Toys for Creativity

Myla and MJ have been away from school for a while (Covid numbers keep increasing!), so I'm always looking for ways to keep them occupied and happy at home. And of course, help them to develop skills and learn as they play.

2 brands of toys the kids are really in to now are BAKOBA and Toyi.

BAKOBA is designed in Demark. It is a authenticated STEM product. STEM toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys geared towards curiosity, learning and education.

The parts are well sized, soft and flexible... perfect for young kids, and they are easy to put together. But even older kids (and adults!) will also enjoy this toy because you can build even more elaborate creations.

It's water-proof and washable. The kids have taken their creations to the pool and for water-play.

There are little black connectors included to enable the use of other blocks like LEGO. The play ideas are only limited by your imagination... you can build cars, ships, planes, robot, animals and building a story scene for storytelling.

Toyi is an eco-friendly toy as the components are all made using recycled plastics (except for the elastic bands).

I love that Toyi gives my kids the opportunity to be creative and design their own toys. They can transform everyday objects into fun toys. And once they tire of it, we take it apart and reuse the parts to create a new toy!

It also helps them develop fine motor skills, a to think creatively. They super love it.

Head to my Instagram @hollyjean69 to watch my IGTV video review of BAKOBA and TOYI. And head to MyChouChou & Growly to check out all the creative and educational, high quality toys available. :) 


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