Who is my Mystery Man?

For the past 1 week, whenever I'm on MSN at night... Mystery Man comes on.

The very first night I met Mystery Man, he came online and initiated a web cam invitation. I have like about 300 people on my disorganised MSN list, and sometimes I cannot figure out who they are based on their email and nickname.
I thought maybe it was one of my old friends, so I accepted the video. And when Mystery Man came on... *smile* I mean ...*gasp* ... he was naked!
OK... I admit he has a really great body. But I am entrapped by my desire to figure out the identity of this guy!!
I have no idea who he is, he won't show his face. He knows who I am... he knows stuff about me... yet I don't have a clue who he is.

My biggest fear initially was that it was some guy I was dating. If I go out with you, it means I am considering developing it into a serious relationship... I don't date people for free meals or a fun night or something! (I am on a quest to find the perfect mate remember?!)
So like.. if mystery man were someone I was already dating, then I would have to stop dating that person. I don't want my future husband to be some exhibitionist wanking off on the internet! But I have scrutinised the video... and I'm pretty sure it's none of the guys I am dating. They don't have those abs!!!
Still... I can't stand not knowing things!!! My ex Bfs will agree to this. I cannot let things slide. I must make sense of everything. I MUST HAVE ANSWERS!
I've tried asking trick questions, i studied the background of the video, I googled his email address ... but I still haven't got a clue.
I was talking to David about this last night while were were having dinner at Garden Slugs (really cute little cafe on Tekok Kurau). By the way, Mystery man is not David, because Dr D has some really nice tattoos on him. Anyway, D's stand was very anti-sex offender. But is it a sex offense if I am not offended? In fact, I am amused.
Alas... I gave up. After about 5 nights, I wasn't making any progress, I guess I'm not cut out to be a detective.
So I blocked him..
and went on with life...
periodically wondering...
who is that Mystery Man?!

Note: In the screen shots, I have blocked out his email and nick... because I don't want everyone to start bombarding him... and to some extent, protect his identity (and also so he can't sue me or what).
What should I do with my Mystery Man? Help me out, answer my Mystery Man Poll on the right side of this page!


  1. What do you mean "so he can't sue me or anything"

    you're the one with the right to prosecute him...for lewd behaviour! After all, if he voluntarily exposed himself to you, he can hardly blame you for screamin' about it. Specially if you're not into it

    Like when a guy decides to run naked down a street, he can't very well stop others from taking pictures of him or publishing those pictures on their blog.

    But I dunnoe, it may be a trend nowadays. My friend just complained to me similar case scenario. For all we know it might be your Mystery Man at work as well.

  2. Wow.
    That was... (No word can express it)

    That person is definitely someone with a psychology problem.
    He's too dangerous and definitely, is not a man that deserve any woman out there.

  3. these men are just gross. they should all be stoned to death before they become mad enough to rape some innocent girl in the future and ruin her life.

    grossed out!

  4. Anonymous11:40 pm

    bcoz of sick men like this..good men are being prejudiced..

  5. Well, I wouldn't blame him for having you as his fantasy. You're really pretty. =)

    But of course, the act is just very, VERY wrong.

    If you don't want anymore of it, report it to, perhaps.. MSN.. or the cops.. or the relevant authorities. I don't know which.

    And yes, block him, delete him. Or simply ignore him if he invites you or a chat. And then hor.. if he knows so much about you, perhaps he reads your blog. Just a hunch.

    Cheerio. =)

    And you're really, really pretty. Serious! In fact, you look a bit like MaggieQ la.

  6. !
    crazee. or is he too desperate.
    be careful ya! :)

  7. Maybe he is Edison Chan??

  8. Anonymous1:49 pm

    actually, my gf has encountered countless conversations like this..they on their webcam and voila..they were showing their willy..

    all i do is video record every of his act and then gonna blog about it by revealing his MSN address too..

    will it do him good or bad i dun care..the thing is he's harrassing females in the Net..

  9. im quite certain u're smart and mature enough to handle this pervertic dude.. but do be careful nonetheless!

  10. Hot abs like that. Sigh. Most of them have flabby abs and tiny pinkies. I say, you should put up his email on your blog.

    Maybe that's what he wants in the first place. To attract attention. Guy might be lonely, mornings working in a small cubicle, reach home only late at night, no chance of human contact.

    It could be a cry for help from a sad suicidal soul.

  11. Oh man, all kind of weirdo you find on the Internet. It's 100% not me. I only have 1 abs.

  12. thanks for all ur comments :)

    life is always full of interesting people!

    And simon... yes.. u have a very nice One-Pec abdominal! :)

  13. Anonymous1:11 pm

    I really want to applaud you, for still being so thoughtful to that maniac... o.O

  14. Anonymous12:49 am

    he has a good body indeed... but was he well-endowed?

  15. emmm..wondering what is this all about.whats with that guy..whoring on a web cam?huhu...

  16. Juz a question on this, did you at any time ask him to put his clothes back on? Or stop what he's doing?
    If yes, it probably constitutes as an act of modesty. If no, it would be considered your acceptance to his acts..
    In any case, do be careful my friend... If you're unsure of a guy, ask your rd to tag along or make it a group date.. ('',)

  17. Anonymous11:27 pm

    why is his e-mail?Maybe I can manage to dig him out.

  18. Anonymous7:17 pm

    I THINK. I've seen him around somewhere. background looks familiar, so does that body. :x


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