10 Things I Miss About Being Childless

Having one child is very ok. A bit of work but overall enjoyable. But 2... who are close in age.. oh man. The exhaustion outweighs the joy at this point. (hopefully things get easier down the road).

I don't know how people manage (or even want) more than 2. Unless have maid or put in full day infant care and childcare. But still... Is madness multiplied.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family more than anything in the world. But there are things I really miss about being childless.

I will also blog about 10 things I love about having kids.... when I find the time to....

Even to write this post... I'm doing it standing up at some void deck while baby wearing MJ (bloody hot) and waiting for Myla to end her 2 hr playgroup. MJ is the kind of baby who will cry when put down or if I even sit down while carrying him hence my never-ending exhaustion since the day he was born 7 weeks ago kwa kwa kwa. I'll feed him after this and then walk Myla home in the blasting heat. Once home no time to blog ah, got her snack time, Mj milk times, diapers upon diapers, prep dinner and ironing etc.

10 Things I miss about being childless (in order of least important to more important)

1. My Nails
Frivolous, I know. But I used to have very long nails and I enjoyed painting them (very therapeutic... I can even change colours twice in a day bahahaaa). Any time I needed a product shot for my blog or IG, I just put my hand in the picture holding the product and it looks very nice already, like it makes the picture. Now I have to keep my hands AWAY from product photos lol. Then I stopped having long nails when I had Myla for practical reasons (First time mum and I didn't want to scratch her). And now even if I wanted to have long painted nails also no time. Basic things like drink water and go poop also no time.

2. High heels
With Myla I did a large amount of baby wearing. When I met Adamson, he took over almost all of the baby wearing... and so I can dress up and wear heels but that window was short because I became pregnant before I could even add back nice dresses and heels to my wardrobe ahhhhh. Now have MJ so each must babybwear one.

3. Food
With kids you don't really get to eat what you want. At places you want to. I usually eat what Myla can share because she greedy pig lol. And in addition to that, another compromise to make now is I eat convenient food because at the moment MJ is quite high needs baby in terms of my attention. It has to be food I can eat without putting him down, so no hot soups or messy noodles 😓 I feel bad pawning him off to others to deal with while I eat/enjoy. So this is what I shall have to forgo for a while.

4. Bed space

Haha. Ever since about half way through my pregnancy with MJ, Myla started coming into our bed halfway through the night. She just comes, crawls in (we got rid of bed frame and mattress is on floor, for safety) and falls fast asleep. She tends to encroach on Adamson's side.

5. Sleeping In

I'm not the kind that needs a huge amount of sleep. I’m used to working through the night because I used to do my work/drafts way past midnight waiting for my dad to come home from night shift work and then watch tv with him until 4 am. I would wake around 9am but always had the option of sleeping in to catch up on sleep if needed.

With kids... Myla has slept through the night since she was just 6-7weeks old. Great. But she wakes 7 ish ( she sleeps at 7ish and wakes at 7ish). Most recently, she started self entertaining herself in the morning so I could sleep in if I wanted to.... but no.. now we have another baby. So round the clock feeds, and no sleeping in for me for the foreseeable future.

6. Clothes choices

Last time, getting dresses... factors to consider were like - hmm, is this too sexy / slutty? Always a comfort dresser, but now even more restricted as i consider breastfeeding access so lots of easily pull down tops and Low v necks . Plus MJ has nipple confusion since we introduced the bottle at 2weeks old... (big mistake). He doesn't latch willingly, its a battle. So outside, i tend to avoid nursing ime and use bottle to avoid the drama. But I don't respond well to pumps. And can't empty boobs so that makes me leak quite often.... again more restriction on what I can wear. Last time leaked at my husband’s after work drinks event. Luckily he went to get me my hoodie from his car but I was still worried I'd leak through that too. UGH.

7. Dating
Lots of family activities, but a lot less couple bonding activities. Well, at least we have our date nights where I get to enjoy his company and attention one on one.

8. Carefree Travel

Travel used to be a whopping throw caution to the wind kind of adventure. But now even the flight times have to be considered to see what would be least disruptive of the kids routines etc.

For long haul I can’t just get kick off shoes, wear comfy socks and sleep or drink and enjoy and movie marathon ... no such thing, I have to tend to kids. And our suitcases are full of baby needs. Our stuff kept to bare minimum. (the meme above not totally true as my husband is super hands on when we travel, so we both on the right side of that pic lol).

9. Taking time to get ready

Long showers. I even used to have pre make up prep okay!! Which involved exfoliation, then a facemask. There were lots of steps in make up routine, it wasn't a chore but I actually found it damn fun. Then I can stand in front of my vast wardrobe... looking at my glorious range of clothes and have time to switch outfits several times. Part of the appeal of going out was the part where I get ready lol.

10. Abundant Sex
Without a baby, sex is indulgent, frequent, adventurous, and of marathon standards even. Hahaaa. With Myla it was still ok, because she's a predictable sleeper and will be fast asleep in her own room. Even now when she comes to our room it's like 4am or something. It's not so much the privacy that's the issue. We have more than enough rooms. But now it's the stress + exhaustion we have to combat first.

What do you miss now that you have kids? (AND IT DOES GET EASIER RIGHT?? RIGHT???)

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  1. My wardrobe’s still a sad mess, at first I could blame breastfeeding. But now, I just can’t go back to a size S and am going towards L even 😭😭 and I miss being able to eat whatever I want without much considerations, one picky eater I’m even nite limited. They say wait for them to grow up. Am waiting, for a start drop off birthday parties (like the two today) are AWESOME!! Wait for the parties!


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