We're in Phuket

We are having a holiday in Phuket... until the 14th. It's day 3 today and it's been raining since last night.... Kwa Kwa Kwa... previous days were spectacular (weather wise).  Tomorrow we head off from Rawai and will go to Kata where there's a bit more buzz. Am looking forward to it because my Favourite street food seller is there hahahah... he looks like Chow from the Hang Over. 😂 And he sells BBQed skewers of prawns, chicken, beef, chicken hearts !!!!! Yummmm
If there are several million typos in this post, I apologise. I'm writing this on my phone while Myla Rae is asleep on my chest. Such a wet day, we can't go to Naiharn beach or the pool even. I miss updating you on the going one in my life 😭. I hardly have the time now to sit at my laptop to type my thoughts away.

Ok update u soon with more pics of the trip once it dries up and we can go out and about ..it's high season so the weather supposed to be good this time of the year  (!!) tmd

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