Saturday, December 17, 2016

Super DIY Cake Smash shoot (under $15 !)

Myla Rae turns 1 tomorrow ! :)

We are not having a party... because... she's too young to know what's going on or even remember this day. Plus she doesn't have like friends to invite. A couple of my friends have similar aged baby girls.. and that's it! Her party would be filled with older kids, and adults. On top of that, I remember my friends inviting me to their kids parties a lot in the past.. and I HATED it. Like such a waste of my time, attending some kid's party. Bahaha...

But to commemorate this milestone, I did a Cake Smash shoot for her at home... so she would have photos to look back on.

Here's how I did everything for $15. (seriously $15 out of my pocket lol)... and lots of fun.

Things I used:
CAKE (spent $10.70)
I bought a $2 pandan chiffon cake.
A $5 tub of vanilla frosting from Cold Storage.
A $1.20 bottle of red food colouring
$2 Icing tool from Daiso
Number 1 Candle I got from Carousell at 50cents.

Just a a few tiny drops of colouring in each bowl to get diff shades.

It's surprisingly easy to pipe on icing. Anyway, it's a cake smash, so messy icing also ok.
Outfit (Spent $4)
At tutu dress from China (I bought online 2 months ago and it only arrived a few days before the shoot!! Phew! I did have a back up plan of just wearing a dress she already had in her wardrobe, but thankfully, the tutu arrived in time).

Backdrop (Spent $0)
I used her Parklon mat, the back had a zigzag design which I thought was kind of fun looking. But my second option was just to use a white bed sheet. If you use bedsheet as backdrop, remember to iron the creases out, drumple crumple wont be nice! I don't have any stands, so I just used my clothes drying rack to clip the backdrop up.

Photography (Spent $0)
I used my iPhone camera. And edited using an app called Beauty Plus cos I already had it in my phone, you can use whatever app you are used to using.

Here's a few of my favourite shots!

Headband is cute but she would not keep it on! Argh!
Live to eat.. lol


Happy 1st Birthday Myla Rae  xxxxx

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    Awww she's turning 1! Wishing you all the best things in life baby Myla.. stay happy and healthy ~ xx