How to Pick Flowers for Your Girl

Flowers make a great gift because they are very versatile. They're appropriate for almost any occasion... birthdays, anniversaries, when someone is ill, when you want to congratulate someone, or just to say I'm thinking of you. It's super easy to just go online to florists like Little Flower Hut to get a beautiful flower arrangement picked out, paid for and then delivered to your girl.
They are versatile because the options are limitless, they can say exactly what you want, you can make it as informal or grand as you want. If you're clueless about how to pick the right flowers for your girl, here are a few simple no fail tips.

What's her favourite colour?
Surely you know this! But if you don't, then you should be able to tell by looking at her belongings and clothes, what colour are they usually? If it's pink then go for a hand bouquet of pink tulips.

What's her character like?
If she's girly, sweet and demure, then consider a bouquet of soft pink roses with baby's breath. If she's the edgy kind, then add a huge gold foil balloon floating above her bouquet. There are options to add stuff like these on to your bouquet order. If's she's quirky, she might appreciate a delicate orchid in a pot.

What is your budget?
If you have a realistic budget, it's easy to stick to it and find something well within your price range. Prices of bouquets at Little Flower Hut start from $59.90. They also have this thing called the $50 weekly pick which are flowers freshly picked by their florist, beautifully wrapped just for your girl. And there's free same day delivery in Singapore.  :)

Tip: If you're picking her up from her house for a date, then get the flowers delivered to yourself beforehand. That way you can turn up with them. A classic move is to stand there at her door with the flowers hidden behind your back. Watch her face light u when you present them. Bonus points all around, my friend, all around!