Luxurious Staycation at The Valley Wing- Shangri-La

We just got back from a 2 Night staycation at Shangri-La Singapore.
We chose the Shang for a number of reasons, top reason being that it's great for little kids as it has Buds (a soft play zone) and Splash Zone (their new water play area for kids). Second reason was the luxury of their renowned Valley Wing
The Valley Wing is the most exclusive (and priciest) wing of Shangri- La hotels. Our Deluxe room was $560 + + + per night. But they also have larger suites if you fancy shelling out a few grand more. *gulp* 
From the second we set foot in there, we realised that woah, it's well worth every penny spent and the treatment there is indeed exclusive. Unlike the main lobby of the hotel where there are queues to check in and hoards of people. Valley Wing guests have a separate entrance for a private arrival and departure... and yeah, no queues.
Although I generally prefer more modern decor ... I did appreciate the opulence of the palatial type feel of the Valley Wing. (Also, I've been binge-ing on a lot of The Crown on Netflix, so maybe that's why I felt right at home here. haha)
They set up an extra bed in the room for Myla but she ended up sleeping in our bed (it's a super spacious King). Myla's birthday is coming up in a week, and they made her feel like a little princess with balloons, and a cake set up in the room before we checked in. 
And some of the Valley Wing staff remembered this detail too as they greeted her Happy Birthday Princess Myla over the few days we stayed there. 
She was delighted!
In case you forget to pack extra masks, and sanitisers, Don't worry, each room has a whole kit with these items. 
How was the Deluxe room? I found the set up spacious enough for our family. I especially love the "wardrobe" area between the bathroom and the bedroom. It had a lot of space for all our luggage and kid's stuff. 
The bathroom is large, with double sinks, separate bidet and toilet, a bathtub, and separate shower. 
After our first night, the kids woke me at 7 am.... because they wanted a bath. Yep, the only bad thing about the trip is that mummy never gets to sleep in even on staycation.   -_-
The room was always cleaned well, and any requests like extra pillows etc were attended to immediately. 

I'm going to sound like such a boar, but the highlight of the trip for me, was the food and drinks and the Summit Room. The summit room is for Valley Wing guests only, and it's where we have breakfast... Tea time (3-5pm), and evening canapes (5-7pm)... and always with free flow of drinks including Champagne. All inclusive.
Even MJ who is an extrememly fussy eater enjoyed the summit room. They try to accommodate your every whim and fancy. So they did offer MJ a huge range of food (waffles, pancakes, meats, and all types of fruit) over the 3 day stay. He rejected everything except some fries on the first day, and coco pops on the third day. (and he ate spaghetti bolognaise at The Line restaurant on Day 2). Yup, it's seriously that bad with our son. But he's a happy kid despite the extreme picky eating. 
Oh but our other child... she was in her element, going around and eating everything the Summit room had to offer. Hahaha... Even though the Summit room is quite atas (Smart Dress code, adults cannot wear slippers that kind), they do cater to the lil kids too. On of the staff is dressed as a farmer. Myla thinks he's Old McDonald. 
Soooo anyway, here's what I chose for my breakfast the first morning (and it was so good, I repeated this same mix for my breakfast the next day, and that morning Adamson followed the same also). 
Tenderloin steak done medium rare, with poached egg. 
Pan seared Foie Gras... which seriously, I could have eaten like 5 x more but I didn't reorder cos a bit paiseh la to be so greedy. 
Another must have is their egg confit. So decadent and delicious. I can still feel it on my palette when I shut my eyes. 
Here's the current Breakfast menu at the Summit Room... have a look -  I picked the best stuff right?!
Myla... I don't know what she ate while there, because she picked her own stuff and I generally let her have whatever she wants and she doesn't need much supervision as she's food motivated, no need to worry that she's letting herself go hungry or what... just let her eat and don't bother me lol lol. 
But I saw that even her soft boiled eggs for breakfast had caviar in them. Very very very luxurious treatment. We were all so spoilt. The seating there is very spacious and comfortable too, they have high chairs, but my 2 yo didn't need to use it. Their arm chairs were high enough for him. 
I didn't drink that much, even though they're quite on the ball about offering to top up your glass. Because I have kids to look after, I can't afford to get tipsy. Maybe one day if we get to do a couple's staycation there without our kids, we can indulge ourselves with more bubbly.
Another thing I absolutely love... their scone with clotted cream. So delicious. OMG. I cannot. 
MJ had dunno how many cups of orange juice during our stay there. Practically every time we passed by the Valley Wing lobby, he will ask for some. Luckily the staff are more than happy to tend to his requests. Weird boy.. so fussy, but when he does love something, he can eat/drink like loads of it. 
When Adamson was busy working in the business centre, I took the kids around the hotel to walk walk and complete some adventure trail they have for kids (where they have a pamphlet with questions to answer and win a prize) then back to the lobby to have more bubbly and snacks.
This is their business centre. It's adequate I guess? (This thing, not my expertise lol).
We've been to Buds a couple times before, and now with the cap on the number of kids allowed in there, you have to pre book your slots when you check in to the hotel. It's $18 per kid for an hour slot. 
For the time being, during the covid pandemic, Buds is not open to public and only open to members and hotel guests. Which is good because, no crowd. 
Just outside of Buds, there are tables set up for the kids to design their own badges, so do pop down there for you kids to do some crafts.
We also spotted a gingerbread baking class ($10 per kid) but we didn't find a suitable slot for Myla so we gave it a miss. 

Another delight for the kids at Shangri-La is the Splash Zone. It's like a water theme park. just on a smaller scale. This is one of the many things my friend Mia has worked on to make the hotel so pleasurable for kids. 
You have to book your 1 hour slot upon checking in. But there's no charge for Splash Zone. 
MJ went down some of the large slides, with Adamson at the top and me at the bottom to catch him. But Myla was too scared to use the slides (they are quite large). 
Overall, it's a great place for kids of all ages. Toddlers have their splash play areas there with and older kids will love the slides.
The rest of the time there if you want to use the pool, the main pool is open for all guests, no time restrictions or slots to book. 
The Shangri-La grounds are vast and idyllic. There's lots to explore, from sculptures, to Koi ponds, and lots of exquisite flora and fauna. 

On our Second night, we went out of the Valley Wing and into the main hotel area to The Line for their festive buffet. Not bad not bad, super fresh seafood. Very sweet and juicy King Crab legs. Which is one of the reasons we chose to dine there.
For now all buffets are a-la-carte style where you scan a QR code to access the menu on your phone, and then just click on whatever buffet items you want brought to your table. So there's no roving around looking at food. It has it's pros and cons, good because we don't have to leave our table with our little ones in tow. bad because we don't get to portion our food pickings the way we prefer it. But ok la, small sacrifice to keep buffets going despite Covid restrictions. 

I really want to return for a couple's staycation some day soon. Maybe we can use our Singapore Rediscovers vouchers to off set $100 from our next staycation there. Not sure if can use for this. If not, the we are planning to use the $100 (x2 cos Adamson has also) it for Universal studios... woot woot.

I hope this post has given you insight on What the Shangri-La has to offer at their Valley Wing and it helps you in deciding where to go for your break. Hopefully, we can try out more staycations and give you info on that soon too. (Any suggestions on what to try next?)

Stay safe, but don't stop living life.