own opinion. everyone one thinks differently.

    also, white guys use romance on you, take you out on candlelight dinner showing how gentlemen they are bla bla bla..the usual routine..

    now it makes me wonder how bangladeshi serenade their girls..u should have gone ahead and entertain him and write a piece on that..

    lastly,something out of the topic holly, i've wanted to say this for a long time but kept forgetting.your comment portion for me has always been commendable, most blogger would put the setting for comment to be publish subject to the blog owners approval and only publish those nice beautiful thing..but yours come uncensored..for that, you have my respect..

  19. Anonymous12:57 am

    This is Anon 11.58 pm. Thanks anon 12.36 am and Nelly. HJ, this is a very unbiased opinion as believe me i have been in your situation before and have been stalked, not by bangladeshis but by an Italian guy. At the end of the day, i comes down to a guy's character and not his race. Every race has it's badhats, both male AND female.

    There are so many bangladeshis who work at the garbage dump near my place and of course they look at everyone, but there are the good ones, who even address me as sister when they see me leaving for work. I have seen terribly behaved caucasians, hispanics, french and african americans. Somehow when they do stuff like this, it is uber 'cool'

    Just out of curiosity, how is it that if they were looking at you at standing close, it means they have never seen women and are sleazy but you looking at them and continue to stand at the same spot meant you were indifferent and nonchalant? Just something to think about............

  20. Sandra2:06 am

    Im from Ecuador. My english is not good so please forgive me the bad grammar.
    My name is Sandra, and I think many women think as Holly when someone we dont like have that behavior.
    I really thought people from India, or generally asian men were polite. This is the first time a read something about banglash. And it really surprised me. But, lets dont be hypocrites: in my country we have many races, I am white, I guess good looking girl, not a beauty model, but normal girl, and when a "cholo" or "indio" of my country start to tell me things in the street Im very ungry! But Im sure if a white handsome man calls me "hola guapa" I will be very happy. But, If these "cholos" guys calls bonita or "hi friend" to my maid, she will be very happy because she is used to see this kind of men.

    I mean, I dont think Holly is racist, but all women have preferences. And if she doesnt like those type of guys she have the right to be ungry.

    Love Your Blog Holly,

  21. haha.. made me laugh

    @anon12.57 - k, i don't mean to be anal. but I think I shld clarify -

    " how is it that if they were looking at you at standing close, it means they have never seen women and are sleazy "

    I only said that this group was standing too close for comfort. I didn't say that because of this they were sleazy or never seen women before.

    I said in a different line "Banglahs always have a knack for walking too close by, staring as if they've never seen women before or getting in your personal space." Meaning that based on previous experiences with these foreigners, I notice that they always get too close or Oogle at women openly so I took it as nothing out of the ordinary.

    and please la, I noticed that they were there, as I would anyone else standing in my personal space. Not as if I was checking them out and then made it out to see like I'm nonchalant, as you suggested.

    @ other ppl - who asked if I would be offended if it were some handsome guy who did this? well, i would still think this guy was loserish.... stealing my number from the lucky draw form. I prefer men with manners.

    Though I admit, that said, even if the banglahdeshi had come up to me and said, "excuse me miss, may I have your number".. i still would have said no. But I don't think I shld be blasted as being racist or all high and mighty for doing so. WOULD you give your number to a banglahdeshi so u can be FRIENDS etc ?(!) or would you encourage your sister/ female friends to do so... cos he's only human, and he may just be so enamoured by you, and all humans deserve to be treated equally??

    COME ON!

  22. Anonymous10:36 am

    You should lodge a police report, you should make a complaint to sheng siong but you shouldn't generalize him by his race. its pathetic. it once again proves the point you make week after week that your own personal form of racism is deeply ingrained, whites only for the brown girl. ironic.

    Anon 11.58 pm said it right and for me it may be an assumption but if it was a white guy that did this you would swoon and wet your little hello kitty knickers in anticipation.

    you can put on the fake accent, you can wear the fake contacts, you can pretend to play house with your ang moh god but you will always be what you are, and you may want to deny your own identity and that is fine for you and because of that the tiger lady and the coffee shop has more class then you could ever have or ever understand.

  23. Anonymous10:40 am

    HJ , it's not about whether the guy came up to you or invaded your privacy. The fact is what he did was wrong(intruding your privacy) but what you did by slamming his race and his physical flaws and intellect(or lack of). Yes, by now many know how many of the foreigners behave around women, but fact is he did not misbehave with you and you know what you stated in your entry. "But I don't think he's any danger.
    I'm just very very peeved that this bagladeshi construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!! *indignant shriek*" This clearly proves your main peeve was not the intrusion of your privacy but the guy who THINKS he had a shot with you.

    As for me giving my number, no i would not, no i would not recommend to my female friends, but do i think it is natural for them to be attracted to any female, yes. Have you never liked a guy whose league you were not in? Likewise you not liking them is your preference but putting it in writing to condemn them for thinking they can get you, point is not trying to get you to give the dude life or something, don't make yourself seem superficial and cocky and don't stereotype- The king of Bollywood Sharukh Khan is a Bangladeshi, would you have something to condemn him if he said you were a "Beautyful girl" I don't think so......

  24. Anonymous11:04 am

    And then there were two....(HJ & Tiffany)

  25. Anonymous11:49 am

    Holly, you should have seen this coming, writing this sort of thing. Surely, you realise you were being poltically incorrect. Or did that go over your head?

  26. Anonymous11:49 am

    Holly, you should have seen this coming, writing this sort of thing. Surely, you realise you were being poltically incorrect. Or did that go over your head?

  27. Anonymous12:23 pm

    HAHA, thanks for sharing this. itis hilarious!

    i like the part when you go "I'm just very very peeved that this bagladeshi construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!!"

    too funny!

  28. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Anon 12:23 - i had a laugh at that line too. would it change if he spoke good english, well-dressed, not perspiring like a pig, didnt hold other Banglah men's hands, would it make a difference?

    HJ, for your info - the holding hands bit - apparantly, its part of their culture, shows a form of brotherhood, not because they are 'gay'etc. I learnt this from an Indian colleague of mine. Dont be so close-minded towards cultures..

  29. Anonymous1:34 pm

    I am not surprised to see this entry. everyone knows that HJ only loves white guys now. Other races are just so low class. But if I'm not wrong, Mark is jewish. Ironic

  30. Anonymous1:36 pm

    lol tiffany and hollie. sounds like a couple of hookers i met at orchard towers once, with my white boss. i am anon 1036. sounds rude and horrible right?

  31. Anonymous2:12 pm

    uhhhh @anon 1:34 so what if mark is jewish?

    aside from that, HJ, agree with most that this post didn't reflect very well on you. "I'm just very very peeved that this bagladeshi construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!! *indignant shriek*"???? oh the nerve of some 'low class' person to even think you'd be interested. -eye roll-

    you sounded like a racist princess who thinks she's too good for some people. anyway on one hand you're in your late 20s dressing like a teen plus in clothes that you KNOW you wear to attract the attention of males and then when they (the ones you don't think are worthy of you) approach you you're suddenly eeee they stand so close they're so creepy. god. seriously.

  32. Anonymous2:31 pm

    what a jerk!!! not the Bangladesh or the Chinese i mean. i guess only white trash could have a shot with you right? damn feel sorry for you that you are living in an asian country with all these "low class" "not good looking" men around you. lol!

  33. Anonymous2:48 pm

    now acknowledge your remarks were flawed, rude and racist. lodge a police report if your afraid for your life and move on.

  34. Anonymous3:06 pm

    All hail she who doth look down upon a foreign worker whose first language is not English, all hail she whose first language is English, who was an English teacher but spelt Bangladeshi as Bagladeshi.

  35. piggy3:20 pm

    i have always enjoyed reading your blog holly, but was actually kinda shocked at this post too..kinda racist and politically incorrect really.

  36. piggy3:21 pm

    @anon 3:06--kinda being harsh at the typo error aren't you? sheesh...

  37. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Hey piggy 3.21, no i was not being harsh, just kidding around, we all make typo errors, no underlying malice

  38. Anonymous3:26 pm

    chill piggy

  39. Anonymous3:27 pm

    you are all being very mean to Holly. I'm not a fan, but from a standpoint of a passably attractive woman, Banglas' excessive attention make me feel very very uncomfortable. This post was meant to be light-hearted and not serious and it made most of us women laugh coz we understand how she feels.And then you all turn it into such a big deal and start making personal attacks!! shame on you.

  40. @anon2.48 - I already said in the post, I don't feel he's any danger. I'm not fearful for my life etc. I'm just peeved.

    and if I did blow this matter up with a police report, I'd have to surrender this guys tel number, and he's bound to get into big trouble. I'm sure it's not legal to fish some girl's tel no out from a lucky draw box (!). And then he might lose his job. He prob has wife and 12 kids at home to feed. I'm not tht heartless.

    @anon 3.27 - I'm glad at least some ppl can see the humour in my brash statements. :)

    @ others who commented abt my post being politicaly incorrect -

    I say it like I see it. You can disagree all you want. I'm not saying you must agree with me.

    I think all this hype abt Political correctness is the New Communism!

    And all you ppl who go on and on abt it... please bear in mind tht there is a big difference in acting politically correct and thnking/being politically correct.

  41. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Being politcally correct denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior. The whole idea here is to minimise social offense.

    So, in this case, sorry to say, I think thinking politically correct thoughts, but blogging about it in such a poltically incorrect manner. Is just, still being poltically incorrect.

    Because u said pretty deragatory things against "blangahs" which is a nationality.

    But, I suppose the question is: Why do we need to be politically correct anyway?

    I'm sure we all sometimes make dumb sweeping statements.

    Like, all girls who date white men are gold diggers.

  42. Anonymous6:59 pm

    You always say: I say it as I see it as defense for everything.

    Its not that great a defense and can be used for everything and anything.

    I am rude, cos I say it as I see it. I am not pc, cos I say it as I see it.

    I don't know, I don't think its a good excuse really.

    Just my input

  43. maybe the term "bangalah" was a tad harsh, but I really don't see how HJ was being racist here.

    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    I don't see how she displayed discrimination of any form here .. . . her indignance was that of a "construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!!" - which I totally feel.

    if it happened to be a well-dressed, hot, polite, etc. bangala(quite difficult to find la but im just speaking hypothetically here) who was hitting on her, I strongly believe her response wouldn't be as such.

    all in all, my point is that her harsh attitude was directed at that particular bangala, because of what he did - not because of his race.

    besides, it's only human nature to generalize. . . .. not that it makes it any more right but yeah .. people have preconceived notions based on what they have seen and experienced in life and bangalas have not exactly portrayed themselves in a positive light. .. . take the sentosa groping incident for example. . . .

  44. Deb! Why are u so mean, u just said its difficult to find a well-dressed hot and polite person from Bangladesh.

    Please, its so ignorant. Blangedesh has more than 160 million people with many of them working here in the IT communications industry.

    I've met many educated people from there.

    Please do read up more before making such sweeping statements! Here we are a small little island in the Southeast asia, we speak Singlish which many consider to be improper English and we are criticising others!

    These people come here and built your houses! Surely you should have some manners. We don't want them to feel unwelcomed here.

  45. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Aiyah what's the great deal people?
    Holly is just expressing her inner thoughts in her blog
    Just like us, when we see an ugly man or a good looking man regardless of race or religion.
    Our mind will say like, Oh please, look urself in the mirror before u wanna check me out

  46. anyway, it shows how narrow minded people are. just because they are black, we call them Banglah. Just like the zouk out 'molest' thingy.. they could be some rich fellow that fly over singapore and have a good time and that girl is obvious a prostitude.

    and if that Banglah was a handsome white guy, i bet you will be flying over the moon.

    'Blanga' also human what. It show how narrow minded you people are and self-trapped in your own tiny world.

    Anyway, Holly, i dont expect this coming from you. You are dating a white guy and i thought you're a open minded person.or is it, you are too like those typical s'porean girls that keep staring when you're with a white guy becos they are simply jealous and envious and too think that Banglah have a lower social class because they are black. Well, people think that you're a fillipia or a ido maid. I dont think that makes you feel too good either.

    or this post just wanna show people that you're no lack of suitors and the whole guys are going after you, including Banglah?

  47. Anonymous11:02 pm

    So the modus operandi was not the most sophisticated. But his SMS was quite harmless/polite what...

    Most people would be kinder to an admirer from a "lower" social status. The chinese guy was just pervy... different point of comparison no?

  48. Anonymous11:42 pm

    seriously though, Holly, what was your point of posting this? i've had strange men attempt to pick me up and the most i do is laugh about it with my girlfriends after.

    you must surely have known that mocking the man, for so much as daring to think he had a chance with you, on your very public blog would add up to another round of 'bangla' bashing. do we really need that? as it is, most Singaporeans only have bad things to say about our foreign workers, i would have hoped to read something a little more insightful from you. condemning an entire nationality in your entry title?

    i honestly like your blog, your cooking recipes, your frank and reflective writing about your love life, but some of your posts do veer off into the one-dimensional... :(


  49. Anonymous12:12 am

    Well, I'm a young, decent looking white guy, who has had seen a lot of low-life asian girls crawling all over me since I arrived here in singapore

    Arrogant? no. it's real, it happens.

    but would i stick up a blog post up on how shitty those asian girls are as people? making them sound like scum?

    no. because I have enough common sense to realise i'm not better than them, but have been born with a good set of cards in my hand

    i think this blog post is way wide of what is reasonable in a modern society.

    we all know holly has a point - a good one! but to say it like this is just not needed, and not acceptable.

    sorry, but this blog post gives out the same vibes as a lot of xiau xia's posts (name spelling?)...

    ... complete nonsense, littered with ill informed views.

  50. Seriously we're starting a discourse on race here when all Holly did was to rant about the Bangladeshi worker being very annoying.

    Isn't Bangla the clipped word for Bangladeshi? It isn't demeaning at all. It's like pointing at a Singaporean and going "eh that Singaporean should just get a life," only thing being the word "Singaporean" doesn't have an abbreviated term. It's only what perceptions you attach to the word that makes you think that it's demeaning.

    A Chinese being called a chink is definitely racist (according to your argument) because don't tell me white people cannot pronounce c-h-i-n-e-s-e? Your basis of "Bangla" being demeaning doesn't stand at all, anon 11:58.

    IMO, the person who first pointed out that using the word Bangla is a demeaning act is the one who is the most racist of all. YOU come in with the preconceived notion that Bangla is a racist term, and then try to defend them by saying that they are human after all. Why don't you get all riled up about the Chinese man then? Holly called him a "fucker". You defend the Banglas thinking that they need defending, you bring in the issue of race just because the person in question is a Bangladeshi. Totally being high-and-mighty here aren't we.

    And how was Holly being racist? By saying that "this ba(n)gladeshi construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!!"? HOW IS THIS RACIST?
    The most you can flame her for, is for disliking people who hardly speak English, who are smelly, and who hold other men's hands, who still think that they have a chance with her even when they are all three of the above.

    I just think that it's so shallow when you say "what if it were a French/white guy who approached you?" with the assumption that her treatment of this hypothetical white man would be different. This just shows how YOU think that white people are better than Banglas, because YOU set up the comparison here, inadvertently showing that you are actually the racist one, who values one race above the other. It's like this "oh, white men are so much better" kinda mindset.

    Also with references to Bee's "fillipia or a ido maid. I dont think that makes you feel too good either" That's totally your shallow thoughts and racist voice screaming in there isn't it, assuming that being referred to as a Filipino or Indonesian maid is something that discomforts people.

    Honestly, check yourself (especially with all your fancy and utterly narrow thoughts of racism -- talk about the pot calling the kettle black) and your flawed argument before you come and impose your self righteous views on others, and worse, make personal attacks. Totally unethical seriously.

  51. "I'm just very very peeved that this bagladeshi construction worker who hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me!!!! *indignant shriek*"

    That's not very nice at all. Very discriminatory and superficial. They are human, after all.

  52. Anonymous1:19 am

    Oh I see, saying chinks is racist but bangla is not? why because we can pronounce chinese, but it is virtually impossible for you to say the word bangladeshi! Before you go on your psychotic intellectual gibberish, understand that the word 'bangla' refers to bangladesh's official language. It is not a derivation. Assuming it is ok, and assuming you are chinese, i assume it is ok to call you Mandarin since apparently we are calling people by their mother tongue, and i never said HJ was racist in case you did not read! This is about Holly putting down a person on superficial counts. Period.

  53. Anonymous1:26 am

    As for the Chinese Guy, she did not refer to him in a degratory form with regards to race , she called him a fucker.If she had stated about the worker being a fucker for taking her number, this would not be an issue. Her point was how dare a 'bangla' think he can try to woo her. I did defend the Chinese guy by saying that she since her reasons were that she had a bf but went on to condemn him, she better have the same reaction even if a gd looking guy did that!She went on to say he did not even look like he could switch on a computer or owned one.....I wonder why this does not irk you

  54. OMG. It's 3 am and I am tired. But I think I shld try to address as many comments as I can.


    Anon 6.53 . You said "So, in this case, sorry to say, I think thinking politically correct thoughts, but blogging about it in such a poltically incorrect manner. Is just, still being poltically incorrect."

    I think you misunderstood my last comment. I did not say tht I WASN'T being politically incorrect. I didn't insist tht i was politically correct.

    When I said "there is a big difference in acting politically correct and thnking/being politically correct."

    That statement was aimed at those ppl (I DIDN'T SAY ALL PEOPLE) who go on and on about being politically correct.. telling me tht it's so bad to call someone a banglah etc. and saying tht they wld never do such a thing and that Bangladeshi Construction Workers are their Equals. Yet it's all an act, they are not thinking politically correct but merely acting politically correct.

    Meaning in their own minds do they think they are equal to the banglahdeshi construction worker? AS in, if they are equal, they would have no problems going out with one ? or exchanging phone numbers etc? Bullshit. Of course they wouldn't. I bet they don't see them as their equal and would not think it's ok to go out with one, but they wld go out with a Chinese person (for example) no problems.

    I agree with the Qns u posed though.

  55. @anon 6.59
    - ok, so you don't think it's a good excuse. I can't do anything about that.

    I say it like I see it. Means I am honest and giving my sincere opinion. I'm not making it up. That is how I live my life. If I find the construction worker obtaining my number and trying to date me replusive. Then i just do. Sorry if you don't like it. Or think it's targeted at a race. or that I would only give the time of day to white men. or that it's rude. or whatever. I'm not going to skirt around something for your benefit. There's no pleasing everyone.


    @Debb - ditto.

    Except for the part abt there not being any well-dressed, polite Bangladeshis lah. haha. :) Actually, just before meeting Mark, I went out with someone from India. 3 dates. He was gd lookin, educated, used to work in America etc. But I didn't blog about it because it was only 3 dates, plus not everyone is ok with the idea of being on my blog so I have to respect their privacy. but in the end there was no chemistry. So F.U. those who always jump to conclusions abt me dating only white men la.

    @Bee- huh? How is the girl obviously a prostitute? R u judging by her appearance or what? How wld u know, maybe she is some rich corporate banker who just had one too many drinks... or maybe someone drugged her drink???

    I'm just saying tht it's very easy to judge ppl based on appearance, you just did it yourself in the same sentence where you were trying to defend the men who you deemed were wrongly judged by others.

    @anon12.12 aka young decent looking white guy.

    please call me.

    (please, I pray people see the humour in that line, and not blast me for trying to hook up with him just cos he's white or soemthing).

    But you do realise that you just called the girls ---> "low-life asian girls " right?

    Nevertheless, how very selfless and magnanimous of you to choose not to blog about them.

    @ Jan - Double Ditto.

    @anon1.26 - actually, to come to think of it... it's not just a race thing. I don't think I would fancy/go out with any construction worker. period.

    So how? Is that wrong? superficial perhaps? politically incorrect? But if I said I would never date a Teacher (which is true, I'd never date one).. would thta still be wrong to say?


    Anyway, based on what some of you have to say abt bangladeshi construction workers... some of you shld be GLAD I'm not interested in dating any Bangladehi Construction workers. That leaves more of them for you.

  56. hmm..wondering why all of you would bother attacking/educating/etc. HJ. there are like a gazillion more around who have opinions & thoughts just like hers, are you gonna go round S'pore preaching to them too? leave them be.

    now, bedtime ppl! :D have a lekker weekend!

  57. Anonymous4:42 am


    Its true that the word 'bangla' in itself is not necc racist. It becomes offensive when used in conjunction with this eloquently worded sentence "hardly speaks english, smells of 3 day old sweat, holds other Bangla men's hands, thinks he has a shot with me"

    this entire post reeks of arrogance, racism and ignorance. people are born under different circumstances and have different cultures - i would have thought that Singaporeans of all people should be more tolerant, given that we have all grown up in a multi-racial society. instead it seems all we do lately is look down at others who have less than us or are different in some way.

    wonderful, gracious society eh.

  58. Anonymous10:15 am

    No one here expects you to go out with any guy who approaches you.

    The issue is that you said you are too good for people of a "certain" class. So only a guy from a certain class should think he has a shot with you? Because he's a bangla, he must think only of hitting on maids?

    Yes, you don't have to give him the time of the day and yes, I agree his method of "picking you" up is creepy, BUT does it mean that he doesn't have the right to fancy you?

  59. Anonymous10:29 am

    excellent point anon 10:15. precisely what we have been trying to say. Nyways it's best we all move on from this, for all we know this entry was intentional to return more hits to the site or encourage more comments from readers as we can see, none of the posts got this much comments in recent times...

    HJ you can say what you want to say cos' you can't change anything unless you apologise but if you choose to embrace your entry, that's your choice but you have to be prepared to deal with everyone's comments and the backlash that comes your way.

  60. Anonymous10:47 am

    Ok, I think those 2 guys Holly mentioned in this post deserved some sort of a dig, not because of their race or cultural background but because of what they did.

    First of all, I totally identify with Holly because I had several similar experiences, and not all with Bangladeshis. The color don't matter at all (yes, he can be a white, or a green, or pink), the irritation and indignance is the same regardless.

    And I can easily imagine what I might get if I had groomed dowdily and then tried to get a shot at some very handsome and established guy.

    Probably "I'm just very very peeved that this Singaporean who hardly speaks *insert language*, smells of durians, does this and that, thinks she has a shot with me!!!"

    Maybe I should try. :)

  61. @anon10.29 - yes, of course I'm prepared to to deal with backlash and negative comments.

    Otherwise I'll do like other bloggers do and censor comments before they get put up on my blog and only put up the flattering ones.

    Or disable the function tht allows ppl to comment anonymously. so ppl like u have nothing to hide behind while criticising others (in this case - me).

    But i didn't do that, right?

    It's not as if I'm in a "woe is me" type moment where this is the first time ppl are sending me negative comments and I didn't see it coming.

    I know tht not everyone will agree with me. But tht doesn't mean they shld be silenced. And it also doesn't mean tht I shld just shut up and let them say what they want without responding with what I feel/think.

    @anon 10.15 - yes he can fancy me. [Though his method of procuring my number is illegal]. But I am entitled to feel insulted by his presumtuous behaviour. To me... it was an "HELLO????? AS IF!" moment.

  62. Anonymous11:11 am

    Its not that anyone needs to hide and criticise you. Even if you knew who we were, there is nothing you can do about it, or what we say. Only revelation you could have was if you found out some of the anonymous people were actually friends of yours who can't say things to your face

  63. I luv Tiger beer11:52 am

    Hi HJ
    Bangla social patterns more or less all the Sgp folks knows. Suggest U Cool off before pen down all the Re&Rt.
    The root cause for all this is perhaps was due to your pretty charm face that attract unwanted attentions.
    It's no fault to born pretty neither it was wrong to "woo" you..
    Of course if there is evidence on the "fishing" method LOL.. we can help u to break his arms & fingers but not the pair of Bionic eyes..hahah
    BUT it is not very good to put Tiger beer promoters as the same league as the yellow teeth BB man .. tio boh ?

  64. passingby6:22 pm

    Holly Jean,I have not read the others comments, but I'm sure some people here would agree with me that the story ends with the sms. You didn't have to describe and throw your thoughts about the workers.

    As for the chinese guy, too bad for him yea. But for you. How do you define your "league" ? What sort of message are you trying to send out here? Superiority?

  65. passerby6:38 pm

    And please do not comment on their smell. They are brought up this way, and you wouldn't want to sit in the kind of place they live in for an hour. Why? because they are born in a poor country. Why? because they did not have the privilege and opportunities you had.

    Lets look at it this way. IF all of them had a chance, where do you think all the successful people will be?

    Hint: Do probability.
    And I hope your offspring don't suffer from karma you accumulated. bless you.

  66. Anonymous11:08 am

    totally understand....somehow the less attractive the men, the more they aim out of their league! That's what I noticed. There will be people who will say you are racist etc, but who cares they are anal retentive, overly PC people, and they can go date banglas if they want, since they are so Mother Theresa.

    I feel indignant when people think they have a shot with me...there is a reason why scientists found out that people seek out others who are as attractive as them as partners! You don't mess with science, hahaha. Poor you, shake it off! Make no eye contact with them if they are so persistent.

  67. Anonymous11:12 am

    And Holly should ignore those PC people... all of us think what she thinks every single day, we just dont' voice it out publicly. Holly isn't being racist, but she feels that she is out of the league of those foreign workers and rightfully so! Come on, everyone knows she's out of their league, and she has the confidence to say so. Fake modesty is worse than vanity. People need to get the stick out of their butt. Or maybe they feel like Holly has hit a sore spot? They do protest much, huh?

  68. go get a life instead of sitting behind a com criticising hj and acting all saint. this is HER blog and all these are all HER thoughts.

    those who've experienced such unwanted attention will actually empathise with her situation (she's attractive!). those who haven't, i don't really wanna comment on that.

    anyway, if you're unhappy with what she wrote, do us all a favour. click on the X button and buzz off =)

  69. i don't see whats the big deal. i didn't notice there were so many ppl commenting till i saw HJ's side bar. lol! i read it and just refreshed for updates.. but.. i seriously think there is nothing wrong with what she said. i totally agree with it myself!!

    xoxo to you HJ :))

  70. Anonymous2:07 am

    dear holly jean,

    you should be flattered that someone has found you attractive. how do you justify that he is not in your league, so to speak.

    to apply the same principle, we can go on to say that you are NOT in mark's league. he is well educated, a lawyer. and how about you? you don't appear to be well mannered or well cultured. do you hold a job that requires any sort of strategic analytical thinking? i don't think so. are you what people call an 'SPG'? merely living off mark for his money in return for sexual favours?

    i hope you show some respect to other human beings.

  71. Dear anon 2.07am

    I've said this many times before. I do not LIVE OFF Mark. He doesn't pay for my shopping nor give me an allowance or whatever. I have an education too. And I don't see why I have to justify my job as a bloger because it's my passion, it's creative, opens up so many doors and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    I understand though how some people just see it as since Mark is a lawyer, and is older than me, then it a r'ship of $ for sex. People d that all the time, whether u "apply the same principle" or not.

    How do I justify that the Bangladeshi constr worker is not in my league??? Are you being serioius here?

  72. Judge Justice11:18 am

    Holly, please remember you were once a skinny, pimply and curly-haired girl, although now you may look "attractive" with all the "chemicals" on you now, but for somebody who had seen you dark and skinny, you have not improved a single bit, let me tell you this.

    with regards to quality of guys, you and i know what kind of guys you attracted during your secondary school days.

    While you have the education (which you may deem high), but to us, you are really ill-cultured, shallow and disgusting.

    Bloggers should have social responsibilities on what they blog about, because of the exposure to young readers, as we definitely do not want our next generation to behave like you. At least as a chinese, we still want to maintain part of our traditional values.

    You enter yourself into so many beauty contests or competitions etc, have you even won anything bigger than a car wheel???

    Readers, look at what some people will do for attention seeking.

    BTW, i suggest you take down that bangla blog of yours, i just sent it to STOMP and SPH.

  73. Anonymous11:28 am


    I am not sure whether you came across this verb during your "education" days, moon's always brighter on the other side.

    I think you are just sending a message of superiority here, someone who had seen you in person, let me tell you that you are no different than anyone out there.

    Just because you blog alot and take photos alot doesnt make you any prettier.

    Lawyers dont earn much, anyway.

  74. Anonymous11:42 am

    Holly Jean,

    Just think of the chances you will get if you were born in a different country, different race and of course different smell.

    Here, i sympathize with you for being harrassed by men unnecessarily but on the other hand, i suggest you keep all these racist comments to yourself.

  75. Anonymous8:19 pm

    What's with these people saying it's racist??

    Are they reading the same thing I read???

    Anyway, she if HJ thinks she doesn't want to go out with any bangladeshi worker.. so be it lah! Why must comment that she's not pretty or nothing special or lawyers don't earn much etc??? So.. are you saying because of all these, she should not be proud and go out with the construction worker???!!


  76. Anonymous11:21 pm

    wow, NOBODY is saying that HJ should GO OUT with the construction worker. what most who are offended by this post is saying is that she sounds OBNOXIOUS and full of herself by being INDIGNANT that someone "not in her league" would hit on her. AND also making generalizations about "banglas". .

    it would have been different if i) HJ ranted about the methods he used to get her number or ii) even laughed (good naturedly) over the sms itself (which was pretty funny). or even the scenario in general. but to be offended that someone "beneath her" would merely HIT on her? get over yourself holly jean.

    i totally agree with the person who asked what makes you so sure you are in the league of the person you are interested in? if mark thought you were in his league why did you break up once, why doesn't he want to marry you? if i were him and my gf was a soon-to-be-30 dressing like a ho and still into pink things and stuffed toys i wouldn't take her as much more than a trophy gf. not the happily ever after you are dreaming of HJ.

  77. I don't know what "Racist" in Singapore means to you guys, but I think you guys are mixing up being Elitist with Racist.

    @11.21 - wow, you sound very bitter. How do you know that they broke up once because she was not in his league? And if she was beneath his league, then why would she be a trohpy gf? Over here we understand "trophy" to be someone we use to show off that we are doing well/ scoring well.
    I don't understand.

    I am German btw.

  78. @Judge Justice
    "BTW, i suggest you take down that bangla blog of yours, i just sent it to STOMP and SPH." - *rolls eyes

  79. Anonymous2:17 am

    @ Judge Justice:

    Even if this article was sent to stomp and being posted, it wouldn't change the way how Singaporeans perceive construction workers hired from other countries, or else why would the majority protest when dormitories were announced to build near their homes? No matter what you say, you are just a hyprocrite until you can prove it by actions that when a situation comes whereby you have to live with these workers in your neighbourhood, you do not protest but in fact, welcome them with open arms. Else you are just what you are talking about HJ-someone who thinks too highly of themselves.

    It is 'logical' that we should not generalize and discriminate certain group of people living among us.

    Whether HJ thinks too highly of herself or not, just ask yourself whether you, yourself is able to accept these people.

    It is easy to say how we should not do this and that, but when the situation comes which you are required to deal with it, YOUR first reaction is what you actually are.

    Talk is cheap, therefore it is pointless that all of you rant on and on about how it is not right that HJ felt what she felt upon her 1st reaction.

    If HJ blogs in a way that is pro-family (i.e. politically correct), instead of blogging her true thoughts, I'm very sure no one will be here to read this blog anymore. Perhaps you will, because you are just looking for entertaining reading materials, whereas readers like me, reads this blog because we are interested in the true opinions of others.

    Lastly, whether HJ is being Elitist or racist, its all about acceptance towards certain people living among us.

    Until the day you truly feel that you can accept living with these people (that HJ feels is not in league with her) in your neighbourhood, or rather, being your neighbour next door, you are just another person who thinks too highly of yourself.

  80. Anonymous10:31 am

    Sigh - should pass this to The Straits Times. Recently three youths got in trouble with the police for posting racist comments on facebook as well. Something along these lines. We should write more comments to make it a better story. At least it shows most of us have a brain.

    At seriously, HJ says banglahs are not in her league. I suppose she defines leaque as someone who has a high-level job, lots of education... etc etc. That's funny. According to her definition, she has no job, has a measly local degree. Pretty comparable.

    I think "league" should be based on other values like kindness, honesty. U know, the things that REALLY matter.

    So ridiculous, all these "classification".

  81. Anonymous10:35 am

    to add on to that - i think this is the reason why she hasn't found anyone willing to marry her, or anyone she is willing to marry. She bases her judgement on people on the jobs they hold (like: oh, i would never date a teacher). And she just want them to satisfy a certain criteria. A criteria, i think, that is based on societal "values" like position in job, money, etc etc.

    That's why she is probably holding on to mark. A lawyer is after all a "good catch" in her world.

    Once she gets over this, she might actually find someone suitable. Someone who is kind, honest, knows what he wants, treats her well and who would make a great father.

  82. Judge Justice8:13 pm

    I mean, everybody just look at her....the soon-to-be-thirty years old material girl wannabe, will she settle for somebody chinese, honest, ordinary looking and holds a simple job?

    Probably in Singapore, we can easily spot a SPG when we see one. For HJ case, its typically an angmo god or some eurasian who really speaks fast and fluent, someone who can really hurt her and she enjoys in the interim, the pre-requisite is of and holds a professional job....astronaut for instance.

    Princess HJ, i am sorry that you have to live in an asian country like this, but i reckon you also stand out as somebody different from the rest of us, high and mighty, superior and unique among us peasants.

    Something that i always tell people, if you dont like our country, then pls go to wherever you perceive may look like "home" to you.

    Lets see if you get accepted there.

  83. Judge Justice8:17 pm

    Why are we reading so much into her just because of a blog post?

    Simply because she does such effective mutual communication with us that we somehow understand her kind and how she thinks.

    When one single person say that about her, he/she could be wrong, but now its a group of us.

    Her kind of people are the ones in her league, english speaking, professional and all.

    HJ thinks too highly of herself.

  84. Anonymous11:13 pm

    haha just read this, dont see why people are taking this so seriously. if you are a girl living in SG (no matter your race), im sure you will have had your fair share of bangladeshi workers staring at you while you walk by (to the extent that you feel visually raped). its a fact that it happens. of course it doesnt mean that all bangladeshi guys are like that at all, but it doesnt exactly endear you to them as a people either, does it?

  85. 86 freaking comments!! LOL

  86. Anonymous12:33 am

    so this was how xiaxue did it. hey now i know how to be a famous blogger too :)

  87. goodness, when was the last time hj's post got these much responses??

    I dun think hj was really being racist but i have to agree that she thinks too highly of herself.

    I have seen her in person too, and i dun find her striking nor worth a second glance. Shes pretty yes, but really lotsa sg gals r pretty too so its no biggie.

    I find hj amusing sometimes. Recently she's been using singlish to da point she's sounding kinda like xiaxue.

    On youtube, especially the video on curling hair with rags, she puts on a very fake british accent, i dunno maybe she s delusional. Ppl wrote in asking is she english and how they love her accent n where she s from etc... Only the rest of us in sg knew her british accent is really newly acquired and she has been speaking like average singaporean esp in her S Factors video.

    I find her pretentious at times and attention seeking too, sometimes going all out to post sexy pics of herself. But im not gonna lie, i keep on coming back to read her blog. Sometimes i do like her posts and thoughts but sometimes i think she's having identity crisis.

  88. munch2:09 am

    One such people called me today! The Bangladeshi accent is so strong i can really tell. The convo goes like this:

    B: ehhh...
    Me: Yes? Who are you looking for?
    B: ehhh... How are you?
    Me: (100% sure I don't know this person) I think you called the wrong number.
    B: Wrong number? How are you?
    Me: Sorry I got to go bye~

    After I hung up this fellow called again and again... I had to call my boyfriend to block out his call because I was so scared. Only people who are in the shoes of HJ can understand.

    People pls just read it for fun don't take things so seriously. If you really wanna blast people who are racist against PRCs, Bangladeshis or other foreign workers, please visit websites of alternative meadia like TR. You can really share your upright moral and social values there because most ppl there are much more crude and "racist" (if you call it).

  89. Anonymous2:46 am

    Y'know, I have experienced many Bangladeshis acting the same way to me as they did HJ (sms & calls)..but no, I don't understand this thoughtless blogpost even when I've been in the shoes of HJ.

    And to Anon 2.17am who wrote this: Until the day you truly feel that you can accept living with these people (that HJ feels is not in league with her) in your neighbourhood, or rather, being your neighbour next door, you are just another person who thinks too highly of yourself.

    So, do YOU accept them in your neighbourhood? If it's otherwise then I guess you think too highly of yourself too. I can say for sure I'm sitting on no high horse here becos there are plenty of them here where I live, and a group of them even live in a rented flat on the ground floor of my block. These are perfectly fine with my family and I. And guess what? They are really friendly and greet you everytime they see you, much friendlier than most S'poreans themselves. Oh, and some of them randomly join dad, sis and myself for a game or two of badminton as well whenever they see us playing. Nth wrong with them at all, you know.

    I say, when you start to see them as people (not nuisance or whatever) and accept them with respect then probably you'll know they are not all that bad. Who cares abt smell, bad english, and superficial things like that? And abt them staring, don't guys all stare at girls? From young guys to old men..they all stare. So c'mon, give these Bangladeshis a break.

    G'nite, y'all.

  90. girl with the Eurasian surname7:15 am

    I don't understand why some people say that because HJ is dating a Caucasian (I'm sure 'Ang Mo' is derogatory - doesn't it loosely translate into "Red Devil" or something?) means that she hates SINGAPORE? Whomever HJ wishes to date is HER prerogative. Plus, she is Eurasian, meaning she's of European and Asian DESCENT - there's a huge community of Eurasians in Singapore (and M'sia), with common surnames like Pereira, De Souza, Carvalho etc etc, many of them looking like Malays, Indians and Chinese. Eurasians aren't JUST those with ONE parent who's Caucasian and ONE parent Asian.
    I'm pretty sure HJ has blogged about this before.Anyway, this whole race thing is so political, some kind of strategy to put people in neat categories.
    I can understand why HJ might feel indignant about someone retrieving her number from a lucky draw box and then pestering her, although her comments were seen as rather offensive and insensitive to many people, but this is suddenly turning into an issue that she only dates Caucasians. So what if she does?

  91. Judge Justice8:14 am

    Oh...i just watched the youtube post of Holly Jean.

    If i am some blondie caucasian who doesnt know who you are, probably i might take you as a brit or someone eastern bloc.

    Really different from the way you used to speak, really different.

  92. Anonymous8:30 am

    yea and if you notice sometimes her brit accent faltered and she sounded all singaporean then she quickly disguised it with her new brit accent again. I just dont understand why the fakeness? At nearly 30, and still finding a need to do all that?? Its embarrassing like ya so ashamed to be urself.

    Having proper pronunciation n good spoken english is fine but suddenly adopting an accent out of the blue moon is lol....pathetic.

  93. Anon 11:13: "... if you are a girl living in SG (no matter your race), im sure you will have had your fair share of bangladeshi workers staring at you while you walk by (to the extent that you feel visually raped). its a fact that it happens. of course it doesnt mean that all bangladeshi guys are like that at all, but it doesnt exactly endear you to them as a people either, does it?"

    I think this statement applies to:
    1) Any girl anywhere, not just girls living in sg;
    2) Any town/city/country, not just Singapore;
    3) Any ethnic group, not just bangladeshis.

    For example (and this one's based on real-life experience):
    "... if you are a girl living in London(no matter your race), im sure you will have had your fair share of Turkish kebab-stall owners staring at you while you walk by (to the extent that you feel visually raped). its a fact that it happens. of course it doesnt mean that all Turkish guys are like that at all, but it doesnt exactly endear you to them as a people either, does it?"

    Other possible versions:
    "... if you are a girl living in Chinatown(no matter your race), im sure you will have had your fair share of Chinese ah peks staring at you while you walk by (to the extent that you feel visually raped). its a fact that it happens. of course it doesnt mean that all chinese ah peks are like that at all, but it doesnt exactly endear you to them as a people either, does it?"

    "... if you are a girl living in New York(no matter your race), im sure you will have had your fair share of American construction workers staring at you while you walk by (to the extent that you feel visually raped). its a fact that it happens. of course it doesnt mean that all American guys are like that at all, but it doesnt exactly endear you to them as a people either, does it?"

    And so on...

    So what's my point? It is obvious that visual rape is a serious worldwide problem, and can happen to anyone, anywhere. So let's work together to stop visual rape. Blind all men, and keep all women locked up indoors at all times. (Yes I know one of those will suffice, but in the spirit of over-reaction, I say let's do both.)

    Brought to you by the Singapore Visual Rape Pevention Council and the International Delusional Women Association.

  94. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Hi Holly jean,

    I usually love reading what you write; it never fails to entertain, and I've always thought of you as effortlessly pretty with a good attitude, something hard to find amongst singapore bloggers.

    I haven't bothered reading through your comments for this entry, so I apologise in advance if it overlaps with previous comments--BUT:

    This was a really shocking post. Not your multiple posts about fellatio or better sex etc, but this. Because you were just downright rude. And vicious.

    I work in a hospital and come in contact with workers from Bangladash frequently, and I really feel like crying from both anger, exasperation and heartache after reading your post, because why do you need to be so rude and pompous?

    YOU are indignant? Why should you be? I'm not aware of a rule that says that a man who works hard for his living, albeit a poor one, should not deserve to be with someone from a different "class", as I imagine is what your underlying meaning is?

    They hold hands because it's in their culture; maybe if you spend some time going to their country instead of languishing in your blogshopclothes filled life, you'd be better at understanding their struggles.

    I guess the only good thing I can think of is that you are no longer a teacher; I can't imagine what attitude towards others you impart to students. Certainly not one with kindness, tolerance or open-mindedness.

    --yu qing

  95. Anonymous8:48 pm

    To Yu Qing -> Well said. I totally agree with you.

  96. Anonymous11:18 pm

    oh come on...holly jean is just saying something everyone thinks about, but don't say out loud.

    Just because the bangladeshi workers are living in poor conditions doesn't excuse them from criticisms. I feel bad for foreign workers sometimes, knowing there are honest, hardworking people out there who are just down in luck. But there are also the leery, lecherous, delusional people who ought to be given a dose of reality.

    Holly's wordings may be harsh, but it reflects her feelings. Her tone is more of disbelief, and disgust. She isn't picking a bone with that particular person for no reason..

  97. Anonymous3:02 am

    Hahaha I just watched your yo tube video on how to curl your hair using a rag.. What's with the fake British accent???

    Anyway, like many of your readers, I usually do enjoy reading your posts because I find you funny, honest and interesting. But the way you blogged about the Bangladeshi workers was just mean, degrading and downright humiliating. You aren't even that good looking and you're definitely not the smartest person around.. And even if you WERE, that still does not give you a right to look down on others and think you're better than anyone else. Yes, even the Bangladeshi workers who work hard everyday under the hot sun to construct buildings for US.

    Don't be so high and mighty Holly Jean. Pride comes before a fall.


  98. Anonymous6:34 am

    Yu Qing,

    Couldn't have said it better....

  99. Anonymous10:45 am

    I think if she was picking a bone with one person instead of entire groups that would be fair,but she has been rude and glib. Maybe she was angry and frustrated when she wrote the post. That would be a simple and acceptable explanation but she continues to defend her posture and position. Angry and what the guy did fine, think he is below you and can no way attain you because he showed his low class by what he did FINE, but for you to degenerate him because of where he is from and what he does? and to assume that you are of a higher class? because that is what comes across in your post. That is wrong. How would you feel if your father was insulted because he was Asian.

  100. Yu Qing - i totally agree with you. Glad to know not all of us are lost.

  101. Media watcher1:19 pm

    maybe she's just boosting her hits by being controversial - quite smart I reckon - all publicity is good publicity

  102. Anonymous6:10 pm


    Remember, you are merely assuming yourself in a higher class, which majority of us dun think so.

    As we have seen it all, most of us, to know you are nothing more than xia xue number 2.

    Yes, another disgusting blogger's shadow.

  103. Anonymous4:50 am

    I think they just realized you are a hooker, so that guy was trying to give you some business..most indians dont beat around the bush, no pun intended.

  104. Anonymous3:06 am

    I guess the only good thing I can think of is that you are no longer a teacher; I can't imagine what attitude towards others you impart to students. Certainly not one with kindness, tolerance or open-mindedness.

    --yu qing


  105. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I know Holly as a friend. She is never racist and never shown any bias towards anyone of any particular colour.I was her co-worker. When she used the term banglah, she was not being a racist, but this is a rather common term used by us Singaporeans. Anyway, some Bangladeshis are really good looking and very charming. Kudos to this guy for having the guts.

  106. Anonymous11:39 pm

    By the way Yuqing, I am her ex colleague and i can say that she was a marvellous teacher and many students till this day adore and respect her though she has left teaching for quite some time. I will not hesitate to testify in court for her.

  107. Anonymous11:39 pm

    By the way Yuqing, I am her ex colleague and i can say that she was a marvellous teacher and many students till this day adore and respect her though she has left teaching for quite some time. I will not hesitate to testify in court for her.

  108. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I haven't read all the comments but I can pretty much guess the gist of it. Now, I am not a supermodel and neither do I look like I got banged on the face with my grandma's pot so it's not an ego thing.

    My only complaint about banglahs is that a lot do not understand the concept of personal space and they STARE. Throughout the train ride, bus ride, anywhere. They STARE and OGLE. That does embarrass me and it is the same whether it's a banglah or ang moh or whatever.

  109. Anonymous2:06 am

    i hate those bangla because they don't respect personal space and privacy. sorry mdm, by the way i don't think u look like pinoy. the bangla love pinoy.

    anyway i am the Chinese guy in the life with yellow teeth.

    nah, just joking. i don't know you.


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