Staycation at Sofitel Sentosa

Over the Chinese New Year weekend, we had a staycation at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa.
Without the kids this time (click to read about our last staycation at The Valley Wing with both kids). This time round was more of an adult staycation, for his friend's birthday.
We started out at Tanjong Beach Club for a few hours, before check in. The good thing about having a staycation on Sentosa, is the proximity of the beach. (Do be aware that there are restrictions on public beach access during this Covid period and you have to register online for a slot to use the beach. Unless of course, you're at a place like Tanjong Beach club where you can enjoy the small stretch of beach in front of it without such restrictions.)
Always like the Margarita there, and prawn cocktail thingy,their proscuitto and their calamari. (Shout out to Zahfri & his crew for good service!)
Check in to Sofitel is 3pm, but we requested an earlier 2pm-ish check in. And queues were already building up. There were 2 check in counters, and the process ... not fast.  So do get there earlier if possible so you don't spend a huge part of your staycation queuing to check in. (Check-out is very easy, there's a fast check out box at reception, we just dumped our keys in there and left).
The hotel deco... hmmm... there's definitely a resort feel about the place, since it's  sprawling. Definitely not congested, and has a relaxed feel. There are modern elements like some pretty avant garde sculptures and art pieces like in the rooms and around the hotel. But on the whole, the deco feels slightly dated. 
Very clean, housekeeping on point. And the facilities (both in room and around the hotel) are well maintained. 
I like the bathroom, modern and chic.
You have options for a bath or shower. 
Toiletries are from Lanvin.  Smells lovely.
Their bed and pillows are super comfortable. Happened to be the perfect combination of mattress firmness and soft pillows for me. 
No complaints about the room. Very comfortable, and where you can have an excellent night's sleep. It's very quite at night too... no street noises or such. 

Breakfast was included with the room rate.  You can order as much as you like (since it's an ala carte  buffet)... but sadly, their food not nice. :/   Not vile or anything bad, but it's nothing you would go.. ooooh yummmmm about. Between Adamson and I, we shared the American breakfast (ok, this is a decent fry up! not bad), nasi lemak (average at best) and Laksa (no. no. no.). 

You do get beautiful peacocks and peahens wandering the restaurant's patio and the rest of the hotel grounds. That's nice. 
Adamson loves the pool at Sofitel. It's very deep for a hotel pool (2.5m). On one side there's a small sectioned off bit of the pool that's shallow, for kids. On the whole, this isn't a great hotel for little kids (there are many more kid centred hotels in Sg to consider if you have toddlers). 
But for a couple or a family with much older kids, yes, they will all enjoy Sofitel. 

All in all, at SGD 600 ish a night, I have to say, this place is meh. I mean, it's a nice big room, and deep pool... but beyond that, nothing that really wowed me. 


  1. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Should the peacock be in a fenced in area? I would think it’s a bit unhygienic to have a large bird fouling the patio(Pun not intended). -Ol Chang Kee

  2. Hahaha. Yes. Can be a bit unhygienic and I did step in peacock poop when I was heading to the pool. But I don’t have ocd and I cld live on a farm so free range animals don’t bother me as much as it does others

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I remembered last time you speak with a British or Scottish accent, what happened now?

  4. Oh now I’ve added to my repertoire and can also do Irish, Jamaican and Ethiopian accents. It’s called code switching.


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