Making Water Fun for Babies

I love being around water, and it is important that my baby enjoys it too. So I've been exposing her to all sorts of water based activities since very young.

Babies learn best when they experience something first hand. The best way to get your child used to the water is to make play a big part of it.
Have fun toys at bath time. Even a simple ball can make having a bath a lot of fun and give babies the confidence to move around in water. I just place the object out of her reach and encourage her to get it. Try it, soon your child won't just be comfortable with moving around in water, but they'll be eager to make a splash!  
In a bigger body of water, like the swimming pool, Myla loves her floats. She’s super confident in them and doesn’t need me to be right beside her (she started out with a neck float when she was younger and could not hold her own head up well yet). She’s always happy to explore the pool on her own but of course, I’m keeping a close watch, I’m a pretty competent swimmer and she doesn’t move too far away from me.

When she’s not in the float, I usually play with her by having her go underwater with my hands holding under her armpits. She loves that too. If you're worried about baby being able to hold their breath underwater, it's actually a natural reaction for them to hold their breath when submerged. To be extra sure, try blowing on their face and when they scrunch up their face, they are holding their breath so you can submerge them. Another tip is to pour some water over their head, this will make them suddenly hold their breath too, and that's your cue to take them underwater. 

No swimming pool is 100% clean, so be sure to beef up your child's immunity, by ensuring that they're getting enough Vitamins A, C and E. Myla gets this through her diet, a liquid multivitamin for babies and through her Friso Gold 2 formula which has essential nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and C, Taurine, Selenium, GOS, Zinc and DHA which supports baby's overall growth and natural body resistance.

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