Customising Our Couple Shoes @ Joy & Imagination

Last night for date night, I took Adamson to Joy & Imagination, a hydro-dipping workshop (at 9 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-01, Singapore). We customised our own couple twinning shoes there :)
Picking my blank sneakers
They provide the shoes (there are a few designs to choose from) or you can bring your own shoes, bags, etc to work on. It's the only place in Singapore where you can DIY with hydro dipping. So fun to have a hands-on experience and watch your project come to life.
Possibilities are endless

Prices there varies, depending on the size of the group booking a session, and whether you're using their shoes or your own, etc. But it can be a low as $50 per pax (with shoes provided!) if you have a large group. Otherwise, it's about $99 per pax. Do enquire with them to know more about the pricing and sessions.

James from Joy & Inspiration showing me some of the creations
They do guide you through the process, and it was relatively fool-proof. 
They have baby and kid sizes too
This session was just us two. You can take your kids there too for a fun family session. We will take Myla next time. Or you can go with friends, have a party, or team building event for work.
Perfect if you want a truly unique gift for someone special

Check out the Joy & Imagination IG (@joy.imagination) for more pics of what they do there. Also, I've put a time lapse video of our own session, in my IG (@hollyjean69).
Before hydro dipping...
All in all, it took about an hour and a half from start to finish.
Tadaaaa!!!! Our final product!
We picked the same matching skull print. But if you notice, Adamson's shoes have a yin-yang thing going one where he hydro dipped opposite segments of each shoe. I added ribbon laces to mine.
Love it!
 Can't wait to wear them out tonight and twin with my husband. 


  1. Anonymous11:27 am

    Holly are you wearing a pushup bra or something? could you please share what type if you are mine re flat af.. and your ladies are looking gorgeous wtf!!! how did they get to that, any recommendations?

  2. Actually I used to wear push up bras also but never got this kind of results. Most days I wear sports bras but pics like this I’m wearing normal underwire bra. I only got boobs after getting pregnant with myla. They grew within the first month of pregnancy, then grew bigger when breastfeeding. After stop breastfeeding it reduced but not as small as Pre pregnancy. Then when pregnant with Michael, they grew again, I expected that after stop breastfeeding it will sag (omg) or shrink back but fortunately for me it didn’t sag, just reduced size but still bigger than before getting pregnant with Michael. But I’m fatter now after birthing Michael :/. Before Michael I was skinny with boobs. Now fat with boobs :/

  3. Anonymous8:08 am

    Hey holly do you have any tips for Long distance relationships? I see you’ve dated a lot of people who aren’t really from Sg, and was just wondering if you had any tips about this as my bf is moving back to the states for 3 months and it suckssss

  4. Oh man I’m sorry. No advice Cos I suck at LDR. Never successful for me. But 3mths is doable. Not as bad as years or indefinite kind . Good luck


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