10 Things I Love About Having Kids

Ok, as promised, here are 10 things I love about having babies/toddlers. (Just in case some of you were planning to sever your reproductive organs after reading 10 Things I miss about being childless)

Here are the 10 things I love (in random order... because as much as I love my kids, they give me no time to organise my thoughts!)

1. To Give and Receive Unconditional Love
It goes without a doubt when I say I love Myla and MJ unconditionally. There's no love stronger and fiercer than the love you have for your children. But did you know that in return (even though you didn't demand it) you actually get unconditional love back? Do you know what unconditional love feels like when given to you from beings so pure and innocent? I do. And I am constantly in awe of it.

2. Love is multiplied

I used to think that by having a second child, love would be some how divided and rationed out to each child and my husband, But I was wrong. Love is multiplied. When I hear MJ cry but by the time I get to him I find that Myla is already by his side, her little chubby toddler arms hugging him tightly. When I see Adamson playing with Myla and I hear their unbridled laughter. Love is multiplied.

3. Life feels fuller

My bed is also a little fuller than I would like... haha. By my heart is so full too.

4. I learn to be a better person
I learn to put those I love and who depend on me above myself. I learn how hold my temper, be patient, and to manage my expectations. Being a parent requires you to be the best version of yourself and to do it under pressure. 

5. It can bring a couple closer
There may be less time for romance, but there is more of a sense of working together. Being on the same team, building a family and a life together.

6. It shuts people up
When I was single, people kept asking (judging-ly) "when are you going to get married and settle down?" When I got married - "when you going to have kids? Are you pregnant yet???"  After the first baby girl - "when will you have a second child?" Finally, now one boy and one girl, people stop asking. hahaaa

7. It can be a shitload of fun

Especially toddlers. You see them shine most when they can finally express themselves and are just “getting” things. It’s magical to witness this part of their journey. Recently Myla got the hang of playing hide and seek, it’s ok adorable watching her scamper off to look for hiding spots. She is still at the stage where she would hide under the sofa but only her upper body is hidden, legs hanging outside. And she sees nothing wrong with that hahahaha. 

8. You’re someone’s mummy (or daddy)
She’s always been calling us mama and papa (because that’s usually what they learn first as is easier to say)...But the last mother’s day, out of the blue, when she cane out of playgroup, she called out “mummy!” 😳. I think she learned it from a mother’s day themed show and tell at playgroup that morning. Oh how I love the sound of it. We have also taught her to say “Daddy” in a British accent like her fairies Peppa pig 😂. It sounds nice lol. They are so mouldable. 

9. You have someone there when you are old

Ok, granted that this is not a given. But I would like to believe that we will raise them such that family ties are strong and tight always. I’ll probably die first before anyone else, seeing that I’m older than My Husband Adamson. Lol. But in the event that I’m the surviving spouse. I won’t be alone ah, still have Myla and Michael.

10. They make me happy
My heart feels like bursting with pride/joy/contentment/and other such good feels... Heck even something as small as watching Myla thoroughly enjoy some oranges makes me so happy. Where else can you get such simple yet such genuine joys?

P/s special mention to my life partner in all of this, Adamson. Without whom, this would not be possible. You are our ironman (manamanamannn)


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