Giveaway & Review: Playkeroo Indoor Playground

This week we checked out a new indoor playground called Playkeroo. It's at 100AM Mall, near Tanjong Pagar Mrt (right next to Amara Hotel).
Playkeroo is a family owned indoor playground and party facility dedicated to early childhood. When we stepped in, I loved that it's so clean and new, bright and colourful and the staff are friendly and helpful. All of the playground's floor area is padded, so it's so safe for crawlers or wobbly walkers.
Playkeroo is inspired by the characteristics of Kangaroos. Baby-Roo Forest Land is perfect for infants and young toddlers to hone their fine and large motor skills which prepares them for crawling, cruising and walking.
There were a couple of push walkers, a small ball pit with a toddler slide, puzzles and fine motor toys on the walls, musical floor piano, and a "mountain" thingy with steps and notches which is great for developing gross motor strength and coordination. Everything is padded padded padded, no sharp edges, completely baby proof.

Myla enjoyed Joey Hills, which is an active play area where they get to run around and expend their energy. There are soft play equipment, obstacle courses, a trampoline, slides and a large ballpit. This section is very spacious and there's lots to do.

For older children, they can tackle the second level of the obstacle course of Joey Hills. I brought Myla up with me so I could take her down the large slides (there are 3!).

There is also Kangaroo City where they have to navigate through traffic... there's a mini track/road with little cars and even a car wash and petrol pump.

There's also nail services within the playground facility to provide convenience to the dedicated parents who are in need of pampering while their kids play safely. And if you're thinking of hosting a fun party, you can do that there too. This is their private party room, it also has a small stage.

There's a spacious diaper changing and nursing room within Playkeroo.

Playkeroo opening hours are:
Mondays to Sundays,10am to 8pm
I super love that it opens at 10am on weekdays, because I like getting out and about early. A lot of indoor playgrounds open from noon onwards on weekdays (I suppose because the bulk of their crowd comes in after school hours). But Playkeroo definitely caters to a younger crowd, I deal for crawling babies, and toddlers... and perhaps young children from 4 to 6.
Admission fees are listed in this pic:
The rates are really good! For Myla Rae, it's just $10 for weekday entry (no time limit) and 2 adults get to go with her, so I don't have to pay extra if David (her dad) tags along.
Playkeroo is sponsoring 5x single admission pass. To be one of the 5 winners, click here to head to my Facebook giveaway.