Behind the scenes - MJ's First Birthday

Michael James turns One Today!
Last month, Adamson and I DIY-ed a photoshoot at home for MJ to commemorate him turning 1.

I did a similar DIY shoot for Myla Rae when she turned 1... that was 3 years ago. (Click here to see that one)

This time round, for MJ we went for a more rugged masculine theme... Peaky Blinders... lol.

Very satisfied with how it turned out. I bought the backdrop for like under $10 from Shoppee (click link to get $10 off your first order btw)..... I had to wait 2 weeks for my parcel to arrive though, cos from China. The stands we already had (it's our outdoor cinema projector screen stand). The crate was from IKEA for $19.90. His outfit also Shoppee, for like $6 or something low like that.. I can't remember cos I prepped this stuff ages ago hahaha.

Anyway, here are some behind the scenes snap shots.... I think we did ok ah, not bad at all :)
Time has flown by so fast... my little boy is ONE :)
Here's a video clip featuring a lookback at the past 1 year.

Happy First Birthday Michael James!

We already had an earlier family dinner to celebrate his birthday. :) It was at one of our favourite restaurants, Woody's.
I hope every year gets better and better for you my son. We all love you very much. Also, please allow me to start having full nights rest soon, I've had less than 5 nights of proper sleep in the last 365 days .  :/